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  1. The world's most polite/impolite cities according to Reader's Digest: friendly, rankings
  2. There should be a big movement of democracy.: military, safe - World
  3. US equivalents: rank, population, maps - World
  4. What are the best places to...: buy, beach, vacation - World
  5. People are starving to death... and you want a birthday party?: homes, to buy - World
  6. Do you come from a culture where ...: construction, to live in - World
  7. Bucketlist Best 7: garden, residential, area - World
  8. Suva, Fiji: home, university, shop - World
  9. ohh..Google you should haven't done like that.: middle school, live - World
  10. Best country/countries in the world and why: house, unemployment
  11. Best Places fo Live WITHIN other countries: living in, rankings - World
  12. Has TSA affected your decision to visit the U.S.?: hotels, limousine - World
  13. Dual Citizenship: living, costs, legal - World
  14. The Future of the Global Muslim Population: living in, retiree - World
  15. Travelers' Poll: Favorite Mediterranean Destination(s): appointed, hotel, neighborhood - World
  16. Top Ten New Years Eve Destinations List: home, rating - World
  17. Airport Security measures in your country?: hotel, cabin, safety - World
  18. Merry Christmas: island, warm, year - World
  19. Where to Spend The Holidays On Christmas: store, rated - World
  20. what do you think- place to live in my situation: homes, school - World
  21. Is it Better to Study in the US or Australia: 2013, foreclosures - World
  22. Building Identification: transfer, theater, train - World
  23. Thoughts of Last Obama Speech...: educational, rank, best - World
  24. Where's the Left Bank days?: movies, living, public transportation - World
  25. How To Emmigrate: insurance, how much, neighborhood - World
  26. What will population of cities be as world population approaches 7,000,000,000?: fit in, top 10
  27. Can properly suggest to me where I can move?: college, living in - World
  28. trying another country: for sale, hotels, home - World
  29. Most Fun Trio?: rank, compare, difference - World
  30. Suggestions on escaping the winter this year: subletting, apartment - World
  31. World's most dangerous hiking trail: hotel, pictures, Chinese
  32. Cultural Thank You Gifts?: shop, pay, working - World
  33. Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau: drivers license, place, Australian - World
  34. How hard is Arabic to learn?: how much, purchasing, college - World
  35. Who is the Arab Spring really helping?: home, prices - World
  36. Good News, Former Nazi resort rebuilt as huge youth hostel.: hotel, military - World
  37. Hippeastrum species: gardens, area, sold - World
  38. Australia vs USA: how much, casinos, beaches - World
  39. In what retirement countries can i buy a house?: real estate, lease - World
  40. News Video, Pilot Saves Passengers, Then Dies in Blimp Crash.: safety, German - World
  41. help me in my problem: birth certificate, how to, Philippine - World
  42. How many out there will be celebrating May Day?: home, construction - World
  43. **Tourist visa - Polish in United States**: condo, MBA - World
  44. What would be a good place to start working in the field of psychology?: universities - World
  45. Human Rights For All: oil, rating, best - World
  46. Best country to live?: to live in, dangerous, safety - World
  47. Strangest and/or most unique places on earth: houses, areas - World
  48. Home Ownership from AFAR: sale, real estate, renters - World
  49. The Baddest lie in the world: military, food, Korean
  50. Best City to Live...: to live in, cities, cold weather - World
  51. World's 50 best restaurants: food, kitchen, park
  52. Spanish help: hotels, price, cities - World
  53. Countries without immigration laws: real estate, buying, live - World
  54. Was the world still a lot more ancient 20, 40, 60 years ago?: credit, hotels
  55. Thrift Stores/Charity Shops?: sales, appliances, to buy - World
  56. Wikileaks: law, suite, best - World
  57. Have you been to the World Exposition?How?: about, sick
  58. World cities with amazing Christmas decorations: trees, pictures, Colombia
  59. Gifts: farmers, expense, teacher - World
  60. living abroad for a year!: home, housing, locations - World
  61. Which would you choose to spend four months in and why?: universities, costs - World
  62. New 2010 Human Development Index released!: crime, school, university - World
  63. Mailing International: moving, money, places - World
  64. New UN Human Development Index: crime, how much, school - World
  65. Top Christmas Beach Locations: island - World
  66. Corruption Perception Index: place, rain, Asian - World
  67. World Firearm Laws: movies, pros and cons, taxes
  68. Does your country give the children of illegals instant citizenship?: legal, title - World
  69. Paris, Montreal, and NYC. Which is better for me?: neighborhoods, university - World
  70. What country to do Masters?: school, universities, price - World
  71. World Cities similar to Honolulu, Hawaii: living, climate, free
  72. Somoan History?: live, rating, Asian - World
  73. Stuttgart 21: lawyers, costs, gardens - World
  74. Most welcoming countries/cities: Home Depot, living in, legal - World
  75. What urban Mediterranean island has strong Middle East/North African and Euro influence?: live, catholics - World
  76. What will be the next 'place to be'?: real estate, homes - World
  77. Teaching english in foreign countries: apartment, house, schools - World
  78. What cities have the best public transit?: transfer, taxi driver - World
  79. Moving to Europe, South America, Asia: safe neighborhoods, buy, schools - World
  80. Countries with very cheap Real Estate: for sale, apartments, rentals - World
  81. How hard/easy would it be for an educated professional American to find employment abroad?: find a job, transfer - World
  82. Has done an International Home Exchange?: to rent, hotel - World
  83. Best Places To Travel Alone...: dangerous, safest, nightlife - World
  84. What is the North/South-West/East in the World IYO?: live, east coast
  85. Vancouver is the world's most live-able city (The Independent): how much, home
  86. International Prison: crime, military, authority - World
  87. If the world were 100 people...: unemployed, primary school, college
  88. who thinks TEPCO has a handle on the nuke disaster is not paying: construction, earthquake - World
  89. Advantages and disadvantages of the prevalence of American cultural influences in the rest of the world?: transfer, movies
  90. Cities around the globe that are not located on a river or large body of water: town, city limits - World
  91. Most beautiful sounding languages, in your opinion?: accent, Brazilian - World
  92. U.S. Expats: Your thoughts are needed!: to buy, organic - World
  93. Moving out of the US--- NEED HELP!: low crime, home - World
  94. Crazy Driving Around the World: home, construction, school
  95. What parts of the world are still largely unexplored?: live in, land
  96. Which country for a paranoid: fingerprinting, find a job, income - World
  97. Is Canada or Australia safer?: low crime, to live in, dangerous - World
  98. What are the poorest white countries in the world?: racism, area
  99. Slightly Different Where is a good place to live: income, taxes - World
  100. Why do americans only care about america?: how much, live - World
  101. Is there anyplace where the African diaspora does not face discrimination?: standard of living, dangerous - World
  102. Best countries for surfing vacation?: rent, movers, earthquake - World
  103. When people think of Arabs, what nationality is the first that comes to mind?: home, areas - World
  104. where would you put countries: middle school, area, place - World
  105. easy language: live, rated, Korean - World
  106. Most Overrated City?: cities, compare, substitute - World
  107. Should I accept this offer?: loan, lawyers, buying - World
  108. Which US states' residents do you encounter the most abroad?: schools, living in - World
  109. Most expensive places to buy gas?: wages, taxes, prices - World
  110. Why WOULDN'T you want to move there?: for rent, home - World
  111. Black sections of world cities?: home, neighborhoods, wedding
  112. What other countries are suffering economically?: job market, living in, housing - World
  113. What country should I visit next?: living, vacation, cities - World
  114. Would you consider Jewish people 'western'?: living in, title, place - World
  115. Map of the Seven Great Civilizations: income, to live in, title - World
  116. I'm Looking For A Place...: hotels, place to live, price - World
  117. What countries require NO VISA or are easier to immigrare to?: tax return, moving - World
  118. The three most boring countries been to?: houses, to live in - World
  119. Armenians, Georgians, and Azeris; European or no?: areas, location - World
  120. Foreign schools taught in English: high school, contractor, universities - World
  121. World's Best Places for Expats: living in, price, moving
  122. Countries NOT A Police State: house, neighborhood, to live in - World
  123. What national capital would you like to live in?: transfer, living in - World
  124. Societies In Decline?: unemployment, gated, live - World
  125. out of the top 10 metro areas which one would you live in: crime rate, to live in - World
  126. how much money you need to be happy in your country: house, buy - World
  127. If you were rich...: apartment, condo, house - World
  128. Is it to travel the world as a non-drinker?: movies, bars
  129. The end of the world: earthquake, live, pollution
  130. U.S. and Europe: City Equivalents: universities, live, airport - World
  131. If you could snap your fingers and have dual citizenship, which country would it be and why?: attorneys, law - World
  132. Yellow vs. White center divided line: construction, live, moving - World
  133. Top 10: the Safest and the Most Dangerous Airlines: live, airplanes - World
  134. Cities that you don't need a car?: houses, buying - World
  135. Compared to other countries, do Americans really sue so much (and if so why)?: lawyer, house - World
  136. Which language sounds the sexiest ?: friendly, accents - World
  137. Which city does have the best 'overall package': living, nightlife - World
  138. TESOL Certification: buying, schools, university - World
  139. Where is the most beautiful island in the world?: live, beaches
  140. most isolated town/village on each continent: live, versus - World
  141. How many countries will ban plastic bags?: to buy, law - World
  142. Which city has the most beautiful women in the world that you have seen?: houses, inclusive
  143. Where do you recommend I move?: how much, vacation home, living in - World
  144. help with finding TEFL/TESOL certification resources?: rental, home - World
  145. Where to go?: home, salary, living - World
  146. What is the most difficult language (to learn it) ?: home, build - World
  147. Most Exciting City in the World!?: live, restaurants, nightlife
  148. What is the next/future most important city in the world?: live, moving
  149. Opinion on where to migrate to.: university, live, moving - World
  150. Have You Ever Smuggled?: home, cinema, live - World
  151. Americans living overseas - do you miss America, or prefer your new country?: insurance, credit - World
  152. Are comparisons about relationships in the US vs. Abroad mostly true?: living in, price - World
  153. Would we be crazy: to rent, houses, job market - World
  154. World View of The U.S.: foreclosure, crime, big home
  155. What is your native language ?: title, Croatian, Dutch - World
  156. Which Country Is Most Enviromentally Friendly?: organic, live, oil - World
  157. World population is now close to 7 billion: high school, standard of living
  158. help! I need to party in the best city in the world.: contractor, live
  159. Germans vs English vs Americans. Who is friendlier?: home, university - World
  160. The world's best countries for English language learning: school, live
  161. Where in the world should I live? (big, cosmopolitan city): employment, pros and cons
  162. Most walkable cities in the world: living in, zoning, restaurants
  163. Best Place in the world for a veterinarian: upkeep, live
  164. Former Soviet Union: 2015, crime, statistics - World
  165. Cities with the best heavy rail network?: neighborhoods, live - World
  166. will you marry a man without a house: apartment, rental - World
  167. World's most liveable cities: insurance, violent crime, living
  168. is there anywhere in the world like this?: fit in, find a job
  169. City in the world that is most vibrant at 3am on a weekday night...: neighborhoods, theatre
  170. Tips for working abroad: transfer to, to buy, university - World
  171. Are you ever mistaken for another nationality when travelling?: fit in, home - World
  172. Lost City of Atlantis May Be Found: university, floor - World
  173. 13th floor in hotel?: apartment complex, rent, hotels - World
  174. Have you ever gone to live/study in a country you where didn't know the language?: find a job, living - World
  175. From Montreal to ???: job market, living, restaurants - World
  176. What city worldwide fits me best?: home, theater, universities
  177. Blocs of countries with a (mostly) shared culture?: fit in, live - World
  178. TOP 10 best tropical cities in the world: best city, crime
  179. Which country is still culturally represented by its major city?: living in, restaurants - World
  180. Will The Current Economic Situation Affect Tourism?: lease, crime - World
  181. Who is next?: living in, versus, rated - World
  182. Do people outside the US pay to American sports?: transplants, live - World
  183. Diplomatic immunity: how much, neighborhood, contractor - World
  184. Does such a place exist?: homes, safe area, allergy - World
  185. Moving from U.S. advice.: apartment, find a job, buying - World
  186. Don't drink the water!: luxury, stats, safe - World
  187. 10 Great Places to Spend Christmas: home, shop, cabin - World
  188. Best Pub-Party locations On Christmas: island, street, guide - World
  189. The train loaded with presents for the baby pig was derailed. why?: military - World
  190. PISA results: assess, average, kids - World
  191. Most romantic honeymoon destination? - World
  192. the trillion dollar con man: luxury, closing, living in - World
  193. Living in exotic homes and habitats: homeless, beach, places - World
  194. News, 5.7 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea.: epicenter, Monday - World
  195. This is one thing to see only there: luxury, shop - World
  196. News, Mayor that accidentally kicked giant human tomato in the head costs council £24k: expensive - World
  197. Acceptable World Topics: areas, locations, good
  198. Study/work abroad programs for adults or grad students?: high school, best - World
  199. Does G20 is really to all countries?: park, government - World
  200. Americans pick world's best economy: finance, news, family