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  1. Cuba, Ethiopia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines: moving, Korean, island - World
  2. What is the most haunted country in the world: castles, atheist
  3. Auckland vs Seattle vs Oslo: transplants, live, transportation - World
  4. Should we still think as much in terms of a Big Four of Global Cities: London, New York, Paris, Tokyo?: appointed - World
  5. Can interpret this hashtag?: rated, ethnic, Spanish - World
  6. Tokyo-Still THE largest city?: buying, elementary school, centers - World
  7. Help: home, live, statistics - World
  8. Which part of the world has been the worst for outdoor allergies?: live
  9. 26 nations from 5 continents to participate in the 2018 U.S.-led military drill RIMPAC: design - World
  10. 64 die;41 children in Siberia Russia fire: shop, countries, emergency - World
  11. Favorite English speaking cities: buy, schools, rank - World
  12. Making history Saudia Arabia gives 10 women driver licenses: cinema, drivers - World
  13. Where is the best EDM festival?: to live, nightlife, island - World
  14. Wealth-X Billionaire Census, 2018 (Top Cities for Billionaires in 2017): tax, living - World
  15. Looking for country, state, city & sub-region, street name data: cities, required - World
  16. Interesting maps of the world: 2014, pay, places
  17. Climate analogues map: directions, definition, parent - World
  18. Similar cities to Gold Coast, AU or Miami, FL: architecture, build - World
  19. Retiring outside of the U.S.: living in, cost of, dangerous - World
  20. Expats Living Abroad part-time?: houses, living in, retirement - World
  21. Least Regulated Country in Mediterranean?: tax rates, deal, area - World
  22. Where would you rather live in - Seattle, WA or Munich, BY?: income - World
  23. The Oil drying up in the Middle East?: income, income tax - World
  24. Does Your Country Follow Zipf's Law?: rank, metro area, area - World
  25. What part of your country is least like the commonly held stereotypes?: home - World
  26. How many cities can you spot?: town, about - World
  27. Would you build a bridge: hotels, luxury, taxi cab - World
  28. Recommendation letter and western culture: schools, universities, teacher - World
  29. Princess of ex imperial China made a speech in the US, in English: Chinese - World
  30. Translate Hebrew into English: pay, Jewish, communities - World
  31. Do you think that the anti-islamophobia community doesn't allow for constructive discussion?: racist - World
  32. s what $100 million in USD buys you in global cities for prime office space: property - World
  33. Tbilisi Or Batumi: Exclusive Only Prime Destination Communities In Entire Republic Of Georgia?: Russian - World
  34. Are Ethnic Russians Quite Easygoing, Luxuriously Open To Other Cultures, Especially In Asia, Middle East?: live - World
  35. Ranking of the 10 countries who filed the most international patent applications: home, statistics - World
  36. Is Oman safe for travel for Westerners?: live, place - World
  37. Is the 210 freeway corridor in SoCal the longest continuous development a along mountain side?: houses - World
  38. Simple To Complex Concepts Of Freedom To Daily Lifestyle: building, population - World
  39. Geography Geeks - literal translations of countries' names: credit card, places - World
  40. New York vs. London vs. small town in Iowa - culturally: house, high school - World
  41. Which city is healthier and more athletic, Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC? And why?: neighbourhoods - World
  42. Realtor's Commission: for sale, real estate, attorney - World
  43. Do you consider Mauritius, Réunion and the Seychelles part of the New World?: island
  44. Can you guess what this map is all about?: oil, rich - World
  45. Power of the nations: living in, military, statistics - World
  46. Why isn't right-wing media covering the migrants issue thoroughly?: statistics, demographics - World
  47. Randstad & London versus San Francisco Bay Area & New York: home, living - World
  48. Which city is more innovative: Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC?: income, tax - World
  49. South American Big 6-Visitor Appeal: crime, how much, home - World
  50. Yearly Property taxes in OECD countries: home, school, calculator - World
  51. Are really the most expensive cities in the world in 2018?: low income, real estate
  52. Where would you refuse to live, for love?: living in, safety - World
  53. UN report: Finland is the happiest country on Earth: school, taxes - World
  54. International opinions about U.S. military involvement in Syria and the Middle East: tornado, to move - World
  55. Which of cities do you think has a higher quality of life?: crime, schools - World
  56. Which of global cities is the most similar to San Francisco?: 2015, dangerous - World
  57. Top 5 National Anthems in the world....: live, to eat, ranking
  58. Cities with the best nightlife: appointed, living in, prices - World
  59. America vs Europe: home prices: real estate, 2015, apartments - World
  60. Mexico City vs. Beijing (Visitor Appeal): neighborhoods, living, restaurants - World
  61. Sudden interest in learning new languages in your 30's: living in, teacher - World
  62. Visitors- What Kinds of Foods You Like in the US?: houses, neighbourhood - World
  63. What city outside of North America is most similar to Vancouver?: prices, architecture - World
  64. US's infrastructure compared to other countries.: gated, upkeep, living in - World
  65. San Jose vs Sydney: home, universities, vs. - World
  66. Experiential rail journeys: hotel, home, transfer - World
  67. What are your population projections based on individual nations?: to buy, income - World
  68. Which country or countries are most likely to become Superpower's in 20 to 30 years.: standard of living, population - World
  69. Name countries in the world that are pedestrian friendly or pro pedestrian?: neighborhood, law
  70. What city/region is a true world's paradise?: to live, friendly
  71. In terms of topography, climate, and overall layout which country is the most similar to California?: areas, island - World
  72. G7, are they still important in the world?: club, friendly
  73. Iran to join SCO?: 2014, club, manufacturing - World
  74. Global trade shows signs of strain: 2014, to buy - World
  75. World Geography Tidbits: fit in, 2014, home
  76. Top 10 Cities for Millennials: best cities, quality of life, living - World
  77. Which country do you consider as the “4th” most prominent country in North America?: land, island - World
  78. Florida vs. Japan: condo, crime, to live in - World
  79. The world as a whole, without cultural boundaries into account, would you say is conservative or liberal?: office, population
  80. Feeling isolated in the US from the rest of the world: daycare, home
  81. Shibuya, Tokyo vs. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong: sales, taxi - World
  82. What does it feel like to be a visible minority in the USA?: 2014, crime - World
  83. Which of places is the best the under-the-radar cities?: safe, beach - World
  84. Do German people intrinsically prefer/like Chinese more than Americans?: 2015, shop - World
  85. 50 Rising Stars for Celebrating Pride 2018: neighborhood, law, cities - World
  86. Mexico City vs Johannesburg: crime, homes, neighborhood - World
  87. Which of the 25 biggest emerging/developing countries have the brightest/most promising future?: crime rates, quality of life - World
  88. So, in what areas is Islamophobia becoming less common?: living, shops - World
  89. Why does the world believe that the US should take in all of the poor people?: living in, professionals
  90. Colombia becomes a member of the OECD & NATO in one day. Who's next?: school, military - World
  91. World's most influential cities: real estate, 2014, home
  92. San Jose vs Vancouver: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, living in - World
  93. Which of areas is best to visit to visit for young Americans on a budget: price, dangerous - World
  94. Why North America keeps tightening border controls since 2000s while it’s the opposite way around in Europe: fingerprinting, inspection - World
  95. Most recognizable structure of modern times: living, castle, building - World
  96. San Antonio,TX vs London,UK or Vancouver,BC: to live, nightlife - World
  97. Are there storical battles that were fought in around your area?: houses, live - World
  98. Why is New Zealand (and possibly Canada) more progressive liberal than Australia?: school, place - World
  99. What can you do with 1,000 US dollars where you live?: low income, section 8 - World
  100. Top 20 countries that are engines for global economic growth for the coming years: 2013, interior - World
  101. Many Turks believe Erdogan will bring new Ottoman Empire: crimes, primary school - World
  102. Countries where the capital is not the largest city?: move, design - World
  103. Is the movie My big Fat greek wedding an accurate portrayal of Greek culture?: home, university - World
  104. Madrid vs Buenos Aires (comparison of Spanish speaking global cities): home, neighborhoods - World
  105. How do non-Americans refer to the names of American cities?: metro, counties - World
  106. Australian pop-culture?: 2015, home, wedding - World
  107. What city in the U.S resembles Sao Paulo, Brazil?: living, areas - World
  108. Auckland vs. Vancouver: live in, activities, car - World
  109. Which of cities do you prefer?: live in, most dangerous - World
  110. Warm, tropical, active place for semi-offgrid?: to buy, gated, living - World
  111. Travelers from 59 countries no longer need a visa to go to Hainan Island of China: 2014, beach - World
  112. Top 40 countries by car sales - 2017: buyers, price, air pollution - World
  113. Are USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia the best countries to live right now: money, roach - World
  114. Where is the best resort to relax for a holiday? Maldives, Bora Bora or The Blue Lagoon or other place?: school, budget - World
  115. Trump’s plan to move embassy in Israel: moving, deal - World
  116. Have you ever visited without knowing the language?: apartment, pharmacy - World
  117. Best non-White majority countries for Blacks to live? (places to live, to move: 2015, houses - World
  118. The most out of place city in your country?: 2014, live - World
  119. Which is a better place to live Stockholm (Sweden) or SoCal (USA)?: fit in, low crime - World
  120. Dubai the Nevada of the World: hotel, home, casinos
  121. Distance signs: whose are the best and worst?: rated, Korean - World
  122. Russia, Iran, and Turkey form an alliance in the Middle East: price, moving - World
  123. Canada, Ireland or UK: 2015, crime, unemployment - World
  124. What is the most impressive exotic location in the world?: house, living
  125. What's the nearest point of interest (POI) to you that has a Wikipedia page?: university, live - World
  126. Why have the Axis powers all become such automobile leaders?: taxis, wage - World
  127. I am from Istanbul. I can answer if you have uestions.: live in, shop - World
  128. The clearest beaches in the world that aren’t on an island?: appointed, 2013
  129. The goodest countries on Earth: how much, dangerous, health - World
  130. World Property Market: Most and Least Affordable Cities: for sale, real estate
  131. Is Dubai really safe for Westerners?: hotels, school, living - World
  132. CANZUK Free Economic Space proposal...what do you think??: 2014, income - World
  133. Name 5 of the most underrated world cities: 2015, title
  134. Brands with the best sounding names: movies, car, company - World
  135. Your favorite word/frase in a foreign language: Dutch, Portuguese - World
  136. Knowledge of a country..native vs foreign: neighborhood, live - World
  137. Saudi Arabia assassinates top Princes to clear way for the King's son to take power un-opposed by the newly jailed pols: buy, deal - World
  138. Which city names do you like the sound of the most?: area, cities - World
  139. International recognition of Palestine vs Kosovo - showdown of positions of major nations!: vs., backyard - World
  140. Does your country tax you?: sales, income, sales tax - World
  141. Which is more urban - Toronto or Sydney?: apartments, how much - World
  142. Which are the friendliest and unfriendliest countries you have visited?: live, hospitable - World
  143. Which city gives you the best access to the world?: airport, locations
  144. Change a city’s name: cities, places, famous - World
  145. Which of the following Middle Income/Middle sized countries would you consider living in?: fence, safe - World
  146. World's favorite city!!: buying, airport, transit
  147. Cities like Phuket: hotel, island, town center - World
  148. Paraguay of the world: to buy, living, prices
  149. The World's 100 Best Cities in 2018: crime, employment, neighborhoods
  150. Post Iphone X prices where you live: sales, income - World
  151. Cities that don't suit their climate: skyline, places - World
  152. Most worldly used product?: company, sold, water
  153. Where in the world are engineers treated best?: real estate, 2015
  154. President Trump in China: job market, live, residency - World
  155. Finding the remaining parts of the world relatively holding out from the impacts of the globalization rat race?: real estate, renting
  156. How's the Public Transportation in your city?: rental, taxis - World
  157. Why has the UK lost interest in former colonies like Australia, New Zealand and Canada?: appointed, law - World
  158. How is police brutality handled in your country?: 2015, home - World
  159. What's the obsession with ranking global cities?: school, universities - World
  160. How do visitors announce themselves?: house, gated community, live - World
  161. Capital of the Arab World: universities, living in, military
  162. Major Cities With Small/Leafy Feel: home, neighborhoods, garden - World
  163. Countries divided in 2 or more large groups with very different ideologies: subdivisions, living in - World
  164. Which country do you feel safer in as a tourist in general?: violent crime, gated - World
  165. Countries with the most forest: land, rank, deal - World
  166. The 32 most fun, friendly, and affordable cities in the world: relocate, business
  167. about Spanish Language: gated, hot water, hot - World
  168. What world city is most similar to Atlanta?: train, title
  169. Istanbul vs Mexico City (2 mega cities of recently industrialized nations): apartment, crime - World
  170. Will the US win a trade war?: live, costs - World
  171. World best large cities' downtowns: nightlife, vacation, architecture
  172. Do you just hate the SHAPE of certain countries: live, land - World
  173. Which country has more south Asians?: calculation, live, horses - World
  174. In your book, how much do you think it would take to explore/visit/travel every block of the world in one session?: neighborhood, restaurants
  175. What US city is the most like Tokyo?: home, to live in - World
  176. Seoul now included top tier Big Seven global cities, according to Jones Lang Lasalle: real estate market, to buy - World
  177. Your Countries Electrical Plugs and Sockets: fit in, live, law - World
  178. Where Would You Rather Live? World Edition: movies, living in
  179. Do most schoolkids around the world hate Math or is it just an American or Western thing?: lawyer, high school
  180. Will shantytowns return to western countries due to the rise in housing cost?: low income, section 8 - World
  181. Most peacefujl country: Portugal? Almost.: 2015, buying, live - World
  182. Favorite monorail systems: 2013, amusement parks, mover - World
  183. Most Futuristic City (Based on your vision of future ): mall, public transportation - World
  184. Foreign leaders who are household names where you live: living in, food - World
  185. Global Skyscraper Construction, 2017. China overwhelmingly dominant according to Statista.: hotel, residential - World
  186. European rural development versus American rural development: apartment, hotels - World
  187. California vs. Asia: live, cost, train station - World
  188. Grocery shopping in the US versus the rest of the world: Which is better?: middle-class, buying
  189. Why haven't Australia and New Zealand changed their flags: 2015, design - World
  190. Discuss the Generalities of Coastlines Facing North vs East vs South vs West: live, vs. - World
  191. NYC vs Tokyo vs London vs Seoul: restaurants, nightlife - World
  192. Cities with Least Light Pollution?: home, buy, taxi - World
  193. Are Americans really all that friendly or is it just superficial?: living in, suburbs - World
  194. Do all countries have a clump of holidays near the end of the year?: school, live in - World
  195. Mexico City vs. Cairo for visitors: apartment, home, neighborhoods - World
  196. Lithuanians ‘sleep peacefully’ thanks to German troops: rain, town - World
  197. Americans living in DUBAI - World
  198. Funny and deep youtube episode on pigs by the Onion: interest - World
  199. 12 camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest in 'Botox' row: relocating, money - World
  200. Guess Where You Are Game: business, location, map - World