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  1. Is it just me, or have aggressive separatist movements within nations weakened/died down relative to previous decades: homes - World
  2. Countries that are notorious for tracking their citizens' whereabouts when overseas?: crime, home - World
  3. What countries is motorized recreation most popular in?: credit, to buy - World
  4. World's Tallest Cities 2012 Update: rankings, buildings, skylines
  5. Mongolian Translation: living in, better, modern - World
  6. Nightlife - Ibiza (vs) Amesterdam: live, beaches, nicest - World
  7. Which Developed Country has the most laid-back government?: taxes, price - World
  8. Which fashion capital do you like most?: living in, train - World
  9. Do cultures worldwide differ in attitude when it comes to mixing work and social/personal life or keeping them separate?: employment
  10. Coming-of-age ceremonies / events in your country: live in, legal, safety - World
  11. World Scams: real estate, attorney, buying
  12. Worlds best Pedestrian zones: shoppers, place, photos
  13. the diffirences between american land and australian land: living, areas - World
  14. Who has backpacked across nations?: fit in, university, taxi - World
  15. how do i do this?: people, green, about - World
  16. World Sterotypes Maps: live, graphic design, gay
  17. Canary Islands vs Hawaii?: appointed, beaches, land - World
  18. Re-Locating From FLORIDA ... HELP ! ! ! !: college, to move, beach - World
  19. Parade of colored revolutions. Who is the next?: live, cost of - World
  20. Volunteering abroad: insurance, cost, food - World
  21. Which 1st World Country Is Hardest To...: income, living
  22. Scenic Photo - Can help me to locate this place?: versus, move - World
  23. Rain man in us all?: casino, calculation, autism - World
  24. The highway system in your country: motel, motorhome, neighborhood - World
  25. Which countries/places are most interesting to you in terms of flora/fauna - wildlife, animals, plants in the world.: dangerous
  26. World top 3 cities hot spot properties: real estate, house, buying
  27. Does your city / country / subdivision have a problem with prescription drug abuse?: home - World
  28. Countries that do not have diplomatic relationships with the USA: crime, living in - World
  29. Hospitality and Tourism management: hotels, schools, college - World
  30. Aerial 360 Degree Of Cities Around The World: waterfall, places
  31. The average birth year for a human being is 1983!: living in, population - World
  32. What's it like to live in Pajamas? Which is the best country to wear pajamas?: relocate to - World
  33. If an American has one of the following on there passport: apartment, purchase - World
  34. Obtaining driver's licenses & voting in non-English-speaking countries?: tax, legally - World
  35. Who is the true superpower? - World
  36. When people expat do they keep their house or they liquidate all real estate?: rent - World
  37. News, Glaciers face new threat as ice is stolen.: gangs, climate - World
  38. You folks who are living abroad right now (or have in the past): insurance - World
  39. Which people are the most deeply romantic?: home, money - World
  40. Nationalities that like to show their wealth?: income, shop - World
  41. Most Inconsiderate Nationalities: best, Australians, rain - World
  42. Pacific Rim vs Atlantic Realm, which is more prominent/powerful/significant?: oil, rich - World
  43. I need to know the meaning of certain american expression: limit, MBA - World
  44. United States is kinda boring in my opinion: apartment, houses - World
  45. What cultures place high value on educational credentials?: home, schools - World
  46. Are cultural differences between nations growing narrower with the younger generations?: fit in, credit - World
  47. Levels of school in your country: credit, how much, lawyer - World
  48. People are troublesome: low crime, to live in, cabin - World
  49. cheapest countries to live on american money?: apartment, house - World
  50. Cultural things that are seen as masculine/feminine in one country but not another.: Valentine's day, buying - World
  51. What countries in the world do or do not have a left-right political spectrum.: luxury, military
  52. What ethnic cuisines are most popular in your country?: college, living - World
  53. What countries require students to study English?: schools, teach - World
  54. When dating women internationally as an American guy, does it only help if you are White?: to buy, best - World
  55. In which countries will you never be considered a true son or daughter of the land?: fit in, living in - World
  56. Your proudest moment for your country?: vs, airport, move - World
  57. What country this one resembles? Photographic tour.: best cities, architecture - World
  58. What continents have you been to?: live in, areas, locations - World
  59. ethnic grocery aisles?: homes, college, live in - World
  60. Handwriting in the world - and gender stereotyping: house, wedding
  61. Are the Alps and Rockies overrated because of where they are?: how much, statistics - World
  62. Places where nearlyh everyone is bilingual: hotel, high school, live - World
  63. How do women around the world view men who have had sex with prostitutes in the past?: for sale, condo
  64. Whose first language isn't English?: moving, accent, American - World
  65. Greeting customs: hotel, wedding, high school - World
  66. Best Country For Single American Guy ..... ?: to live in, move to, beach - World
  67. Which nationalities smile a lot?: movies, living in, slums - World
  68. Which countries have the best celebrities and pop stars in your opinion?: layoffs, rich - World
  69. Which countries have police checkpoints?: camp, inspector, military - World
  70. The world's third-most visited city - you'll never guess: lower-class, living in
  71. What are THE TOP 10 biggest city vs city rivalries in the WORLD?: live, versus
  72. Network Science Reveals The Cities That Lead The World's Music Listening Habits: shop, moving to
  73. Word association: Countries: to live, dangerous, rated - World
  74. Countries/cultures that seem to believe in horoscopes/astrology a lot?: construction, university - World
  75. Are there countries that welcome immigrants?: purchase, bankrupt - World
  76. England vs Australia?: crime, quality of life, places to live - World
  77. What is the most ADVANCED nation in the world today?: rain, Asian
  78. Top 25 Destinations in the World: hotels, promotional, move
  79. Need safe country to live: find a job, school, place to live - World
  80. Most bohemian (for lack of a better word) place on Earth?: rent, live - World
  81. What is the most tolerant Muslim country in the world?: home, cities
  82. Living in European Union (vs) Living in North America: crime rates, vs. - World
  83. What's the smallest country that's not a city-state?: island, population - World
  84. Which foreign accent for speaking American English is most pleasing/annoying to you?: friendly, best - World
  85. What are your favorite nature scenery areas in the world?: transfer, live
  86. What do you think about countries of varying geographic sizes?: pros and cons, quality of life - World
  87. What other countries have school proms (or equivalents)?: rental car, rent - World
  88. Best-looking Men In the World--Ladies': areas, top, countries
  89. What is the Greatest Revolutionary Occurrence in the World Today?: credit, transfer
  90. World population past, present, and future: 2015, condo, food
  91. News, Do we need NATO anymore?: home, live, military - World
  92. What are the food capitals of each continent?: restaurants, marketplace - World
  93. Which Nationalities Travel The Most Abroad?: live in, shop, airplane - World
  94. Is quality of life in 'second world' nations really that much worse than first world nations?: income, standard of living
  95. Is solo travel / dining accepted in your culture?: hotel, live in - World
  96. People in the U.S. who just got up and moved to another country: theater, schools - World
  97. What do you consider multicultural versus monocultural (with associations/connotations in your view).: school, pubs - World
  98. Countries and places in the World you changed your opinions about over time?: buying, living
  99. What do you feel is the most tolerant country in the world?: 2014, schools
  100. economic collapse. what country will stay a float?: houses, agricultural - World
  101. First Country you think of...: apartments, houses, university - World
  102. Myths about Russia and America: credit card, houses, high school - World
  103. The world at seven billion!: low income, fit in, income
  104. Google Streetview: for sale, house, neighbourhood - World
  105. Would you agree/disagree with the idea the United States is most individualistic or individualism-valuing country?: college, living in - World
  106. What 10 cities have the most international feel?: home, neighbourhoods - World
  107. Nationalist vs. Globalist Mindset: living in, store, airplane - World
  108. Why are Catholic countries more family orientated?: friendly, catholic church - World
  109. When you hear or say North American do you think of...: fit in, live - World
  110. Top Cities for Shopping Malls: prices, floor, friendly - World
  111. Student Volunteering Abroad: health insurance, how much, homes - World
  112. Which countries have boomed in the last 20 years, which have declined/stayed the same?: movers, crime - World
  113. Global Peace Index. Do you agree or disagree with how the countries are ranked? compare and contrast the ranks.: camps, residency - World
  114. On average, is Latin America or Southeast Asia cheaper?: hotels, taxis - World
  115. Spanish Lessons, General: movies, school, live - World
  116. Ten Most Important Muslim Majority Countries?: living, stats, ranking - World
  117. Where is the Furthest Place Ever Traveled and...: home, taxi - World
  118. Have you ever been to exact antipodes?: transfer, flight path - World
  119. Sense of humour by country: how much, eat, farmer - World
  120. City Rivalries and your pick: living, restaurants, cost of living - World
  121. Survey Finds Americans are World's Worst Tourists: best hotel, neighborhoods
  122. main streets throughout the world: what's yours look like?: home, living in
  123. List of developed countries......: school, income, quality of life - World
  124. Expats with kids - how did your kids manage changing countries?: salons, home - World
  125. Places in the Middle East you'd like to visit?: live, dangerous - World
  126. Countries You Would Like Visiting But Not To Live in. Countries That You Would Like To Both Visit And Live In.: income, quality of life - World
  127. To overseas:How would a second generation American with a parent born in your country be treated?: fit in, living in - World
  128. Blonde guys in Latin America, Black guys in Sweden, power of exoticness true? for the well traveled): vs, Koreans - World
  129. Best and Worst Parts of Each Country/Your Favorite and Least Favorite Parts of Each Country.: quality of life, living - World
  130. World War III: living, deal, Americans
  131. What is the view outside of your window?: homes, live - World
  132. Which former colony has retained most of it's colonial legacy?: military, legal - World
  133. Which are the most 'typical' examples of their 'race'?: population, Australian - World
  134. Most Highrises in the world (by City): apartment, condos
  135. If you could only...: Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino - World
  136. Most Dangerous Cities in the World list 2011 (New Orleans #21): live, statistics
  137. Which 10 countries are culturally most similar to the US?: houses, living - World
  138. Which Bordering Countries...: live, vs, train - World
  139. World Passport: how much, to buy, salary
  140. Countries that have no hope whatsoever: credit, Korean, place - World
  141. How Do People from Outside the USA/Canada view Vancouver, Seattle,and Portland?: home, movies - World
  142. One random fact I about the location of the capitals of the world's most major countries within their respectiv: live, to move
  143. Which country has the best universities?: best city, credit, school - World
  144. Which free nation has the worst journalism?: living in, phone - World
  145. Which nationality are the worst travellers?: home, shoppers, cities - World
  146. Do many bilingual/multilingual speakers look down on monolingual speakers?: buy, school districts - World
  147. What country do you think has the best education system?: middle schools, universities - World
  148. TOP 10 National Flags of the WORLD: assault, island, Argentina
  149. Top 10 countries for American travelers: to live, gangs, office - World
  150. Which Countries are the Least Corrupted and the Most Corrupted? Which Countries are the most Mixed for this subject?: unemployment, calculated - World
  151. Ethiopian Women vs. Brazilian Women vs. Dominican Women: live, clothes - World
  152. Which countries have very strong state/provincial identities?: live in, cities - World
  153. Dialects you can't understand: buyers, living, wealthy - World
  154. If you were $1 Million in US Dollars; Excludes living in the USA: fit in, home - World
  155. Place to live like a king for the price of a Big Mac: real estate, apartment - World
  156. In which countries is regional identity STRONGER than national identity?: vs, population - World
  157. Do people like dancing in your country?: receptions, house - World
  158. What are the most family orientated modern societies?: how much, school - World
  159. School pride: in your country or not?: movies, elementary school - World
  160. Can someone say this about their race or ethnicity?: homes, to live in - World
  161. Does traveling make you more, or less patriotic?: home, live - World
  162. What is your opinion on world languages going extinct?: 2014, schools
  163. Best Cheap Destinations Around the World: violent crime, hotels, living
  164. The most sci-fish and futuristic cities in the world: co-op, shops
  165. Which country (GDP Per Capita - 10.000 or less)...: income, living in - World
  166. World's rudest countries for tourists: hotels, home, restaurants
  167. What countries/regions of the world do you think of when you hear Western ?: live, military
  168. What do you feel is the most REMOTE place in the world?: land, park
  169. Work remotely anywhere in the World: home, taxi, income
  170. Will globalisation go on forever until everywhere is the same?: luxury, university - World
  171. UK higher violent crime rate than Brazil, USA, Russia..???: dangerous, murder rate - World
  172. Freedom loving countries: homes, public schools, taxes - World
  173. If you could only spend time...: living in, metro, cities - World
  174. Where you live, do you think of inner city as worse/more undesirable than suburbs ...: middle-class, apartments - World
  175. Chicago vs. Frankfurt vs. Milan vs. Barcelona vs. Melbourne: rent, living in - World
  176. Which countries do you see moving from LDC to developing in the next 20 years or less.: income, best - World
  177. Are road trips popular anywhere: rental, motels, motorhomes - World
  178. Rome vs. Athens vs. Istanbul vs. Tel Aviv: nightlife, beach - World
  179. Market share of domestic popular culture vs. foreign (not just U.S.) in various countries: sales, rental - World
  180. Languages worth learning: 2013, movies, school - World
  181. Which regions/countries have the best laws for Americans to work/live?: wages, living in - World
  182. What are of the examples of urban wildlife (wild animals) that live/can be seen in and around your city?: houses, neighborhood - World
  183. Threads generalizing women: live, education, cities - World
  184. Cities with the Most Billionaires (Moscow, NYC, London): 2014, houses - World
  185. A about locals, expats, language, appearance and perception: home, living in - World
  186. The most underrated cities/countries in the world?: 2014, crime
  187. Are self-identifications above the national level -- identifying with supranational identities usually weaker/stronger?: home, college - World
  188. British, Canadia, Australian, or American women?: spring break, live in, areas - World
  189. Best Places for Single Male Expats: how much, living, price - World
  190. Which countries have more large cities by the sea coast?: live, rated - World
  191. Amsterdam vs. Tokyo: how much, house, living - World
  192. what cities in the western world outside of the USA have the largest percentage of black people?: ranked, population
  193. World Best: shop
  194. Housing market share in your country / region / oblast: middle-class, section 8 - World
  195. Humanitarian aid: failure - World
  196. U.S surfer sets Guinness World Record for largest wave ever after barreling down a 'supersize' 78 ft tall wall of water.: panel
  197. World Citizens: to live, money, cultures
  198. What social networking sites are/were popular in your country?: middle school, universities - World
  199. is great!: America, central, images - World
  200. Volunteering/teaching abroad: pay, place, student - World