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  1. How About an Anglo-American Union ?: employment, luxury - World
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  3. Angelina Jolie's movie Blood and Honey: to buy, living in - World
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  8. 5 Favorite Ethnic/Nationality Foods and 5 Least Favorite: food, Cuban - World
  9. News, McCain: Gadhafi may be ousted within hours.: houses, neighborhood - World
  10. Social Exclusion Index by country: fit in, homes, wealthy - World
  11. Geography List of all countries by amount of area 'protected'?: how much, luxury - World
  12. News, Amputee forced to prove disability.: appointed, college, place to live - World
  13. Cost of shipping a vehicle?: to rent, how much, car - World
  14. Employment rates in the World: statistics, estimates, area
  15. Thoughts on music videos?: suite, black, people - World
  16. can of you help us out?: renting, appliances - World
  17. Happy 2012!!: community, countries, year - World
  18. Where to go..?: finance, company, place - World
  19. World best airlines: cabin, airport, Korean
  20. Videos of World Cities: home, celebrity, rated
  21. I need direction, can someone help me: to move, public transportation - World
  22. I am !!: best, place, culture - World
  23. America i come!: movies, live, work - World
  24. Thinking of moving to another country with pets: living in, relocation - World
  25. People from other countries & their kids....: appointed, house - World
  26. best places to live for two young adults right after high schol: affordable apartment - World
  27. My Theory On Global Economic Failure.: lawyer, house, transfer - World
  28. Indigenous American ancient sites vs. European ancient sites: live, agriculture - World
  29. overseas charity 'events': home, income, living - World
  30. Has lived for half a year in one country, and half in another?: 2013 - World
  31. Learning Language - software: how much, buy, community college - World
  32. Köppen climate classification & Ultraviolet Map: living in, area - World
  33. International crime statistics: low crime, hotel, safe - World
  34. Best Place to live on earth for a broken family?: law, to move - World
  35. How old were you when you moved from the USA?: insurance, employment - World
  36. What are the Top Ten Countries in the Use of Dental Floss? Lowest Ten in Dental Floss Useage?: estimate - World
  37. Cultural Differences: South Africans and Australians: crime, unemployment, construction - World
  38. I want to find a list of all ancient structures still remaining: appointed - World
  39. What is your favorite Pacific Island?: university, population, students - World
  40. Video, Tank Crushes Car for illegal parking.: mayor, owner - World
  41. What is the best country in the world?: road, great
  42. Hippeastrum species: gardens, area, sold - World
  43. Does know what city this picture was taken from: cities, American - World
  44. the Americas vs. Eurasia - Which is overall better? (POLL): live, versus - World
  45. How popular are English first names in non-English speaking countries?: movies, celebrities - World
  46. Why are People in Northern Places Generally More Reserved?: live in, shop - World
  47. Who looks similar to the Spanish/Portuguese? Multiple choice.: Dutch, drugs - World
  48. Where Besides the U.S. Do People Have Nice Teeth: income, costs - World
  49. s on teaching English in other countries???: apartment, salary - World
  50. Do you agree with my speech on America: home, buy - World
  51. Black people from the Pacific Ocean (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands): school, living in - World
  52. Guess this place: live, area, island - World
  53. Canada vs. Australia: house, movies, quality of life - World
  54. Most and least patriotic countries?: movies, school, living in - World
  55. Local music celebrities in non-English speaking countries: home, live in - World
  56. Most annoying sounding language: best, Korean, Vietnamese - World
  57. Constitutions of the countries of the world: low income, insurance
  58. What are your favorite Slavic cities?: live in, design, weekend getaway - World
  59. Obesity: 'Fattest' Countries in the World: food, health, rated
  60. If a War started between...: to live in, military, vs. - World
  61. Mercer Survey Rates World's 221 Cities For Standard Of Living. San Francisco (America's Highest) Ranks 30.: crime, unemployment
  62. What would you do first?: construction, college, activity - World
  63. Desert Cities, Desert Communities: hotel, movies, living - World
  64. The World's Happiest (And Saddest) Countries: crime rates, house, unemployed
  65. 5 Most & 5 Least Friendliest Nationalities: buy, college, living in - World
  66. Your Favorite Cuisines?: food, Lebanese, Korean - World
  67. Absolute EASIEST country to emigrate to?: buy, living, to move - World
  68. Do Americans expect people to know English when they travel: appointed, hotels - World
  69. Have most people in your country ever heard of...: movies, school - World
  70. Which country has the best weekly t.v. dramas?: movies, inspector - World
  71. Is America the best country on Earth?: theater, living - World
  72. What modern cities have the lowest rates of private vehicle ownership due to mass transit and or walkability?: low income, buying - World
  73. Are people in the UK as bad as Americans in terms of learning a foreign language?: primary school, teach - World
  74. Asia vs Europe: hotel, live, prices - World
  75. Which American Stores/ Restaurants Did You Wish You Had in Your Country?: price, food - World
  76. Living abroad: did you learn the local language?: house, employment - World
  77. What is the worlds most unfriendliest city?: homes, friendly
  78. Which 10 countries Have the Best Music Scenes? General Music Scenes for Different Countries.: live in, health - World
  79. People from which country can speak English with a less pronounced foreign accent?: movies, school - World
  80. Different countries' national tragedies: schools, law, estimated - World
  81. europe nightlife vs usa nightlife: home, college, live - World
  82. How do people in post-Christian countries grieve?: movie theaters, live in - World
  83. Volunteering abroad organizations ?: health insurance, how much, hotels - World
  84. News, Male sex drive 'to blame for world's conflicts': standard of living, military
  85. How is dating culture different in other countries?: restaurants, best - World
  86. More Sophisticated: Australia or Canada?: live in, cities, population - World
  87. Which Countries Have the Most Positive Future and the Most Negative Future. General Future for Certain Countries.: crime rates, unemployment rate - World
  88. Rockies vs Andes: living in, landscape, Argentina - World
  89. What myths/legends do you think could be real?: snake, parks - World
  90. What is the Fastest-Paced Country in Each Continent? And Slowest-Paced?: live in, vs - World
  91. Battle of the Cities: Alpha+ Category: best cities, quality of life, shop - World
  92. which 2 countries have the greatest Similarities between them?: shop, accent - World
  93. What language does English SOUND most like?: title, island - World
  94. Most Unique/ Foreign U.S. State?: architectural, island, architect - World
  95. Which nationalities seem more educated/aware, which ones seem more ignorant?: home, university - World
  96. Most reserved nation(s)?: to live, shop, friendly - World
  97. What makes an ethnic group?: live, legal, eat - World
  98. Great railway cities: 2014, home, train - World
  99. What is your favorite major city in the entire world?: home, live in
  100. What is world's ultimate Sin City: spring break, crime
  101. Which is the most and least hardest working country?: living, professionals - World
  102. Which countries have the most historic architecture remaining?: how much, earthquake - World
  103. What is the easiest country for an American to expat to?: buy, taxes - World
  104. How many political parties with representation in the National Parliament are there in your country?: house, law - World
  105. about Theme/Amusement Parks: camp, live, agricultural - World
  106. Favorite Latin Language?: Brazilian, top, rain - World
  107. In Which Country Do The People Have A Lust For Life?: living, mechanic - World
  108. Would you consider Middle Easterners white?: best, areas, cities - World
  109. Pick 10 Places In The World...: apartment, houses, safe area
  110. African Americans look different from Africans?: how much, gated, live - World
  111. World's Urban Agglomerations by GDP: purchasing, calculated, income
  112. Do you know what Country places are in?: rated, island - World
  113. Attitudes towards the poor in other countries: find a job, luxury - World
  114. Your predictions for 2012[WORLD].: unemployed, college, costs
  115. Costs of Studying Abroad: school rankings, universities, to live in - World
  116. Cultural differences in 'Western' Culture: house, university, salary - World
  117. Least interesting continent?: live, Dominican, culture - World
  118. Most diverse continent?: live, architectural, land - World
  119. Best healthcare: insurance, live, costs - World
  120. How much do you pay for electricity?: costs, statistics - World
  121. Do other countries use plastic bottled water extensively?: transporting, buying - World
  122. The end is near!: live, price, gas - World
  123. Effective Ways to Learn Spanish: Home Depot, living in, cost - World
  124. What City would you consider the Intellectual Capital of the World?: schools, universities
  125. How do you identify different nationalities abroad?: how much, home - World
  126. Paris vs London vs New York City: best cities, crime - World
  127. The Worlds Most Beautiful Woman: living in, pool, pageants
  128. english speaking travel guides: how much, hotel, buying - World
  129. What cities have Mediterranean like climates in Latin America?: live, best - World
  130. How many tropical cities in the world are first world?: middle-class, vs
  131. How unexpensive is USA compared to the rest of the world?: for sale, rent
  132. Are Americans beaten down ?: mortgages, how much, income - World
  133. Share of your World PROVERBS: house, landlord
  134. The top 25 cities in the world for new skyscrapers under construction.: condo, how much
  135. Countries with jobs abundance?: low income, sales, job market - World
  136. Adapting to local food and drink: hotels, home, scorpions - World
  137. Relocating to another country: apartment, new home, employment - World
  138. What Country is #1 in the World?: 2015, quality of life, live in
  139. The next global city?: crime, home, casinos - World
  140. Languages extremely similar to each other: Croatian, Dutch, American - World
  141. USA? America? What's in a name?: buy, schools, live - World
  142. Do People Eat the Following Foods Outside the US?: food, Korean - World
  143. Moving to Europe, South America, Asia: safe neighborhoods, buy, schools - World
  144. If the world were 100 people...: unemployed, primary school, college
  145. Moving out of the US--- NEED HELP!: low crime, home - World
  146. Americans emigrating to other countries: how much, home, employment - World
  147. North American vs. European road signs: homes, construction, parking - World
  148. Debt Crisis= Loss of value for an American Degree?: credit, school - World
  149. Why close threads that promote interesting discussions?: to live in, vs - World
  150. What sizes are milk and cereal in your country sold in?: buy, organic - World
  151. Fluency in spanish within 2 months?: buy, university, living in - World
  152. Help me pick one of cities: university, pros and cons - World
  153. First word that comes to mind when you hear the names of city?: houses, buying - World
  154. Most interesting continent?: live, beaches, rich - World
  155. Exchanging homes: apartment, lawyers, house - World
  156. Use of 24-hour clock for time vs. 12-hour clock with AM/PM: live in, military - World
  157. Ratings for Airports Around the world: rooftop, shops, airport
  158. Where is the best beach in the world?: low crime, airport
  159. New Seven Wonders of the World: shop, buses, parks
  160. Beijing vs Moscow... Which one do you like better?: transfer, neighbourhoods - World
  161. Similarities & Difference between U.S. and Australia?: homes, neighborhoods - World
  162. Top 10+ best countries to view architecture.: rank, cities, buildings - World
  163. The World is Flat...No Place is Really Cheap Anymore: hotels, houses
  164. Sexuality/Relationships Norms. Around The World: loan, house, wedding
  165. What places in the world...: low income, buy, gated
  166. What countries have the most free time (from work)?: transfer, stats - World
  167. Countries with very cheap Real Estate: for sale, apartments, rentals - World
  168. Favourite Country in the Tropics?: shop, beaches, rain - World
  169. Which Of 3 Alpha's World Class Cities Is The Best: low crime, neighborhoods
  170. Non-materialist cultures?: taxes, standard of living, internship - World
  171. Sex Slave Trade: home, employment, buy - World
  172. Human Development Index 2011: income, quality of life, wealthiest - World
  173. How open is your country to foreign foods?: home, buy - World
  174. TV channels from countries other than your own: appointed, how much - World
  175. Where Have You Traveled or Visited Internationally?: home, living - World
  176. Sweden vs. Québec (POLL): employment, primary school, universities - World
  177. Which city is most similar/identicle to Beirut?: restaurants, nightlife - World
  178. Major Mediterranean cities; questions?: theater, school, universities - World
  179. Traffic Tickets/Fines Around the World, Differences?: sale, credit card
  180. Have you retired/ relocated in a 2/3d world country? tell me your story: home, buy
  181. Which country is your country's best friend?: wages, live in - World
  182. Move to Montreal, Canada or Stockholm, Sweden ?!: home, pros and cons - World
  183. what do you think of the american accent?: university, radio - World
  184. Great job situation or living in compatible culture?: how much, transfer - World
  185. who is the most desirable partner, on average?: vs., race - World
  186. Choose your exotic destination ---: hotel, calculator, rich - World
  187. Social and cultural implications of multilingualism in one country.: camps, to live in - World
  188. Europe Forum, Asia Forum, Africa Forum: best, places, Asian - World
  189. Countries/people you respect: low crime, houseboat, earthquakes - World
  190. tribe or etnhicithy? what word is better?: school, to live - World
  191. Will the protests increase worldwide--: homes, unemployment, neighbourhoods
  192. Occupy Wall Street in Authoritarian countries?: unemployment, business, roach - World
  193. Australia or Canada?: crime, houses, living - World
  194. Parenting in the UK and the Continent. What's poppin' there nowadays?...: middle-class, fit in - World
  195. What is your Nationality, your significant other's Nationality, and Country of Residence?: 2013, live in - World
  196. Hello Everyone: design, interior, good - World
  197. Worlwide earthquakes: today - World
  198. United for Global Change Oct 15 #15O: cities, square, fashion - World
  199. Best city in the world for MBA grad?: college, living in
  200. US Lawmakers Making Cash on Inside Deals: moving, business - World