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  1. Syria is being destroyed and has reached unprecedented levels of horror: luxury - World
  2. Summer work - Australia: live in, cost, train - World
  3. New Training Programme Approach: universities, shop, housing - World
  4. Would our friends of the world be wiling to help a Kindergarten class with a postcard???: live in
  5. Irish Millionaire found after kidnapping: 2013, news, people - World
  6. Your Top 10 Catholic Countries To Live/Visit...: living, catholics - World
  7. Single Parent traveling with Children: moving, car, office - World
  8. lived, worked, or traveled to Abu Dhabi ?: hotels, incomes - World
  9. News, Nightclub fire kills 233 in Brazil.: 2013, university, roofing - World
  10. Tokyo vs....: centers, cities, comparison - World
  11. Fortaleza versus Valencia versus Brisbane: airports, nightlife, transit - World
  12. Kuala Lumpur versus Boston: home, neighborhoods, living - World
  13. As This Gospel Should Be Preached Throughout The World: real estate, rent
  14. Buenos Aires versus Sydney versus Barcelona: to live in, airports, nightlife - World
  15. visited Tokyo or Hong Kong?: living in, Japanese, better - World
  16. What's the name of this custom or tradition?: house, living - World
  17. Niafunke vs. Fianarantsoa vs. Ferozepur: best, cities, drive - World
  18. Cities with West End Girls syndrome: vs., shop - World
  19. Have you picked a better nation?: home, salary, living in - World
  20. Papua New Guinea: crime, transfer, neighbourhoods - World
  21. Parent - child affection in your culture: fit in, homes - World
  22. All of Your Specific Past Traveling Experience, and All of Your Known Future Plans for Next Places to Travel In.: best neighborhoods - World
  23. Taipei vs Philly vs Athens: hotels, movies, live - World
  24. Sultan terrorists reclaiming land in war.: 2013, education - World
  25. Working with recruiter: Need help on 5 cities: 2014, how much - World
  26. What countries have cuisines that revolve around yogurt?: home, foods - World
  27. Hungarian Citizenship: live in, law, rated - World
  28. Is Uruguay a good country to move to?: credit card, job market - World
  29. Say Random Local Monthly and Annual Cultural Events game.: home, designers - World
  30. North Korea's nuclear development to change the nation into a paradise?: 2013, living in - World
  31. Takeshima Day of Japan: 2013, military, tuition - World
  32. Madrid versus Hong Kong: best city, apartment, neighborhoods - World
  33. Spanish Americas vs Brazil: population, Argentina, America - World
  34. Best place to move as a young guy: college, living - World
  35. Describe all of the exact local places you visited and experienced anywhere in the World today.: neighborhoods
  36. Oscar Pitorius gets bail: news, hours, sports - World
  37. ROK-US Marine Corps Execute Allied Exercises: gated, safer, educational - World
  38. Southeast Asia vs Central America in terms of internet, healthcare,: purchase, living - World
  39. North Korea's launching missile is: 2013, stores, cars - World
  40. L'île de La Réunion (Indian Ocean, France): home, airport - World
  41. Questions about Russia: apartment, live in, working - World
  42. US, stronger sanctions against North Korea: house, construction, military - World
  43. Christmas trees in your city: home, shop, rich - World
  44. Kids Hiding In Fear..A New Protection: home, buy - World
  45. Cultural Capitals of Countries: towns, definition, moved - World
  46. Realistic immigration options with my skills/education: fit in, sales - World
  47. Does Tampa have an international pressence?: garden, beaches, arena - World
  48. If I was to move...: for sale, apartments, house - World
  49. World Photography: A Place To Have Photos Up and To Form a Collection of Photos From All Over the World.: neighborhoods, university
  50. Why do so many Americans seek to adopt foreign children when there are so many kids in the U.S. homes?: fit in, apartments - World
  51. Aside from the US, which countries have your favourite traditional music?: radio, place - World
  52. In my opinion Singapore is more multicultural than Toronto, s why...: how much, homes - World
  53. Financial Capital of the World: New York or London?: insurance, centers
  54. White people have a small head?: fit in, buy, high school - World
  55. Racial profiles of major cities: to live, estimated, Lebanese - World
  56. What Countries have the most Beautifull sounding names?: vs, top - World
  57. How you view the United States?: middle-class, wages, rich - World
  58. Valentine's Day around the world: mortgage, house, buy
  59. Do you find there is a stigma for americans looking to move abroad compared to other nationalities?: home, college - World
  60. World's Most Racially and Ethnically Diverse Continent??: areas, America
  61. Why do more affluent places tend to have less of the human touch?: unemployment benefits, live - World
  62. London, Sydney or Toronto/Vancouver?: real estate, rent, buying - World
  63. Spanish Americas vs Brazil: standard of living, rated, financing - World
  64. Countries Where Gangnam Style Wasn't a Hit: live in, shopping mall - World
  65. What's the most Chinese city in the 'Western World'?: house, subdivision
  66. Men kissing each other on the cheeks: why taboo in countries, and how did this come about?: home, buy - World
  67. Which sub-10 million cities SHOULD be or are mega-cities or megapolises?: 2015, theater - World
  68. Split (Croatia) versus Seattle (United States): apartment complexes, how much, neighborhoods - World
  69. Music in Other Languages: pitbull, station, radio - World
  70. Can you identify every country in the world on a map of the world? If so at what age could you do this?: school, cities
  71. Is the US's economy THAT right winged?: sale, insurance - World
  72. Time periods (60s70s,80s,90s) around the world....: hairstyles, unemployment
  73. Your country's 3 most popular ethnic foods: restaurants, shop, sushi - World
  74. Crossing borders: playing cat and mouse?: transporting, crime, credit card - World
  75. Japanese Megalopolis versus European Megalopolis versus Northeast Megalopolis versus Pearl River Delta Megalopolis: house, schools - World
  76. What are the predominant values of the western world?: living, versus
  77. Best, Most Friendly, Popular Places in the World for Independent Stores/Business/Lack of Chain Stores.: best neighborhoods, neighborhoods
  78. So who isn't Broke/Falling ?: apartment, lease, credit card - World
  79. Sterotypical Country Humor: how much, live, cars - World
  80. Why do a lot of subway/transit systems in major world cities stop running so early on weekends?: 2015, houses
  81. Homeless and Tent Cities in USA: crime rates, homes, living in - World
  82. Since when is British a synonym for English ?: school, live in - World
  83. World countries - cultural capitals: theater, legal, beaches
  84. Wy North Korea is turning up the heat again - Key Rsolve Exercise: 2013, camps - World
  85. Venezuela VP says USA injected Cancer to Chávez!!!: areas, Russian - World
  86. Miami Beaches vs Gold Coast Beaches: 2013, condos, safety - World
  87. What are the 'Times Squares' of the other major cities?: law, park - World
  88. Georgia, European or Asian?: houses, living in, clubs - World
  89. Most seductive accent on a man?: best, Korean, island - World
  90. Travel Like a Local: hotels, homes, neighborhood - World
  91. New list published: Best and worst countries for gay people: legal, friendly - World
  92. Auckland vs. Melbourne vs. Sydney: salaries, place to live, public transportation - World
  93. Human Development Index released today..USA is #3 while Canada is #11?!: 2013, crime rates - World
  94. What country in the Middle East have the most beautiful women?: live in, Irish - World
  95. Is Spanish the second most important language in the world?: DMV, standard of living
  96. Who has the most insecurities towards the United States?: military, vs. - World
  97. Would it be a bad idea for a person with a Middle Eastern or Arabic appearance to go to Europe as a tourist?: eyeglasses, neighborhoods - World
  98. City Data travelers, of you want to play this game with me? (pictures of people): cities, Americans - World
  99. What kind of interracial pairings do you see the most or are the most common in your area?: living in, military - World
  100. San Francisco vs Sydney: hotels, movies, incomes - World
  101. Boston vs Taipei vs Rome: condo, hotels, home - World
  102. The least religious countries?: yard, best, atheist - World
  103. Words with funny/naughty meanings in other languages: vs., shop - World
  104. Is the Washington, D.C.- Baltimore area underrated on the world stage?: crime rates, home
  105. Palest looking people on Earth?: pay, ethnic, rain - World
  106. What US city is the best match for Melbourne, Australia?: appointed, 2014 - World
  107. Seeking someone very well traveled: real estate, rentals, insurance - World
  108. How will be the world 50,000 years from now?: live, shop
  109. Western Culture most prevalent/influential? Will other cultures slowly lose thier traditions?: weddings, movies - World
  110. WHy do White americans look nothing like native europeans?: vs, cities - World
  111. 10 World Cities You Have to See Before You Die: In Order: live in, moving to
  112. Which people value their homeland less?: buy, safety, pollution - World
  113. Pet-peeve ideology or belief in countries around the world?...: homes, movies
  114. Sell me your Language!: home, business, rain - World
  115. Los Angeles vs Barcelona: neighborhoods, movies, living in - World
  116. Buenos Aires vs Beijing: live, transit, cities - World
  117. Countries where stores are closed on Sundays?: how much, pharmacies - World
  118. Your Favorite Neighborhoods and Least Favorite Neighborhoods in Cities of the World.: transplants, university
  119. Which 5 'average' faces' do you find most attractive?: title, Russian - World
  120. Need Feedback on my Summer Europe Trip Itinerary: hotel, home - World
  121. How are the immigration officers like in your country?: home, school - World
  122. 142cm is enough to joiin the army in NK: military, car - World
  123. What does an American look like to you ?: living, vacation - World
  124. Family of 4 - Where to immigrate from the USA to?: apartments, house - World
  125. Is cultural influence the main reason for NY's and London being in a class of their own? Will other city catch up?: living in, military - World
  126. North Korea begging at Google: transfer, live, legal - World
  127. Racism against whites.: houses, buy, shop - World
  128. The world's megacities: how much, home, living in
  129. Mexico City vs Madrid: neighborhoods, quality of life, statistics - World
  130. Most musical language???: suite, best, accent - World
  131. Amsterdam vs Boston vs Melbourne: neighborhood, to live in, versus - World
  132. Tokyo vs Atlanta vs London vs Seattle: best city, violent crime - World
  133. Chicago vs. Paris: to live in, nightlife, train - World
  134. Worlds 30 most world class cities?: crime, top 10, capita
  135. Best Shopping Citites in the World(upscale fashion, lots of fashion...ect.: luxury, shopping mall
  136. What English accents are thriving/growing rather than dying?: live in, radio - World
  137. Melbourne vs Montreal vs Sydney vs Toronto: living, restaurant - World
  138. The importance of dancing in your country: middle-class, receptions - World
  139. Most isolated place ever been: car, snakes, areas - World
  140. Does having large big-name neon billboards indicate a city is a global city/financial hub?: law, shop - World
  141. Worldwide Weird News: 2013, apartment, city hall
  142. Los Angeles versus Osaka versus Beijing versus Rhine-Ruhr: crime rate, credit - World
  143. Randstad versus Bay Area: fit in, transplants, living in - World
  144. Is Russia's colonial expansion into Asia ever condemned?: 2014, university - World
  145. Traveled to (or from) Iran?: how much, living, airport - World
  146. China, warning Japan...: buy, luxury, schools - World
  147. World's best passports: 2015, fingerprints, law
  148. Do you consider italians to be latino?: movies, club - World
  149. Do you think you could list up to 50 cities in the world that you're fond of?: live, safe
  150. Which meta-region more unified: The Far East or Europe?: homes, earthquakes - World
  151. Hong Kong versus Paris versus London versus New York versus Tokyo: best cities, house - World
  152. Wealth but not health in the US: unemployment, statistics - World
  153. Barcelona vs Philly: hotels, movies, live in - World
  154. Which city is the party capital of the world? (standards inside): colleges, cities
  155. Top 10 densest places in the world?: how much, home, neighborhoods
  156. How dangerous is your city?: crime rate, home, neighborhoods - World
  157. Where to go?: houses, school, university - World
  158. Most beautiful sounding languages?: rated, accents, top - World
  159. Cincinnati vs. Munich: low crime, quality of life, versus - World
  160. Nationalities with most of the people living abroad?: living in, statistics - World
  161. People in the USA Preparing for Doomsday: 2013, construction - World
  162. Your Top 5 Islamic Countries To Live/Visit?: to live in, state - World
  163. When Is It Too Late To Learn A New Language?: home, middle school - World
  164. Which country has the LEAST scary traffic?: buy, train - World
  165. The best and the worst thing about your country.: big house, unemployment - World
  166. Language Learning : French or Portuguese?: agriculture, deal, finance - World
  167. Vancouver vs. San Francisco: best cities, apartment, home - World
  168. Countries in the world you just don't have an interest in visiting: vacation, cities
  169. How do you pronounce Land in the next countries/states/provinces...: move to, place - World
  170. Argentina Presses Claim For Falkland Islands - Opinion?: 2013, living - World
  171. North Korea Nuclear Test: 2013, live, oil - World
  172. America VS Australia VS Canada: best cities, schools, universities - World
  173. Most underrated nationality when it comes to being viewed as attractive?: rating, Lebanese - World
  174. Are Popes Far Too Old: school, beach, job - World
  175. Culture and Dating: live in, friendly, baptists - World
  176. How many of you in who have traveled to different countries aren't White?: live, mall - World
  177. What are your thoughts about Madrid's EuroVegas development?: 2013, casinos - World
  178. Ultimate Single Man's Homestead?: buy, rank, money - World
  179. What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when think of Korea?: school, babysitter - World
  180. Canada or Australia- Which Has More Overweight/ Obese People?: vs, statistics - World
  181. Best countries to be born (your thoughts on this figure): 2013, place to live - World
  182. for one month abroad in April/May: where to stay, apartment - World
  183. Radical Social experiment totally open borders: home, transfer, gated - World
  184. Russia - Questions and answers: apartments, houses, to buy - World
  185. Cannibalism Reported in Famine-Stricken North Korea: construction, living, license - World
  186. Most Diverse Countries in the World(in terms of people): home, estimated
  187. How does a Big City has to be Host the Olympics?: ski resort, hotels - World
  188. Global comparison: Post your Country's tax rates and allowances: for sale, real estate - World
  189. Difference between Australian and American culture?: fit in, home, unemployment rate - World
  190. Rich part of town versus poor part of town?: 2013, apartment - World
  191. What are immigrants saying about the place you live?: real estate, good schools - World
  192. Why is it cool to bash Americans ?: buy, racist - World
  193. Beijing versus Shanghai: apartment, how much, house - World
  194. Will Asian pop culture eventually get a stronghold on the West?: movies, live - World
  195. Do people really believe that American citizenship is the end all be all?: living in, vacation - World
  196. New York City vs Seoul: bankrupt, living in, cost of - World
  197. Music videos showing scenes of the locations. Post: MBA, street - World
  198. Micronesia?: island, population, place - World
  199. North Korea creates Kim Jong-il award: estimated, date, violations - World
  200. Obscure word origins - World