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  1. Experiences in A foreign Country: apartment, hotels, home - World
  2. News, Guy kidnaps ex-girlfriend to get ironing done.: home, pub - World
  3. Humor around the world: living in, title, accents
  4. Oil Scarcity?: living, prices, business - World
  5. News, Baby Declared Dead Starts Breathing On Way To Cemetery.: live - World
  6. Trains in your city/area: live in, train, noise - World
  7. ATM's: Safe and Reliable: company, place, work - World
  8. similarities between Jews and Greeks: oil, population, Greek - World
  9. Activities of organized crime and criminal gangs in your city or country: crime rate - World
  10. What's Your Country's Famous Square Celebrated İn The World: images
  11. Learning spanish in another country - Spanish schools: university, living - World
  12. News, Outback mayor seeks ‘ugly duckling’ women.: move to, best - World
  13. What's the World's opinion of the Election results?: Americans, state
  14. Bermuda: accent, American, between - World
  15. Svalbard: agricultural, companies, island - World
  16. Video news, Swallowing live fish for health.: people, treatment - World
  17. Why Does the World Care So Much About Who Won the U.S. Election?: residential
  18. International Schools: job market, university, live in - World
  19. Places to live off of $300,000 USD?: condo, how much, living - World
  20. Fiji - with information, help !: live, to move - World
  21. La Paz: crime rate, living, low cost - World
  22. News, Claim: AIDS cure less than 10 years off.: professionals, to move - World
  23. Woman stuck after 2 years on toilet!!!!: phone, time, friend - World
  24. To live in a city for 5 years: cities - World
  25. Would you support the USA people: cities, building, debt - World
  26. been to the Faroe Islands?: live, people, about - World
  27. News, A RICH Arab sent his Lamborghini on a 6,500-mile round trip to Britain for a service.: luxury - World
  28. Dual Passport: attorney, living, dual citizenship - World
  29. News, Sunbathers Bask Next To Child Corpses.: law, beach - World
  30. Do Middle Eastern Women Date and Marry Black African/Black men?: living in, dating - World
  31. major changes after 9 11 in the world: Americans, advantages, control
  32. Free dating sites: Hungarian, European - World
  33. Mistery flights???!!!: appointed, homes, military - World
  34. Who has purchased land or property overseas?: broker, purchasing - World
  35. 16 years old girl got murdered by a man: neighbourhood, to live in - World
  36. 20 abandoned cities from around the world: 2013, transit, buildings
  37. Don't quit Your day Job in Arabic? - World
  38. Wanting to move overseas - possibly aussie or s'pore: job market, transfer - World
  39. Albinos in Burundi flee killings: money, community, news - World
  40. News Video, Spycam Schools Train South Koreans to Videotape Fellow Citizens Breaking Laws.: crime - World
  41. News, Tomboy protests a security threat?: America, Pakistan, social - World
  42. Happy Holidays! :): year, color - World
  43. News, World's smallest girl proud of her tiny size.: rain, 2008
  44. Merry christmas - world!: house, bars, best
  45. American gentleman What world city is the best for getting a rich woman to marry?: live
  46. Thinking about moving. Need help!: house prices, wages, taxes - World
  47. Studying abroad?: how much, high school, universities - World
  48. Looking for the right location: houses, buying, university - World
  49. my dream:Community COllege in International Waters!!!: schools, live - World
  50. Happy New Year's! :): good, solution - World
  51. How to be an expat?: school, college, to live in - World
  52. Work For Bed/Board?: school, living, food - World
  53. Dressing for a particular country: home, theater, income - World
  54. Find my place?: real estate, rent, purchase - World
  55. I need help figuring out this girl's origins?: to move, students - World
  56. War torn world: schools, live, legal
  57. US, Canada, and UK V.S. Japan, Australlia, and New Zealand: travel - World
  58. News, Women use threat of no sex to stop fireworks.: dangerous, reduce - World
  59. dual citizenship: live, work, passport - World
  60. Best places for 30-something single fellow to move, but not too expensive?: salary - World
  61. Summer student exchange programs: credit, transfer, high school - World
  62. About Shipping Company: lease, best, capita - World
  63. News, A new wrinkle in smoking enforcement...: buyers, legal - World
  64. URGENT!! Where to go??: to live, low cost, activities - World
  65. Easiest Foreign Countries to Obtain Work Permission: living, bus - World
  66. being an Expat?: employment, schools, salary - World
  67. Reliable websites for researching buying land overseas?: location, where to - World
  68. Tigers doomed?: live, estimated, money - World
  69. News, Top 10 places where Americans get arrested.: spring break, college - World
  70. Street View Landmarks Around the World: map, famous, tower
  71. Do you agree with the movie Sicko?: low income, health insurance - World
  72. Isn't it funnt that 3 world Powers usually win Summer Olympics ?: money, population
  73. where to live in 15 years: cities, good, about - World
  74. Does a Person have to Carry medical records?: health insurance, purchase - World
  75. Identifying an old photograph: best, buildings, fishing - World
  76. My Visit To the United Nations: schools, architecture, teach - World
  77. NON-AMERICANS ONLY!!-Do you like Los Angeles or New York City better and where are you from?: best cities, neighbourhoods - World
  78. real black does'n exist: rent, condo, living in - World
  79. Does the rest of the world care.....: how much, college
  80. Could you live in a city with fallowing temperatures?: to live, retirement - World
  81. Liberal, Culturally Diverse, Friendly, Mid-sized Art Towns?: chapel, hotel - World
  82. Languages you speak: high school, living in, station - World
  83. The US is violent ?! Praytell.....: sales, crime rates - World
  84. Best Warm, Safe Country with LOW taxes??: income, income tax - World
  85. Do You like to get another nationality (instead of) yours?: to live, budget - World
  86. Are Americans too proud?: health insurance, credit, motorhome - World
  87. Out Of The Top 30 Largest Cities In The World By Population, Which One Would You Rather Live In ?: living in, safe
  88. What's your favorite square?: design, nicest, architecture - World
  89. Typical work day in your country: home, shopping mall, agriculture - World
  90. In terms of architecture: Boston, Buenos Aires, or Barcelona?: neighborhoods, garden - World
  91. Tokyo vs. Los Angeles: crime, living, air quality - World
  92. Australia vs usa: college, wages, living in - World
  93. Best authentic food you have tasted!: house, living in, restaurant - World
  94. USA/Australia: living, cost of living, cars - World
  95. Why America is better than the rest of the world!: unemployment, college
  96. THE place to be and meet interesting people: hotels, promotional - World
  97. Countries to live on $12,000 per year?: rent, insurance, house - World
  98. World's Worst City to Drive In: home, cars, ticket
  99. Toilets of the World: inspection, lawsuits, legal
  100. WHERE in the world would you move If you could go anywhere ?: house, place to live
  101. Which is bigger? The US or Austrailia? (READ): how much, land - World
  102. smallest country in the world: casinos, live in, gardens
  103. Is the Economic crises just in the USA,or World Wide?: real estate, credit
  104. What are the most friendly cities of the world?: to live in, moving to
  105. Do I look like a Gypsy?: living in, clubs, transport - World
  106. What are the top ten cities of the world?: live, top 10
  107. Do You Pay to the American Election?: live, residential - World
  108. Cities Across the Globe With Large Middle Eastern Populations (exluding the Middle East): buy, foods - World
  109. News, What countries have the most guns?: murder rate, business - World
  110. Ever Been to Antipodes?: land, island, distance - World
  111. President of the USA, Obama: live in, residential, medical - World
  112. What nations have a large amount of Miscegenation (mixing of races; interracial relationships)?: statistics, eat - World
  113. Worlds Best National Anthems: home, moving, Russian
  114. The prettiest/ugliest city in the world: slums, suburbs
  115. Best Country to Live In?: quality of life, taxes, living in - World
  116. What is 3rd world country: quality of life, vs, population
  117. Which Famous Intersection Do You Like Best?: casino, taxis - World
  118. Olympic Games Final Four Cities: crime, live, rated - World
  119. world ending next thursday?!!!: house, bills, land
  120. To all non us citizens, Who is the worst/best US president ever?: school, military - World
  121. Best language to know: college, educational, metro area - World
  122. US Citizen Perception Abroad?: home, living in, move - World
  123. low number of muslims: schools, live, moving - World
  124. Why gas prices have increased and why of ugly things happen: lease, loans - World
  125. Europe vs. Asia: Which continent has the hottest women?: live, moving - World
  126. Australia or Canada?: best cities, apartment, health insurance - World
  127. Moving overseas--DO YOUR HOMEWORK: best neighborhoods, rent, new home - World
  128. Your top world cities: houses, theatres, live
  129. Rate cities: high crime, income, income tax - World
  130. Culture Shock: chapel, loan, home - World
  131. Americans that moved abroad after school: apartment, hotel, homes - World
  132. World's top 10 best places to live: crime, living, mall
  133. What foreign cities feel like you're in an American city?: neighborhoods, food - World
  134. disappointed & moving on...: high crime, attorneys, home - World
  135. Eligibility of Passports/Dual Citizenship from Maternal Side: live in, law - World
  136. How much is gas/petrol in your city/state/country?: house, taxes - World
  137. Which city is your favorite tourist destination??: cities, top - World
  138. How do you find time for travel?: mortgage, how much - World
  139. Does this picture up World view of U.S.: live, parks
  140. The Youth of Today?: renting, crime, how much - World
  141. Does this place exist?: real estate, homes, theater - World
  142. Richest cities in the world: purchasing, statistics, wealthiest
  143. People from other countries that have moved to the US: school, calculator - World
  144. If you could live anywhere in the world for 3 months...: taxi, price
  145. Europe vs. America , EU vs. USA.: crime, house, buying - World
  146. Toronto vs Sydney: spring break, for sale, real estate - World
  147. Study in USA: lawyers, best schools, universities - World
  148. Favorite City in the World?: home, neighborhoods, buy
  149. geography/culture of the day: warm, capita, America - World
  150. How is your country doing?: low income, unemployment, public schools - World
  151. Anti-Americanism..: home, university, tax - World
  152. Which city?: house prices, living in, prices - World
  153. English in Use: university, living, stats - World
  154. Which country has the best sports culture/supporters?: live in, club - World
  155. What do you think is the best countries in the world?: quality of life, living
  156. Why does the world turn it's head..: live in, prices
  157. World's Worst/craziest Drivers: buy, taxis, most dangerous
  158. The brightest city in the World: casino, building, distance
  159. Favorite Mediterranean country: moving, trains, food - World
  160. Sense of Humour - Different parts of the world.: movies, living
  161. Best place to travel abroad for an American?: how much, hotels - World
  162. World's Most Diverse and Racially/Ethnically Integrated Cities: neighbourhoods, live in
  163. Most Polluted cities: air pollution, oil, smog - World
  164. Racist Countries: Vietnamese, population, Asians - World
  165. News, Nazi-Hunter Says He's Closing in on 'Dr. Death': crimes, camps - World
  166. American Flag vs Union Jack: trendy, design, Irish - World
  167. Most Handsome guys: fit in, live, gardening - World
  168. So, I'm going to study abroad: credit, how much, transfer - World
  169. If you could live ANYWHERE in the world: to live in, estates
  170. How would you rank the world economies right now ?: 2015, buyers
  171. Which Country is the lest Gay Friendly?: homes, university - World
  172. World city to live in for 5 years: unemployment rate, nightlife
  173. How to become an expat?: fit in, student loans, find a job - World
  174. Cannon salute at wedding backfires.: near, news, police - World
  175. Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands: to live, places, small - World
  176. Buying an historic home overseas?: for sale, real estate, homes - World
  177. Slideshow, Christmas around the world.: decorations
  178. medical school: between, about, interest - World
  179. Does our FOOD system needs 'fundamental rethink'?: news, science - World
  180. Vote for the new 7 natural wonders of the world: to move, free
  181. News, Usually a cop flashes a badge ... but whatever.: car, town - World
  182. News Video, WATCH: Hunt for Skateboard Speed Demon: limit, highway - World
  183. News, Homeless get caviar for Christmas.: for sale, shops, wealthy - World
  184. Post expatriate comments?: renting, schools, deal - World
  185. News, Sex party set to heat up Australian politics.: rain, conservative - World
  186. News, Law to be revised to ban possession of double-edged knives+: live, district - World
  187. Globalization Index: free, become, interest - World
  188. Interview with a child from illegal parents.: children, great - World
  189. News, Small Sask. town up for award as world's most livable community.: places
  190. News, World Population to Hit 7 Billion in 2012.: community, government
  191. Watch Where the Heck is Matt: high quality, traveling - World
  192. EDDY, still move TAHITI: live, move to, land - World
  193. News, Three children jailed for armed holdup.: shop, 2008 - World
  194. Australia and New Zealand forum has been added: separate - World
  195. News, Flag exhumed from neo-Nazi grave.: move, place, town - World
  196. News, A New Muslim (Virtual) World.: community, international, based
  197. Toronto versus Sydney: living in, cities, visiting - World
  198. News, Yemeni 10-year-old divorcee Nujood Ali goes back to school.: books, time - World
  199. News, Woman opens heart to man who slaughtered her family.: for sale, between - World
  200. News, Researchers Propose $12 Computer for Developing Countries.: prices, internship - World