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  1. How are people at work where you live?: high school, college - World
  2. Endangered Languages: home, best, Korean - World
  3. What are Russian Rites of Passage?: land, market - World
  4. Describe of the pet peeve's of the people where you live: taxes - World
  5. World's Top 50 Metropolitan Areas for Women Entrepreneurs, 2017: friendly, ranking
  6. Just booked a flight to Bermuda for June of 2018. Need advice.: where to stay, rent - World
  7. Which of cities has the most beautiful/outstanding/distinctive built environment?: live - World
  8. Top 10 Joyous travel destinations. Houston only OECD Large City to make list. - World
  9. Top Fashion Capitals of the World, 2017: title, cities, place
  10. Muslim countries, does who eat food in ramadan get beaten in your country?: buy - World
  11. What is the predominant architectural style found in your city: hotel, houses - World
  12. Does Boston share more similarities with London or New York?: homes, neighborhoods - World
  13. what is wrong with north korea? is it run by psychos!?: disposal, military - World
  14. People who found their new home: live, required, to sell - World
  15. The best method to teach 1st, 2nds, and later generation immigrant kids their parent's mother tongue?: home - World
  16. Which countries are growing in employment and economically?: statistics, Chinese - World
  17. Which city would you like to be in?: 2015, live in - World
  18. US / Russia broker Syria ceasefire: military, area, history - World
  19. How Pervasive is Astrology in your Country/Region/City?: house, university - World
  20. Future of the Skyscraper: real estate, move, estate - World
  21. Do Indians need Malaysia tourist visa? if so,what is the Procedure.: locations - World
  22. Rank pairs of US states and countries from least to most culturally different from each other.: place - World
  23. If you can add 10 countries to the current Group of 20 to make it G30, which 10 will you add?: hotels - World
  24. View the stunning metamorphosis of Austin, United States and Brisbane, Australia in visuals (before & after): construction - World
  25. Settlements with lots of stupid people ?: bill, cities, towns - World
  26. Architecture Entrepreneurial Projects Going On All Over Planet Earth: 2015, how much - World
  27. Urban Footprints - World Map: best, great, service
  28. What is the best country to live in?: between, good - World
  29. Wow, just 14 countries contribute to more than 70% of global economic growth!: population, top - World
  30. speak Russian!?: to buy, ticket, required - World
  31. Global Retirement Index 2017 - Norway, Switzerland and Iceland at Top: unemployment, income - World
  32. Are people/cultures around the world becoming more similar or different ?: live, moving
  33. Deepest Basins Around the World: dry, water, lowest
  34. What’s the weirdest type of toilet paper in your county.: home, dryer - World
  35. An 8000 Km Freight Shipment -- By Rail!: transfer, costs - World
  36. What nationality or ethnic group of men have the worst perception women in your country?: restaurants - World
  37. Trains to avoid in parts of the world..: transporting, safety
  38. Comparing the Built-Up Framework of Global Urban Areas: houses, neighborhood - World
  39. 5 Tool Cities: city hall, houses, theatres - World
  40. Paris vs Istanbul: home, purchasing, living - World
  41. Country Ranking on Ease of Hiring Foreign Experts: lawyer, move to - World
  42. Mediterranean( as in climate) jewels: live, best climate, places - World
  43. Zurich vs. Dublin: Better city (architecture, culture, amenities, infrastructure)?: place, largest - World
  44. What Spanish-speaking city/country would be good for immersing kids in culture for 3-6 months: real estate market - World
  45. Honesty around the world: live, law, ticket
  46. Where can I find a list of world cities of 100,000+ population?: dangerous, areas
  47. Is media in your country the political powder keg that American media is?: live - World
  48. Gypsy: live, agriculture, population - World
  49. Anglo countries are the most tolerant in the world: 2013, vs
  50. Cities around the world that are similar to Cannes: town, Argentina
  51. Do Americans get to watch CNN International?: buy, live in - World
  52. Fresh out of the oven...2017's most livable cities: crime rates, to live - World
  53. Do you think western societies are past their prime?: organic, linear - World
  54. Which of has the most beautiful natural setting?: appointed, ski resorts - World
  55. North Korea invasion: cost of, move, to eat - World
  56. Cities around the globe that you consider best bang for the buck: apartments, low crime - World
  57. Most inaccessible places: house, live, law - World
  58. Where do people from where you live travel to: home, school - World
  59. The best and the worst sounding national anthems.: cheap, Australian - World
  60. Culture from countries (other than yours) you want to adapt: school, live in - World
  61. Things that are going out of fashion where you live: to buy, malls - World
  62. Laws in your country that make no sense: crime, mattress - World
  63. Impressive projects around the world: new home, construction, costs
  64. What do people mean when they say that 'women from....are more attractive'?: purchase, school - World
  65. Foreign cuisine most found in your city: restaurants, shops - World
  66. Are the current events affecting the US reputation in your eyes?: condo, bill - World
  67. Favorite geographic feature?: palm trees, island, rain - World
  68. The mixed blessing of migration...: fit in, houses, living in - World
  69. 9 countries to account for half of world population growth by 2050!: Indians, driving
  70. What city / country is your favorite budget travel destination?: hotels, restaurants - World
  71. s What $1,000 A Month In Rent Can Get You Globally: apartment, rentals - World
  72. Los Angeles or Tokyo: which one is the sprawliest megalopolis in the world?: home, new construction
  73. Another one fresh from the oven, the top 17 countries for quality of life....: best city, calculated - World
  74. Alternatives to the u.s?: 2015, live in, law - World
  75. Let's prove Americans that we do not need gun to live fearless!: crime, schools - World
  76. best metro system in the world (II): subsidized, living in
  77. Popular places you have never been to?: live, vacations - World
  78. Why so few countries have own radio music today that doesn't sound like American/British music?: construction, stations - World
  79. Which country has the best collection of cities?: architecture, population - World
  80. Which of the G4 countries (Brazil, Germany, India, Japan) deserves to be admitted as a permanent member of the UNSC?: winter, Russians - World
  81. Accents. What sounds pleasing and what does not?: living in, radio - World
  82. Countries that would be great places to live if only they had higher salaries?: salary, quality of life - World
  83. Which city really lives up to their hype?: apartments, quality of life - World
  84. News, Tourist Will Go to Jail for Brushing Man's Hip at Dubai Bar: living, vacation - World
  85. Most beautiful passport and visa: 2014, home, buy - World
  86. Mexico City vs New York City: income, living, prices - World
  87. What countries do you think should switch territory?: how much, moving - World
  88. Which of cities is the most outstanding for visitors in the whole world?: loan, how much
  89. Most Beautiful Coastal View in the World?: 2015, hotel
  90. Singapore VS Hong Kong VS Chicago VS Shanghai VS Toronto VS Dubai: best, business - World
  91. Cities with a great street life: activity, rating, best time - World
  92. Which group of languages do you think have a better chance of survival in the long run?: schools, legal - World
  93. Basic life skills that you and people in your country have: military, dangerous - World
  94. What are your favourite tram/streetcar systems in the world?: 2014, pub
  95. What Cities Do You Consider Global Capitals For Coffee? Tea? Beer? Wine?: appointed, food - World
  96. Better English spoken: Spain or Mexico?: 2014, live, population - World
  97. What is the most impressive built World Wonder to you?: construction, transport
  98. Cities that are amazing tourist destination but that would be hell to live on: best city, houses - World
  99. Paris vs. Buenos Aires: best city, living, cost of - World
  100. Which countries have huge share of population on one piece of land?: live in, rated - World
  101. If an alien was to visit Earth and you could only show him one city which would it be?: farms, architecture - World
  102. Rio de Janeiro vs Buenos Aires: crime, pros and cons, standard of living - World
  103. Which place is better to live, Canary Islands or northern Queensland?: living, shop - World
  104. Berlin, Montreal, or Santiago?: appointed, best cities, living in - World
  105. Best city with a population of around 5 million: fit in, job outlook - World
  106. News, Venezuela's new plan to beat hunger: Breed rabbits.: homes, income - World
  107. Biggest misconception about your country?: live, eat, design - World
  108. Which is the best place to be right now?: health insurance, salaries - World
  109. Why far fewer people evacuate for super typhoons in Asia compared to Hurricanes in US: 2013, apartment - World
  110. Least Stressful cities: home, transportation, ranking - World
  111. What city do you consider to be the capital of developing countries?: stats, beach - World
  112. With China closing in ,does the have tricks left under its sleeve: buy, military - World
  113. Which part of the developed world is least prone to natural disasters?: earthquakes, live in
  114. Largest town (not city) in the world: 2015, live
  115. Countries Far Beyond Their Own Reputation To Oscillate Between Positive Or Negative Points: unemployment, luxury - World
  116. How many hours do you consider a long airplane flight?: loan, home - World
  117. Cool Cities in Warm Countries?: best, average, Brazilian - World
  118. Is racial profiling from the police an issue where you live?: crimes, live in - World
  119. Terrorism and privacy where you live: 2014, purchases, living - World
  120. What country has the least productive workers?: 2015, home - World
  121. Discuss your cities sister cities..: live in, Korean - World
  122. Explain Why Thailand’s Workforce Unemployed Rate Is Below 1% While Spain Is Above 18%!: 2014, unemployment rate - World
  123. What city is the most romantic you know.-Your unforgettable city.: condo, hotel - World
  124. Which city you would to be in?: living, nightlife - World
  125. Who has visited the USA and hated it?: home, movies - World
  126. Rational Chronological Order Of 10 To 20 Largest Cities In Country Game. Especially The Ones People Never Remember: apartments, living in - World
  127. Am I the Only One Who Would Find Living in the UK Highly Disturbing?: buying, kitchen - World
  128. Countries where its beauty is easily accessible: airports, land - World
  129. Are most Russian and Ukrainian women in America blunt and Are they nice when being blunt or are they malicious?: living in, moving - World
  130. 19 Infrastructure Projects that are bound to reshape the World by Business Insiders: 2015, hotels
  131. Can you list fierce two-way city versus city rivalries in the world?: home, centers
  132. The Asian revolution: quality of life, live in, safe - World
  133. Kazakhstan’s exact source of original background for why their vast sea ocean lands are not having a megalopolis city.: 2014, hotels - World
  134. The Ramadan Kill-a-thon, who will be next?: home, legally - World
  135. Lawless countries: 2013, live, law - World
  136. Predict the World in 100 years: 2014, low crime, how much
  137. What part of your country is looked down negatively by its inhabitants ?: live in, pollution - World
  138. What are the top 10 cities in the world that most closely resemble San Francisco, in your opinion?: live, price
  139. If every country in the world could erase a period from their history...: vacation, Argentina
  140. Guess You Can't Visit Paris?: 2015, home, neighborhoods - World
  141. Another terrorist attack in Manchester: crimes, live, oil - World
  142. Cultural Appropriation Around the World: architecture, deal, corporate
  143. Most visited city in 2016: title, business, cities - World
  144. Football/soccer powerhouses of the world: club, clubs, stadium
  145. Torres del Paine or Tre Cime di Lavaredo: 2015, roach - World
  146. Best and worst sounding languages.: Korean, Vietnamese, accent - World
  147. Spain possibly the first recipient of tourists in the World in 2o17 ,.?Because this destination is secondary in USA?: construction, live
  148. Persian Gulf Relations To Azerbaijan, Baku, Caspian Sea Area: versus, oil - World
  149. What would be the perfect country in terms of spoken language?: roach, Dutch - World
  150. Baku Azerbaijan Evolution To Replicate Dubai (Planet Earth’s Tallest Building Right In Khazar Islands): 2013, construction - World
  151. big where do ashkenzi jews originate from?: live, safe - World
  152. What did you get wrong or right about a country or a city?: bankrupt, construction - World
  153. Why does Beijing lacks the skyline of cities like Shanghai, HK, Singapore?: appointed, hotels - World
  154. Which product made in ______ would you trust the most: to buy, live - World
  155. GDP by 2050....: salaries, military, moving - World
  156. Mumbai or Shanghai for business: best cities, real estate, hotel - World
  157. If you could only move between 10 countries: crime rates, home - World
  158. Most overrated and underrated countries: appointed, movies, live - World
  159. How Old are the Cities in Each Country?: 2014, university - World
  160. Which company is present in most countries?: Walmart, sold - World
  161. Non-US Only - Do you think you can pick out a single USA Citizen in your country? How?: home, live in - World
  162. Developed city where terror is less likely to strike: safe, Japanese - World
  163. Jakarta Indonesia vs. Seoul South Korea vs. Istanbul Turkey vs. Moscow Russia vs. Sao Paulo Brazil: crime, home - World
  164. My list of great 21st century world leaders: 2015, living
  165. Well traveled people only, what's the one place that took your breath away?: price, castle - World
  166. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each continent: tornadoes, closing - World
  167. Sean Spicer resigns!!!: house, living in, average - World
  168. What can you afford with 100K where you live?: for sale, apartment - World
  169. Countries you don't understand why they're so rich or poor: credit, live - World
  170. Hardest places in the world to visit: 2015, company
  171. Most Empathetic Countries?: how much, statistics, rich - World
  172. [POLL] Which of the following cities would you rather live in?: to live in, market - World
  173. Stereotypical city by country: 2013, apartment complexes, hotels - World
  174. Mainland Chinese tourists: live, bus, to move - World
  175. What are the most overrated languages?: school, live in, education - World
  176. Most tolerant / liberal country around the world?: to live in, friendly
  177. What feels like a Big City to you?: houses, living in - World
  178. Where would you rather spend a 7-day vacation?: vs., design - World
  179. Which is the greatest country in the world, Japan or France: amusement park, house
  180. Which francophone city is more similar to France : Montreal or Geneva?: architectural, hospitable - World
  181. What languages, to you, are the most stereotypical sounding of their language family?: home, area - World
  182. Phuket Thailand vs. Innsbruck Austria vs. Gdansk Poland vs. Batumi Georgia vs. Nara Japan: quality of life, living - World
  183. Chamonix France vs. St. Moritz Switzerland vs. Karlovy Vary Czech Republic vs. Banff Canada vs Zhouzhuang Jiangsu China: hotel, transfer - World
  184. Most dangerous countries/cities not at war?: 2014, statistics - World
  185. Why universal healthcare doesn't work in country: credit, health care - World
  186. Name 5 cities in the world you must visit?: centers, parks
  187. Closely related languages that sound nothing like each other?: Vietnamese, Brazilian - World
  188. G20 Members; world partnership or snooty elites?: buy, manufactured
  189. Which city has the smartest people in the world?: 2013, universities
  190. European cities are western cities and Asian cities are eastern , what about Middle Eastern cities?: agricultural, food - World
  191. London vs. Hong Kong: Better city?: hotel, architecture, friendly - World
  192. Most Pessimistic Culture?: wealthy, cultures, Americans - World
  193. Tokyo vs Bradford: houses, live in, airport - World
  194. New York vs Bradford: houses, prices, trendy - World
  195. delete: double - World
  196. Less know angles that makes a city looks prettier.: images, weekend - World
  197. News, Super-Brainy Translation Tools Mean Language Barriers Are Falling Fast: road, travel - World
  198. Madrid vs NYC: more vibrant?: nightlife, better - World
  199. Do you want to share an interesting fact about your visit/experience in city? (Do so: live - World
  200. Japanese Superstition: to live in, dog, town - World