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  1. Which food products have a highest quality version made in the US?: organic - World
  2. Cheap country to live for a couple of months?: rent, quality of life - World
  3. Strongest Auroras (northern/southern lights) in the world?: rating, charge
  4. Iran vs Turkey better future?: standard of living, law, Irish - World
  5. City Similarity List: living, approval, metropolitan - World
  6. Guess my ethnicity - World
  7. Alexandria (Egypt) versus Athens (Greece) versus Casablanca (Morocco): best city, apartment - World
  8. status of shackle and hoist method of cattle slaughter around the world: 2014
  9. best place in the world for the following...: crime, living
  10. The World’s Best and Worst Places for Ease of Doing Business: market
  11. Dubai synagogue really exists: house, versus, kosher - World
  12. Princess of ex imperial China made a speech in the US, in English: Chinese - World
  13. Most symmetrical cities: neighborhoods, subdivisions, design - World
  14. Do you think that the anti-islamophobia community doesn't allow for constructive discussion?: racist - World
  15. Is Oman safe for travel for Westerners?: live, place - World
  16. Does a bilingual or multilingual really sound different than their monolingual parents?: apartment - World
  17. Istanbul vs. Dubai: spring break, amusement parks, how much - World
  18. where can i move to where i don't have to pay ****: sale, high income - World
  19. Vienna takes the Crown: movers, quality of life, to live - World
  20. What kinds of weather does it take for your city to go on public holiday mode?: 2013 - World
  21. Turkey vs Spain Better to visit?: safe, beaches, food - World
  22. Which city has the best collection of neighbourhoods?: shop, park - World
  23. Which 10 countries do you think currently and overall lead global world affairs?: military
  24. 'Risky' countries (incl. their subregions) with no travel warnings whatsoever. South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, the US..: crime rate - World
  25. Do the poor non minorities in western nations share genetic lineage with the middle class/rich?: schools - World
  26. Johannesburg vs Detroit: middle-class, apartment, neighborhoods - World
  27. A new Kremlin lie about accident of MH17: 2014, rain - World
  28. Seychelles - only 95,000 people - Creole/Kreol cultural vibe?: living in, restaurants - World
  29. your Experience,.-What is the Country with the best care for emergency health?: deal - World
  30. Chicago vs Berlin: living, restaurants, safety - World
  31. Patagonia vs Alaska: employment, oil, rich - World
  32. What things to buy in a trip to Spain ,France or Italy different or better or cheaper than in USA: college - World
  33. North American cities on urban scale of Hamburg, Germany: credit, how much - World
  34. Equivalent of Stockholm, Sweden: shop, safest, metro - World
  35. Mosst heavilt advertised products on TV, by country: 2014, car insurance - World
  36. How likely is it for another country to invade and take over another country today?: 2014 - World
  37. How are veterans and active duty military treated in their home countries?: loans - World
  38. New York vs. London vs. small town in Iowa - culturally: house, high school - World
  39. Johannesburg vs Cape Town vs Atlanta: crime rates, income, living - World
  40. What if your government shutdown and leave employees unpaid?: school, live in - World
  41. What is the most haunted country in the world: castles, atheist
  42. Wealth-X Billionaire Census, 2018 (Top Cities for Billionaires in 2017): tax, living - World
  43. How Gran Colombia created Great Britain and how the UK created Colombia: live - World
  44. How many cities can you spot?: town, about - World
  45. US sends troops for ‘violent’ Congo vote protests: how much, military - World
  46. National Emergency: house, law, store - World
  47. The 'real' Fiji: resorts, tourist, interest - World
  48. Morocco vs Iran more scenic country?: architecture, rated, best - World
  49. Auckland vs Seattle vs Oslo: transplants, live, transportation - World
  50. Most and least romantic societies?: rated, coastal, Irish - World
  51. 26 nations from 5 continents to participate in the 2018 U.S.-led military drill RIMPAC: design - World
  52. Making history Saudia Arabia gives 10 women driver licenses: cinema, drivers - World
  53. Which city is healthier and more athletic, Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC? And why?: neighbourhoods - World
  54. Looking for country, state, city & sub-region, street name data: cities, required - World
  55. American state tax situation if moving abroad?: income, income tax - World
  56. Which city is more innovative: Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC?: income, tax - World
  57. Why isn't right-wing media covering the migrants issue thoroughly?: statistics, demographics - World
  58. Summer Vacation ideas that cost USD $1,250 or less.: budget, best - World
  59. Most disappointing countries you visited.: cities, place, working - World
  60. Americans living abroad -: crime rates, buying a house, buying - World
  61. Have you made trips on tourist trains like the Orient Express.Your impressions?: hotels, luxury - World
  62. Dallas vs. Houston vs. Singapore: apartments, credit, school - World
  63. Why do developed countries have immigration laws with each other?: home, employment - World
  64. Fake cities: rent, wedding, casinos - World
  65. Top 10 best cities for quality of life?: low crime, living in - World
  66. Where would your home be in each continent?: cities, island - World
  67. Most different country/region compared to the United States in the world?: live, areas
  68. Cities where the residents are not named after the city: live, American - World
  69. Have you met tourists who didn’t speak your language?: school, living in - World
  70. overpopulated cities: 2013, suburbs, metro area - World
  71. What is the most powerful navy in the world: house, cost
  72. what are your favorite accents from around the world?: rated, cities
  73. Foreign nationals that can pass for locals in your country: dinner, population - World
  74. Time Travel-3 Cities: moving, architecture, population - World
  75. 30 most important cities in the world by YOU: universities, area
  76. Emirates or Eva Air from Amsterdam to Phuket?: best, reviews - World
  77. Living in Canada or New Zealand as an American: movies, to move - World
  78. Five countries you have not visited that you want to visit the most: place, top - World
  79. land of milk and honey for engineers: credit, to move - World
  80. cities with the most beautiful setting: bill, food, rated - World
  81. Who knows the impressive Spanish Holy week processions and what their impressions are.: apartment, university - World
  82. The US Feels Different From Canada Because of:: health insurance, crime rates - World
  83. It's A Pity That 1st Time US Visitors Perceive USA Thru NYC & LA: shop, train - World
  84. Of the 30 nations that have reached 50 million in population, 13 are in Asia and 7 are in Africa!: area, place - World
  85. Sydney vs Miami: 2015, standard of living, restaurants - World
  86. City in the world with the best deals on flights: how much, calculation
  87. Your top three destinations of 2018: rated, business, weather - World
  88. Hong Kong vs Tokyo (for highly skilled tech workers): taxi, salaries - World
  89. America's Remarkable GDP Per Capita and HDI Despite its Size: 2013, crimes - World
  90. Montreal vs Munich: home, to live, restaurants - World
  91. Places where bar brawling is common ?: bars, reviews, map - World
  92. Emerging Regions: South America vs Southeast Asia: crime, camps - World
  93. Can China sustain this madness ?: 2015, purchasing, luxury - World
  94. If the USA collapsed, what kind of world would it be?: purchase, movies
  95. Why are Dutch Americans much more conservative than the Dutch?: 2015, Mennonites - World
  96. Because the American Cinema continues to present with bad stereotypes the image of Spain and Spanish people-Examples.-: schools, teach - World
  97. countries by median wealth per adult: real estate, to rent, credit - World
  98. Global Folk: move, activity, title - World
  99. US vs UK more aesthetically beautiful Cities/Suburbs?: crime, lawyer - World
  100. Favorite mile-high city (Elev 5280 ft/1600 m): theatre, golf, metro - World
  101. What is a third world country?: wages, standard of living, safest
  102. Because a country as important as Usa can not with the California fire: live, military - World
  103. Montreal or Brisbane/Adelaide?: insurance, home, employment - World
  104. Where's the lowest COL place you'd be willing to live?: calculator, safe - World
  105. who immigrated, what was the process/experience like?: rent, insurance - World
  106. Has never experienced a snowfall?: house, college - World
  107. 3rd word or not 3rd world real poll.: crime, hotel
  108. First world cities in developing countries: houses, living in, bill
  109. Why do people like to live in the desert?: living in, restaurants - World
  110. Is Italy a better place to live than the US?: middle-class, apartments - World
  111. Favourite city with a tropical climate: low crime, standard of living, best - World
  112. Denmark vs New Zealand: job market, wages, quality of life - World
  113. Which country has the most beautiful currency?: 2014, houses - World
  114. Favorite city with mediterranean climate: living, cities, place - World
  115. Manila and Mexico City: condominiums, hotels, home - World
  116. Where should we move, UK vs Australia vs Canada: home, movies - World
  117. What developed country has the most useless police force?: insurance, crime - World
  118. Global trade shows signs of strain: 2014, to buy - World
  119. Feeling isolated in the US from the rest of the world: daycare, home
  120. Shibuya, Tokyo vs. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong: sales, taxi - World
  121. Iran to join SCO?: 2014, club, manufacturing - World
  122. G7, are they still important in the world?: club, friendly
  123. Top 10 Cities for Millennials: best cities, quality of life, living - World
  124. World Geography Tidbits: fit in, 2014, home
  125. In terms of topography, climate, and overall layout which country is the most similar to California?: areas, island - World
  126. Which of the 25 biggest emerging/developing countries have the brightest/most promising future?: crime rates, quality of life - World
  127. So, in what areas is Islamophobia becoming less common?: living, shops - World
  128. Do German people intrinsically prefer/like Chinese more than Americans?: 2015, shop - World
  129. Tel Aviv vs Melbourne: living, safer, beaches - World
  130. Global Top 20 Destination Cities by International Visitors: dangerous, ranked - World
  131. Which of places is the best the under-the-radar cities?: safe, beach - World
  132. What does it feel like to be a visible minority in the USA?: 2014, crime - World
  133. Why does the world believe that the US should take in all of the poor people?: living in, professionals
  134. Mexico City vs Johannesburg: crime, homes, neighborhood - World
  135. 50 Rising Stars for Celebrating Pride 2018: neighborhood, law, cities - World
  136. The world as a whole, without cultural boundaries into account, would you say is conservative or liberal?: office, population
  137. Florida vs. Japan: condo, crime, to live in - World
  138. What city/region is a true world's paradise?: to live, friendly
  139. Countries where the capital is not the largest city?: move, design - World
  140. Auckland vs. Vancouver: live in, activities, car - World
  141. Most recognizable structure of modern times: living, castle, building - World
  142. Why North America keeps tightening border controls since 2000s while it’s the opposite way around in Europe: fingerprinting, inspection - World
  143. San Antonio,TX vs London,UK or Vancouver,BC: to live, nightlife - World
  144. San Jose vs Vancouver: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, living in - World
  145. Which of areas is best to visit to visit for young Americans on a budget: price, dangerous - World
  146. Which of cities do you prefer?: live in, most dangerous - World
  147. Warm, tropical, active place for semi-offgrid?: to buy, gated, living - World
  148. World's most influential cities: real estate, 2014, home
  149. Colombia becomes a member of the OECD & NATO in one day. Who's next?: school, military - World
  150. Which country do you consider as the “4th” most prominent country in North America?: land, island - World
  151. How do non-Americans refer to the names of American cities?: metro, counties - World
  152. Madrid vs Buenos Aires (comparison of Spanish speaking global cities): home, neighborhoods - World
  153. What city in the U.S resembles Sao Paulo, Brazil?: living, areas - World
  154. Australian pop-culture?: 2015, home, wedding - World
  155. Is the movie My big Fat greek wedding an accurate portrayal of Greek culture?: home, university - World
  156. Compare and Contrast: New England and The Maritimes: houses, living - World
  157. retiring overseas to save money worth it?: appliances, how much - World
  158. Cleanest cities in the world: organic, live in, garden
  159. Decentralised Countries with main city >30% of national GDP: employment, live - World
  160. Madrid vs. Washington DC: broker, theatre, calculator - World
  161. How many of countries can currently be considered 1st world or highly developed?: crime rates, high income
  162. What do you consider to be part of the western world?: utilities, law
  163. Anglo culture outside the West?: areas, cities, island - World
  164. Is Barcelona the best city in the world?: best cities, apartment
  165. UK and USA are very different: townhomes, moving, vehicle - World
  166. Where is the Capital of the world?: metro area, area
  167. Madrid vs NY: sales, crimes, movies - World
  168. As a foreigner, do you have strong views of the United States?: home, movies - World
  169. Should Esperanto be promoted as an international language?: organic, living - World
  170. Of the top 100 universities in the world, more than half are in the United States or the United Kingdom!: transfer, calculation
  171. Middle East or Not Middle East?: transit, areas, population - World
  172. Rising Cities of the Future: crime, quality of life, tax - World
  173. Are there storical battles that were fought in around your area?: houses, live - World
  174. Countries never developed own languages: 2015, statistics, top 10 - World
  175. Mexico City vs. Rome (Visit Category-Match Up): safe area, theatre - World
  176. There are 23 countries in North America: college, Dominican, town - World
  177. How many countries in the world have states/provinces with elected governors?: residential, rating
  178. Barcelona vs. Sydney: living, shop, safe - World
  179. Which city in the world has the largest number of elevators (lifts) installed and working?: buy, statistics
  180. Battle of the New's - which ones are most similar to the Old ?: area, buildings - World
  181. Dubai a beautiful city: architecture, areas, cities - World
  182. Better Hybrid Suburban Rail/Metro: Sydney Trains vs Washington Metro: 2014, neighborhoods - World
  183. Moscow vs. Saint Petersburg: how much, theatre, luxury - World
  184. Vacation to Venezuela: violent crime, how much, restaurants - World
  185. Which US/Canadian city are Sydney and Melbourne on the urban scale of?: chapel, construction - World
  186. Calgary vs San Jose: unemployment rate, income, living - World
  187. Why are you allowed to talk about America's evils but not its punishments?: movies, complaints - World
  188. Best food scene Paris vs New York vs New Orleans vs Rome: live, restaurants - World
  189. World's Best Twin City Combo: Osaka-Kyoto?: best city, credit card, home
  190. Most Beautiful City in Each Region: home, stats, pollution - World
  191. Favorite Middle East City?: live, safety, food - World
  192. Which modern day countries have the most colonies: live, bill - World
  193. American Riviera vs French Riviera: job market, taxes - World
  194. Global women's march planned for January 2019: today - World
  195. Napali Coast Clones?: photos, around - World
  196. north cyprus: purchase, property, lifestyle - World
  197. Suva, Fiji - Walking around Fiji's largest city: malls, streets - World
  198. Walking MACAU....: casinos, video, around - World
  199. US Vs. Turkey in Syria: should - World
  200. Funny and deep youtube episode on pigs by the Onion: interest - World