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  1. Questions about marriage residency: home, live, dual citizenship - Canada
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  9. Halifax or Toronto: how much, hotel, cheap house - Canada
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  12. Mitch Lake Coneference: title, location, place - Canada
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  15. Canada Visitors Visa: college, law, assessment
  16. Whistler: restaurants, shops, timeshare - Canada
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  21. My perception of Canada++++++++++++: appointed, crime, to live
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  23. Stanley Cup: black, team, heat - Canada
  24. Bohemian capital of Canada: Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto...?: neighbourhood, organic
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  27. for Canadians in Retail: home, shop, airport - Canada
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  29. on Quebec: hotel, homes, restaurants - Canada
  30. Maternity Leave In Canda: insurance, employment, wages - Canada
  31. Snowbird & Visa/canada???: good credit, houses, buying
  32. Now that the $CAN is stronger, do you shop more in the US?: sales - Canada
  33. Heading To Niagara Falls - How Is The Oakes Hotel? Thanks!: reviews, trip - Canada
  34. Starting Over in Canada: apartment, live in, legal
  35. Are there enough people (IMMIGRANTS) to do the Dirty Jobs in Canada?: hotels
  36. uestions about Permanent Residency Status and Moving to Canada for work: employment
  37. Questions for fellow Americans who are working in Canada and paying taxes to both countries: get credit
  38. Campbell River BC weather: to live in, vs, stats - Canada
  39. Medical career in Canada vs. US: to move, health care, money
  40. Living in St. Catharines Ontario vs. Buffalo NY: credit, student loans - Canada
  41. Enrolling in canadian public schools: elementary school, living, moving to - Canada
  42. Heading To Ontario Canada For Our Family Vacation. Help Us Plan It!: waterpark
  43. Taxation issue: income, income tax, moving to - Canada
  44. On Nice Hotels Within Walking Distance To Niagara Falls That Aren't Very Expensive.: zip code - Canada
  45. pay rate for advanced degree engineers compare to US?: how much, universities - Canada
  46. Should I Move to Canada?: real estate, car insurance, homes
  47. Weather in Halifax: theatre, live, restaurant - Canada
  48. want to move back home with American husband: sales, house - Canada
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  50. What kind of people will be turned away by Canada?: live, moving
  51. Saskatoon Vs San Francisco: health insurance, crime, find a job - Canada
  52. >> Help me: school, universities, best - Canada
  53. moving to canada: apply, how to, government
  54. native protesters: legally, move, trains - Canada
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  57. need good doctor: ratings, psychiatrist, counselor - Canada
  58. Happy Canada Everyone!: great
  59. SICKO--Michael Moore's new movie: insurance, how much, employment - Canada
  60. Lake Louise - Alberta, Canada?: hotels, restaurants, shops
  61. Can you own a Handgun in Canada?: storage, authority
  62. American to go to University in Canada?: school, universities
  63. As a canadian can I fly from inside the U.S from one state to another with no passport?: hotel - Canada
  64. Green card?: live, move to, office - Canada
  65. Is it Canada's turn?: safety, cities, drive
  66. Wanting suggestions for good places not too far from Vermont: houses, camping - Canada
  67. I'm Tornado Phobic: live, safe, moving to - Canada
  68. Health Supplements in Canada: to buy, pharmacies, living in
  69. Novia Scotia: employment, live, job - Canada
  70. living in Quebec?: taxes, store, deal - Canada
  71. Canadian Non Residency status-confused!!!: house, school, taxes - Canada
  72. Tofino & Wind ?: beach, island, summer - Canada
  73. greenback=loonie: mall, health care, money - Canada
  74. Help, looking for a sugar free cake in Victoria: hotels, home - Canada
  75. Photos of Canada: hotel, living in, move to
  76. New for entering Canada: live, drivers license, office
  77. Prince Edward Island: real estate, rent, houses - Canada
  78. bc and al: hotel, house, campers - Canada
  79. Can you help me find my godparents who emigrated from the UK to Canada in the 1970's?: living in
  80. Nurse move home to Canada: salaries, moving, nursing
  81. What are the most reasonably priced Canadian cities for apartment rentals?: to live in, cheapest - Canada
  82. Having a hard time obtaining a visa.: high school, college - Canada
  83. Desperate for help!: city hall, home, legal - Canada
  84. Dual citizen living in Canada never filed US return: school, income
  85. Thinking about moving to canada after college!: credit, job market
  86. What do you think?: social, diversity, good - Canada
  87. Northwestern British Columbia: to live, pine, area - Canada
  88. alberta work?: to rent, condo, job market - Canada
  89. Visitor's Visa: renewal, office, ticket - Canada
  90. Can I visit before landing?: to live, move to, land - Canada
  91. Sea Kayaking from Victoria, B.C.: hotels, bus, airport - Canada
  92. Canada Forums?: living, moving to, rated
  93. is Quebec the only province with non employer sponsered PNP: job, drive - Canada
  94. Victoria, BC: real estate, how much, buying a house - Canada
  95. Citizenship through Conjugal partner: home, to live, law - Canada
  96. getting married...: wedding, to live in, moving to - Canada
  97. heard of Dignam Land Company?: real estate, buying, law - Canada
  98. MJHL fans: colleges, live in, money - Canada
  99. Marriage and health insurance: city hall, lawyer, home - Canada
  100. can u cross into canadfa w/ a D.U.I charge?: felony, live in - Canada
  101. I want to move to Fort McMurray ... Request: apartments, student loans - Canada
  102. Happy Thanksgiving: summer, time, degrees - Canada
  103. Heathcare professional pay in Canada: health insurance, buy, school
  104. : neighbourhoods, university, salaries - Canada
  105. Kamloops?: real estate, school, to move - Canada
  106. Want to move to FLORIDA???: mobile home, purchase, casino - Canada
  107. How Clean is Canada?: living in, food, farmers
  108. Cost of Living in Ontario Region: best city, real estate, rental - Canada
  109. Canada and immigrants: hotel, home, find a job
  110. Best city for blacks: Calgary or Edmonton?: crime, school - Canada
  111. cars and utilities more/less expensive in canada?: insurance, buying
  112. Help, Londoner trying to decided where to move to in Canada?: house prices, find a job
  113. what most candian think about gay males?: live, legal - Canada
  114. getting married with canadian immigration help: how much, lawyer, home - Canada
  115. Which Country is More Tolerant: college, salary, taxes - Canada
  116. Out of Curiosity, How would Canadians and their government handle this situation?: high school, subdivision - Canada
  117. Pictures: homeless, vacation, car - Canada
  118. home for less than 300k= in canada where it is WARM: real estate, house
  119. Advice on Living in remote BC: for sale, apartment, lease - Canada
  120. North American Union: buy, income, income tax - Canada
  121. Applying for Permanent Residence: fingerprints, how much, lawyer - Canada
  122. HALIFAX area - live/lived there?: real estate, to rent - Canada
  123. Edmonton or Calgary?: house, job market, schools - Canada
  124. Ft. McMurray Oil Sands?: apartments, crime, house - Canada
  125. Dual citizenship: how much, income, income tax - Canada
  126. USA or Canada?: crime, middle schools, taxes
  127. Mary Jane Legal in Ontario?!: buy, school, law - Canada
  128. How is the educated, non-stereotypical black dude treated in Canada: buy, college
  129. Americans who move to Canada will regret it: sale, foreclosure
  130. Canadian cities similiar to US counterparts: condominiums, hotel, houses - Canada
  131. Canadian citizen and NON-citizen marriage in Canada?: lawyer, homes
  132. Anything about blacks in northern Canada(i.e. Yukon, NWT.): areas, population
  133. about guns: fingerprints, crime rates, home - Canada
  134. American student with about Toronto/Vancouver: apartment, rent - Canada
  135. Beautiful Canada :): vacation, park, metro
  136. Do i still need a VISA to enter Canada?: home, live
  137. Canadian in US. Do I file for Taxes in US and Canada?: credit, home
  138. Teaching in canada: sales, apartment, houses
  139. The Rockies Canada: home security, school, living in
  140. Americans in Canadian Universities?: co-op, how much, dorms - Canada
  141. Kitimat british columbia ???: crime rate, construction, living - Canada
  142. How cold is Canada?: appointed, best city, college
  143. Are there less social problems in Canada?: crime, bankrupt
  144. What is Victoria like?: home, job market, buy - Canada
  145. Is this for real?: sales, rental, health insurance - Canada
  146. better areas of windsor ontario: to rent, house, safe area - Canada
  147. US Child attend Canadian public school: renting, home, employment - Canada
  148. This is a joke!: hotels, to buy, living in - Canada
  149. america-canada city comparisons: fit in, insurance, condos
  150. Does Canada=utopia?: fit in, real estate, insurance
  151. Health care Canada vs US - Experiences, Truths, Myths: fit in, health insurance
  152. So You Move To Canada, Eh?: find a job, construction
  153. Canada Skilled Worker Self Assessment - What do you score?: public school, living in
  154. Canada: camping, move to, pollution
  155. Quebec: Does know what is required to get from Quebec to usa?: where to stay, home - Canada
  156. US Citizenship: lawyer, home, taxes - Canada
  157. Canada Quiz Time: credit, transfer, theatres
  158. I'm relocating to Canada...: how much, calculator, living
  159. uebec: rent, unemployed, high schools - Canada
  160. Random Thoughts on Canada: crime, credit, house
  161. PEI & NS pics: house, living, low cost - Canada
  162. Fort McMurray housing: for sale, apartment, rental - Canada
  163. Americans Who gained Canadian Citizenship out there?: rent, credit check - Canada
  164. Up In air, Candian/Us Citizenship: 2015, health insurance, lawyer - Canada
  165. Canadians sell out to USA?: crime, loan, how much - Canada
  166. Winnipeg?: condos, violent crime, school - Canada
  167. Moving to Canada from India: real estate, rental, insurance
  168. one living in rural Eastern Ontario?: real estate, cliquey - Canada
  169. Are Canadians really friendlier than Americans?: house prices, school, earthquakes - Canada
  170. A for Canada: how much, tax, living in
  171. two questions for Americans: apartment, crime, house - Canada
  172. Is there really less racial tension in Canada?: violent crime, house
  173. going to Canada: house, neighborhood, school
  174. Canadian Pharmacist Salary?: house, business, paid - Canada
  175. A for Americans...: crime, home, living in - Canada
  176. What's considered Canadian music: live, law, radio - Canada
  177. Do Americans make more money than Canadians?: health insurance, how much - Canada
  178. Living in Blaine, working in BC: legally, car, parking - Canada
  179. Do you consider moving to the States?: real estate, for rent - Canada
  180. Questions about becoming a Canadian Citizen: employment, college, living - Canada
  181. Food differences btw US and Canada!: purchase, living in, restaurant
  182. want to move to canada: to rent, health insurance, home
  183. Need answers from knowledgable Canadians or American ex-pats: real estate market, eyeglasses - Canada
  184. Where would you rather live - in Canada or United States?: crime, credit
  185. do many Canadian have the desire to move South: how much, university - Canada
  186. It had to be asked: Toronto vs. Vancouver: employment, taxes - Canada
  187. Moving to another province after Quebec PNP PR: gated, statistics - Canada
  188. Steeling from the injured and taxpayers a shearholders dream.: how much, schools - Canada
  189. Traveling from Washington to Prince Rupert: stations, gas, drive - Canada
  190. Employment Opportunities: apartments, homes, high school - Canada
  191. Moving to CA based on parentage: dual citizenship, residency, passport - Canada
  192. Social Worker position: work, moved - Canada
  193. Conrad Black/Barbara Amiel - What Do You Think?: trial - Canada
  194. Canadian pharmacy Exam.: pharmacist, move to, books - Canada
  195. where to live in AB??: rent, place, water - Canada
  196. Living Trust: attorney, tax, to move - Canada
  197. Canadian Citizenship - Basic Residence Days: apply, time, permanent - Canada
  198. 25th ANNIVERSARY IN BANFF: time, suggestions - Canada
  199. U.S. investment properties: market, dollar, interest - Canada
  200. Maritimers?: living in, friendly, county - Canada