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  1. Medical Tourism.....need recommendations: insurance, cost, centers - World
  2. The GEOGRAPHY GAME: buy, vacation, island - World
  3. best place for freelance journalist? work options?: college, to relocate - World
  4. Median Professional Degree Income by Country?: sales, find a job, purchasing - World
  5. News, Ex-POW seeks apology, compensation.: Australian, to work, visit to - World
  6. Peace Corps Applicant (volunteers of color encouraged to ): hair salon, house - World
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  8. Soon to be free as a bird... and I want to live completely new.: apartments - World
  9. American Cultures map: stats, Hispanic, America - World
  10. Disabled Friendly countries?: apartments, insurance, house - World
  11. Teaching English Abroad !: home, public school, tax - World
  12. Cook Islands and Niue: authority, association, title - World
  13. How do you say welcome to your new home in your language?: rain - World
  14. just for fun:): ski resort, house, buy - World
  15. best economy: income, to live, legally - World
  16. News, World's 20 Best Places To Live.: architecture, rating, business
  17. see the documentary by Mike Moore, Sicko ?: how much, bankruptcy - World
  18. Which country is more immigrant-tolerant? Canada or the USA?: buy, living in - World
  19. Can a non-native speaker achieve native competancy?: college, to live in - World
  20. Cultural Differences!: violent crime, vs., health - World
  21. Last survivor of the Titanic Disaster has passed away: movies, live - World
  22. Non-Americans/Americans impressions of Chicago?: best city, living, fun things to do - World
  23. Accents: accent, summers, Russian - World
  24. What city is this?: location, images, should - World
  25. Luggage tags: crime, hotel, houses - World
  26. Different languages - World
  27. what position does Science and Religion have in the eastern and western religion.: what does - World
  28. How can someone find work overseas?: look for a job, college, to live in - World
  29. News, Elizabeth Sheehan has spent a long time working the world’s poorest people.: live
  30. Greenland and Faroe Islands: complete - World
  31. C$ Becoming the next currency empire?: purchase, oil, money - World
  32. how much ppl earn in your country: metropolitan, areas - World
  33. Guam inquiry: apartment, rentals, credit - World
  34. What are the most useful languages for a civil engineer and for a farmer?: live in - World
  35. Muslim Eid holiday: house, tree, pictures - World
  36. Zippo Lighters: houses, to buy, prices - World
  37. World's Best Banks 2009: insurance, mattress, lawsuit
  38. How do you move to another country?: home, job market - World
  39. Why??: move, cities, Brazilian - World
  40. Cities Where A Nobody Can Intergrate Easily: transplants, loans - World
  41. Very cool way to learn Spanish: stations, lessons, job - World
  42. Standing out/Attracting: how much, safety, racist - World
  43. Do you have refugees in your city?: living, housing - World
  44. Do Australian big cities or Canadian big cities feel more isolated?: place to live, vs. - World
  45. Environmental Science major - Study Abroad locations?: credit, homes - World
  46. News, What's the most remote spot on Earth?: live in, airport - World
  47. News, 8'1 Turk takes title of world's tallest man.: sales, promotional
  48. News, More older Americans signing on to volunteer abroad.: photographs, teenager - World
  49. Do you believe the world will end 2012?: 2013, living
  50. Great TV Adverts of the World: entertainment, commercial, countries
  51. Baseball, world series.: design, title, best
  52. Good News, Fireman transforms pickup paramedics.: living, firefighters, accident - World
  53. How many of you are expat American citizens that moved to other countries?: fit in - World
  54. What is the safest, warmest, island with the lowest taxes???: unemployment, professionals - World
  55. Explain me this: taxation, living, to eat - World
  56. Which sidewalks have more people on them, LDN or NYC?: live, cities - World
  57. americans and touring: crime, friendly, toddlers - World
  58. Which of cities offers the best way of life? what are the main differences.?: neighborhoods - World
  59. Which continent do you think has the nicest cities??: town, America - World
  60. Happy Easter, World!!!
  61. President Obama: houses, unemployment, income - World
  62. If the World had one government what continent would the capital be on?: local
  63. Which cities have many vibrant and beautiful parks?: gardens, architecture - World
  64. City break ideas?: hotel, restaurants, price - World
  65. Best place for a 30+ year olds?: place to live, best to, child - World
  66. Montreal, Buenos Aires, Boston, or Auckland: Which city would you like the best??: quality of life - World
  67. International Cannabis laws?: home, buy, legal - World
  68. What if Berlusconi was President of the USA?: appointed, house - World
  69. The World's saddest cities: abandoned, town, European
  70. US cities vs. other cities: homes, neighborhoods, buy - World
  71. Which city would you rather live in: Turin, Prague, Perth, Santiago, Ottawa, Osaka, or Washington, D.C.??: living in, beach - World
  72. How many languages do you speak?: high school, college, live in - World
  73. top 11 underground transit systems: insurance, construction, subdivisions - World
  74. Wanting to leave the USA, looking for advice: fit in, violent crime - World
  75. Shanghai or Mexico City?: lease, crime, hotel - World
  76. Most Romantic Cities in the World.: best, park, building
  77. Having a hard time picking a foreign language: crime, college - World
  78. Fashion around the World: how much, neighborhood, live
  79. Comparing countries maternity benefits: fit in, health insurance, school - World
  80. England vs Stockholm vs Amsterdam vs Tokyo: low crime, home - World
  81. Visiting Arabic Islamic countries?: hotels, luxury, university - World
  82. How hard would it be to work in another country coming from the US?: transfer to, salary - World
  83. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Israel....Where to teach English?: crime, home - World
  84. World Jokes: university, living in, best
  85. World's happiest cities: crime rate, living in, dangerous
  86. Worst Countries for Political Correctness..: law, shop, moving - World
  87. Global Cities Index: Top 25 Cities To Live In: best city, credit - World
  88. safe, stable, developed countries with tropical forest: houses, parks - World
  89. World's friendliest countries: hotels, beaches, friendly
  90. Where are of the inexpensive places to live?: real estate, how much - World
  91. Who should get the 2016 Olympics?: 2014, crime rate, inspection - World
  92. Your Top 10 Skylines in the World: wealthiest, rank, park
  93. Pacific or Atlantic: credit, living, beach - World
  94. Where to go if the World Goes to Crap.....: homes, most dangerous
  95. Which countries has better women?: credit card, house, maintenance - World
  96. worldwide fertility rates: statistics, population, place
  97. Which countries/regions are most homophobic?: living, wealthiest, cities - World
  98. Best Islands to live in?: to rent, to buy, income - World
  99. What are the Whitest countries on earth?: shoppers, Wal-mart - World
  100. In what countries do women like more nerdy guys?: teacher, areas - World
  101. USA only non socialist country left.: how much, unemployment rate, quality of life - World
  102. Best country/city you have visited?: best city, homes, live - World
  103. Name The Most/Least Xenophobic Countries: home, taxi driver, live - World
  104. Japan vs. Russia(which country has better food, nightlife, culture and friendlier women?): apartment, crime rate - World
  105. Gun Laws: home, purchase, to live - World
  106. The 10 fattest countries: live, statistics, food - World
  107. Leaving USA: home, find a job, movies - World
  108. multilingual people: Dutch, to work, limit - World
  109. Where have you gone to the movies?: movie theater, live - World
  110. Describe the Economic Mood in Your Country.: mortgages, how much - World
  111. Is there anywhere uite like the US?: how much, vs. - World
  112. English Speaking Countries Where American Dollar goes the furthest?: buying, living - World
  113. Top 50 cities in the world to live in: crime, taxation
  114. Which country has the best castles?: hotels, to live in, restaurant - World
  115. canary islands -worlds best weather?: violent crime, to live, restaurants
  116. Learning foreign language: university, living in, education - World
  117. What Language Should I learn?: high school, community college, live in - World
  118. Where should I study?: universities, living in, cost of - World
  119. What is your favorite accent to hear?: college, design - World
  120. Dual Citizenship: tax, to live in, law - World
  121. Dual Citizenship, where and how?: calculator, living in, dangerous - World
  122. Dental Care Abroad - /All advice: extended stay, hotel - World
  123. Language fluency: movies, high school, college - World
  124. What cities would you describe as 24-hour cities?: neighborhoods, live - World
  125. Millions worldwide would like to switch countries: study: unemployment, living in
  126. cities you have been to: live, suburbs, single - World
  127. In The Last 40 Years Which Nation Has Made The Most Social Progress?: crime, credit - World
  128. Why is Europe a continent but India is only a 'sub continent'?: live in, rated - World
  129. Smartest People in the World?: school, moving, vacation
  130. Do you ever just want to move out of the country??: to buy, living - World
  131. Pirates? And now the Seas aren't safe?: rail, activities - World
  132. United States vs Australia: crime, wages, quality of life - World
  133. Why Aren't American Beers easily available worldwide?: best, company
  134. Impossible expat dream?: renting, home, to buy - World
  135. Biggest/warmest/cleanest/most modern?: low crime, universities, taxis - World
  136. Best Airports in the world?: car rental, rental, movies
  137. Could you live in a non-English speaking country?: extended stay, home - World
  138. The country in the second place .. ?: military, health, population - World
  139. Questions for Americans who have worked in other countries...: rental, opthamologist - World
  140. Favorite Latin/Romance language: live, best, accents - World
  141. Worst Airport in the world?: transfer, construction, restaurants
  142. Favorite GERMANIC language: cities, rain, Russian - World
  143. Starting out in life... where should I go?: university, professionals - World
  144. What is your idea of a perfect world?: big house, luxury
  145. Dealing with different cultures: fit in, home, college - World
  146. Americans?: military, best, place - World
  147. Australia's Gold Coast vs. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale: living, beaches, medical - World
  148. Fascination with American culture: appointed, movies, train - World
  149. World's best pizzas: home, live, restaurants
  150. Tell us about your city/country: condo, house prices, find a job - World
  151. Retiring to a third world county?: sales, real estate, renting
  152. The Truth (painting): living in, best, homosexual - World
  153. Forbes' World's Most Stunning City Skylines: best, cities, buildings
  154. Best sounding language: dangerous, Korean, summers - World
  155. News, The world’s strangest laws.: taxi cab, law, legal
  156. Prettiest Bowl-Shaped Cities of the World?: live, air pollution, housing
  157. Italians and Hispanics?: high school, to live, legal - World
  158. Tipping?: salons, how much, hotels - World
  159. How stressful is your life?: health insurance, mortgage, house - World
  160. Most Violent Cities in the Worlds Undeveloped Countries?: crime, live
  161. The Best place for a H.S Dropout: movies, high school - World
  162. Living Abroad: Good or Bad Idea?: home, refrigerator, neighborhood - World
  163. Could I pay you to go there?: middle-class, luxury - World
  164. easiest inexpensive-stable countries for emigration: car insurance, crime, credit - World
  165. Most beautiful country in the world?: beaches, best, island
  166. Countries to be developed by 2050: high income, standard of living, airports - World
  167. Which city would you rather live in: Amsterdam, Liverpool, Philadelphia, Singapore, Valparaiso, or Melbourne??: to live in, cities - World
  168. World's Most Expensive Cities: real estate, compensation, taxes
  169. What is a African American friendly country?: home, universities - World
  170. Where to go in the Mediterranean for vacation?: beach, areas - World
  171. American woman (possibly family) needs to relocate out of the USA: rent, health insurance - World
  172. Suburbs outside of United States?: apartments, to rent, condo - World
  173. Pictures of our Great World -- Personal photos only -- no copyrighted material: hotel, wedding
  174. Match an Asian city with a European city: military, centers - World
  175. realize the basic similarities between Canada and Australia?: buying, living - World
  176. How hard would it be (theorhetically) to renounce U.S. citizenship and become a citizen: home, income - World
  177. Your Coolest Skylines In The World: earthquakes, designs, architecture
  178. Standing Out: house, neighborhood, high school - World
  179. Experience with a country: fit in, how much, home - World
  180. USA/Australia: living, cost of living, cars - World
  181. Out of countries, which would be best for an american man to move to in terms of acceptance, opportunity: house, job market - World
  182. What is the worst country in the world?: dangerous, county
  183. What city has the world's best skyline?: designs, architecture
  184. USA vs. EU: real estate, how much, bankruptcy - World
  185. Most Americanized Cities Outside America?: movies, beach, suburb - World
  186. Skilled immigration: fingerprinting, lawyer, find a job - World
  187. My Ideal Place to Live: low crime, living, cost - World
  188. Most Beautiful Place on The World Poll ! All vote we need ur vote!!!: live, beach
  189. Purchasing a property overseas: real estate, condo, houses - World
  190. News, Manicurist sells house, car to build school.: living, classes - World
  191. News Video, Dip in ice cold water for good luck.: Japanese, traditional - World
  192. Majuro, Marshall Islands: to live, job, year - World
  193. News, Samoa provokes fury by switching sides of the road.: island, driving - World
  194. News, Woman appeals ban on female metro drivers.: legal, trains - World
  195. help me finish a questionnaire: how much, home, unemployed - World
  196. News, What could possibly go wrong?: bicycles, close to, prison - World
  197. Help me with relocation.: college, living in, teaching - World
  198. PNG: Morobe Ag Show 2009: activities, between, addresses - World
  199. News, Bartender helps turn wine to water in developing world.: live, restaurant
  200. Affordable & Safe?: move to, no kids, citizen - World