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  1. Health and safety jobs: population - Canada
  2. Canadians....where did you end up Retiring and Why??: house, live - Canada
  3. Geddy Lee talks about his family - Canada
  4. Gordon Pinsent: live, radio, accent - Canada
  5. Do you like Singh’s song?: about - Canada
  6. Who’s a fan of Béatrice Martin?: better - Canada
  7. Attack on Parliament Hill: sold, history, people - Canada
  8. Are Newfies known for their humor?: live, population, accent - Canada
  9. American writer's perspective of Canada: health insurance, loans, live
  10. Where in Quebec could this be?: suburbs, farm, park - Canada
  11. the culling of cormorants by CANADIANS: live in, law, clubbing - Canada
  12. Where your cooking oil comes from: farmers, market, farmer - Canada
  13. Mailing Postcards: live, shop, delivery - Canada
  14. You rang, sir?: design, farm, roads - Canada
  15. Hard-working Canadians in Arkansas: home, to buy, farm - Canada
  16. New police powers re impaired driving: lawyer, living, restaurants - Canada
  17. Multilingual mayors in Canada: office, business, cities
  18. Is North Bay, Ontario scenic?: area, place, map - Canada
  19. Visiting Winnipeg in winter: rent, hotels, restaurants - Canada
  20. The Canadian-Saudi arms deal: credit, transfer to, buying - Canada
  21. American Pregnant and My Fiance is Canadian: health insurance, home - Canada
  22. Saudis threaten countries supproting Canada's human rights position.: buying, live
  23. Did George Washington start the French and Indian War?: land, office - Canada
  24. Which are the Best Saskatoon Restaurants?: working - Canada
  25. Merry Christmas!!: home, safe, kids - Canada
  26. Quebec peripheque: movies, living in, move to - Canada
  27. The Battle of Paardeberg: 2015, home, school - Canada
  28. Quebec in Illinois: university, best, metro - Canada
  29. Eagle Spirit Pipeline ready to build to Prince Rupert tide water: live, to move - Canada
  30. CPTPP - the new Trans Pacific trade deal takes effect without the USA: job market - Canada
  31. SCTV: year, moved, citizen - Canada
  32. Super Broad Canadian and tourism...: appointed, 2015, store - Canada
  33. Kingston - unlocked grocery store NOT robbed or vandalized: purchases, closing - Canada
  34. Kelowna for Retirement-Canadian living in US: college, restaurants, cost of living - Canada
  35. Catholic Churches in Quebec: school, architecture, building - Canada
  36. There's A Sinkhole In Canada So Big People Are Fishing In It
  37. Drunk Drivers: felony, inspection, taxi - Canada
  38. Plastic License Plate Covers: photo radar, legal, license plates - Canada
  39. Do you recognize this young woman?: famous, news, library - Canada
  40. Poll: Support for Trudeau, Liberals at New Low: love, surprise - Canada
  41. I love Canada: appointed, how much, layoffs
  42. Who has heard of Tom Longboat? - Canada
  43. Jean Vanier, RIP: school, live, money - Canada
  44. Who’s been in the cadets?: wedding, theater, high school - Canada
  45. How does Toronto compare to Vancouver?: neighbourhoods, place to live, vs - Canada
  46. St Peters- coast- Bras D'or -Nova Scotia: mosquitoes, temps - Canada
  47. Canada During the Prohibition Era: hotels, houses, buy
  48. Bringing Drones into Canada and biting black flies: for sale, how much
  49. Nova Scotia- Bay of Fundy-Lake Ainslie- Atlantic Ocean- preferences?: home, living - Canada
  50. Moving US to Canada working: how much, homes, living in
  51. Bank of Montreal: transfer, tax, living in - Canada
  52. Gaming the OHP: home, pharmacist, live - Canada
  53. Who has taken a polar bear plunge?: allergies, live - Canada
  54. Quebec: who arrived first?: military, convert, history - Canada
  55. Could this work??: mortgage, loan, house - Canada
  56. Another step forward. We've come a long way since Sue Rodriguez.: live, medical - Canada
  57. Ongoing clown show- BoC surprised at weak economy!: student loan, home - Canada
  58. Pro-pipeline First Nations? World without oil?: eyeglasses, house, refrigerators - Canada
  59. Which two countries have closer relationship?: credit, high school, teachers - Canada
  60. Has been to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine?: airport, ferry - Canada
  61. Nearly One-in-Three People Debating Alberta Politics on Twitter Are Likely Bots: statistics, rankings - Canada
  62. The Carbon Tax: taxes, pricing, pollution - Canada
  63. Quebec’s bishops: weddings, charge, place - Canada
  64. How long can an American Stay in Canada?: to live, bus
  65. Does the Cariboo area have to grow into a larger city?: camping - Canada
  66. Which place in Canada do you think has the to prosper in the next 10 years?: jobs
  67. Shipping packages - Canadian Customs: post office, place, regulations - Canada
  68. moving to Prince George from Nanaimo. Can tell me what PG is like (pros and cons)?: apartments - Canada
  69. Are there black flies in New Brunswick-Newfoundland?: home, buy - Canada
  70. Are there a lot of mosquitoes in the Maritime Provences & BC??: home - Canada
  71. Cape Breton island -Americans owning a house: rental car, rental - Canada
  72. President Bush: condo, loan, live - Canada
  73. Who has been to the Anglophone enclaves in west Quebec?: county, route - Canada
  74. Canada rewards bad behaviour: how much, tax, costs
  75. Perceived RCMP Lassitude: crime, how much, marketplace - Canada
  76. The Most Dangerous Neighbourhoods To Spend Halloween In Every Major Canadian City (Maps): safe - Canada
  77. Is CFB Valcartier a strictly Francophone base?: home, transfer - Canada
  78. Data burps at Canadian big banks: credit card, purchase, shop - Canada
  79. Ist of New Northern Patrol Vessels: water, girl, event - Canada
  80. Maple Syrup Festivals in Quebec: place, offer, festival - Canada
  81. Advice on issue with Landlord: to rent, appliances, houses - Canada
  82. Jobs in canada: schools, colleges, live in
  83. Least rainy city/town in British Columbia?: living in, buses - Canada
  84. Moving from Winnipeg to Victoria - logistics advice wanted :): for sale, real estate - Canada
  85. How true is it that if you have a more serious health issue you could be waiting weeks or months to see a doctor?: renting - Canada
  86. Driving Canada company provided vehicle to USA: home, buying
  87. What's the attitude towards food safety from the Canadian Government and Courts?: health - Canada
  88. Garden art eye candy at Mosaiculture Gatineau 2018: 2013, living - Canada
  89. Remembrance Day in Toronto Canada 2018: place, women, families
  90. Happy Thanksgiving 2018: health, rating, best - Canada
  91. Who remembers Neil Hope: entertainment, 2007, people - Canada
  92. How did World War One change Canada?: countries, video
  93. History: As We Saw It — Nov. 11, 1918, and Nov. 11, 1931: to live, gas - Canada
  94. Do changing demographics change Canadian politics?: house, title, location - Canada
  95. Alberta invention: heavy oil pellets and pucks: school, rail - Canada
  96. Visiting Thousand Islands: where to stay, rentals, restaurants - Canada
  97. Where do Canada’s elite go to university?: lawyer, law school
  98. Eviction on two person dwelling: apartment, lease, landlord - Canada
  99. Banff VS Jasper Or: pharmacy, to live in, vehicle - Canada
  100. Is Good Friday a holiday for Canadian schools?: school districts, airport - Canada
  101. Thanksgiving in Canada: shop, moving, food
  102. Support For Quebec Independence skyrockets to nearly 60%: best, population - Canada
  103. Canada warming up twice as fast as rest of the world: pollution, food
  104. Excitements and when crossing border: home, construction, gated - Canada
  105. How expensive is eating at a sugar shack?: restaurant, cost - Canada
  106. Who remembers April Wine?: buy, live, train - Canada
  107. Record low unemployment in Quebec?: crime rate, unemployment, to buy - Canada
  108. better way to connect Vancouver and Vancouver Island in the future?: to buy, live in - Canada
  109. Racism in Canada: live, dangerous, horse
  110. Oil not safe? LNG is BC hypocrisy.: transporting, condo - Canada
  111. Vancouver vs. Winnipeg: Better city overall?: real estate, condo, hotel - Canada
  112. The Top 5 Questions People Are Googling About Every Province In Canada: real estate, live in
  113. When Calls the Canadian: how much, high school, college - Canada
  114. Have you served in the Canadian Forces?: military, beach - Canada
  115. Van Doos in Texas: 2014, military, bars - Canada
  116. Documentary says Canada sold off all our gold reserves and coffers are empty: buying, tax
  117. Did you know BTO?: live, shop, to move - Canada
  118. Is Trudeau and Nationalist and Racist??: rooftop, living in, radio - Canada
  119. How many Canadians are related to US?: to live, stats - Canada
  120. Canada about to take another hit due to Trump: sale, hotels
  121. Do French Canadians tend to be more introverted or extroverted.: fit in, how much - Canada
  122. Why is it, that Canadian women are so pretty?: to live, finance - Canada
  123. Pakistani Christian woman now in Canada: law, move, bill
  124. Saudi Arabia orders its foreign students out of: buy, schools - Canada
  125. How Foreign Is The U.S To Canadians?: how much, house - Canada
  126. Fredericton shooting: Four dead including two police in Canada: living in, homicides
  127. The U.S. lied again and Canada takes the h8t for it.: how much, law
  128. Which US channel covers Canadian elections the most?: 2015, residential - Canada
  129. Can you be both Francophone and Anglophone?: bill, ethnic - Canada
  130. Canada's waffling with China: 2014, house, law
  131. The Political Spectrum: Canadian provinces vs. U.S. states: school, health - Canada
  132. How come Southern Ontario account for only 1.4% of Canada’s area but 34% of Canada's population?: to live in, agriculture
  133. Gang activity in Mayerthorpe, Alberta Canada: 2013, live, gangs
  134. BC wildfire smoke heavy in Edmonton: appointed, camping, live - Canada
  135. Are you affected by the flooding?: house, transportation, design - Canada
  136. French Declining in Canada: home, gated, move to
  137. Flu season/flu shot reminder: homes, guidelines, places - Canada
  138. Who has better doughnuts in Canada than Tim Horton’s?: to live, shop
  139. Why did Canada go metric?: high school, calculation, bills
  140. Was Trudeau right or wrong on calling woman a racist?: how much, home - Canada
  141. Quebec in Florida: how much, home, gangs - Canada
  142. Has Canadian spelling always been consistent?: real estate, theater, school - Canada
  143. Cost of Living in Canada's big cities: sales, apartments
  144. Disappointed in CBC: areas, cities, population - Canada
  145. Should Family Move to US as a Green card holder or Stay In Canada: health insurance, low crime
  146. Who has tried Haskap berries?: home, universities, rooftop - Canada
  147. What is your favorite Canadian coffee brand?: houses, buy - Canada
  148. Irreligious in Canada: 2014, Mennonites, statistics
  149. 2019 will be the year Canada begins to rule the world: real estate, credit
  150. Does Bishop’s University have a good future?: home, private school - Canada
  151. Hydro/Electricity?: construction, contractor, legal - Canada
  152. Who remembers the DEW Line?: construction, capita, America - Canada
  153. Indigenous peoples and the Crown: buy, schools, taxes - Canada
  154. Marijuana is legal as of today...: home, tax, to live - Canada
  155. Culturally, is Canada more similar to the USA or to the UK/Ireland?: live, shop
  156. Is BC or Ontario More Like The US?: shop, suburban - Canada
  157. Is it easier to immigrate to Canada than to Australia?: 2014, to live in
  158. Favorite Canadian provinces: live, move to, beaches - Canada
  159. Populism on the rise in Canada?: credit, university, cabinet
  160. What was the 18th Century Canadian diet?: houses, buy - Canada
  161. Bacic appeal: typical, popular, regular - Canada
  162. China's Ambassador Blasts Canada's White Supremacy: land, money, companies
  163. Who has been to Gander Airport?: car rental, rental, condo - Canada
  164. Swiss Chalet or St. Hubert?: house, price, eat - Canada
  165. Just in - Canadian gets death sentence in China: crime, lawyer - Canada
  166. Now that marijuana is legal...: living in, zoning, prices - Canada
  167. Roads in Canada: 2013, construction, military
  168. Communism in Canada?: attorney, public schools, cabinet
  169. Have you been screeched in?: appointed, house, health - Canada
  170. What is the CAQ’s agenda?: 2014, daycare, preschool - Canada
  171. Where would you rather live in - Canada or Switzerland?: insurance, living in
  172. Do Canadians Think Its More of an Advantage or Disadvantage Being Near/ Next to the USA?: buying, living - Canada
  173. Alex Trebek is dying: purchasing, live, parking - Canada
  174. Do the Maritimes share the same level of cultural affinity as New England?: employment, move to - Canada
  175. Popular parkas like Canada Goose sparking high demand for coyote fur: experts: 2013, to buy
  176. Who remembers Loverboy?: home, high school, suite - Canada
  177. What kind of bread do people in Quebec prefer?: movies, living in - Canada
  178. Jagmeet - NDP rudderless: appointed, vs., place - Canada
  179. China cancels imports of canola from Sask: 2015, lawyer - Canada
  180. What would a post-fossil fuel Canada look like?: houses, buyers
  181. 10 Things You Can Never Say To A Canadian: live, deal - Canada
  182. Moving back to Canada: rent, house prices, bankrupt
  183. Where are foreign-born Canadians concentrated?: live in, price, oil - Canada
  184. Cross Canada pro-pipeline convoy ignored by CBC National News: 2015, live
  185. Do French Canadian millenials care much about language politics?: high school, universities - Canada
  186. Number of abandoned homes in Canada and the US: for sale, apartment
  187. Coffee or tea for Canadians?: 2015, houses, living in - Canada
  188. Does Canadian city have its own accent?: 2014, neighborhoods - Canada
  189. Why doesn’t Winnipeg have it’s own board?: living in, moving - Canada
  190. Trudeau & What She Said: attorney, law, legal - Canada
  191. Who is Maxime Bernier?: place, parties, European - Canada
  192. This Prairie city is using police cut-outs on busy roads - Canada
  193. Belleville sixth for opioid poisoning hospitalizations in Canada: town, local
  194. Pilot project: Vancouver putting pesky translink pigeons on birth control pellets - Canada
  195. Reports of cold fast food and sick cats worst 911 calls in Hamilton in 2018: pricing - Canada
  196. You may be entitled to payment from a CRT Class Action Settlement: purchase - Canada
  197. Maritime fishers - have you recovered from federal regulation of your industry?: companies - Canada
  198. One third of Canada’s churches to close in the next decade?: national
  199. What you need to consider when searching for upcoming event venue in Saskatchewan?: parking - Canada
  200. RIP Douglas Rain - Canada