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  1. Protest in your country for may day?: 2013, cities - World
  2. 10 most unique cities in the world: to live, nightlife, beaches
  3. Two Young Girls Killed by Rat Poison in Yogurt: school, Chinese - World
  4. Best place globally to teach English? (earnings to education): month-to-month, income - World
  5. From who is from Tel Aviv, Israel: university, to live - World
  6. Kurdistan?: live in, education, areas - World
  7. Where was this picture taken?: images - World
  8. Americans living in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf: military, friendly - World
  9. Generations in Your Country: school, living in, title - World
  10. Looking for resources for an expat to live in Costa Rica: 2014, apartments - World
  11. Brazil^^ oh Japan too: friendly, racism, cities - World
  12. Haifa versus Amman versus Beirut versus Antalya: neighborhoods, wages - World
  13. Going back to what you know or starting a new life?: home, living in - World
  14. Socializing with strangers: 2013, house, bus - World
  15. Transiting in Doha: hotels, buy, airport - World
  16. Countries summed up in one video (humorous): unemployed, accents - World
  17. City Battle Game: crime rate, vs., architecture - World
  18. Africa or South America: which interests you more, where would you rather visit?: crime rates - World
  19. Where would you say is the border between West and East Asia?: ethnic - World
  20. What are your nation's favorite television shows?: layoffs, movies - World
  21. News, Couple die of thirst in Saudi desert.: car, cell phone - World
  22. Miami, Rio, Barcelona vs Boston, Sao Paulo, Berlin: crime, universities - World
  23. Video: Toddler falls 5 stories, caught by mail carriers in China: floor, government - World
  24. earthquake: home, live in, safe - World
  25. Countries/Territories by First Letter: rated, island, rain - World
  26. Most Urban: Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles: transportation, architecture, subway - World
  27. Ready to start over again - Where to go?: living, dangerous - World
  28. Aukland, NZ, a good place to retire from U.S.?: utilities, living - World
  29. Where to move as a doctor: living, cost of living, move to - World
  30. Will the Internet make the whole world a monoculture?: rating, business
  31. Easy countries to live and work in: income, place to live - World
  32. The national status of japan: title, to work, cat - World
  33. Should young people work abroad?: teaching jobs, university, subsidized - World
  34. News, Village returns left-behind dog doo to pet owners.: 2013, homes - World
  35. Border less World or Cluster of States?: moving, rating
  36. Having fun with the English language: eat, registered, race - World
  37. winter travel and retirement in N. America and Europe vs. S. America and Australia: beaches - World
  38. Can someone from Bulgaria, or thereabouts, identify this?: design, rating - World
  39. What is most important event of 64: train, top - World
  40. Cost of living in Dubai: apartment, area, company - World
  41. Vacation: Turkey vs Greece: neighborhoods, college, living - World
  42. **** Yeah ! Vietnam's !: good, spring, about - World
  43. Countries with rivers as borders: inspection, live, agricultural - World
  44. Where Is There Clean Food?: restaurant, dangerous, safe - World
  45. Your Favorite Group of Countries (by last letter)...: rated, island - World
  46. Which areas of the world have the look/phenotype you are attracted to on a person: Argentina
  47. Qu├ębec City versus Nice versus New Orleans versus Lyon: home, neighborhoods - World
  48. America VS Australia VS UK in Aggressive Drivers: live, car - World
  49. News, Bikini ban: Emirate sets fines for skimpy swimwear.: beach, place - World
  50. Everyone is a 16th cousin?: live in, catholics, island - World
  51. Need Advice- Graduating with Engineering degree and looking for international options: student loans, find a job - World
  52. Which Countries Would Isolate Us?: law, legal, authority - World
  53. Secret of the Seven Sisters: 2013, program, progressive - World
  54. Urban wildlife in your country: apartment, house, live in - World
  55. Differences between Western Europeans and Americans: live, vs, place - World
  56. 12 months, 12 places to live: 2013, apartment, house - World
  57. Where should i study abroad in? Prague or Capetown?: apartment, house - World
  58. Canada vs. the United Kingdom: how much, home, universities - World
  59. Teaching esl with a felony: low income, sex offenders, crimes - World
  60. Overall life expectancy at birth 2012 (CIA): 2013, live, stores - World
  61. Why Does America have all the fame, celebrities, billionaires and movies?: earnings, best - World
  62. What countries should a person with an Indian appearance avoid visting/traveling to?: crime, best schools - World
  63. Should we avoid visiting Middle Eastern country? (Japanese guy: college, friendly - World
  64. macho culture in Australia vs. Latin America: construction, live - World
  65. Have you ever crossed the Equator?: live, bus, airport - World
  66. The most popular(studied) language in this forum? vote!!: school, classes - World
  67. French or Spanish?: to live, agriculture, moving - World
  68. we hear about twin cities, but are there twin countries?: ferry, rated - World
  69. Which other countries' national anthems do you like?: living, land - World
  70. Why does Europe have much larger Muslim population than the US?: high school, live in - World
  71. Which are the best and the worst considered jobs in you country?: broker, house - World
  72. What Other Countries (Besides Canada) Televise US Networks?: buy, live in - World
  73. Canada vs. Japan: how much, quality of life, living - World
  74. New York vs. London skyline: castles, architecture, palm trees - World
  75. Why is the world and especially anglo cultures so Obsessed with blonde women??: celebrity, health
  76. North American vs. European license plate design: license plates, vehicle - World
  77. Top 5 must visit countries in the world?: live in, food
  78. Which North American city is Sydney most comparable to?: house, store - World
  79. Travelers: Which countries have treated you the best and which have treated you the worst?: friendly, place - World
  80. What were the tallest (most storeys) buildings in Europe before the age of skyscrapers?: city hall, construction - World
  81. Alaska As A Own Country: appointed, school, living - World
  82. Tokyo like a VERY exciting city. Videos inside.: best city, home - World
  83. Least developed BRIC nation?: quality of life, living in, wealthy - World
  84. Good Uplifting Experiences with Customs/Immigration: house, gated, live - World
  85. My attempts at regional accents: live, rated, counties - World
  86. World's Most Decadent Nations: 2013, to live in, law
  87. Where, The Well-Spoken?: moving, education, homosexual - World
  88. USA: The only developed country without paid leave: employment, move to - World
  89. Popular comic strips/cartoons around the world: condo, movies
  90. Which round the world itinerary would you choose?: hotels, buses
  91. Embassies ordered to close because of threats: 2013, crime - World
  92. Countries with the best selection of National Parks?: 2013, camping - World
  93. What's the furthest from home travelled?: beach, interior - World
  94. Europe vs USA - Health, Transportation, Economics,: buying, live in - World
  95. Post Your Favorite American Music!: party, cash, video - World
  96. Best Desert Areas to live: best cities, houses, gated - World
  97. Nationalities that are hard to tell apart: Koreans, Vietnamese - World
  98. Will natural blondes disappear in future?: school, move to, land - World
  99. Most cheapest nationalities?: coupons, how much, buy - World
  100. Country with the best selection of cities?: best cities, quality of life - World
  101. 76% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. What are the spending habits typical of your country?: middle-class, 2013 - World
  102. Antartica VS Greenland: live, stations, population - World
  103. Italy: place where speedos are common: beach, swimming, best - World
  104. Do you consider Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain to be first world countries?: unemployment, living in
  105. Favorite Cities In The World?: home, move to, bars
  106. Egypt: 2013, house, live - World
  107. Medical tourism: Is Brazil the best place for facelift if you're biracial?: how much, schools - World
  108. Rank countries in friendliness: condo, school, living - World
  109. Been only to 6 countries in 23 years!! :/: college, legal, bikes - World
  110. Who gets more excited AND has more fun before and during a vacation: American's to Europe or Europeans to America?: how much, live - World
  111. Densest cities in a first world country: rental car, car
  112. Social Experiment: If the United Kingdom, America , Canada, and Australia were real people, and in their mid 20's...: movies, live - World
  113. Is Mexico the USA of the Spanish speaking world?: cinema, live
  114. Our travel maps. :D: live, island, map - World
  115. Your favorite third world country: Thai, Argentina, developing
  116. In which countries are Asians most integrated? Would you say the US moreso than Canada & Australia?: college, legally - World
  117. white anglophone countries vs. Chile, Costa Rica,: law, legal - World
  118. European Union or United States of America: 2013, apartments - World
  119. Madrid vs Milan vs Toronto vs Sydney: neighborhoods, theatre - World
  120. U.S./Canada vs. Europe in climatic and landscape/scenery diversity?: live, area - World
  121. Why do Arabs and Persians not get along?: law, vs - World
  122. Andalusia vs. Southern California: living, nightlife, ticket - World
  123. City Tourism Review Game: hotels, buying, theater - World
  124. California vs. Germany: new home, universities, living in - World
  125. What cities after your visit left you disappointed?: houses, neighbourhoods - World
  126. City in the world with the greatest variety in interracial couples?: safer, rated
  127. Typical store and mall hours in your country?: closing, exemption - World
  128. Are Spanish films, books, TV series famous around the world?: theater, university
  129. Geographical Guessing Game Using Google Street View: to live, locations - World
  130. Culture shock when moving from a 1st world nation to another 1st world nation?: taxes, living
  131. Rank smaller European cities on how urban they feel compared to American cities: apartments, houses - World
  132. Which English accents are hard to understand?: castle, education - World
  133. How do you pronounce the word Kilometer ?: meteorologist, MBA - World
  134. U.S. vs. EU suburbs: 2013, high crime, houses - World
  135. How far are you from the nearest body of salt water?: home, live in - World
  136. What is your hometown like?: 2013, crime, unemployment - World
  137. Stranded in Kazakhstan: home, live, best - World
  138. Brasilia vs Canberra vs Ottawa: house, schools, organic - World
  139. Five Cities that you want to Visit?: living in, reputation - World
  140. Poor native Caucasian people in China: school, live in, bus - World
  141. Fluoridation of water supply and GMOs in other countries?: 2014, house - World
  142. What American fast food chains operate in your country?: live, restaurants - World
  143. What do you think of businesses that cater exclusively to a non-English speaking clientele?: home, to live in - World
  144. Are Washington DC, Philly and Boston popular with international tourists?: house, high school - World
  145. Do Americans walk differently?: living, restaurant, food - World
  146. Literature authors of the world: living, best, teach
  147. In what Western countries are guests expected to take their shoes off when visiting someone's home?: hardwood floors, live - World
  148. What countries have South Florida weather?: island, humid, Asian - World
  149. Dubai versus Phoenix versus Las Vegas versus Doha: neighborhoods, wages - World
  150. Is there a viable Facebook alternative in your country?: 2013, live - World
  151. San Fran vs London: 2014, home, neighborhoods - World
  152. Manchester versus Boston versus Philadelphia versus Glasgow: neighborhoods, universities - World
  153. World's most diverse cities: NYC, London, Toronto and L.A.?: statistics, Korean
  154. Anywhere in Latin America feel similar to SE Asia?: restaurants, prices - World
  155. Border countries influences on your country: construction, live, price - World
  156. Would you live in Miami ???????: condos, hotels, houses - World
  157. Spain vs. Argentina since the 1940s: wages, stations, subway - World
  158. Country with least obnoxious media: live in, vs., corporate - World
  159. Week of groceries around the world: big home, to buy, live
  160. Latin America vs Indian subcontinent: Racial Diversity: estimated, clothing - World
  161. Does find dark Indian Desi women attractive?: cities, place - World
  162. Names of cities and countries that have both changed: Polish, Greek - World
  163. Italy vs Japan: fit in, gated, salary - World
  164. Is multiculturalism a failure?: live, rating, location - World
  165. Most Racist First World Countries: 2013, live in, top 10
  166. Who has traveled more -- Americans or Europeans?: how much, wedding - World
  167. Istanbul, Tokyo, and Madrid, the three finalists for the 2020 summer Olympics: 2013, hotel - World
  168. Best place in the world to be a redhead: statistics, estimate
  169. Top Global Destination Cities: 2013, stats, transit - World
  170. How are gypsies seen in your country?: crime, houses - World
  171. The stereotypes: living, pub, eat - World
  172. Upward Mobility: The U.S. Lags Behind Europe: middle-class, credit - World
  173. American concept of pride: middle-class, home, to live in - World
  174. Which region of the world the most foreign/exotic to you?: living, area
  175. What do you think is the most CULTURALLY rich country in the world? (Multiple choice): theater, architecture
  176. Most and least tolerant regions of the world.: housing, cars
  177. Population density poll: universities, to live in, transportation - World
  178. Which 1st world country would you say is the best for an Indian male?: fit in, to live
  179. Which feels larger, grander, more impressive: Paris or Buenos Aires?: live in, restaurant - World
  180. Best city in the world for single men to have fun.: prices, money
  181. If you are an American, would you rather live in another nation?: 2015, home - World
  182. Development level: first World, third World, second World?: apartment, how much
  183. Is the average American really much more ignorant than other nationalities?: live, farmer - World
  184. Wikipedia's Global City Rankings: how much, home, firms - World
  185. What makes New Zealand A Popular Travel Destination?: hotels, home - World
  186. What is your favourite travel destination and why?: law, cabins - World
  187. Map shows world's least tolerant countries: living, statistics, friendly
  188. World population over 7 billion. Where do you fit in?: home, live
  189. The REAL List of World Class Cities: standard of living, wealthy
  190. Black-Americans and the Rest of the Black World: how much, college
  191. Does a person have a right to live anywhere in the world they want?: sale, 2014
  192. Countries Where One Gender Is Better Looking Than The Other...: clothing, homosexual - World
  193. Europe vs Latin America nightlife: live, versus, castle - World
  194. Non European countries with a large population of European decedents?: living in, estimates - World
  195. Are Afro Colombians treated differently in Colombia?: lawyers, movies - World
  196. No, I'm not going to the world cup! Protests in Brazil! #ogiganteacordou #changebrazil: 2013
  197. Australia's Offshore Processing Centres that house less than 1000 people cost 2 billion dollars: 2013 - World
  198. Forums like in other Countries?: Spanish, recommend - World
  199. Are same-sex friendships more intimate/valued in certain countries than others?: between - World
  200. North Korea is like a rugby ball: Korean, Swiss - World