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  1. Cape town or Moscow: 2014, crime, home - World
  2. Who is more liberal (American definition again): Atlanta or Calgary?: taxes, vs. - World
  3. The Selfiest Cities in the World: crime, rankings, paid
  4. Peace Corps - Will the experience be worth it?: 2015, how much - World
  5. Which place has more of a culture of honor for respecting elders, Japan or the American South?: 2013 - World
  6. Local Incidents wich reverberated around the world: to buy, deal
  7. Saudi Military Buildup – Prelude to Open War in Syria?: moving, problems - World
  8. News, Hot on ice: 'Why do the Dutch wear orange?' and other most-searched questions: live - World
  9. Will the African immigrant diaspora have a stronger place culturally in many countries in the years to come?: to live in - World
  10. Feed from other countries Olympic coverage ?: live, best, location - World
  11. What are of the most scary/adventerous spots on earth?: 2014, safety - World
  12. Which changed more in culture/lifestyle/politics from the postwar period to today: Western Europe or East Asia?: donate - World
  13. London Vs New York Vs Toronto Vs Singapore Vs Tokyo for quality of life.: real estate - World
  14. Do many people seem to make a misunderstood assumption that language and ancestry are connected?: cities - World
  15. More socially liberal/progressive country: Canada or New Zealand?: live, difference - World
  16. Does Europe + Mid-east form a cultural unit? Is the Middle East more like the West than other places in Asia/Africa?: fit in - World
  17. Cultural things that have influenced your country a lot, if that culture/ethnicity's population is small.: restaurants - World
  18. Are Old World places, say South Africa or Singapore considered settler nations, that seem as new as New World?: land
  19. Are Middle Eastern immigrant community pretty established in many western nations or do they feel new ?: beach - World
  20. How different are the dialects of Arabic from one another?: movies, school - World
  21. Where would an immigrant of Muslim faith have fewer tensions in: American South or France?: eat - World
  22. Which is more family oriented: small town/rural southern and heartland United States vs. urban East Asia: home - World
  23. Stereotypes of ethnic groups that strongly differ depending on country.: construction, school - World
  24. World's 5 Top Countries For Best Health Care 2014: insurance, living
  25. Why is Malaysia not as big in the British consciousness as you might expect?: to live - World
  26. You can't get there from - Russia's cities not connected by road: construction - World
  27. Watch as 1000 years of European borders change!: people, video - World
  28. Germany, Spain, UK,: wages, friendly, Polish - World
  29. Is the UK England) the country with the most established/integrated South Asian cultural communities?: gated - World
  30. UN asks for Turkish troops to join EU force in CAR: military, vs - World
  31. I feel differences in humour between countries is exaggerated: home, movies - World
  32. Do many of non-African descent on the African continent (eg. white South Africans, Indian Kenyans) identify as Africans?: living in - World
  33. Countries with poor branding: designers, title, MBA - World
  34. Is the term Anglo- used where you live? If so, what does it mean?: upper-class - World
  35. Which countries are live to work and which are work to live?: how much - World
  36. Whose cuisine, the cultures of the world, is hottest or spiciest or where people on average eat the most of it?: living in
  37. Lost rights: 2014, living in, land - World
  38. The southern U.S is the most diverse region in the world!: live
  39. Leapfrogging cultural identities over generations (eg. Japanese-Peruvian to Canada becomes Peruvian-Canadian )?: fit in - World
  40. Fossil Fuel and Energy: construction, price, dangerous - World
  41. How would you classify the following examples according to various forms of nationalism?: home - World
  42. An Interesting View of Iraq.: 2014, deal, areas - World
  43. News, Everest to Climbers: Bring Back 18 Lbs. of Trash: 2014, authority - World
  44. Another Ang Moh in Trouble in Singapore: to live in - World
  45. Grand Master of Memory of the World: live, statistics
  46. Going to Peru in September!: dangerous, safe, to eat - World
  47. Which is more influenced by Asian immigration and culture (from all regions of Asia, West to East): Australia or Canada?: cities - World
  48. Communication Patterns Around The World: 2014, to buy, title
  49. The conflict with Ukraine, Russia, and U.S. Will a real war break out?: economy - World
  50. Climate zones that separate cultural zones in the world?: gated, military
  51. Help, Where was this picture taken? scotland: houses, neighborhood - World
  52. News, Dubai may ban poor people from car ownership to ease traffic problems.: 2014 - World
  53. Ukraine Escalation: 2014, theatre, contractors - World
  54. Bloody news from Syria: village, Armenian, countries - World
  55. How are different generations defined and viewed in your country?: job market, college - World
  56. If London was Syria?: statistics, eat, children - World
  57. India 'will become world's biggest economy in less than 40 years': wealthy, land
  58. Are not aware of Latin America and the Caribbean's history of plantation slavery and their descendents?: relocation, island - World
  59. Are Americans relatively less activist or protesty than many other countries? Shouldn't it be the opposite?: student loan, buying - World
  60. Why have most other countries converted to the metric system but not the US?: beach, station - World
  61. Why does it seem like South Asian immigrants to the US are so well-off, educated compared to in other countries?: how much, home - World
  62. Which do you find more culturally interesting: Asia or Europe?: top, Japanese - World
  63. Do seem to forget Latin America and the Caribbean are new world, immigrant melting pot nations too?: high school, live
  64. Why was East Asian immigration earlier than South Asian immigration in many Anglo and New World places?: how much, houses
  65. Which countries/people are most romantic? Where it's more a part of normal relationships.: Valentine's day, living - World
  66. Do you think Detroit will become hip like Berlin?: 2014, rent - World
  67. Renounce your citizenship ?: crime rates, homes, school - World
  68. Countries ranked by how materialistic they are: income, fence - World
  69. European countries/US state/American/Asian countries equivalents.: fit in, centers - World
  70. What theme parks have you visited?: gardens, beach, farm - World
  71. why do hispanics go out of their way to show relations to spain/europe?: home, deal - World
  72. Help A Musician Choose A Place To Move To: house, college - World
  73. Countries in which politeness is important and rudeness is less tolerated: theater, friendly - World
  74. Hello From Russia!!! Nuclear Friend! ))): taxes, military, law - World
  75. If Russia is expelled from G8, which country will replace it?: home, manufacturing - World
  76. Do Chinese and Indian overseas communities tend to cling on to their cultures more than others?: fit in, home - World
  77. Does the phrase 'centre city' annoy you?: house, neighbourhood - World
  78. Best non-White majority countries for Blacks to live?: places to live, to move - World
  79. Global migration illustrations: 2015, standard of living, military - World
  80. Percent of each country that is uninhabitable: how much, living in - World
  81. Which would you rather visit: Africa or South America?: live, vs. - World
  82. American television programs outside the USA?: title, station, pay - World
  83. Countries with the best natural horsemanship: school, live, association - World
  84. How can I earn money while travelling the world?: home, teaching jobs
  85. What world cities have the most defensive 'homers'?: living in, clubs
  86. Which do you think is closer to Western civilization/the western world TODAY: East Asia or the Middle East?: to live, military
  87. Is the rural life idealized in your country?: low crime, unemployment - World
  88. If You Could Live Anywhere in the World, Where Would it be and Why?: apartment, low crime
  89. Based on this - what are your roots?: 2013, live - World
  90. Is it almost taboo for an American to express patriotism abroad?: home, live in - World
  91. In your country is there an urban-rural divide in political conservatism (rural being usually more conservative?).: statistics, suburban - World
  92. What cities do you consider the 'gay hubs' of the world?: association, gay friendly
  93. Most Pan-Asian city: Dubai, Singapore or Honolulu: living, plantations - World
  94. Who has more influence from Asian culture: Australia vs. California.: salons, how much - World
  95. Aged -in SIngapore: appointed, living, cost of living - World
  96. Google Street View Showcase: International Edition: vacation, interior, island - World
  97. Who, how, and when will the U.S. lose its seat as sole world superpower?: how much, quality of life
  98. World's most dynamic cities, 2014: living, public transportation, suburban
  99. ever find themselves using Google Street View in random places around the world?: crime, house
  100. In which countries in the world is looking up/being interested in genealogy or ancestry most common?: live, retired
  101. Who has the more laidback culture, West Coast USA, including California, or Australia?: big home, place to live - World
  102. Tokyo vs New York: which feels bigger, more overwhelming, impressive?: violent crime, neighbourhoods - World
  103. Religious syncretism over the world: lower-class, fit in, cars
  104. Are there features Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand cities have, that stand out compared to US cities?: apartment, condo - World
  105. 10 European Countries people know the least about?: land, island - World
  106. Which culture lives up to its reputation of politeness more: Japan or Canada?: Japanese, cultures - World
  107. Happiest Countries: 2014, live in, ethnic - World
  108. Swag: high school, university, camping - World
  109. Countries where the bride doesn't change family name?: legal, places - World
  110. Tips for tourist?Which advice would you give?: rentals, hotels - World
  111. Perth (Australia) vs Marseille (France): 2013, crime, schools - World
  112. How do the various classes live in your country?: low income, real estate - World
  113. Do you think Brits are not as wild and don't party as hard as the Americans ?: movies, college - World
  114. Is the USA the most geographically diverse country in the world?: rated, money
  115. Do European immigrants to Anglo nations still get often asked where they come from or get seen as foreign often?: home, living - World
  116. If the US and UK got in a war: military, versus - World
  117. Why are more tensions seen with Muslim immigrants in western nations (UK, France ) than the US?: employment, school - World
  118. What do you think, the main barrier(s) to assimilation for immigrants in your country or countries in general is?: low income, home - World
  119. Japan or Germany?: living, vs, food - World
  120. Differences in sources of immigrants to Anglophone countries and their reasons?: transfer, live - World
  121. McDonald's (AKA, McJunk) is wildly populat in: sales, 2014 - World
  122. Weed-Legalizing President Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize: 2014, move - World
  123. How many countries did the UK intentionally break up?: home, school - World
  124. Worst country on the planet to go to jail in: crimes, most dangerous - World
  125. World press freedom index 2014: crime, low cost, racist
  126. I may be studying abroad. Which of 4 countries would you recommend me?: college, live - World
  127. Places Outside the USA Where White People Eat Fried Chicken?: transplants, house - World
  128. Suburbs of high rise residental towers in North America/Australia?: apartments, rental - World
  129. Why less anti-Russian sentiment in the world vs anti-US and British?: 2013, home
  130. Closest cities in the world: chapel, Koreans, distance
  131. What country has the worst race relations in the world?: new construction, schools
  132. What countries in the world are the friendliest to immigrants?: homes, legal
  133. We in...: living in, education, health care - World
  134. What's easiest nation to relocate to?: real estate market, apartments, high crime - World
  135. Laughter in different languages: rated, toddlers, place - World
  136. East Asian countries ethic of hard work being inherent in culture; largely responsible for their prosperity?: renting, high school - World
  137. What world city feels the smallest for its size?: home, shopping mall
  138. South American vs Southern European vs Eastern European women: who do you consider the most beautiful?: race, rain - World
  139. Countries in the world with self-deprecating humor.: home, vs
  140. Is taking public transit associated with poverty in your country or a service used by everyone from all walks of life?: middle-class, apartments - World
  141. Will the general public care if your President/Prime Minister/King had an affair ?: bill, office - World
  142. Closest thing to an All Work, No Play culture?: credit, stats - World
  143. Anton Casey - British Expat from Singapore fled to Perth after being Singapore's no 1 public enemy: 2013, income - World
  144. Singaporeans who are active in this forum ?: hotel, school - World
  145. Japan vs France: 2013, schools, living - World
  146. Is the Puritan settler influence possibly why the US differs from many other western countries?: college, law - World
  147. How much is American music listened to abroad?: airport, train - World
  148. Is there who is hated by the general public in your country / your country's no 1 public enemy ?: closing, dangerous - World
  149. Areas/neighbourhoods/cities in your country that are extremely foreign/ethnic enclaves: loan, house - World
  150. How popular is Bubble Tea in your country?: shopping mall, bars - World
  151. Why do think of Muslims as only Middle Eastern when most of the world's Muslims are actually outside the region?: 2013, how much
  152. What immigrants' source countries think about their diasporic communities overseas? Do they relate/feel connected?: new home, gated - World
  153. Fighting with Ma Nature: home, tornadoes, earthquakes - World
  154. Which feels more East Asian- Toronto or Sydney?: vs., shopping mall - World
  155. Which feels more South Asian- Toronto or London?: to live in, shop - World
  156. Is Japan or South Korea considered liberal or conservative, using the American definition, compared to the United States: houses, live - World
  157. Do a lot of people unfamiliar with it think Singapore is basically a Chinese enclave?: vs, food - World
  158. Which city has a greater indigenous/native feel: Winnipeg or Auckland?: movies, eat - World
  159. Best City to live after many years in NYC, Toronto, Paris, Dubai and Sydney: university, living in - World
  160. Which city has the best racial/ethnic harmony and integration WITHIN its own diversity: NYC, London, Toronto or Sydney: neighborhoods, gated - World
  161. Lived in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany...where next? Needs to be BIG CITY: places to live, move to - World
  162. How much do people in your country travel domestically? How much of the country have they seen?: fit in, schools - World
  163. Dallas (United-States) vs Perth (Australia): schools, live in, shop - World
  164. What's humour like in your country?: live, best, Australian - World
  165. What's the highest elevation/altitude on land ascended to on road/rail/foot on or seen?: floor, car - World
  166. Sochi, Post Olympics. Now what?: middle-class, 2014, hotel - World
  167. Do you think Inuit could have been capable of colonizing Antarctica?: live in, eat - World
  168. Should Germany and Japan be allowed a seat on the UN Security Council?: 2013, military - World
  169. British English, American English: how similar?: vs., deals, learners - World
  170. Remember when North Korea tried to threaten the U.S.: Korean, countries - World
  171. Why is Australia's scenery so ugly compared to other countries?: home, live in - World
  172. Do you think Native South Americans can pass for Asian?: vs, Vietnamese - World
  173. What are of the most exciting world cities?: school, living
  174. The most FREE country out there?: cost, rankings, Thai - World
  175. Most Vibrant City: Barcelona, Manhattan or Paris?: live, beach - World
  176. Do you find Ireland interesting as a place to visit?: 2014, houses - World
  177. People in Subtropical/Tropical Places: What do snowy landscapes look like to you?: ski resort, live in - World
  178. Examples where people are culturally similar but different in looks, vs. similar in looks, but very different in culture: live, food - World
  179. Would the bicoastal United States by itself be considered as socially liberal as Canada, Australia or New Zealand?: 2014, live - World
  180. What are the most popular foreign cuisines in your city?: food, Lebanese - World
  181. Is Australia usually considered part of the New World in most discussions?: island, Australian
  182. It's funny how the most English-speaking part of the mainland old world is Malaysia and Singapore*: hotel, home
  183. Do you see Latin America as farther from its Old World roots (Spain and Portugal) than Anglo societies are from England?: food, architecture
  184. Who is more liberal by the American definition of the word: San Francisco or Montreal?: 2013, taxes - World
  185. Sporting events that stop your country in its tracks: home, schools - World
  186. Which city has more Caribbean influenced culture/stronger feel: London or NYC?: neighborhoods, living in - World
  187. How did Thai food become so popular in many countries where the Thai immigrant population is small.: university, restaurants - World
  188. Are school buses primarily an American thing? Is it common in the world?: 2013, transfer
  189. Is cooties (imaginary germs boys get from girls) a part of many kids' playground culture in the world?: movies, schools
  190. Why does it seem like European cuisines are underrepresented in many Anglo countries, relative to immigrant population?: restaurants, food - World
  191. What cultural/social/political attributes, if are shared by ALL New World countries from Canada down to Argentina.: map
  192. Singapore and Paris the world's priciest cities,report finds: 2014
  193. Russia World Leaders in Foreign Investment: business, top
  194. Which diasporic immigrant communities seem to have created a strong or distinct identity in their host country?: Lebanese - World
  195. Organic farmer sues GM farmer for 'contaminating crop' in landmark case - World
  196. Arabic Wikipedia a “Flashpoint”?: 2014, free, languages - World
  197. Tax evasion in your country: sales, income, sales tax - World
  198. Different levels of colonial influence: fit in, rated, island - World
  199. Discussion of political protests - positive vs. negative societal impacts: 2013, activities - World
  200. Aerial ID card renewal: UAE to use drones for government services: 2014 - World