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  27. Happy Holidays World: year, time, people
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  29. 5 year old Iraqi boy set on fire: news, violence - World
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  35. the world map?: land, map of, majority
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  43. Travelers or natives, tell me about...: appointed, rent, safe - World
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  46. help around the world!: train, rain, working
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  52. If you could transform into a 300 ft fire breathing monster: cities, town - World
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  55. News, Osama Bin Laden's brother plans Africa-Arabia bridge.: build, government - World
  56. World Wide Women- Life Snapshot: closing, cabinet, live in
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  58. Most technologically advanced country: military, companies, engineering - World
  59. Cities like San Francisco, but NOT San Francisco: rental, find a job - World
  60. World's most intriguing city?: apartment, houses, movies
  61. best leaders ever in the world: home, wedding, live
  62. Why Do Women Get So Little Respect in Other Countries?: credit, loans - World
  63. To outsiders, who do you support in America?: taxes, living in - World
  64. Living abroad on 20k a year?: apartment, renting, insurance - World
  65. is it to speak a foreign language like a native if you learnt it as an adult?: private school, college - World
  66. best place in the world to live? where do you think this is and why?: best city, home
  67. is it to stop being an outsider in another country?: crime, home - World
  68. Most polite people in the world?: live, money, business
  69. Most exotic foreign city to you?: garden, land, cities - World
  70. Symbol of America: live, best, building - World
  71. UK or USA/London or New York?: crime, house prices - World
  72. Peace Corps questions: apartments, how much, high school - World
  73. Is self help/empowerment/positive thinking very popular in Europe or Asia?: real estate, home - World
  74. Why so many Americans trying to leave?: quality of life, fence - World
  75. Do single people pay a dispropotionate share of taxes in your country?: mortgage, daycare - World
  76. Going to War: oil, land, areas - World
  77. Do You Think The Euro Is The Beginning Of A World Currency?: credit card, retiree
  78. Most logical foreign language to learn.: student loan, school, college - World
  79. Seattle, WA vs Vancouver, BC: real estate, neighborhoods, estate - World
  80. Tired of the US: living, military, statistics - World
  81. English-Language Usage Differences: condo, law, vs. - World
  82. World's Best City?: metro, cities, population
  83. Funniest People in the World: college, celebrity, places
  84. What do you consider the West?: living in, rated, teacher - World
  85. Paris, New York, San Diego, Sydney?: apartments, college, wages - World
  86. News, The World's Happiest Countries.: home, university, salary
  87. Countries an American can move to, easily: crime, home - World
  88. Favorite Flags of the World: design, stadium, racist
  89. Rainforests gone?!?: new house, construction, school - World
  90. Is over the U.S.???: section 8, how much - World
  91. Looking for worst places to live league tables: find a job, college - World
  92. Freedom or Safety?: to live in, vs., safe - World
  93. Is there a discipline problem in other country's schools?: lawyers, public school - World
  94. Favorite Country on Each Continent: new home, places, Asian - World
  95. Family of 5 wanting to move.: organic, to live, engineers - World
  96. World Perception of African-Americans?: movies, live, gangs
  97. Healthcare in UK and Canada: health insurance, house prices, unemployed - World
  98. Recent American Ex-Pats Around?: extended stay, crime rates, student loan - World
  99. Stereotypes of your country: live in, eat, suburbs - World
  100. Which US cities seem most prominant to foreigners?: home, buy - World
  101. So you want to leave the United States... Why and where would you most like to live?: real estate, living in - World
  102. Where would you emigrate to if America became a third world country?: live, business
  103. What do you think?: houses, taxes, live in - World
  104. the best medical schools in the world: credit, loans
  105. Merry Christmas?: to buy, live, shopping mall - World
  106. What will the world look like, sound like, in 2015?: credit card, living
  107. Most Violent Cities in the Worlds Developed Countries?: crime rates, dangerous
  108. What 5 Places Would You Like to Travel to?: to eat, permits - World
  109. Your 55 with $1.5 in cash, no house, no job: apartment, rent - World
  110. Does the rest of the world form opinions about Americans based on GW Bush?: college, living in
  111. How important is weather in choosing where you live?: school, living in - World
  112. Best Leader in the world ever: live, buses, celebrities
  113. Which country has most beautiful/sexiest women?: Cuban, Brazilian - World
  114. which country would u live in?: living, moving to, money - World
  115. Looking for on Papua New Guinea: schools, living - World
  116. Which Language is most beneficial to learn in global context After English?: safe, business - World
  117. I want to live in a big city that rains: hotels, nightlife - World
  118. What is the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH?: real estate, health insurance - World
  119. Disgusting experience in an immigation line..: living in, law, legal - World
  120. SICKO--Michael Moore's new movie: health insurance, lawyers, bankruptcy - World
  121. What icky insects plague your corner of the globe?: house, scorpions - World
  122. World's Most Expensive Cities: living in, rich, rankings
  123. Foreign degrees worthless in the U.S.?: upper-class, lawyer - World
  124. Easiest countries for Americans to move to and work?: violent crime, college - World
  125. Stars in the Sky with ZERO Ground lights. Night Sky just White.: home, camping - World
  126. Usa Complaints About High Gas Prices: buy, taxes, live in - World
  127. What do you think about the US?: public schools, live in - World
  128. Holiday Suggestions: nightlife, vacation, architecture - World
  129. short shuar translation: university, top, Indians - World
  130. NYC skyline vs hk: construction, live in, ferry - World
  131. ? most literate country in the world: homes, to buy, wages
  132. Its as high as 50 degrees in Antarctica!: houses, living - World
  133. Why dont more people live in antarctica: houses, living - World
  134. How many people from outside the US: live in, hairdresser - World
  135. Experiences living abroad: sales, apartments, homes - World
  136. Prettiest and Poorest Traveled Cities: best city, homes, construction - World
  137. Your favorite Country: home, live, military - World
  138. Making America Better: home, to buy, contractors - World
  139. Best people in the world: hotel, live, rich
  140. Great Barrier Reef gone?!?: gas, rating, population - World
  141. Where to go for Grad school?: good schools, universities, live - World
  142. know about teaching English abroad?: appointed, credit, schools - World
  143. If you couldn't live in America...: apartment, buying a home, buying - World
  144. Where have you travelled to?: home, high school, college - World
  145. Hating of Americans: appointed, house, live - World
  146. America the new Roman empire?: to live, price, military - World
  147. Higher education costs?: loans, home, neighborhood - World
  148. How to become wealthy and successful in the USA?: mortgages, daycare - World
  149. Best Place to Study Abroad: house, neighbourhoods, luxury - World
  150. Vancouver Vs. Melbourne: best cities, rental, house prices - World
  151. Worst leader in the world ever: house, title, historical
  152. Should We Move Back To America?: for sale, credit card, houses - World
  153. best place in the world for african americans?: fit in, homes
  154. If you wanted to choose a Spanish speaking country to live/work in, which one would you choose for a family?: crime, home - World
  155. which city has the best skyline in the world?: best city, buildings
  156. Why do insane people become leaders?: employment, schools, storage - World
  157. I would like to know...: low income, health insurance, house - World
  158. Overpopulation Is Out Of Control!!!: standard of living, most dangerous, agriculture - World
  159. Usage of tu versus usted: high school, to live in - World
  160. which land -most love by its citizen?: schools, quality of life - World
  161. World's Most Idyllic City?: safest, pollution, wealthiest
  162. Paris vs. Montreal vs. New Orleans: Which city do you like the best?: rent, pre-k - World
  163. Teaching English Abroad: appointed, home, buying - World
  164. Best warm place for such as me?: apartment complex, crime - World
  165. Dual Citizenship: appointed, live in, moving - World
  166. Offensive hand gestures and body language in your country to avoid: move, classes - World
  167. How do Others in the World Feel About Los Angeles?: crime, taxis
  168. America, what's goin on?: wealthy, title, land - World
  169. Culture shock in your home country: real estate, how much, neighborhood - World
  170. What are the ten most recognized U.S. cities for foreigners?: how much, colleges - World
  171. Which country has most beautiful/sexiest men?: live, moving to - World
  172. Why people native from U.S. are get to called Americans?: living in, friendly - World
  173. Relocating to the USA: crime rate, houses, buying - World
  174. Has America heard of David Beckham?: how much, transfer, college - World
  175. friendliest women in the world ??????????: most dangerous, friendly, culture
  176. Moving around the world with kids?: crime, house, neighborhoods
  177. If you could travel through one continent for year, which would you choose?: home, luxury - World
  178. Favourite second city: living in, cities, place - World
  179. Have you ever committed an embarrassing faux pas in an unfamiliar environment?: hotel, new house - World
  180. International Retirement: living, low cost, dangerous - World
  181. How can we win on terrorism?: house, buy, construction - World
  182. Most Powerful City in the World?: to move, oil, ranking
  183. Walter Cronkite/ Hillary Clinton Video Calling for World Government: association, federal
  184. News, Meet the Elders': Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Muhammad Yunus and Many More.: shop - World
  185. News, Do I have to draw a map for you?: business, population - World
  186. News, Big Ben's bongs fall silent for repairs.: maintenance, famous - World
  187. News, Pig tactics threatened.: square, noise, central - World
  188. The Global Reach of Small Business: market, working, owners - World
  189. News, Normandy D-Day site gets visitor center.: military, best - World
  190. Bermuda Cruise: post office, passport, worst - World
  191. Tahiti- or other escapist: locations - World
  192. News, Orang-utan prefers blondes.: park, Dutch, showing - World
  193. more communication between Mexico and Canada?: Mexican, countries, people - World
  194. Translations Needed ..: island, working, Arabic - World
  195. New United Kingdom Forum: great, control, access - World
  196. Global Incident Map: activity, showing, around - World
  197. favorite cities to look at in Google Earth?: locations, date - World
  198. News, Lighthouse is powered by hydrogen.: water, science, supply - World
  199. Law?: law school, requirements, classes - World
  200. Help me with this: office, rated, Dominican - World