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  1. Unclaimed Pensions In Florida: how much, incomes, bill (FL)
  2. FYI: Florida Bats: Largo, Homestead, Key Largo: house, live in, eat (FL)
  3. Florida Truths: Seminole: insurance, crime, house (FL)
  4. This drought is bad, Index at 725: Cape Coral: car, park, business - Florida (FL)
  5. Fastest Growing City/Towns in Florida: Miami, Tampa: chapel, homes, schools (FL)
  6. rainfall?: Jacksonville, Port Orange, Panama City: areas, average, weather - Florida (FL)
  7. Interesting article about Florida taxes,: Orlando: sales, homes, buyers (FL)
  8. moving to ormond beach: Port Orange: house, middle school, area - Florida (FL)
  9. condo conversions in south florida ?!!?: Pembroke Pines, Delray Beach: real estate, apartments, rental - Florida (FL)
  10. Young Married Couple from Chicago Interested in Navarre. Help!: Pensacola: sales, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  11. Attendance Jumps At Local Theme Parks Florida: Orlando: wages, beach (FL)
  12. Resort Recommendation: Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, South Beach: hotel, live in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  13. Moving to FL... communities for YOUNG adults? (not 55+): Boca Raton, Daytona Beach: apartments, to rent - Florida
  14. CA Tags: school, moving to, residency - Florida (FL)
  15. Where is there a good place to live?: Miami: neighborhood, living - Florida (FL)
  16. Will the last one out of Michigan turn the lights off. Moving from Michigan to Brooksville.: Tampa: insurance - Florida (FL)
  17. Overlooked Cities in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: living, cost of living, beach (FL)
  18. Moving back??: Pace: home, school, college - Florida (FL)
  19. Meth in South Florida?!?: Miami, Orlando: houses, tenant, live in (FL)
  20. FL is a hub for Real Estate Scammers, so watch out!: Orlando: mortgage broker, credit - Florida
  21. Help! Where to Live in North FLA.: Tampa, Gainesville: schools, quality of life - Florida
  22. Hosptials: Orlando, Lakeland, Spring Hill: living, airplane, move - Florida (FL)
  23. Where can i find work in Florida?: hotels, taxes (FL)
  24. A Little Something about Graded Schools: insurance, private schools - Florida (FL)
  25. Florida just keeps kicking Ohio butt: school, job, dogs (FL)
  26. fort lauderdale/miami pictures: Kendall, Deerfield Beach: low income, condos, hotels - Florida (FL)
  27. HELP! moving to Ft myers Tampa: St. Petersburg, Clearwater: sales, renting - Florida (FL)
  28. Auto Insurance Report Alarms Leaders: how much, education, companies - Florida (FL)
  29. North Florida happenings: Panama City: land, deal, property (FL)
  30. 40's in april... in central fla???: property tax, pool, gas - Florida (FL)
  31. Found out something interesting: Orlando, Sarasota: health insurance, how much, new house - Florida (FL)
  32. Rainbow Springs,Dunnellon: The Villages: for sale, homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  33. Costco/Sam's Club in North Port, Florida: building, Publix (FL)
  34. WANTED: A fun town to raise kids in Fla: Jacksonville: crime, Home Depot - Florida (FL)
  35. Sick Of Michigan...we Need Warmth!!!: Miami, Pembroke Pines: sales, insurance, condo - Florida (FL)
  36. Is something wrong with Florida's condos??: Coral Springs, Esto: apartment complex, foreclosed, rentals (FL)
  37. Southwest Florida Comcast: Like or Dislike: Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral: credit, live in, beach (FL)
  38. Gainesville property taxes, insurance: Winter Springs, Alachua: sale, house, purchase - Florida (FL)
  39. moving, but where??: West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Palm Beach: renting, home, movie theater - Florida (FL)
  40. What region in FL has the best weather: Jacksonville, Miami: trees, area - Florida
  41. Is Stiltsville still around???: park, culture, history - Florida (FL)
  42. Answer to Morrison's Cafeteria: Miami, Orlando: hotel, live, restaurant - Florida (FL)
  43. Want a Small Lot In Central Florida, Inland: RV park, house (FL)
  44. The Villages: Plantation: rent, home, to buy - Florida (FL)
  45. Selling Florida cities as A Tourist Destination: Jacksonville, Tampa: condos, motels (FL)
  46. Clewiston: Miami, Orlando, Sebring: low income, real estate market, violent crime - Florida (FL)
  47. California or Florida?????: Tampa, St. Petersburg: lawyer, job market, to buy (FL)
  48. Homeschooling Groups In Lake County: YMCA, moving to, activities - Florida (FL)
  49. Moving to Panama City, good? bad?: Lynn Haven: spring break, real estate, renting - Florida (FL)
  50. WINE SHIPMENTS to Florida: Sebastian, Clermont: buy, calculated, taxes (FL)
  51. Need information on Ormond Beach and Orlando: Port Orange: low crime, house - Florida (FL)
  52. moving from pasco co. fl.: Lakeland, Winter Haven: car insurance, home - Florida (FL)
  53. thinking about a retirement move to MT. DORA: Mount Dora, Dade City: quality of life, things to do - Florida (FL)
  54. Florida or California: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando: insurance, how much, lawyer (FL)
  55. Your favorite and best recommendations:: West Palm Beach, Wellington: gynecologist, to rent, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  56. Video lottery games: vs., bill, horse - Florida (FL)
  57. Spanish Village: Plantation, Leesburg, Lee: rent, prices, yard - Florida (FL)
  58. Panther Killed: Dade City, Seffner, Dover: for sale, houses, construction - Florida (FL)
  59. Florida's National Historical Landmarks: Fort Walton Beach, Stuart: rent, camp, bus (FL)
  60. heard property taxes are 2% of home sale price?: Fort Lauderdale: real estate, house - Florida (FL)
  61. Longer Days For Schools? Orange County students.: crimes, house - Florida (FL)
  62. Florida Lottery $17 billion contribution: University: sales, transfer, public schools (FL)
  63. Cities in Florida: Miami, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach: safe area, to live in, restaurants (FL)
  64. The Housing market and bad credit.: Rio: balloon payment, for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  65. Life In Key West: Largo, Key Largo: real estate, insurance, hotels - Florida (FL)
  66. move from NY to FL and happy????: transfer, tornado - Florida
  67. DeLand: Orlando: houses, neighborhoods, live in - Florida (FL)
  68. moving to loxahatchee: Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach: for sale, to rent, HOA - Florida (FL)
  69. Making the big move: Brandon, Jupiter: for rent, daycare, house - Florida (FL)
  70. Move close to snorkeling: home, living, cost of living - Florida (FL)
  71. Hello, Are auto Insurance rates high in Florida? What is your annual rate and where are you located?: Tampa: price (FL)
  72. Medical Insurance: health insurance, credit, buy - Florida (FL)
  73. Daytona: Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach: oceanfront, apartment complex, for rent - Florida (FL)
  74. Moving to Fla? Look at Yahoos RE new website ?: Cape Coral: foreclosures, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  75. Brush Fires ! Drought index 706: yard, weather, good - Florida (FL)
  76. Furniture: Spring Hill, Ocala, Cleveland: fit in, rent, movers - Florida (FL)
  77. On a lighter note: movies, property taxes, refund - Florida (FL)
  78. wpb: Stuart: school district, to live, commute to - Florida (FL)
  79. help with where to move to: Tampa, Orlando: private schools, living, gardening - Florida (FL)
  80. Myakka City, Florida: Bradenton, Arcadia: for sale, buying a house, buying (FL)
  81. Welcome to go home!: Miami: how much, to live in, places (FL)
  82. ready to make that move.: low income, best schools, income - Florida (FL)
  83. hello all: Malone: real estate, income, taxes - Florida (FL)
  84. Will be working in Ebor City, where to live?: Tampa: how much, house - Florida (FL)
  85. How about this: to live in, deals, rules - Florida (FL)
  86. Animal Cops- and Clint Moore Animal Hopital: Miami: live in, cars - Florida (FL)
  87. Relocating to FL looking for a good place to raise my child: Tampa: affordable houses - Florida
  88. Homestead?: Jacksonville: insurance, taxes, exemption - Florida (FL)
  89. Man selling ENDANGERED TURTLES FOR CRACK MONEY!!!: Ocala: live in, cost of - Florida (FL)
  90. gainesville or ocala: Tampa, Inverness, Valrico: real estate, condo, townhouse - Florida (FL)
  91. Moving to lake county Fl: Orlando, Leesburg: sales, renting, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  92. Seasonal Affective Disorder???: Largo, Key Largo: homes, income, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  93. Latest Housing Prices: Tampa, Tallahassee, Sarasota: real estate, how much, houses - Florida (FL)
  94. Does know if Florida Employers hire out of state residents for jobs or mainly FL RESIDENTS?: contractors
  95. There's nothing wrong with Florida, its people: live, moving (FL)
  96. Panama City ,Pensacola or Walton Beach???: Fort Walton Beach, Crestview: appointed, for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  97. Spring hill schools: Tampa, Lake Park, Hernando: transplants, rentals, skatepark - Florida (FL)
  98. Need a reliable pool company that won't know my socks off!: Jacksonville: home, contractors - Florida (FL)
  99. Need a reliable pool company that won't knock my socks off!: Tampa: home, contractors - Florida (FL)
  100. Moving to Leesburg from Ohio - need a community!: Plantation: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  101. Is there a small town feel in Florida Anywhere?: Miami: fit in, real estate (FL)
  102. Bugs in the mulch: Miami, Port Charlotte: house, organic, living in - Florida (FL)
  103. Can we be more confused: Miami, Orlando: insurance, condo, crime - Florida (FL)
  104. Madison, Wisconsin To Florida????: Miami, Tampa: crime, subdivision, living (FL)
  105. Another Positive only !!: Orlando, Sarasota: camping, living in, moving - Florida (FL)
  106. Moving a Cat to Florida: renting, how much, hotel (FL)
  107. Will the taxes in Florida be as high as NY ?: North Port: sales, houses (FL)
  108. Look for a Gay or Gay-Friendly Community in FLA: Tampa: house prices, neighborhood - Florida
  109. New Smyrna Beach - why is it all for sale?: Port Orange: real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  110. Buy VS. Rent: Miami: to rent, homeowners insurance, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  111. Climate Change and Florida: live, moving to, beaches (FL)
  112. Will it ever be fixed?: Miami, Tampa: real estate, crime rate, home - Florida (FL)
  113. How to drive like a Floridian! Life-saving tips!: insurance, home - Florida (FL)
  114. Negatives about Florida: real estate, insurance, homes (FL)
  115. I'm's better then is good!: Miami: cul-de-sac, new house - Florida (FL)
  116. Moving to Lake County where to live that isn't 55+: Plantation: for sale, HOA - Florida (FL)
  117. The beach, what's there to do?: Miami, Miami Beach: houses, buying, living in - Florida (FL)
  118. Rabbit Proble in Florida: loan, mobile home, subdivision (FL)
  119. Confused as to why people have to be neg. about Florida: Miami: homeowners insurance, crime (FL)
  120. and neighborly suggestions,: house, neighborhoods, live in - Florida (FL)
  121. Hey gang! I am on my way down!: Cape Coral, Naples: fit in, to rent - Florida (FL)
  122. Deed Restrictions.: Miami, Boca Raton: for sale, HOA, mover - Florida (FL)
  123. Rate rollback part of state Senate's property tax relief plan: Orlando: sales, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  124. God's Waiting Room??: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: fit in, transplants, for sale - Florida (FL)
  125. Positives? Negatives? How about Eyes Wide Open?: Tarpon Springs, Utopia: real estate, homes - Florida (FL)
  126. Squirrels: Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale: new home, neighborhood, construction - Florida (FL)
  127. Negativity: Orlando, Tallahassee, Palm Beach: crime, homes, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  128. Port Orange?: Ormond Beach: insurance, low crime, new home - Florida (FL)
  129. Orlando beats Miami in 25 top most dangerous city in US!: Coral Springs: crime rates, quality of life - Florida (FL)
  130. Fort Walton Beach Residents?: Pensacola, Destin: amusement park, houses, colleges - Florida (FL)
  131. Living with a well?: Sarasota: new house, water heater, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  132. Floridians Favorite Vacation place: Pensacola, Geneva: house, shops, discounts - Florida (FL)
  133. The Weather is not what it should be.: Miami, Largo: rent, how much - Florida (FL)
  134. Daycare: West Palm Beach, Palm Beach: day care, homes, employment - Florida (FL)
  135. tracking down ownership: Port St. Lucie, Palm Bay, Deltona: sales, home sales, buy - Florida (FL)
  136. Kids not welcome. Right or wrong?: Largo: how much, house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  137. Is it safe to rent a home in Florida when the landlord you know has the keys to you house?: North Port: sales, apartment complex (FL)
  138. it is....: to live, beach, pool - Florida (FL)
  139. Chuckawhiskey Fl.: Spring Hill, Brooksville: parks, place, town - Florida (FL)
  140. Wanting to move to Florida: Jacksonville, Orlando: crime, home, job market (FL)
  141. Sharks ???: Holiday, Destin, Golf: campground, bars, beach - Florida (FL)
  142. Nova Southeastern University?: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: law school, law, rich - Florida (FL)
  143. The answers to 2 questions would really help!: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: rent, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  144. self insuring: health insurance, buying a house, buying - Florida (FL)
  145. Not finding Fla cheaper than parts of California more: Miami: real estate, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  146. Looking To Move To Florida (near Tampa) Have A Child With Autism Schools In Tampa: Orlando: chapel, home (FL)
  147. Where are the jobs in FLorida? Is it a bad job market in Florida, as it is in upstate NY?: Miami: attorneys, homes
  148. for all of my loyal friends: sales, appliances - Florida (FL)
  149. Floridians, would you give up the high cost of living, and sunshine to move to the Northeast?: real estate market, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  150. Moving within Florida...looking for coastal and younger area: Jacksonville: apartments, dermatology (FL)
  151. One Cheap Bastard: Riverview: purchase, high school, to live - Florida (FL)
  152. Shark Attacks 2007: Sarasota, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach: to live in, statistics, safe - Florida (FL)
  153. Dengue Fever not in Florida: neighborhood, school, allergies (FL)
  154. Has been 'pushed out' of Florida?: Miami, West Palm Beach: middle-class, for sale (FL)
  155. Do I get rid of ALL of my winter stuff??: Miami: fit in, loan - Florida (FL)
  156. Be would you wait?: Jacksonville, Sarasota: for sale, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  157. Florida Favorite House: Wellington: to rent, insurance, new home (FL)
  158. How come every time I watch a COPS episode 95% of the time it is a show on a FLorida City?: Miami: crime, live - Florida
  159. Electricity Costs for a 3000 sq ft home?: Tampa, Orlando: how much, houses - Florida (FL)
  160. Anyonr remember Morrison's Buffet from Florida years ago?: Miami, Orlando: price, food (FL)
  161. Love this cool weather!: Miami, Tampa: appointed, real estate, house - Florida (FL)
  162. Florida Housing Sex Offenders Under Bridge: apartment, condo, crime (FL)
  163. Positives About Florida !!!: Miami, The Villages: homes, to buy, tax (FL)
  164. Sick of Gainesville: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: dorms, job market, elementary school - Florida (FL)
  165. We wouldn't be making a fuss if we didn't care!: Miami: middle-class, insurance - Florida (FL)
  166. Help Me With My Move to Fla!: Miami, Orlando: for sale, to rent - Florida (FL)
  167. Moving to Florida with my 3 yr old Son for 1 year: Tampa: rentals, day care (FL)
  168. Florida Foreclosures Lead Nation: Palm Beach: real estate, rent, insurance (FL)
  169. Favorite Florida City: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando: spring break, insurance, house (FL)
  170. Beautiful Small towns of Florida (Gems): Miami, Delray Beach: fit in, home, restaurants (FL)
  171. Florida the money pit !!!!!!!!!!: Tampa, Sarasota: sales, real estate, foreclosures (FL)
  172. Cheese store in central Florida?: Melbourne, Winter Park: shops, suite, park (FL)
  173. Depressed about moving to Florida.: Gainesville, West Palm Beach: renting, condos, house (FL)
  174. which city for healthy/active young guy?: Tampa, St. Petersburg: condo, how much - Florida (FL)
  175. Septic Sewer homes?: how much, house, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  176. St. Augustine vs. St. Petersburg-opinions: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, insurance, low crime - Florida (FL)
  177. Floridas best kept secret: Sebring, Placid Lakes: for sale, houses, income (FL)
  178. rent out their florida home?-Questions: Tampa, Leesburg: rental, condo - Florida (FL)
  179. FWB area - Panhandle: Is there a tick problem?: Pensacola: school, live in - Florida (FL)
  180. Looking for apartment in Sumtner, Lake or Citrus County: Leesburg: rentals, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  181. Remington Place s??: Altamonte Springs: apartments, moving to, boyfriend - Florida (FL)
  182. Safest Residential Area of Northport-FL, Moving there in July, Thanks: crime, house - Florida
  183. People for high end TINNITUS feature film documentary!: Orlando: studio, schedule - Florida (FL)
  184. Jacksonville or Daytona Beach: living, cost of living, humidity - Florida (FL)
  185. Hottest Job Markets for young adults in Florida: Orlando: college, stats (FL)
  186. Plan for coastal highway adopted HWY 98: Eastpoint: safety, authority, transportation - Florida (FL)
  187. Low Income Seniors Get Additional Tax Savings: homes, exemption - Florida (FL)
  188. where to buy townhomes: Miami: rent, buying, prices - Florida (FL)
  189. Renters insurance prices?: moving to, summer, hurricanes - Florida (FL)
  190. fort walton beach fl: house, to buy, high school - Florida (FL)
  191. Lakeland Florida: Cypress Lake, Cypress Lakes: crime rate, moving to, adult (FL)
  192. Jobs in Florida: insurance, school, to move (FL)
  193. Planning Stages: condo, places to live, vacation - Florida (FL)
  194. St. Augustine water bill: living, retire, place - Florida (FL)
  195. Home Insurance in South Florida: to live in, renewal, money (FL)
  196. Seminole County - Home sales - help: Orlando, Oviedo: real estate market, buyer - Florida (FL)
  197. Pictures ???????: North Port - Florida (FL)
  198. Gainesville/Ocala area jobs, schools?: transfer, private schools, tuition - Florida (FL)
  199. Florida Global Positioning Surveillance: house, office, money (FL)
  200. Moving to South FL from WA state: schools, communities - Florida