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  1. Socializing with strangers: 2013, house, bus - World
  2. what is your experience with Portuguese men: live, areas - World
  3. Where do you talk Turkey?: European, common, about - World
  4. Urban wildlife in your country: apartment, house, live in - World
  5. A City on Each Continent: home, living, wealthy - World
  6. Banks, Brokers, &c: transfer, to buy, income - World
  7. You are a chance to be reborn, and are asked to name your top three choice of cities(and why for each)?: homeless - World
  8. Where was this picture taken?: images - World
  9. Americans living in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf: military, friendly - World
  10. Peace In The World: neighborhood, live, ranked
  11. Which of groups of cities would you visit?: vs., town - World
  12. Which Countries Would Isolate Us?: law, legal, authority - World
  13. Dont know where to retire in the world Cheap with fishing and good climate!: real estate
  14. Is Eastern Europe now cheaper than South America??: purchasing, calculated - World
  15. Why is the world increasingly called the globe ?: earthquake, living
  16. What do you think of the United States of America?: culture, countries - World
  17. Where Is There Clean Food?: restaurant, dangerous, safe - World
  18. City, touristy place, or the countryside?: living in, cabin, parks - World
  19. Having fun with the English language: eat, registered, race - World
  20. Pick your part of the globe :D: live, map - World
  21. Berlin vs Chicago (which feels busier/more vibrant in the greater central area?): nightlife - World
  22. **** Yeah ! Vietnam's !: good, spring, about - World
  23. Best place globally to teach English? (earnings to education): month-to-month, income - World
  24. I'm going to move - give me s!: income, income tax - World
  25. Where to beach it?: 2013, hotel, home - World
  26. Ariel Castro found hanged: 2013, crime, house - World
  27. One billion around the world.: 2014, how much
  28. In ways Asia more gender-equal than the West: to buy, construction - World
  29. Where would you say is the border between West and East Asia?: ethnic - World
  30. BEST place to move to for college studying marine biology and buisness growth?: crime - World
  31. Cape Town (South Africa) VS Monterrey (Mexico): calculated, to live - World
  32. Ready to start over again - Where to go?: living, dangerous - World
  33. What are your top 5 cities in the world for the following...: nightlife, food
  34. Countries summed up in one video (humorous): unemployed, accents - World
  35. G20 as opposed to G19 or G21 (world's largest economies): finance, membership
  36. Most Urban: Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles: transportation, architecture, subway - World
  37. Koln as a hopping off point?: locations, places, cheap - World
  38. between Quebecois and France, Afrikaners and Netherlands, and Latin Americans and Spain/Portugal: university, subsidized - World
  39. Do you consider countries first world ?: income, living in
  40. The Truth About Europe: 2013, health insurance, wages - World
  41. TOP 10 ugliest cities in the world: appointed, neighborhoods, theatres
  42. What are your favourite cultures/ethnicities?: wedding, law, eat - World
  43. How far back are your immigrant ancestors?: live, best - World
  44. Islands in the Indian Ocean: Reunion, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives.: wedding, living in - World
  45. In which countries do women pursue men they are interested in the most aggressively?: move, rated - World
  46. Foreign ancestors- origins- roots in the forum! :): live, catholics - World
  47. rapid secularization in Quebec vs. other Catholic areas plus the Afrikaners: schools, living - World
  48. Your favourite things about your city: 2013, crime, houses - World
  49. The Modern Relations Between Europe and Asia and The Regions Getting Along Very Well With Peace, Respect, Appreciation.: transfer, public schools - World
  50. Do people “throw a dead cat on the table” where you live?: Australian, cats - World
  51. Anti-Americanism?: friendly, rating, Vietnamese - World
  52. The regions of Russia in Northern Asia.: homes, universities - World
  53. The level of familiarity and connections with Brazil to the Spanish speaking South American countries.: vs., rated - World
  54. Can you match my personality to a city? I will reveal my preferences later...: fit in, job market - World
  55. Which is the lowest ranked country (by international tourists) visited?: houses, prices - World
  56. Sydney vs. Toronto: credit, hotels, homes - World
  57. Wanting to move to mumbai: 2013, neighbourhood, salary - World
  58. Which countries that are 'off limits' due to political instability, other dangers/restrictions, would you like to visit?: neighborhood, gated - World
  59. How well do you know world customs for dining?: to eat, Vietnamese
  60. Have you crossed the International Date Line?: home, live - World
  61. Which is the most Powerful Continent?: 2013, live in, rated - World
  62. Crazy immoral/illegal stuff you can do in the 3rd world?: compensation, to live
  63. Mega-cities organised by language spoken: live, price, airport - World
  64. Is the entire Middle East and Maghreb negatively stigmatized too much? Not all is entirely devastated or in conflict.: low cost, dangerous - World
  65. Vacation - Iceland vs New Zealand: neighborhoods, university, earthquake - World
  66. Represent your favourite city with a short video: hotels, casinos - World
  67. Have you ever crossed Prime Meridian? (Greenwich GMT): living, train - World
  68. Pollution in the World Map: air pollution, smog, cities
  69. Is the United States of America the most beautiful country in the world?: slums, park
  70. what are products or services that would cause dysfunction in cultures: clubs, radio - World
  71. Chicago versus Miami; which city do people overseas hear about more often?: movies, live in - World
  72. Most usual surname/family name of your country.: 2013, live - World
  73. Top 10 most Developed Countries: low crime, unemployment rate, universities - World
  74. Oughtn't There Be A Forum For Antarctica?: to live, registering - World
  75. Education around the world.: house, buy, preschool
  76. Your internal nationality: parties, agency, German - World
  77. Cultural contributions: how much, university, pharmacy - World
  78. In your country is it rude for children to call adults by their first name?: elementary school, university - World
  79. Foreign countries demanding American Muscle Cars?: buyer, high school, live - World
  80. automatic vs. manual transmission in various countries: appointed, maintenance - World
  81. Australians the world's richest people: 2013, apartments, credit
  82. Your Favourite Cities in the World: List 5 for each size category: houses, live in
  83. Survey for everyone on this forum that concerns human relations.: crimes, living - World
  84. How would you fare/lived back in the 1800s: apartments, house - World
  85. How well known are American sports in your country?: high school, college - World
  86. London, Sydney and Paris top best cities in the world: houses, neighborhoods
  87. Why is Anatolia and the the Near East not considered Europe?: fit in, live - World
  88. The polandballs (funny): 2013, place, paint - World
  89. No Ants In Antarctica: 2013, apartment, dangerous - World
  90. various kinds of traffic lights around the world: live in, designs
  91. Foreigners with the best/worst American accent: how much, school - World
  92. What is the most famous landmark in your city?: 2013, house - World
  93. Is having a toilet in a separate room common in your country?: apartments, new home - World
  94. Choosing a place to call home: apartment, rent, crimes - World
  95. Old World Purebreds vs New World Mutts: how much, moving
  96. If you'd have to move to a post Soviet country, what would you choose?: home, living in - World
  97. What are popular websites or websites you like in your country?: Australian, weather - World
  98. Is distance on a map deceiving to you?: calculator, flight path - World
  99. national iq's: schools, stats, medical - World
  100. Light skin dark skin milk cream milk cream: live in, shop - World
  101. Kazakhstan Vs. Oklahoma: restaurants, versus, safety - World
  102. Hottest French Singer is Hardly Known in America...: fit in, scorpions - World
  103. How far above (or below) sea level are you?: home, floor - World
  104. the American people as evoked by politicians - why more than: vs, airport - World
  105. Is it going to be awesome after the baby boomers?: beach, train - World
  106. Which Country Has The World's Best Healthcare: 2013, insurance
  107. In Which Accent Is The Best English Spoken?: rain, countries - World
  108. What's your happy place? One or more of each 1)City,2)NaturalWonder 3)Season: beach, roach - World
  109. Most and least introverted countries?: home, camping, suburban - World
  110. What is the most racist country? per hate crime statistics: 2013, gated - World
  111. What is your favorite rocky/mountainous beach in the world?: 2013, places
  112. The Countries Finding a Successful Balance For Being Culturally Wealthy and Economically Wealthy at the Same Time.: crime, home - World
  113. What Are The Most Favorable, Popular Careers For International Living All Over The World?: sales, hotel
  114. Which North American city is Sydney most comparable to?: house, store - World
  115. The Surprising Statistics And Events You Related to Geography or Contrary to Stereotypes and Reputation.: 2013, crime rates - World
  116. The Regions of the World For The Work to Live, Relaxing, Easygoing Life VS. Having a Workaholic, Overly Competitive Life: low income, how much
  117. Alaska As A Own Country: appointed, school, living - World
  118. Good Uplifting Experiences with Customs/Immigration: house, gated, live - World
  119. My attempts at regional accents: live, rated, counties - World
  120. Tokyo like a VERY exciting city. Videos inside.: best city, home - World
  121. Your View for Most Peaceful Regions of the World for Your Life.: living in, fence
  122. Travelers: Which countries have treated you the best and which have treated you the worst?: friendly, place - World
  123. Post Your Favorite American Music!: party, cash, video - World
  124. ever do a long foreign hitchhike?: crime, roughest - World
  125. Embassies ordered to close because of threats: 2013, crime - World
  126. Europe vs USA - Health, Transportation, Economics,: buying, live in - World
  127. What's the furthest from home travelled?: beach, interior - World
  128. What were the tallest (most storeys) buildings in Europe before the age of skyscrapers?: city hall, construction - World
  129. World's Most Decadent Nations: 2013, to live in, law
  130. Where, The Well-Spoken?: moving, education, homosexual - World
  131. Least developed BRIC nation?: quality of life, living in, wealthy - World
  132. Best Desert Areas to live: best cities, houses, gated - World
  133. 76% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. What are the spending habits typical of your country?: middle-class, 2013 - World
  134. Will natural blondes disappear in future?: school, move to, land - World
  135. Most cheapest nationalities?: coupons, how much, buy - World
  136. Country with the best selection of cities?: best cities, quality of life - World
  137. Antartica VS Greenland: live, stations, population - World
  138. Favorite Cities In The World?: home, move to, bars
  139. Your favorite third world country: Thai, Argentina, developing
  140. Italy: place where speedos are common: beach, swimming, best - World
  141. Do you consider Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain to be first world countries?: unemployment, living in
  142. Egypt: 2013, house, live - World
  143. Medical tourism: Is Brazil the best place for facelift if you're biracial?: how much, schools - World
  144. Been only to 6 countries in 23 years!! :/: college, legal, bikes - World
  145. Who gets more excited AND has more fun before and during a vacation: American's to Europe or Europeans to America?: how much, live - World
  146. Nationalities that are hard to tell apart: Koreans, Vietnamese - World
  147. Top 5 must visit countries in the world?: live in, food
  148. Densest cities in a first world country: rental car, car
  149. Is Mexico the USA of the Spanish speaking world?: cinema, live
  150. Our travel maps. :D: live, island, map - World
  151. Social Experiment: If the United Kingdom, America , Canada, and Australia were real people, and in their mid 20's...: movies, live - World
  152. USA: The only developed country without paid leave: employment, move to - World
  153. Countries with the best selection of National Parks?: 2013, camping - World
  154. How do you get to and from work?: insurance, school - World
  155. At this moment, how far away are you from your birthplace?: to move, distance - World
  156. United Kingdom vs. California: how much, places to live, money - World
  157. USA: more like latin or germanic Europe? (people): live, law - World
  158. Unknown or secret places in the World.: 2013, hotel
  159. Why do a lot of European and East Asian countries have such high car ownership?: transporting, limousine - World
  160. Countries by past and future GDP (PPP) per capita: 2013, purchasing - World
  161. Popular comic strips/cartoons around the world: condo, movies
  162. Global cities index: Top 25 cities -- which ones could you live in?: home, buy - World
  163. What are your country's national day celebrations like?: home, live - World
  164. Poll: Puerto Rico vs Quebec: appointed, crime rate, quality of life - World
  165. Why did you come to Japan?: interview - World
  166. Berlin vs Buenos Aires: construction, live in, vs. - World
  167. How many countries' National Parks have you visited?: school, transportation - World
  168. Positive/negative impression of US cities in your country: apartments, hotel - World
  169. Why do so many people complain about Americans?: live in, eat - World
  170. Travellers Shoulld be Aware of Rapes: 2013, deal, charge - World
  171. we hear about twin cities, but are there twin countries?: ferry, rated - World
  172. How well travelled is the average person in your country?: school, wages - World
  173. Documentary of the world: flood, Americans, black
  174. What country feels more exotic - China or India?: architecture, hospitable - World
  175. Texas vs Western Australia: best cities, income, safety - World
  176. Greek Islands vs The Bahamas for visiting: best cities, hotels - World
  177. What are the most beautiful sounding Germanic languges?: accents, rain - World
  178. Will South Korea become a big tourist destination?: home, bus - World
  179. Maps that explain the world: 2013, live, population
  180. Addicted to traveling- Who feels the same?: house, college - World
  181. Can you bathe in contaminated water?: home, living in, safe - World
  182. World's Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities: 2013, eat, friendly
  183. Which round the world itinerary would you choose?: hotels, buses
  184. Which languages sound better in certain dialects than in other ones?: live, rating - World
  185. Pairing countries from different continents: island, ethnicity, Dominican - World
  186. What is your country number 1 at?: living, Australian, soccer - World
  187. to users in who have traveled across the world and met a lot of people before: pitbull, eat
  188. Two extreme round-the-world choices: living in, centers, safe
  189. Restrain over Syria and call for equity and justice...By Ahmadiyya Khalifah: military - World
  190. Your Travel Itinerary for 10 to 30 Days in Specific Regions of The World and the most Essential Destinations.: places
  191. Forums like in other Countries?: Spanish, recommend - World
  192. What is one world class city you know A LOT about? (a request to all members): credit
  193. Could help me in finding Local Business listing websites in Iran?: place - World
  194. Discover a Very Rare, Surprising, Not Expected, Interesting Novelty in A Country or Place.: restaurants - World
  195. Mexico City vs. Minneapolis/St. Paul: neighborhoods, bars, businesses - World
  196. How a Majority of the Population in a County View other countries.: how much - World
  197. post-WWII British connection in South Africa vs. in other British dominions: between, important - World
  198. How much of the World is supposed to have Cosmopolitan Multicultural Diversity and Ethnic Racial Diversity?: vs.
  199. Are Places Appropriately Rated, Underrated, or Overrated? Further Explain your Reasoning for your Opinions.: quality of life - World
  200. Video News, Massive hovercraft lands on crowded Russian beach: military, culture - World