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  1. A move from USA to Canada: moving, wealthy, place - World
  2. How do you travel? (in groups, school trips, alone, ): hotel, colleges - World
  3. A story aboot Stephen Harper: tax, activities, best - World
  4. Easier to immigrate: developed vs. developing: live, residency, requirements - World
  5. Do you speak Yiddish?: high school, college, rated - World
  6. What documents are required in Your country for work in the merchant Navy marine specialists?: appliances - World
  7. UK mortality rate high?: stats, population, average - World
  8. World War: earthquake, military, shops
  9. Are Northern cultures more passive-aggressive?: law, friendly, rated - World
  10. Can help me!: apartment, house, schools - World
  11. New Forums - World: area, photos, single
  12. Solidarity.: crimes, shop, rich - World
  13. Which countries have the most impressive inauguration celebrations for their leaders?: best, pictures - World
  14. Family Moving To Coast: condo, school district, income - World
  15. News, US starts Agent Orange clean-up in Vietnam.: airport, move - World
  16. In which country can one live best without home or kids: safe, money - World
  17. World cities challenge: living, residency, places
  18. American with a job offer in Saint Catherine Ontario Canada: lawyer, schools - World
  19. Costa Rica - good?: rent, prices, beach - World
  20. City meeting ualities?: wages, living, cost of living - World
  21. Video, Door To Hell Burns For Over 40 Years: natural gas, dental - World
  22. If you had to leave Vancouver for another big city where would it be?: condos - World
  23. Mars: whole, should, start - World
  24. Capitalism: market, MBA, free - World
  25. What is the minimum GDP per capita required to be considered a developed country?: health - World
  26. Countries where old people are almost non existent: streets, time - World
  27. World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow: house, pictures, rain
  28. Why No Fish and Chip Shops in Italy: best, businesses - World
  29. Rust-colored areas Ireland aerial view: living, agriculture, to move - World
  30. Is a lack of agriculture/civilisation the reason where there's no first world tropical nation*?: credit
  31. American looking for a and working and working in a different country: transfer - World
  32. Religion and class in your country: middle-class, weddings, statistics - World
  33. Largest crowds that regularly gather for an event: estimates, park - World
  34. What are the social classes in your country?: sales, credit - World
  35. How does a country's OWN flag get negative connotations in it's own country?: home - World
  36. Bangladesh: to live in, dangerous, moving - World
  37. The combined area/population of all the countries been to: luxury, land - World
  38. Countries in the world with free post-secondary education? Do many people have the mindset that it should be free ?: middle-class
  39. Friend vs Freund vs Amigo vs Pengyou: living, best - World
  40. Which sports (Olympic or not) are covered in your country and which aren't?: house - World
  41. Fun un-PC language association game: movies, living, food - World
  42. Foreign emergency alert systems: live, Cuban, work - World
  43. If you had to choose just ONE city anywhere to live in for the rest of your life, what city would it be?: best city, income - World
  44. City with car necessary vs City with no car needed: how much, townhome - World
  45. Are you a world citizen ?: house, living in
  46. Kazakhstan and Turkey: law, legal, atheist - World
  47. Spanish language differences: movies, vs, cities - World
  48. International perceptions of Chicago: home, gangs, food - World
  49. Geographical facts that surprise you: ferry, cities, island - World
  50. What countries are resisting Americanization the most?: vs, expense - World
  51. Iceland day light hours...: elementary school, teachers, firms - World
  52. Should I visit Switzerland or New Zealand?: live, vs. - World
  53. Koreans eating dog meat: luxury, live, shop - World
  54. Largest cities in the world with no skyscrapers: floors, budget
  55. US cities and their UK equivalents?: houses, to live, vs. - World
  56. If you had $100 million dollars/euro/whatever, where would you live?: apartment, rent - World
  57. What are the most disliked nations in the world aside from America?: education, rank
  58. The first hyperopolis (metro of 100 million) - where will it be?: medical, parks - World
  59. What Do you think when you hear this country?: prices, cities - World
  60. Is Houston a very international city to non-Americans?: movies, live - World
  61. United States or United Kingdom?: car insurance, credit, schools - World
  62. Isn't the United States pretty mediocre for travel/tourism?: apartment, amusement parks - World
  63. Does a country lack culture and history if it's only existed for a few hundred years?: how much, living - World
  64. Countries & major cities you never heard of before your teenage years?: high school, college - World
  65. Hypocritical Americans living abroad: living in, moving to, eat - World
  66. Health Care U.S. Vs. Canada which is better?: health insurance, deductible - World
  67. Most famous (living) person in the world: bill, title
  68. First 3 countries in your mind when thinking of beliefs?: elementary school, catholics - World
  69. Americans vs Western Europeans, who are generally more shallow?: houses, buy - World
  70. Who's traveled to the United States: how much, houses, neighborhoods - World
  71. Will language learning become unecessary in the future?: school, teach - World
  72. Drive-throughs in your country: credit card, neighborhood, theater - World
  73. The you can only visit one place in country X game: architecture, architect - World
  74. Is punctuality important in your country?: crime, contractors, landlord - World
  75. Which nationalities have you had great experiences with?: credit, friendly - World
  76. Semi-developed countries: purchasing, income, quality of life - World
  77. How French are the French in New Caledonia and French Polynesia?: school, eat - World
  78. Why do men in North America wear knee length swimming suits?: buying, price - World
  79. Has ever been to north korea?: school, camps - World
  80. Genetically speaking, are Ashkenazi Jews more European or more Asian?: live in, population - World
  81. Countries that surprised you on how modern they were?: living in, restaurants - World
  82. What do people around the world think of Kolkata, India?: college, airport
  83. Global Countries...: rank, population, place - World
  84. Unusual country names in other languages: deal, cities, places - World
  85. How do you define a great city?: low crime, house - World
  86. What are the least known BIG cities in the world?: live, airport
  87. Most important megalopolis in the world?: suburbia, medical, rated
  88. Most Beautiful Place in the WORLD: crime rates, taxi, safe
  89. Which country has the best human rights.: low crime, neighborhood - World
  90. Where can one move to get away from racism?: live, suburbs - World
  91. The Ideal City: transplants, apartment, to rent - World
  92. Cannabis use by country: uestions: shops, statistics, health - World
  93. Difference between a language and a dialect?: to live in, bill - World
  94. Is there country in the world today that is almost completely isolated from modernity?: live, bill
  95. Most Dark-Horse city?..: hotel, casinos, live - World
  96. What is your opinion on China?: living in, buses, eat - World
  97. Born into the wrong nationality: fit in, homes, living in - World
  98. Favorite mountain range?: tree, photos, violation - World
  99. Children being hit by parents.: schools, live, law - World
  100. Best mountain towns in the world?: ski resort, homes, shops
  101. What ethnicities would you say have the most tragic/unlucky histories?: living in, island - World
  102. Which North American cities do you want to visit: rank, affluent - World
  103. Do you class India more with Europe or East Asia?: education, best - World
  104. How to properly immigrate to another country to live??: real estate, lease - World
  105. Countries that would not be affected by a collapse.: buying, live - World
  106. Opinions about the U.S. state of Arizona: apartment, rent - World
  107. What are the worst countries to Human trafficking?: school, gated - World
  108. A for Americans only: live, soccer, child - World
  109. Language learning and attitudes: high school, college, live in - World
  110. Which nationalities cling on to their identities most after leaving their country?: home, school - World
  111. Are there developing nations today can offer the same quality of life as developed nations?: income, living in - World
  112. American Black women traveling internationally: home, quality of life, living in - World
  113. Greenland Independence?: condominium, bankrupt, live in - World
  114. Why is Europe a continent and Australia not and island: schools, land - World
  115. The future of the youngest generation...: how much, house, movies - World
  116. Which city has the most massive crowds?: low crime, living in - World
  117. What is school like in your country?: credit, home - World
  118. Gay migration: to live, move to, gay-friendly - World
  119. Three weeks in Turkey?: how much, camper, beaches - World
  120. Easiest country to immigrate to from USA?: employment, construction - World
  121. Stereotypes in American culture that are totally not the case in other places: houses, movies - World
  122. The only country with freedom.: crime rate, house, school - World
  123. What are your top 5 cuisines from around the world?: appointed, home
  124. What is your country's social welfare system like?: section 8, apartments - World
  125. 'Vengeful' and 'forgiving' societies: condo, crime, live - World
  126. Are Russians Easterners or Westerners?: rich, racism, money - World
  127. World's Most Unique Cities: live, beaches, design
  128. Canada vs. Germany: fit in, houses, taxes - World
  129. In most countries do children live with their parents until they are married?: to rent, home - World
  130. What countries do you think are the best and worst for international relations? Which ones are the most mixed for this?: military, safe - World
  131. Say something you like and dislike about a random country game.: hotels, organic - World
  132. Your ideal locations for certain years in your life game. How would your preferences be for that?: appointed, home - World
  133. Top 10 Most International Cities in the World: colleges, restaurants
  134. Would you live in Miami ?: home, neighbourhoods, living - World
  135. How Do You Define Freedom? Is Gun Ownership A Necessary Component of Freedom?: violent crime, homes - World
  136. What nationalities are mostly monolingual? Are most people in the world really multilingual?: elementary school, to live in
  137. In which countries do you see the flag EVERYWHERE? In which is it not displayed frequently?: apartment, houses - World
  138. Groups that defy the idea of 'races': fit in, vs. - World
  139. Where were you born? Were you born in another country to the one you are a citizen of/identify with now/live in?: home, high school - World
  140. What are the attitudes towards nudity in different countries?: schools, live - World
  141. Where is Night Owl Ground Zero .... ?: crime rate, home, neighbourhood - World
  142. 50 Most Expensive Cost of Living Cities on Earth: real estate, buying - World
  143. How do you view the LOWER CLASS people in your country?: gated, income - World
  144. Ever felt like another country would be a better fit for your personality/lifestyle?: house, to buy - World
  145. Why do people dislike the U.S. or think it's bad place to live in?!: low income, health insurance - World
  146. How Much does a countries location determine its power/culture/future ?: earthquakes, living in - World
  147. Worldwide: 'Maryland' have connotation to it? If so, what do you think of?: home, income
  148. Which first world nation has the worst quality of life for the average person?: violent crime, home
  149. Upward Mobility in Your Country: middle-class, credit, student loans - World
  150. If Each Country Had An MBTI Type?: quality of life, vs. - World
  151. Trying to speak a foreign language: vacation, best, company - World
  152. is gothernberg and stockholm the equivalent of california and new york?: to live in, price - World
  153. International perception of the US state of New Mexico: how much, home - World
  154. What cities will graduate to major world cities in the next 10 years?: transport, oil
  155. Worst place ever visited - for me it was Bali: lawyers, to buy - World
  156. Questions of geography and interesting facts: house, calculated, live - World
  157. Which country is most friendly to Americans?: live, military - World
  158. My Map of Average Human Eye Size: estimate, racist - World
  159. USA vs Australia: health insurance, find a job, quality of life - World
  160. help me choose a city to live in!: crime, job market - World
  161. International perception of Minnesota: live in, pine, farm - World
  162. Country you visited that has the coldest/warmest people?: live, friendly - World
  163. Do you greatly prefer to live in a specific region of your country over the rest of your country?: home, living in - World
  164. Are there places in other countries with American food: organic, live - World
  165. Do other countries outside the US (and Canada) typically not have an expected tipping culture for restaurant services?: how much, transfer - World
  166. Countries where children are almost non existent: middle-class, house - World
  167. What Anglospheric (US, UK, Aus, Canada) customs are considered weird/wrong in your country?: law, wealthy - World
  168. What city comes to mind when you hear...: best, weather - World
  169. Outsider's Perspective of Atlanta?: transfer, school, university - World
  170. Do American women and European women have similar taste in men?: home, live in - World
  171. Ever lived in your 'dream' country/city and was disappointed?: living in, moving - World
  172. Come up with 7 to 30 days of interesting made up traveling plans anywhere in the world. See how much the next poster...: best neighborhoods, manor house
  173. Which developed(1st world) country has the most police corruption?: homes, rain
  174. What is radio like in your country?: home, buy - World
  175. Which one is Japanese & which is Korean?: Koreans, park - World
  176. Are there developed countries in the world other than the U.S. which have double cities ?: live, metro area
  177. Public transportation battle: European cities and U.S. cities (2nd tier): transfer, bus - World
  178. Is other country automobile dependent like USA: fit in, living - World
  179. Most Easily Confused Languages?: live in, suburb, Korean - World
  180. 5 most boring major cities in the Developed World: shop, clubbing
  181. Europe in the summer: buying, costs, safe - World
  182. Where have you always wanted to take a vacation/holiday?: how much, live - World
  183. Where is hunting culture strong in the Western World/European cultural sphere?: live in, restaurants
  184. What are the best places to live internationally for studying abroad in college and related to my future career?: transfer, school - World
  185. What Place Would You Select Based On…: appointed, quality of life - World
  186. Let's talk about Westerners...: living in, approval, place - World
  187. What do people around the world think of American superhero movies?: cheap, top
  188. People have Evolved or all of the same Degraded? How you think and bring the facts of one or another version.: map of - World
  189. News, Pizza Hut in Pakistan ditches all-you-can-eat Ramadan offer to curb 'unrestrained gluttony': families - World
  190. Время и пространство(Time and space): living, stations, area - World
  191. India News, McDonald's to open first vegetarian outlet.: restaurant, food - World
  192. News, India, A project to fingerprint 1.2 billion people: fingerprinting, square - World
  193. Narrowing down my top ten: cities, skyline, lists - World
  194. Countries/Cities that might need GIS Techs: to live, money - World
  195. German Town Jamaica: home, military, plantations - World
  196. Where would you have to move to..: income, living - World
  197. Chain restaurants, local restaurants, and your country: house, live - World
  198. How expensive is it to winter in St. Lucia or one of the islands - World
  199. Iran earthquake: history, near, state - World
  200. Best Country to Die in: home, to live in, best place - World