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  1. The Yukon: camp, clubs, design - Canada
  2. Canada's New And/Or Proposed Gun Laws: crime, credit
  3. Is it to complete a Master's degree in Computer Science in Canada remote / online only?: apartment
  4. Where would you look for data on per capita transit usage for urban areas?: calculation - Canada
  5. All are Lebanese/Syrians visible minorities in Canada?: high school, friendly
  6. Canada - King of Mustard: history, common, maple
  7. Who likes “Heartland”?: entertainment, Americans, good - Canada
  8. Trudeau bought and paid for by Chinese Communist Party: closing, legal - Canada
  9. No Mardi Gras in Quebec?: winter, party, festival - Canada
  10. Don’t give me a hand me down Guess Who: theatre, college - Canada
  11. Listening to CBC Radio: live, title, car - Canada
  12. Poland and WWII reparations from Germany: military, business, payment - Canada
  13. Visited Canada for the first time, were my observations.: house, live in
  14. Doug Ford's Ontario: 2014, lawyer, homes - Canada
  15. Does Atlantic Canada have more sharks/shark attacks then anywhere in the world?: live
  16. Mosquitoes in the Prairie Provinces: motels, camp, gardens - Canada
  17. A Joly young soul?: live, club, eat - Canada
  18. I just want to confirm Canada no longer has Covid travel restrictions: hotels
  19. Irish Canadian political machines?: rated, cities, location - Canada
  20. Happy Thanksgiving 2022: home, costs, station - Canada
  21. Did the Harper quote come true?: famous, culture, America - Canada
  22. Northern lights over Canada: year, smoking, people
  23. When does the Christmas season start in Canada?: shop, market
  24. There's less than six months until a total solar eclipse passes directly over parts of Canada.: hotel
  25. Are ridings gerrymandered?: house, calculation, move to - Canada
  26. Has moved from Hamilton Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba recently?: apartment, movers - Canada
  27. Cell Phone plans in Canada: how much, home, cost
  28. Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel: airport, safe - Canada
  29. An existential threat to humanity: crimes, office, values - Canada
  30. Cost to taxpayers of protecting members of Parliament hits a record high: living in - Canada
  31. Vive la cuisine québécoise: renting, living, cabin - Canada
  32. Hardeep Singh Nijjar- from No Fly List to Permanent Residency: appointed, immigration - Canada
  33. Winter trip over the Rockies: ski resort, rent, how much - Canada
  34. More Chinese Communist Party election interference: how much, home, Mennonites - Canada
  35. New service offered by Canada Post - MyMail: neighbourhood, taxes
  36. American actors and writers strike could affect Canada: movies, studios
  37. Bugley Family: credit card, transfer, rated - Canada
  38. RIP Robbie Robertson: live, summer, work - Canada
  39. Hey Canadians, look up into the night sky tonight if the sky is clear where you are: house - Canada
  40. Train in Newfoundland: station, deals, island - Canada
  41. The Canadian roots of Jimmy Buffett: college, gangs, bars - Canada
  42. Cell phone carriers in Canada: tornadoes, living in, costs
  43. Halifax, NS: hotels, school, campgrounds - Canada
  44. Canadian Postal rates for packages... OUCH: insurance, how much, house - Canada
  45. Nexus: centers, office, rating - Canada
  46. visiting St. Stephens and surrounding area (near Maine border): suggestions? Advice?: home - Canada
  47. Guns laws in Saskatchewan compared to America: transporting, crimes - Canada
  48. Houston B.C. -RCMP seeking information about acts of violence, armed attacks and multimillion dollar destruction.: crime - Canada
  49. The Queen tested positive for covid.: dangerous, best, top - Canada
  50. Fake Toonies...: cost, legal, money - Canada
  51. Which parts of Canada handle snow events surprisingly poorer then you'd think?: how much
  52. Canada's oldest continuing museum being mothballed: year, visiting, great
  53. New Canadian CMA 2021 census numbers and list.: real estate, estimates - Canada
  54. What are stereotypes Canadians have about Indians ?: limo, taxi - Canada
  55. Relocating to Canada: taxes, live, self-storage
  56. How often is your school delayed/cancelled or no bus service/remote learning available?: how much - Canada
  57. Canada Revenue Agency follies: lawyer, university, tax
  58. Poutine at war: restaurant, bars, rain - Canada
  59. Jordan Peterson Fined: buying, college, codes - Canada
  60. Fun Puzzle: Where did the Vikings Settle south of Labrador?: homes, construction - Canada
  61. Canada No Longer First World: rent, how much, unemployment
  62. Afraid of bears: neighborhood, schools, moving - Canada
  63. Trudeau ignoring real terrorist: calculated, live, medical - Canada
  64. 'Drag queen story hour' comes to Canadian public schools: school district, tax - Canada
  65. Canadian parliament day of shame...: crimes, credit, high school - Canada
  66. I want to spend 3 days in Canada in January: live in, deal
  67. Churches Burned Based on Lies: schools, shops, buses - Canada
  68. What are traditional home-cooked Quebecois meals?: food, catholics - Canada
  69. Why are home price out side of the GTA almost million?: real estate, apartments - Canada
  70. Why is Trudeau so popular?: tax, legal, approval - Canada
  71. Why are there so many homeless people in Ontario?: apartment, rental homes - Canada
  72. Roughly how many people/percentage have played or still play hockey in one of its forms: rental, credit - Canada
  73. A Happy Fourth of July to our American friends!: backyard, best - Canada
  74. My trip across the Prairie Provinces: how much, hotels, house - Canada
  75. Wild berries in Canada: home, to buy, universities
  76. Watch Canada reach 40 million live!: home, calculated, yard
  77. The future of NHL teams in Canada: how much, vacation home
  78. Canadian Wildfire Smoke Smothering Americans: to live, versus, money - Canada
  79. Canada is becoming a symbol of the far-right: how much, buy
  80. Justin Trudeau Separates From Wife, Sophie Grégoire: 2015, wedding - Canada
  81. Historic downtowns with good groceries: 2014, rentals, how much - Canada
  82. Canada and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: to buy, car
  83. Halifax Nova Scotia: houses, theatres, elementary school - Canada
  84. Random questions about Southern Ontario nature: house, safe, authority - Canada
  85. Best Summer City in Canada: to live, mall, homeless
  86. About Justin Trudeau's personal life...: real estate, living, wealthy - Canada
  87. The entire capital city of Canada’s Northwest Territories has been ordered to evacuate as hundreds of wildfires scorch: rental car, rental
  88. Wab Kinew. A new Premier with a dirty past.: living, design - Canada
  89. Federal government announces 2-year cap on student visas: home, buyers - Canada
  90. Trudeau's Orwellian Attack On Canadian Truckers Declared Unconstitutional: how much, law - Canada
  91. Is Justin Trudeau Fidel Castro's son?: bill, deal, business - Canada
  92. Rebel News reporter arrested after he tried to ask Chrystia Freeland a: city hall, credit - Canada
  93. Could a Texas beaver flourish in Canada?: furniture stores, vacation
  94. Entering Canada from the US: identification: how much, houses, live
  95. Are Acadians fading away?: how much, home, school - Canada
  96. Ikea slashes prices on Billy: sale, live, shop - Canada
  97. Surge in medically assisted deaths in Canada outpaces every other country: living, legal
  98. Liberal constituency is running away, but Democrats gain!: law, legally - Canada
  99. How does this forum feel about Canada having federally subsidized housing: apartments, rentals
  100. Have you been to a chiropractors ?: insurance, how much - Canada
  101. Alberta is banning gender-altering surgery for children: 2014, college - Canada
  102. Rachel Notley former premier of Alberta: high school, restaurant, racist - Canada
  103. Auto theft is now a ‘crisis’ in Canada: crime, home
  104. Expansion of assisted dying delay: live, professionals, law - Canada
  105. Beer, wine, ready-to-drink cocktails coming to Ontario corner stores and gas stations in 2026: sources: sales, option to buy - Canada
  106. Have the Tories changed?: buying, bill, design - Canada
  107. What is with the smear campaign against canada?: crime rate, home
  108. The Hamas-Israel: how much, lawyers, law - Canada
  109. Buffy Sainte Marie: rating, culture, communities - Canada
  110. Happy Thanksgiving (from a Yank): house, price, safe - Canada
  111. The word cloud in Canadian English vs American: live, storage - Canada
  112. The largest mass arrest in Canadian history: 2015, city hall - Canada
  113. NDP government for Manitoba: appointed, crime, credit - Canada
  114. Canada wants 1.5 million immigrants until 2025?: home, construction, schools
  115. Do the Majority Of Canadians Really Want a Dictator?: school, living in - Canada
  116. Trudeau: Americans have caused lessened support for Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia War: rent, university - Canada
  117. As a Canadian do you sometimes feel misunderstood by Americans?: pros and cons, restaurant - Canada
  118. Tipping in Canada: sales, Home Depot, luxury
  119. Vehicle explosion on Niagara Falls bridge: gas, medical, cheap - Canada
  120. Which city is the “third city” of Canada: Calgary or Vancouver?: vs., light rail
  121. Who has been Canada's 'Trump'?: 2015, attorney, law school
  122. RCM putting new King Charles III coins into circulation: club, housing - Canada
  123. National Day for Truth: 48% of Canadians will not celebrate today.: home, schools - Canada
  124. Eating in Canada: house, Mennonites, restaurant
  125. Famous Canadian DJs you remember: to buy, college, moving - Canada
  126. Living in New England vs. Living in Quebec: sales, home - Canada
  127. Language revisited again - multilingual healthcare workers: transfer, university - Canada
  128. Will the cost for houses go down in 2022?: real estate market, insurance - Canada
  129. Debit/Credit Card Readers in Canada: 2015, rent, home
  130. Uh oh -something is wrong, it looks like our Queen may be on the way out: live, medical - Canada
  131. What I Love About Canada, eh?: for sale, 2015, low crime
  132. Why does Nunavut control most of Hudson Bay?: living, legally - Canada
  133. I do miss the spirited discussions we had ... [CHAT: wedding, buy - Canada
  134. Ease of travel from Halafax to PEI to Newfoundland and back: appointed, rent - Canada
  135. RIP Guy Lafleur: stations, radio, deal - Canada
  136. If you could read his mind…: live, suite, money - Canada
  137. Manitoba got the boot: live in, activity, relocate to - Canada
  138. Why does it take a doctor almost 2 months and still not arrive at the appointment date in Canada?: health insurance, college
  139. Only having NHL Teams in several cities and MLB and NBA in 1 isn’t good enough for Canada: buy, college
  140. Just curious....Canadian reporting on the Pelosi attack.: crime, living in - Canada
  141. Saskatchewan RCMP say 10 dead, 15 hospitalized after stabbings, suspects still at large: condo, taxi - Canada
  142. Chrystia Freeland accosted by far right activist.: shop, homeless - Canada
  143. What US purchased Gift Cards are accepted in Canada?: appointed, renting
  144. Looking at Eastern Canada and Ontario: real estate, apartments, condos
  145. How are First Nations people treated in Canada?: 2014, house
  146. Jason Kenney resigns as leader of Alberta's UCP: live, approval - Canada
  147. Are all gas prices the same in Canada?: taxes, live
  148. Quebecois Influence at US Border: home, live in, store - Canada
  149. New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy: appointed, homes - Canada
  150. Estate Conflict and Family Estrangement: appointed, sale, real estate - Canada
  151. What is bothering you about the LGBTQ Plus community in Canada: gynecologist, university
  152. Queen of the world announced in Canada.: buy, university
  153. Lisa LaFlamme: hotel, home, buy - Canada
  154. Growth of exurban communities (the exurbs ): apartments, condos - Canada
  155. Who remembers Gordon Sinclair?: how much, shop, safer - Canada
  156. Affordable summer destinations: hotel, live in, prices - Canada
  157. Does Laval have the elite cachet of the Sorbonne?: law school, universities - Canada
  158. The Alberta Leadership Race: how much, live in, price - Canada
  159. Who is with “Canadian Whites”?: 2014, title - Canada
  160. I'll talk to whomever I uot;: buyer, live - Canada
  161. Traveling to Canada for tourism in 2022: live in, dangerous, safety
  162. Canadians going to Mexico for surgery?: health insurance, cost, most dangerous - Canada
  163. Banking crisis: sale, credit, new home - Canada
  164. Ontario moves along with healthcare privatization: insurance, compensation, tax - Canada
  165. Newfoundland and Labrador visit: where to stay, hotels, university - Canada
  166. Masks Mandates Still - Wilfred Laurier University: theater, schools - Canada
  167. Planning a trip to Canadia...: credit card, calculator, exemption - Canada
  168. $5B Windsor electric battery plant: manufacturing, cars, land - Canada
  169. The Pronunciation of Saskatchewan's Capital: business, place, accent - Canada
  170. Six found dead on reservation: dangerous, place, hot - Canada
  171. Not the Tiny UK: car rental, rentals, credit - Canada
  172. Is the US’s gun problem becoming Canada’s gun problem?: crime, live in
  173. Who owns a gun?: to live in, dangerous, food - Canada
  174. Goodbye for now, Canada: condo, move, garage
  175. Has used CFIS to migrate to Canada?: professionals, costs
  176. Pronunciation and translation of a Quebecois name?: school, working - Canada
  177. Are Beavers Still Canada's National Symbol? Is That Changin: horse, dental
  178. For a small country population wise there is a lot of gangs: violent crime, neighbourhood - Canada
  179. Getting past Canadian immigration: home, garden, title - Canada
  180. What Other Posters Think You Look Like: appointed, lawyer - Canada
  181. Do you live in a banana belt?: sale, house - Canada
  182. The incredible impolite Canadians: America, pizza, better - Canada
  183. The 5 Best Cities in Canada according to Travel & Leisure: home, centers
  184. Food scene Ontario vs Quebec, what you like the other dont have: 2013, home - Canada
  185. Looking for Blacksmith In Canada: buy, school, codes
  186. Can somebody explain why this happened??: house, college, best - Canada
  187. Interesting article on Winnipeg: how much, garden, yard - Canada
  188. LGBT Univeral Income in Canada?: low income, living, homeless
  189. Happy New Year 2023: health, town, great - Canada
  190. Mid-West vibes in Ontario?: school, income, live - Canada
  191. D-Day again - Canada
  192. Trucker press conference - Canada
  193. Montreal's Pensioner Powered Transit - Canada
  194. Entering Canada from the US: identification: license, required, photos
  195. The Seaway/Three Nations Bridge Border Crossing: live, vehicle - Canada
  196. Arctic grab: Is Canada ready?: worth, dollars, resources
  197. Lawyer in Regina: law, area, firm - Canada
  198. Apartheid Era Aspersion Cast on Canada?: trading, compared, investor
  199. old quebec hotels??: price, bus, driving - Canada
  200. Most Canadian thing: about - Canada