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  1. Real-estate giant buys 537 acres of Florida Research Park: Palm Beach: sale, houses (FL)
  2. Beautiful House: Tampa, Trinity, Bell: new home, neighborhoods, elementary school - Florida (FL)
  3. Florida in migration: Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale: real estate, rent, insurance (FL)
  4. how do property taxes work for out of staters?: Orlando: rental, condo - Florida (FL)
  5. RAIN!: Ocala: yard, cars, registered - Florida (FL)
  6. sinkhole under apt building: Tampa, Orlando: apartment, lease, insurance - Florida (FL)
  7. Moving to Silver Springs: about - Florida (FL)
  8. Help!!! Need Advice On Daytona!!!: Miami, Tampa: spring break, to rent, condos - Florida (FL)
  9. The Villages of FLorida: Lady Lake, Gateway: schools, subdivisions, to live - Florida
  10. Palm Coast: Jacksonville, Port Orange, Ormond Beach: real estate, home, employment - Florida (FL)
  11. Gainesville: Jacksonville: apartments, for rent, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  12. Florida Biting Flies: Ocala, Sanibel, Everglades: camping, organic, moving (FL)
  13. Florida: Mosquito-borne diseases wane: Bronson: agriculture, island, summer (FL)
  14. on Lakeland: to eat, housing, things to do - Florida (FL)
  15. Need a job for J1 in Florida: Cape Coral, Naples: hotel, college (FL)
  16. Are you guys listening to that sound....: to rent, hotel - Florida (FL)
  17. Peanut Island Memorial Day 2007: pictures, boats, music - Florida (FL)
  18. DeSoto County?: Sarasota: apartments, schools, cost of - Florida (FL)
  19. Fountain, Florida: Panama City: for sale, real estate, house (FL)
  20. Bugs: Coconut Creek: live in, area, mosquitoes - Florida (FL)
  21. Santa Fa River Land ????: park, build, restrictions - Florida (FL)
  22. Florida newcomers web-sites: Tampa: crime, home, schools (FL)
  23. wanted 1/2 acre of land in alachua county: park, restrictions - Florida (FL)
  24. Work in Gainesville?: Ocala, Alachua: appointed, school, utilities - Florida (FL)
  25. Palm Coast Murders?: neighborhood, live in, office - Florida (FL)
  26. Poll; separate forums for Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach?: Jacksonville: airports - Florida (FL)
  27. Gas Stations Must Have Generators: home, law, install - Florida (FL)
  28. Smoke in Panhandle Beach Areas?: Panama City, Fort Walton Beach: vacation, weather, fish - Florida (FL)
  29. Lake Okeechobee’s threatend, Now a fire: Everglades: moving, dry - Florida (FL)
  30. Orlampa?: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: live, zoning, shop - Florida (FL)
  31. Best Communities for Retirees: Jacksonville, Orlando: homes, theater, construction - Florida (FL)
  32. new crime stats (by state) for 2007.: Tampa: live, most dangerous, mall - Florida (FL)
  33. Contest Citation: office, tree, pay - Florida (FL)
  34. on Auburdale: Auburndale: crime, schools, area - Florida (FL)
  35. 1 in 5 foreclosures in Florida?: real estate, mortgage, credit (FL)
  36. Post Office Transfer to Florida: Clermont, Lee: cities, working, hiring (FL)
  37. from Maryland: Jacksonville: schools, contractor, live - Florida (FL)
  38. Traffic Lights: insurance, buy, living - Florida (FL)
  39. An Example: Orlando: for sale, homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  40. Moving to the Freeport Area: Panama City, Niceville: landscaping, transfer to, buying - Florida (FL)
  41. housing update..r.e.meeting..: Baldwin: buying, best, agents - Florida (FL)
  42. seeking a new place to move to from S. Florida.: Ocala: homeowners association, mobile home (FL)
  43. Citrus Springs: Ocala, Dunnellon: homes, movie theater, taxes - Florida (FL)
  44. Where to live in SW FL (part II)??: Miami, Tampa: rent, condo - Florida
  45. new to spring hill: Cortez, Port Richey: YMCA, shop, beach - Florida (FL)
  46. Anastasia Island? Other St. Ausgustine: St. Augustine: home, neighborhood, housing - Florida (FL)
  47. looking for about west coast of Florida: Bonita Springs: live, shops (FL)
  48. Apalachicola, Florida: apartment, store, property (FL)
  49. Day care in Florida: Palm Beach: home, to live, moving (FL)
  50. Best place in FL for 23 y/o?: Jacksonville, Miami: for rent, crime - Florida
  51. Uninsured Motorist Coverage?: insurance, bills, car - Florida (FL)
  52. I really need help!: Orlando, Gainesville: house, buy, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  53. Sumter County Schools... how are they?: Ocala, Inverness: elementary school, living in, special needs - Florida (FL)
  54. Best City for a Small Business: Jacksonville, Miami: lease, home, pros and cons - Florida (FL)
  55. Tax assesments to be frozen at peak value of housing bubble!: Tallahassee: real estate, homes - Florida (FL)
  56. Retirement Area: Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Destin: schools, living, cost of living - Florida (FL)
  57. update!!!!!!on the housing market..: homes, vs., build - Florida (FL)
  58. looking for advice: schools, college, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  59. Orlando vs. South Fla. job market?: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach: living, cost of living, beach - Florida (FL)
  60. influence on decision of where to live: current - Florida (FL)
  61. Two tourists abducted, robbed after leaving Downtown Disney: Orlando: violent crime, felony - Florida (FL)
  62. Rental House wanted for Jan.-April 2008: Cape Coral: rentals, vacation home, live in - Florida (FL)
  63. Buying Auction Property: Cape Coral, Sarasota, Port Charlotte: for sale, foreclosures, insurance - Florida (FL)
  64. Moving to Florida???????????: Orlando, Gainesville, Daytona Beach: low crime, houses, safe area (FL)
  65. best place to work in florida: for rent, hotels, living - Florida (FL)
  66. Wireless Hotspots in Daytona Beach?: Jay: Home Depot, interstate, free - Florida (FL)
  67. Florida Memorial Day tributes: Jacksonville, Miami: house, tenant, university (FL)
  68. Destin/FWB/Crestview-Help with finding a good hair stylist: Spring Hill: salons, hairstylist - Florida (FL)
  69. End of Florda's No Fault Insurance: Bell: health insurance, attorney, buy - Florida (FL)
  70. Relocating to Northern Broward or Palm Beach Co.: Miami, Coral Springs: neighborhood, middle school - Florida (FL)
  71. What to look for when hiring a real estate agent. A builder. Add on your tips,: Spring Hill: broker - Florida (FL)
  72. HOA Fees: Naples, Lee: real estate, apartment, renting - Florida (FL)
  73. Condo board member arrested for fraud: Hallandale: apartment, to buy, contractors - Florida (FL)
  74. Staying in Florida: to live in, shop, moving to (FL)
  75. Panhandle beaches: rentals, hotels, beach - Florida (FL)
  76. FL job website: headhunters, employment, universities - Florida
  77. College fees... thoughts: University, Bell: apartment, insurance, credit - Florida (FL)
  78. Finding and renting an apartment from remote?: apartments, lease - Florida (FL)
  79. For insurance, what is considered inland ?: Orlando, Gainesville: live in, discounts - Florida (FL)
  80. Have you considered North Central Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: employment, university, places to live (FL)
  81. Moving to Kissimee: Orlando, Kissimmee: crime, home, to buy - Florida (FL)
  82. I hate to say it, but a service Tax would work,: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  83. I need serious help! I am about to lose my mind!!: Belleview: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  84. Bye Florida: Orlando: house, living in, moving to (FL)
  85. How bout that Fort Walton/Destin area?: home, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  86. What's in Defuniak Springs?: Crestview, Eglin AFB: crime, transfer, movies - Florida (FL)
  87. The collapse continues... Realtor's April numbers just out: Miami, Naples: homes, buyers - Florida (FL)
  88. Florida Animal Shelters: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: home, safe area, college (FL)
  89. When one sells house, will prospective buyers be able.....: insurance, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  90. Vacationing in Florida: Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach: insurance, hotels, buy (FL)
  91. Fun on South Beach: area, county, police - Florida (FL)
  92. British Investors and Florida Housing Slump: Vero Beach, St. Pete Beach: for sale, rental, insurance (FL)
  93. Property Tax News: sales, houses, assessment - Florida (FL)
  94. Forida car business: Tampa, Noma: fit in, rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  95. Looking for an Irish TV Show in Florida: Jacksonville, Tallahassee: college, radio (FL)
  96. Which city has best white collar job market?: Miami, Tampa: to live in, jobs - Florida (FL)
  97. Fire Inspector Job Prospects.: Lee: new house, find a job, inspectors - Florida (FL)
  98. Elimination of Property Taxes could solve a RE crash: Miami: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  99. Summer HAS arrived......: Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers: construction, live, pool - Florida (FL)
  100. Key West wedding ideas?: hotels, house, outdoor wedding - Florida (FL)
  101. Red Ants: Home Depot, to buy, stores - Florida (FL)
  102. HOI hell: Tampa, Bradenton, Punta Gorda: insurance, mortgage, refinance - Florida (FL)
  103. Does live in Lakeland ???: Tampa, Orlando: for sale, rent, home owners insurance - Florida (FL)
  104. Lawmakers agree on $32 billion property tax cut: Miami, Tallahassee: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  105. doo doo has just hit the fan!!!in florida...: Tampa: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  106. When will upswing in South Fla. real estate market occur?: Jacksonville: homeowners insurance, condos - Florida (FL)
  107. Moving to Panama city: Tampa, Tallahassee: spring break, real estate, leasing - Florida (FL)
  108. Help with moving to South Florida!!!: Coral Springs, Plantation: apartments, leasing agent, condos (FL)
  109. You never get in a car.: Fort Myers: crime, taxes, live - Florida (FL)
  110. new highrise projects?: West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Bradenton: real estate, condos, loan - Florida (FL)
  111. Basic Boat Insurance: Fort Pierce, St. Lucie: rental, how much, buying - Florida (FL)
  112. Fun Florida Facts: Jacksonville, Miami, Miami Beach: hotel, home, pharmacist (FL)
  113. Build a summer kitchen: Jupiter, Jensen Beach: sales, appliances, how much - Florida (FL)
  114. It's official! I am moving down to South Florida!: Boca Raton: to rent, townhome (FL)
  115. Well I may be moving out of FLA: Tampa, Melbourne: big house, neighborhood - Florida
  116. How's the Construction Market?: Tampa, Spring Hill: to rent, home builder, contractors - Florida (FL)
  117. I feel like a gypsy, and can't find, what I am looking for.....: Tampa: homes, school - Florida (FL)
  118. Florida has 7 in the top 25: Jacksonville, Miami: credit, house, private schools (FL)
  119. city in florida: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: real estate, crime, home - Florida (FL)
  120. Florida STRANGE PEOPLE, PLACES, AND EVENTS: Orlando, Seminole: house, live, moving to (FL)
  121. Relocating to Daytona area. Palm Coast?: Orlando, Plantation: low income, to rent, new house - Florida (FL)
  122. Do people live in FL goto beach?: Fort Myers, Naples: hotels, living - Florida
  123. Tax cut, is it?: Orlando: sales, houses, taxes - Florida (FL)
  124. tired of the city.: city hall, HOA, credit - Florida (FL)
  125. Be willing to stay in Florida?: sales, bankrupt, income (FL)
  126. Moving to FL with 8 kids!: Pensacola, Naples: renting, low crime, buying - Florida
  127. Good news! House sales are up!: North Port: for sale, condos, good credit - Florida (FL)
  128. open your eyes: Tampa, Winter Park: sale, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  129. ignore the real estate people!!: Tallahassee: real estate market, renting, buying a house - Florida (FL)
  130. Housing Bubble Popped but why aren't the prices reflecting it?: Brandon: short sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  131. Florida Salaries: Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: employment, school district, income (FL)
  132. Less Taxes...Yeah Right!: Orlando, Tallahassee: for sale, big home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  133. What is Redtide??: beach, transport, swimming - Florida (FL)
  134. New to Bunnell, Need Local: Jacksonville, Orlando: sales, houses, buying - Florida (FL)
  135. We now have a moving date!!: rental, home, living in - Florida (FL)
  136. Fleamarkets: Tampa, Ocala, Belleview: for sale, how much, sales tax - Florida (FL)
  137. Ok, fill me in on the fun stuff.: Miami, Tampa: rental, houses - Florida (FL)
  138. Better to buy or rent vacation property?: Naples, Venice: 2014, rentals - Florida (FL)
  139. Will Florida help pay for a teacher's master's degree: Ocala: student loans, schools (FL)
  140. My shrink thinks I should leave Florida immediately: Tampa, Odessa: live in, best (FL)
  141. tinted car windows?: how much, lawyer, exemptions - Florida (FL)
  142. Is it illegal to drive in Florida without a back windshield?: crime, houses (FL)
  143. Do Floridians Like People From Midwest, NorthEast?: Jacksonville, Lake City: fit in, insurance - Florida (FL)
  144. I'm out - at least I outlasted Shores9: real estate, homeowner - Florida (FL)
  145. The Villages Florida: Orlando, Golf: sales, home owners insurance, homes (FL)
  146. Where can I go?: Miami, Orlando: real estate, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  147. Use a Crystal Ball to buy a home!: Sarasota: real estate, credit card - Florida (FL)
  148. Nursing in Florida: Clearwater, Port St. Lucie, Lakeland: home, salary, taxes (FL)
  149. is this a good deal...?: Haines City: for sale, rental, new house - Florida (FL)
  150. Love bugs, How can you love them?: condo, eat - Florida (FL)
  151. Tip For Love Bug Removal: Sarasota, Fruitville: live, dryer, car - Florida (FL)
  152. Renters Beware: Sarasota: foreclosure, renter, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  153. HELP !! Where is the best place in Florida to raise kids ?: Jacksonville: rentals, low crime (FL)
  154. orlando vs miami: Tampa, Pembroke Pines, Clearwater: apartments, rentals, homes - Florida (FL)
  155. North Port lots: Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Jay: for sale by owner, how much, home - Florida (FL)
  156. Welcome Wagon Wasteland: coupons, house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  157. Theory about who dislike Florida: Tampa: crime, school, living in (FL)
  158. Gainesville or Tallahassee: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: job market, universities, to live - Florida (FL)
  159. Florida Getaways: Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg: where to stay, rentals, credit card (FL)
  160. Why the screens over pools?: for sale, house, landscaping - Florida (FL)
  161. Jobs and minorities.....: school, college, income - Florida (FL)
  162. Five companies to begin selling homewoner insurance policies in state: Orlando: homeowners insurance, lawyers - Florida (FL)
  163. Best and Worst Floridian cities for interracial relationships: Jacksonville, Miami: home, living in - Florida (FL)
  164. Looking for an area in Florida that has other Airline families: Miami: house, safe neighborhoods (FL)
  165. Moving to FL...autism? Electronic tech?: Tampa, Orlando: attorney, homes, transfer - Florida
  166. I hate Central Air: Miami: houses, buying, construction - Florida (FL)
  167. Ceiling Fans?: apartments, how much, houses - Florida (FL)
  168. appraisal's: Lake City: sales, how much, houses - Florida (FL)
  169. Waldo, FL...looking for: Miami, Gainesville: rent to own, crime, mobile home - Florida
  170. I did it!: Naples: condo, new home, find a job - Florida (FL)
  171. Not impressed with FL pre-K: Jacksonville, Jupiter: health insurance, preschool, subsidized - Florida
  172. Auto Insurance: home owners insurance, home, transfer to - Florida (FL)
  173. Just about all of the British Expats in Florida...: Tampa: houses, income (FL)
  174. has built a house?: Ocala: to rent, loan, buying - Florida (FL)
  175. Rental Scam: Orlando: foreclosure, renter, houses - Florida (FL)
  176. Florida family size: Cocoa: skateboarding, mobile home, movies (FL)
  177. More Moving with Cats: Ocala: rental, hotel, buying - Florida (FL)
  178. Little Bunches on Fingers: areas, white, hours - Florida (FL)
  179. Florida City Chambers: relocating, offices, cities (FL)
  180. State Farm to pay out for screens lost to Katrina & Wilma: insurance - Florida (FL)
  181. Governor signs $71.5B state spending plan, but local projects cut: University: sales, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  182. moving to panama city beach area: rent, crime, prices - Florida (FL)
  183. Federal Tax Exemption for L-1 Visa: exemptions, moving to, budget - Florida (FL)
  184. Supreme Court hears challenge to Florida adoption law: Lee: lawyer, health (FL)
  185. Proposed changes in construction laws - FYI: house, law - Florida (FL)
  186. Relocating from Detroit, MI to Jacksonville: Daytona Beach: house, job market, move to - Florida (FL)
  187. Board Stats are Interesting - Orlando leads...: Jacksonville, Miami: cities, rain - Florida (FL)
  188. Glades or Hendry county?: live in, area, counties - Florida (FL)
  189. Albany NY: Orlando: relocating, retirement, building - Florida (FL)
  190. Fountain living: Panama City: home, zoning, prices - Florida (FL)
  191. TaxWatch finds 507 ''turkeys'' worth $267 million in state budget: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: health insurance, school - Florida (FL)
  192. rentals in eastern pasco county: Clearwater, Zephyrhills: real estate, house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  193. Panhandle Properties: Panama City, Destin: for sale, real estate market, condos - Florida (FL)
  194. requested on. . .: Lakeland, Sebring: living in, best, areas - Florida (FL)
  195. Southeast FL beaches/ Dania and south/need locals help: Hollywood: cost, shops - Florida
  196. St. Cloud, Florida?: Miami, Orlando: how much, homes, property tax (FL)
  197. re new tax cut proposal: Port Orange, Homestead: homes, exemption - Florida (FL)
  198. Crist asking Bush for help with fires: Miami: counties, drought - Florida (FL)
  199. lakeland: pros and cons, move to, about - Florida (FL)
  200. moving to Valrico advice: insurance, house, taxes - Florida (FL)