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  1. Serious why doesn't the world unite to destroy the USA if it is so evil and clearly deserves to be destroyed?: architect
  2. Europeans who lived in America and then moved back...: how much, home - World
  3. World’s Most Populous Cities, Over 500 Years of History: live, estimated
  4. You want to start a fruit company, you got $1 million in the bank...: standard of living - World
  5. If the USA let's go of its superpower status, would it increase its peoples standard of living significantly?: bankrupt - World
  6. Which of cities is most open, liberal, forward-thinking, and yuppie?: university, rated - World
  7. Places Similar to Cape Town and Hawaii in terms of Scenery?: architecture, park - World
  8. Long ways and long times around the world: living in, land
  9. looking for person: county, to work, hospital - World
  10. Small cities by area with large populations: land, metropolitan area - World
  11. Russia offers to be friends, but is ready to defend: live, safety - World
  12. Imagine(eering) a doubled Epcot World Showcase: house, restaurant
  13. Oslo vs Twin Cities: live, restaurants, bars - World
  14. Should tipping be abolished in North America and eating establishments pay staff a living/minimum wage?: insurance - World
  15. Why do non US people get angry when US people say that their country is the best?: house - World
  16. Brazil and all the red tape .: taxes, living in, move to - World
  17. Which part/side of New York is like East London (UK)?: rich, suburbs - World
  18. Have you met “Jafakeians”?: middle-class, theater, shop - World
  19. Places to be for HSP (highly sensitive/spiritual person)?: live, statistics - World
  20. The Best and Worst Cities in the World to Live and Work Abroad in 2020: rent
  21. Best beaches within 5 degrees latitude of the Equator: buying, move to - World
  22. What Does This City Remind You Of?: hotel, live - World
  23. Rank the Cities for Spiritual Wholeness and General Positive Vibe: ranking, place - World
  24. Epic Travel Stories of Planet Earth! Wonderous Real Life Reality As Contrasting With Wrong Stereotypes: shopping mall - World
  25. English proficiency by country: areas, cities, classes - World
  26. Tel Aviv: Lively Nightlife, Great Restaurants: apartments, home, wage - World
  27. The world's most reputable countries: home, universities, quality of life
  28. Lisbon vs Santiago: how much, home, unemployment rate - World
  29. This is so remarkable, the economy of the United States is larger than 179 countries combined!: buy - World
  30. Lagos, Nigeria vs. Dhaka, Bangladesh: crime, living, cost of living - World
  31. News, Dubai bar offering women free drinks based on their weight: credit, hotel - World
  32. Another Day Another Study Rankings of Cities: unemployment, income - World
  33. 2019 Urban Area Populations Released by Demographia: how much, moving, areas - World
  34. Does American Work Experience/Degrees Have more value Worldwide?: college, title
  35. Hong Kong city streets....: hotel, road, year - World
  36. Country ranking of the most walkable cities and towns overall: cars, transit - World
  37. sunbelts of the world: retiree, area, island
  38. Throat problems i need help: medical, doctors - World
  39. Why do many in South American societies look down to the USA, but Central Americans and Mexicans love USA?: income, shopping mall - World
  40. Madrid vs Barcelona vs Berlin vs Vienna which city do you prefer and why ?: to live in, nightlife - World
  41. Which is a better City if you're filthy rich: London or New York?: houses, to live - World
  42. Montevideo, Uruguay vs. Bucharest, Romania: crime, earthquake, dangerous - World
  43. Where can I live amongst mountains (Europe vs. North America)?: ski resorts, low crime - World
  44. Since the patriarchy is slowly being dismantled, in which countries does it exist most strongly?: university, dangerous - World
  45. Three things your country is most proud of :): big house, taxes - World
  46. Cities people compare all the time as similar but you just don't see it: houses, mall - World
  47. Cities of Eastern half of N. America vs Western Europe: universities, quality of life - World
  48. (Way too Early) Which (New) City Should Host 2032 Olympic Games?: cost of, train - World
  49. Do kind things happen in democratic free countries?: school districts, to live in - World
  50. What comes to mind when you think of cities?: homeowners association, hotel - World
  51. Best five inventions of your countrymen: credit, home, refrigerator - World
  52. Alps vs Andes: 2015, live, move - World
  53. First Gay Mayor of a World Capital Voted into Office: live, racist
  54. Does the caste system help build leadership ?: schools, college - World
  55. People with strongest ethnic and regional identity that still consider themselves to be a part of a bigger nation: 2013, living - World
  56. Which tropical islands do you prefer - Caribbean Islands vs. Indonesian archipelago: buying, beaches - World
  57. Which of the 20 major sub-divisions of the 6 core Anglosphere countries do u think is/are the best place(s) to live in?: places to live, areas - World
  58. Guangzhou, China vs. Mexico City, Mexico: crime rates, neighborhoods, income - World
  59. Countries where most of the population is close to another country's border: live in, centers - World
  60. Each Great Capital a traveler captures a typical atmosphere that summarizes the City in a few words.What do you think?.: appointed, home - World
  61. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil vs. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: crime rate, neighborhoods - World
  62. Why are former American Colonies poor compared to former British colonies?: colleges, rated - World
  63. What’s the culture of driver/pedestrian interactions in part of the world you live in?: home, DMV
  64. which monumental and historical buildings have impressed you most in the World and why,for example,Coliseum,Alhambra: real estate, live
  65. Best alternative to visiting Iran: crime, airport, safe - World
  66. Countries with suprising, unknown minority populations: living in, Lebanese, business - World
  67. Border Cities: houses, transfer, to buy - World
  68. If you claim you are from an ethnicity, is it necessary to be able to speak in the language of that ethnicity?: home, school - World
  69. Which of countries has the most evil dictatorship regime?: 2015, station - World
  70. Manhattan vs Hong Kong: which feels more vibrant and urban: apartments, home - World
  71. Iranian food: houses, wedding, restaurants - World
  72. Anglophone global cities aside outside of the US to live in: upper-class, transplants - World
  73. Reykjavik, Iceland vs. Quebec City, Canada: waterparks, crime, unemployment rate - World
  74. What country in the world has the most FREEDOM?: sales, school
  75. Which cities in the world should have metro systems but don't?: trains, commuter
  76. Best city to retire, world edition.: real estate market, home, subsidized
  77. Lima vs. San Francisco (Visitor Appeal): hotel, neighborhoods, live - World
  78. Do people use pyrotechnics on New Year’s Eve in their cities?: home, live - World
  79. Where in the world is guitar-based rock music very popular young people?: elementary school, live
  80. Have You Ever Been In a Fight Abroad?: buy, landlord - World
  81. most modern city 2020: how much, public transportation, architecture - World
  82. Why does the USA appropriates history?: live, corporate, Hispanic - World
  83. Is the UK or the US more instrumental in the worldwide proliferation of English?: military, rated
  84. Your Favorite Capital Cities around the World?: new home, quality of life
  85. Where are you eating dinner tomorrow (if you had a big windfall): rent, felons - World
  86. Porn is illegal in Iceland?: inspectors, live, legal - World
  87. U.S vs U.K Which is more racially integrated?: lower-class, gated - World
  88. Around the world trip planned (From DC to Dubai, Singapore, Australia, NZ, Hawaii, SF Bay area, back to DC).: 2013, hotel
  89. Singapore vs. Washington D.C.: crime rate, houses, job market - World
  90. Top 3 Mountain cities, or towns: living in, places, coastal - World
  91. NYC vs London vs Melbourne vs Montreal vs SF: home, high school - World
  92. Compare suburbia in four Western countries: Australia, America, Canada and England: apartment complexes, condos - World
  93. Hostels for almost 40 y/o married couple ... financially well-off .. why?: hotels, price - World
  94. Countries with worst relationships with one another.: theater, business - World
  95. Most happily FREE places/people (in the world)?: how much, houses
  96. Which Cities around the World has Blue-eyed Blondes of extreme beauty?: 2015, buy
  97. Whats the most geopolitically powerful city?: rent, home, living - World
  98. Why can’t we live in a large dome on Antarctica?: maintenance, living - World
  99. Canada or Australia: What will be the new USA?: tax, military - World
  100. What screams trashy in your country: lawyer, houses, buying - World
  101. Why does Thailand have so many more tourists than Brazil?: vs., safe - World
  102. How good are you at geography?: schools, education, cities - World
  103. Why aren't gap years popular in the US the youth like they are in other countries?: crime, house - World
  104. Best Located City in the World?: centers, train, metropolitan
  105. China's quest for world domination is going to hit a wall...: best, business
  106. Where is the best place in the World to experience XMAS?: house, buying
  107. High time Lenin was moved and dumped in a grave: costs, cemetery - World
  108. Which city has the best outdoors (nature, activities, wildlife)?: 2015, rooftop - World
  109. What do you consider to be part of the EASTERN world? (updated): design, association
  110. Where should I visit/travel to in the world?: best city, credit
  111. Flying (vacation) from USA to Italy, 5-hour stopover in Moscow Russia. Can we go into Moscow city for dinner?: best cities, transfer - World
  112. How did she win?: gated, dental, place - World
  113. Does Canada or Australia Offer More?: crime rate, how much, buy - World
  114. Americans: If you had to move to one of other Anglo nations, which would you choose?: houses, construction - World
  115. Is life in southern Europe (Italy) comparable to life in Australia?: houses, job market - World
  116. What Countries Besides USA Where Not Having A Car Impairs Dating/ Social Options: taxi, living - World
  117. The americans admire France and dream of Paris,The french do not correspond to them.: 2013, military - World
  118. Cultures where only one parent works?: live, airports, atheist - World
  119. Raising family and retirement in the tropics: best cities, insurance - World
  120. Countries that would fit in Better in another Continent/Region?: move, suburban - World
  121. Do most people accept the reality that the U.S. will remain a top nation for as long as ancient Egypt and Rome did?: unemployment rate, universities - World
  122. Where is the best catholic places to live?: homes, public schools - World
  123. Countries by Exports ($): tax, legal, corporate - World
  124. Citizenship and the military: living, recruit, fast track - World
  125. You was born and raised in North Korea...: how much, movies - World
  126. Auckland V. Vancouver V. Melbourne: income, living, price - World
  127. Non-North Americans, if you could magically vacation in 3 cities in North America, what would they be?: hotels, cost - World
  128. If the US is a terrible country, why don't Americans dismantle it?: crime, how much - World
  129. Countries where the largest city is not the richest?: median income, standard of living - World
  130. World's most expensive cities for expats in 2019: 2015, city hall
  131. Post a picture of what the homes look like in your neighborhood for comparison.: 2015, apartment - World
  132. Osaka vs. Chicago: Which has better urban amenities/infrastructure?: neighborhoods, live - World
  133. What Cities that have seen in the World think you what are they the cleanest and organized: credit, home
  134. Ever compare your latitude to other cities/countries?: land, area - World
  135. What rich cities or countries are there in the world today that don't look completely westernized?: live, stores
  136. Have you your country becoming more nationalist in the last few years?: 2015, credit - World
  137. Are the World’s Most Expensive Cities: apartment, city hall
  138. Black American Diaspora Population: how much, home, live in - World
  139. Do the Japanese seem to have healthier relationships than Westerners and Hispanics?: versus, assault - World
  140. Finding safest parts of the world from the encroaching tyranny of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 and ICLEI movements?: live, military
  141. The way to be no wars, conflicts, and pitiful sacrifices in the world! Let's be together!: 2015, movies
  142. Besides Canada, USA and the Netherlands, where do they have the cannabis use?: condo, crime - World
  143. The Balance between East and West Culture: fit in, how much - World
  144. Cities that are too claustrophobic because of large populations / too many people: middle-class, 2015 - World
  145. Should every nation/country have the same gun laws?: purchase, live - World
  146. I do not feel at home anywhere in the world: appointed, new home
  147. World's 10 most expensive cities to buy a home: real estate, apartment
  148. US vs China 2nd Tier Cities for Asian Musicians?: apartment, rent - World
  149. Post the typical high school building in your country: 2015, credit - World
  150. Do people correct language usage in non-English countries?: lawyer, high school - World
  151. What countries would cause the most culture shock for Americans?: crime, how much - World
  152. Pizza sauce overseas: restaurants, food, companies - World
  153. Ethnic Groups that Look Alike but are Distant: live, to move - World
  154. Visitor Appeal/Preference: Moscow vs. Delhi: violent crime, to live in, statistics - World
  155. The French government/Vatican City should pay for Notre Dame, not charitable donations: loan, houses - World
  156. Japan is a lot like West Virginia: to live in, statistics - World
  157. Why is it impossible to destroy the US?: live, rich - World
  158. What is the most creative and intellectual city in the Middle East/Arab world?: design, rated
  159. What is the most stereotypical region of each country?: area, cities - World
  160. If you had to live in a 3rd world country which would you chose?: living, safe
  161. Least polluted ocean or sea?: live, pollution, ranked - World
  162. What is the furthest North , South , West , East you have been?: house, airplane - World
  163. If Immigration, Tourism, Foreign Aid, Import/Export ended today...: unemployed, quality of life - World
  164. How many places have you lived in your life?: apartments, houses - World
  165. Has a countries homogeneity been the greatest factor in it's development.: earthquakes, standard of living - World
  166. What surprised or shocked you about a city's subway/train/heavy rail system?: appointed, mover - World
  167. Saudi Arabia plans to introduce Chinese into the curriculum at all education levels: schools, universities - World
  168. Should Greenland join the United States?: for sale, to buy, university - World
  169. Prague vs. Dubai vs. Kyoto (for a visit): how much, living in - World
  170. Overrated and underrated cities.: to live, housing, estimates - World
  171. Safest cities in the world: violent crime, how much, stats
  172. Israeli street food name: live, restaurants, health - World
  173. 10 Best Countries to Work In The World to Make Money: extended stay, insurance
  174. Top 10 Most Lucrative Airline Routes in the World: airport, rail
  175. Vancouver vs. Singapore: crime rate, living, price - World
  176. Most respected made in....: luxury, costs, safety - World
  177. The World's Most Innovative Countries In 2019 [Infographic]: apartments, credit card
  178. Why is the US so obsessed with the Middle East?: oil, cars - World
  179. Which countries have better quality of Life,USA ,UK,Spain France,Italy.-: living in, statistics - World
  180. Floor counting around the world?: hotels, restaurant, office
  181. If Corporations have Mergers, why don't Countries have Mergers?: 2014, buy - World
  182. Does Every Spanish-Speaking Country Have Its Own' Accent?: 2014, loan - World
  183. GAWC rankings - too high, too low: oil, rich - World
  184. into midsize cities (100k-500k)?: home, neighborhoods, living in - World
  185. Countries where their two biggest cities are extremely different?: metropolitan area, population - World
  186. Canada / Ireland / New Zealand surrounded/isolated by their respective larger neighbours, the U.S. / U.K. / Australia: sale, live - World
  187. Which is a better City: London or New York?: insurance, architecture - World
  188. Can someone explain to me why the world hasn't attempted to take up arms against America if it is so evil?: crimes, rich
  189. Why do the North and East tend to be Socialist and Evil?: Chinese, garbage - World
  190. Is the U.S. mostly known globally because of California, New York, and its Military?: movies, foods - World
  191. good ‘poor’ countries to live in?: crime, job market - World
  192. Disappointing cities from street level: how much, neighborhood, safety - World
  193. If you would ask random people in your country...: home, cities - World
  194. Asian American living in UAE: moving to, jobs, kids - World
  195. Is median age when comparing incomes often overlooked: wealthy, population - World
  196. SMURF accounts for League of Legends: buying, disposal, live - World
  197. Which destination is the best to travel in Summer?: hotels, budget - World
  198. people who look like the epitome/prototype of their ethnicity/ nationality...: 2013, rain - World
  199. The most popular sport disciplines by viewership in your country.: countries, between - World
  200. Which Country in western Europe surprised you bay how different it was from what you before and why: trains - World