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  1. The Top 50 Most Innovative Cities on Earth: 2015, quality of life - World
  2. software engineering IT expat relocation: salary, quality of life, living - World
  3. Human rights vs Human lives: crimes, home, law - World
  4. Filipinos vs. Indonesians as maids/nannies, health care workers, around the world: homes
  5. Does German have a hard/soft G?: pronounce, better - World
  6. Is turism a parameter of internationality?: cities, countries, tourist - World
  7. Here’s the map of the world, if size were determined by market cap: 2015
  8. Whats going on in Turkey?: live, price, military - World
  9. New art/boho cities: moving to, rated, top - World
  10. World’s Most Ethical Companies® Honorees: hotel, construction, utilities
  11. English in Montreal vs. Copenhagen: home, public schools, universities - World
  12. Best Standard of Living vs Salaries: homeowners association, condominium, how much - World
  13. is bulgarian similar to serbian?: Croatian, fun, languages - World
  14. How do Iranians view Arabs and Turks?: vs, passport - World
  15. Cities with best weather in the world: stats, rank
  16. Population Growth (demographic trap): renting, daycare, unemployed - World
  17. China's pollution?: living, richest, money - World
  18. Time Capsules Around the World: rank, island, places
  19. Beautiful view of Iceland: rain, about - World
  20. Interesting TV show concepts from your country: crime, theater - World
  21. Folk costumes from around the world: 2015, rated, clothes
  22. Muhammad Ali death.: video, about - World
  23. Are you satisfied with police of his country .If I experience the police of other countries for their opinion of: American - World
  24. Corporate vs. Political globalization: neighborhoods, buying, quality of life - World
  25. Which countries are the happiest in the World according to IDEX suicide and killings: crime
  26. Need Hindi to English Translation: moved, similar - World
  27. Where was this photo taken?: assault, island, place - World
  28. Average annual hours actually worked per worker: 2014, how much - World
  29. San Jose vs Auckland vs Perth which city is better?: 2015, rental market - World
  30. What is the rest of the world's view: homes, to live in
  31. Which other major countries have such sharp contrasts of political leaning in different geographical areas?: 2015 - World
  32. Which of global cities do you respect the most?: standard of living, island - World
  33. San Diego or Auckland: which has better downtown?: shop, architecture - World
  34. American Expats- Health Insurance: crime, living in, costs - World
  35. Graduate school in Iceland?: schools, university, housing - World
  36. Overpopulation in Africa, South Asia and Middle east. Europe projected to be a tiny fraction of world population.: 2015
  37. China's weapons sales to other countries are soaring: 2015, buy - World
  38. Where does Alice Springs, Northern Territory remind you of?: mall, suburbs - World
  39. Augen: population, countries, common - World
  40. What does AMHARIC sound like to you? - World
  41. What makes America different? (Video): university, military, dangerous - World
  42. Which countries from different continents are the most similar to yours iyo?: capita, Argentina - World
  43. Stereotypical places for each of the four seasons?: living in, beach - World
  44. Should we have a one world government?: legality, rich
  45. Going to Sao Miguel Island (Azores, Portugul) in August...: to rent, hotel - World
  46. countries with the best Vineyards: 2015, houses, area - World
  47. 2015 Prosperity Index: salon, elementary school, gated - World
  48. Which country in the world is the most similar to United States?: crime rates, safe
  49. What non-muslim country has the best relationship with Islam: school, area - World
  50. Average Heights Around The World and How They've Changed: health, working
  51. Where would you go? Contemplating the idea of leaving the US: live, vs - World
  52. My experience with Europeans, Americans, Mexicans and Asians...: university, living in - World
  53. Would you rather, live in the most liberal (BUT violent) country or the most safest (but tyrannical) country?: 2015, crime rate - World
  54. Bigger worldwide: Super Bowl vs. Eurovision: clubs, best, area
  55. Is your country as corrupt as the US: to buy, live in - World
  56. The football the most international sport in the world is still not significant in USA.: lawsuit, vs.
  57. People who don't live in the US, what are your thoughts on Cleveland?: store, Australians - World
  58. The Most Overrated City in the World?: move to, celebs
  59. Bashkir language is Proto-Nostratic language: loan, living in, friendly - World
  60. Los Angeles Vs. Sydney: rental car, cliquey, rental - World
  61. What is your country's BFF (best friends forever)? Or do you have one?: transfer, military - World
  62. London is underwhelming compared to New York.: best city, 2015 - World
  63. Is America the only place where you can upgrade your life?: middle-class, 2015 - World
  64. Moving abroad as a working age adult: nearly impossible for most people?: buy, college - World
  65. Which city and exclusive place luxury admire more the French Riviera(Montecarlo,et)The Sunshine Coast (Marbella: real estate, hotels - World
  66. Why do so many Europeans and British especially believe the US is only Anglo-Saxon.: homes, movies - World
  67. Why ISIS hates us: how much, club, airplane - World
  68. Is the West becoming Less capitalistic?: school, safety, licenses - World
  69. Muslim guilt: college, live in, racist - World
  70. City with the most humid, uncomfortable climate?: tornado, living in - World
  71. 2024 Olympics far away...Who do you think will host it?: locations, brick - World
  72. White and Asian swimmers never congratulated each other: racist, Chinese - World
  73. Do you agree that extroverts tend not to use the social media?: rating, dating - World
  74. Would you rather visit Pyongyang, North Korea or Mogadishu, Somalia?: crime, home - World
  75. What do people of the world (outside of the United States of America) think of American cities?: transplants, neighborhoods
  76. Gentrification: crime, neighbourhood, tenants - World
  77. Brazil vs. Russia, Mexico vs. Turkey, Argentina vs. Poland: rank, area - World
  78. Rio2016 Olympic Games: 2015, house, school - World
  79. World Leading Country by Century?: military, island, population
  80. If you were extremely poor, which of cities would you choose to live in?: house, college - World
  81. How do you deal with dangers (read the post) when traveling?: cheap apartment, rent - World
  82. Brazil is no longer a democracy. It's now a disguised dictatorship.: 2014, crime - World
  83. What is the most powerful country in the world: military, rich
  84. Trendiest Nordic capital?: for rent, gated, live - World
  85. Would you rather visit Death Valley, CA or Vostok Station, Antarctica?: live in, location - World
  86. Globalization Scale. Highly Interactive Map!: 2013, to buy, live - World
  87. What's your favorite Italian city?: pollution, architecture, rank - World
  88. Most important city for the wealthy: to buy, income, living in - World
  89. Your top 10 and bottom 10 cities in the world?: price, military
  90. Is there something like that, but related to languages from all over the world?: 2015, loan
  91. What language does German sound most like?: Dutch, closest - World
  92. Your city/village population history: 2015, home, high school - World
  93. Culture most similar to each other (Germanic-Romance-Slavic)?: area, cultures - World
  94. Which arctic port(s) will boom in the near future?: 2015, home - World
  95. What would you improve in regards to your country?: 2014, job market - World
  96. Santo Domingo, Medellin or Cartagena?: living, cost of living, shop - World
  97. Society's cultures/countries without alcohol as a central focus: university, living - World
  98. Which of 4 cities do you think has the best natural scenery?: areas, Brazilian - World
  99. What's your favorite Brazilian city?: live, centers, nightlife - World
  100. I want to leave the US (for ethical reasons) but I don't know where to go.: violent crime, how much - World
  101. Nations and their regional differences of wealth: 2015, median income - World
  102. Becoming an Expat: health insurance, student loans, school - World
  103. Centralization Versus Decentralization Variety Ratio. What Countries Are Belonging To Each Classification System?: construction, income - World
  104. At what level of population is a city too small or too boring for you?: houses, to live in - World
  105. If you were extremely wealthy, which of cities would you choose to live in?: best neighborhoods, neighborhoods - World
  106. If you could, which Olympics would you attend in the past 30 years? (previous did not have a poll, oops): high school, living - World
  107. What do you most identify with: city, state (province, , area, or country?: home, living - World
  108. Lowest humidity nations/cities?: to live, mold, health - World
  109. Which country or city has the highest AFTER TAXED wage?: income, income tax - World
  110. Unhappy with US - What countries should I consider immigrating to?: house, living - World
  111. What do non-Americans think of Hillary Clinton?: house, live - World
  112. Imperial /non-metric units outside of the U.S., Liberia, and Burma: 2013, buy - World
  113. What is your favorite city in the world?: live, storage
  114. Why native English speakers fail to be understood in English – and lose out in global business: home, school - World
  115. Why aren't Americans actually concerned about an overtly racist group such as KKK holding speeches?: 2015, how much - World
  116. Which one is the best city? Zurich, Geneva or San Jose, CA: apartment, power lines - World
  117. Name a city that you find people who stare: live in, offices - World
  118. Hate speech Laws?: schools, racist, rated - World
  119. Excluding country in W. Europe, N. America, S. America, C. America, New Zealand, Australia, S. Africa, or Seychelles: places, ethnic - World
  120. florence or Granada which of 2 cities is more romatica, or are equal: university, richest - World
  121. How does the water taste in your city?: live in, engineering - World
  122. Hippie looking for country/city to re-locate to: high school, colleges - World
  123. Happy Easter everyone: school, catholics, how long - World
  124. Genetics are useless outside of the medical research field. Do you agree or not?: neighborhood, school - World
  125. What language to learn?: living, military, law - World
  126. Rate the allure and appeal: Sydney, Toronto, Melbourne, Montreal, Brisbane, Vancouver: 2015, job market - World
  127. What's your favourite genre of music?: single, American, system - World
  128. Would you move countries for love?: living in, place, complaints - World
  129. Political Correctness: Is it a problem in your country?: camps, law - World
  130. What are things you have various ethnic groups do well?: home, living - World
  131. Countries/cities in the world that are too dangerous to visit: crime rate, garden
  132. The U.S is richer than the UK, France. Why the U.S overseas territories are poorer than the U.K/Fr overseas territories?: crime rate, tax - World
  133. Do you think native English speakers are at a disadvantage to learning foreign languages?: how much, live - World
  134. If Native Americans and Aboriginals met?: home, middle school, live - World
  135. Your favorite top 3 countries: home, live in, transport - World
  136. What are the most popular names in your country: 2015, statistics - World
  137. Central Park vs Hyde Park: closing, gardens, activities - World
  138. Benefits of Ireland being independent from England?: pros and cons, living in - World
  139. Why don't Asian Students like to Party in College?: amusement parks, credit card - World
  140. Green Parties of the World?: 2015, house, residential
  141. I read in Forum that believe in USA they has the finest food.In Europe are not agree: appointed, home - World
  142. Why are Americans under the belief that to be European one has to be blonde with blue eyes?: 2015, live in - World
  143. What are good Sub-Saharan African surnames that would be fitting for an African American to change their name to?: tree, area - World
  144. anglo-american fashion or mediterranean who you prefer ?: 2015, homes - World
  145. Are liberals too pro-muslim?: rooftop, military, office - World
  146. The coat of arms of your city: chapel, credit - World
  147. Rate the Urban Experience: New York versus Paris versus Madrid: taxi, live - World
  148. The Ranking of life expectancy is the best indicator of development and quality of life of a country in World?: low income, income
  149. Is zodiac sign/horoscope a thing in where you live/where you are from?: buy, shops - World
  150. Post one pic a day that showcases your country's hidden gems: hotel, houses - World
  151. What a city has to have to be considered international?: universities, living - World
  152. Why I think you should visit my country!: airport, food - World
  153. Which country is the best? U.S., New Zealand, Australia or Switzerland?: homes, income - World
  154. Is Europe's Silicon Valley a better choice than America's Silicon Valley?: apartments, to rent - World
  155. Most optimistic-feeling major cities in the world: how much, live
  156. Mountains near the Ocean: island, distances, skyline - World
  157. been to Greenland or Iceland?: unemployment rate, university, living - World
  158. What each country does the best: health insurance, crime, schools - World
  159. where it is the most efective police and educated in USA or in Europe?His experience in both places ?: 2015, high school - World
  160. Geographic misconceptions you hear: living in, zip codes, public transportation - World
  161. 2016 Press Freedom Index: 2015, crime, legal - World
  162. Los Angeles vs London vs New York-which is the fim capital of the world: tax, moving
  163. How many cities/towns can you name of Countries outside USA and EU?: top, winter - World
  164. California vs Italy: low income, theater, public schools - World
  165. The Grandest avenues of the world: 2015, shop, architecture
  166. What are for you the most impressive beautiful public squares in cities around of the world and because?: 2015, loan
  167. Are New World societies more embracing to foreigners than W. Europe?: 2015, universities
  168. changes in economic strength this past twenty five years: 2015, how much - World
  169. Popular culture and social scene in the 1990s vs 2000s/2010s in your country. Which do you prefer?: cinema, store - World
  170. Diversity in white nations: schools, live, safe - World
  171. Cities with unique dishes: 2015, neighbourhoods, restaurants - World
  172. Why do people always hate on their country's biggest city?: live, richest - World
  173. How do non-Americans rank the US for a vacation?: buying, camping - World
  174. If non-Americans could vote in the US election...: dangerous, health - World
  175. Which city is more well known world wide: New York City vs Washington D.C.: movies, best
  176. World Edition: Cities that you used to have dreams about or still have dreams about?: to live in, pollution
  177. which are the best meters of Paris ,New york,London ,Madrid,Milan or Moscow,in his experiencie,.: 2015, crime - World
  178. The Future of the West: how much, live in, agriculture - World
  179. More people in the world are obese than underweight, for the first time in history: low income, incomes
  180. Most dangerous city of each country?: 2015, crime, home - World
  181. What is the greatest amusment park in the world: amusement parks, home
  182. The Panama Papers scandal - more to come?: lawyers, new home - World
  183. Which city in the USA aside from NYC is viewed as most desirable?: movies, living - World
  184. Better surfing: California vs. European Atlantic: living, dangerous, beach - World
  185. What implies positive feelings and good friendship in your country?: live, rating - World
  186. Which cities have the coolest/most interesting names?: district, black - World
  187. Who is the most powerful person in the world: live, military
  188. Who's regarded to be the best politician your country's ever had? And the worst?: 2015, crimes - World
  189. 4 oldest university towns famous Oxford,Bologna,Heidelberg,Salamanca What do you like most ?: 2015, universities - World
  190. Active locals, beaches, jungle, limited industrialism - Can I have it all?: to buy, activities - World
  191. Most tolerant city in the world?: home, university, cities
  192. If you could, which Olympics would you attend in the past 30 years?: reasons - World
  193. know of a good guide to safety in various countries?: most dangerous, title - World
  194. The most and least generous richest countries in the world: rankings, finance
  195. Best covention centers around the world: nearest, pics
  196. if you live in the Houston area!: 2015, college - World
  197. Water evoporation, heat loss calculations????: rated, humidity, better - World
  198. Healing Practices of Cape Verdeans.: time, people, traditional - World
  199. How to tell what gear - World
  200. Volunteer: ever volunteered with GVI?: road, about - World