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  1. Florida's decline: Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg: low income, sales, renters (FL)
  2. What kind of work in Key Largo?: home, to live - Florida (FL)
  3. We are looking to move in florida.: Miami, Tallahassee: real estate, houses - Florida (FL)
  4. New Year's Eve Ideas??: Wellington: to live in, area, DUI - Florida (FL)
  5. Gainesville> Restaurants Open On Xmas?: Tampa, Orlando: hotels, college, airport - Florida (FL)
  6. Something doesn't make sense: insurance, how much, buy - Florida (FL)
  7. Property Taxes in Navarre Fla: Tampa, Orlando: for sale, how much, house - Florida (FL)
  8. New Laws in the Sunshine State for 2008: car insurance, purchase - Florida (FL)
  9. Double Wide Mobile Homes: Vero Beach, Indian River Estates: real estate, condos, transfer - Florida (FL)
  10. tech employees hard to find in Gainesville?: Tampa, Orlando: tech jobs, universities - Florida (FL)
  11. Florida's Tourist Economy: Miami: real estate, homes, buy (FL)
  12. Florida Property Insurance Costs by Areas/Types: home, homeowner (FL)
  13. Florida doctors ask for fee increase for making copies: sales, health insurance (FL)
  14. Is there really a BIG difference in cost of living in Lakeland and Tampa area?: Miami: apartments - Florida (FL)
  15. Bugs under the window screens: home, buy, store - Florida (FL)
  16. miami dade county has the large's black population in florida: crime, buy - Florida (FL)
  17. OT: Consistent misuse of words: Palm Beach: vs., beach, counties - Florida (FL)
  18. Relocating to Lake Mary: what should I know?: Orlando, Sanford: real estate, to rent - Florida (FL)
  19. Home Insurance? Suggestions?: Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, Christmas: home owners insurance, broker, homes - Florida (FL)
  20. Happy Holidays, it's been fun!: Christmas: vacation, place, central - Florida (FL)
  21. New Drug Discount Plan: just say no: incomes, association - Florida (FL)
  22. How is Gainesville: Jacksonville, Miami, University: apartment, high crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  23. New to Pinellas County, FL -- Need Advice Badly: Tampa: insurance, to buy - Florida
  24. Commuting from Palm Coast?: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, prices, versus - Florida (FL)
  25. Don’t Drink And Drive, Tow To Go: Christmas: crime, house - Florida (FL)
  26. attorney jobs in florida w german FL license: look for a job, university - Florida
  27. Lake Mary area versus Clermont: Plantation, Altamonte Springs: apartment, homes, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  28. Taxation and cost of buying a property: Sarasota: real estate, insurance - Florida (FL)
  29. 2006 Florida Babies: Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview: crime, live in, restaurants (FL)
  30. I'm leaving the Florida forum: best, business, builder (FL)
  31. 55+ Manufactured Home Community: new house, gated community, organic - Florida (FL)
  32. Florida General: Tallahassee, Jupiter, Okeechobee: Home Depot, buy, theater (FL)
  33. Thinking Of Relocating To Palm Coast?: crime, schools, living - Florida (FL)
  34. single professional relocating: Gainesville, University, Alachua: apartments, violent crime, home - Florida (FL)
  35. educator interested in the panhandle area: daycare, schools, cost - Florida (FL)
  36. Inspiring College Student Looking to Plan Future: Orlando, Winter Springs: low crime, home - Florida (FL)
  37. Deltona lacks growth to benefit the community: Orange City: city hall, crime - Florida (FL)
  38. German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of SW Florida: Fort Myers, North Fort Myers: year, moved (FL)
  39. Florida tax on rental property?: Sarasota: sales, rentals, condo (FL)
  40. Feds approve Indian gambling agreement with Florida: Miami, Tallahassee: crime, hotels (FL)
  41. Window Washing Business: Tampa, Orlando, Bradenton: houses, safe area, luxury - Florida (FL)
  42. how is florida cheap for energy?: Orlando, Naples: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  43. good places in Florida?: Sarasota, Weston: low crime, good schools, live (FL)
  44. more questions: Palm Coast: fit in, job market, schools - Florida (FL)
  45. Need Advice: college, moving, work - Florida (FL)
  46. Teaching in Florida...: Jacksonville, Orlando: health insurance, home, find a job (FL)
  47. Information !!!!!!: North Palm Beach, Palm Beach: mortgage, loan, beach - Florida (FL)
  48. Reasons to Move OUT of Florida: Miami: car registration, house, to buy (FL)
  49. Great affordable places to live and jobs working with the mentally retarded...: Sunrise: condos - Florida (FL)
  50. Port Orange, Daytona, Ormond?: Orlando, Oviedo: best neighborhood, home, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  51. A few questioins for Teachers and Guidance Counselors: Sarasota: health insurance, how much - Florida (FL)
  52. Florida payscale for A/C heating tech: Tampa, Clearwater: new home, construction (FL)
  53. florida safer today than in 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s: Miami: 2013, crime - Florida (FL)
  54. Spanish Moss .... from someone NOT in Florida..: Tampa, Gainesville: house, live in (FL)
  55. what are the best citiesto relocate to in florida for a 25/f?: Jacksonville: apartment - Florida (FL)
  56. visiting lakeland: Tampa, Orlando, Hampton: hotels, airport, food - Florida (FL)
  57. Moving from UK to Florida: home, to buy, live in (FL)
  58. Mount Dora: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: rentals, neighbourhood, to buy - Florida (FL)
  59. The Freeze of 2008 - Share your photos and stories: live, moving to - Florida (FL)
  60. Another frustrated Floridian: Melbourne: car rental, sales, rental - Florida (FL)
  61. Rate Gov. Crist's first year: apartments, insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  62. $$$ Questions: college, salary, education - Florida (FL)
  63. Thinking of Moving to Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: transplants, rentals, insurance (FL)
  64. re; moving to florida: Tallahassee, West Palm Beach: rental, health insurance, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  65. Property Tax - Florida Ballot Initiative: Tampa, Tallahassee: house, approval, medical facility (FL)
  66. miami dade county is the largest county in florida land wise: beach, metro area - Florida (FL)
  67. looking at florida need help: Orlando: renters, insurance, homes - Florida (FL)
  68. Fewer enroll in public schools: for sale, new home, unemployment - Florida (FL)
  69. Suburban Sprawls: Wellington, Lake Worth, Belle Glade: college, gated communities, live - Florida (FL)
  70. Insuring a 2nd home in FL: Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie: rental, insurance, how much - Florida
  71. Mt Dora Christmas walk??: homes, neighborhoods, shop - Florida (FL)
  72. Aircraft Maintenance/Computer Jobs: Tampa, Melbourne: sales, transfer, school - Florida (FL)
  73. Photos of florida along time ago: Sarasota: trailer, park, pictures - Florida (FL)
  74. We just received our revised HOI 12/15/07: HOA, insurance, credit - Florida (FL)
  75. Good hair stylist in Sothwest Florida???: Cape Coral, Tamiami: mall, company, county (FL)
  76. Northwest Gainesville: lawyer, homes, school - Florida (FL)
  77. Gainesville area weather concerns?: Ocala, Apalachicola: how much, live, moving to - Florida (FL)
  78. What Is Everyone's Problem??: Christmas: how much, to live in, title - Florida (FL)
  79. Relocation advice needed: Orlando, Cape Coral, Lakeland: transplants, for sale, houses - Florida (FL)
  80. Florida taxes now its a fight!: how much, home, schools (FL)
  81. Christmas in Key West??: live, moving, beaches - Florida (FL)
  82. Florida Homestead Law on Inheritance: fit in, credit, how much (FL)
  83. State putting too much reliance on FCAT: University: high schools, university - Florida (FL)
  84. tax stuff & Trump: felony, quality of life, property tax - Florida (FL)
  85. On Top of the World Questions: Ocala: lease, HOA fees, countertops - Florida (FL)
  86. Questions About Your Insurance and Weather: renters, homeowners insurance, live in - Florida (FL)
  87. Want to relocate to West Coast of Florida: Tampa, Clearwater: renting, neighborhood (FL)
  88. Young couple looking to relocate from Oklahoma to Pinellas County, FL: Tampa: apartments, rentals - Florida
  89. Iám looking for adress: Archer: sales, homes, live - Florida (FL)
  90. Replace the property tax with an income tax: credit, price - Florida (FL)
  91. Bright future is losing of its funding: credit, transfer - Florida (FL)
  92. urban heat islands: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: how much, houses, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  93. Walking neighborhood in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: neighborhoods, organic, to live in (FL)
  94. Florida Properties in Distress!!: foreclosures, charge, counties (FL)
  95. Employment in SW Florida: headhunters, banking, agencies (FL)
  96. Worst housing slump in 16 years continues to spread: Palm Beach: foreclosures, buyers - Florida (FL)
  97. Relocating with Teenagers: Pensacola: credit, middle school, live - Florida (FL)
  98. Looking for Teaching Job: Miami, Sarasota: real estate, renting, health insurance - Florida (FL)
  99. What are your on this?: Wellington, Naples: rent, insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  100. I must apologize...: Cape Coral, Gainesville, Fort Myers: how much, living in, gym - Florida (FL)
  101. Does live near a swamp?: St. Petersburg, Clearwater: house, live in, sawgrass - Florida (FL)
  102. Englewood-Tangerine Woods HOA: for sale, rentals, how much - Florida (FL)
  103. Red Tide for the East Coast of Fl.: Melbourne: beach, mosquito - Florida (FL)
  104. Destin Area: Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola: renting, insurance, condos - Florida (FL)
  105. Are Florida Troopers still excessive?: Eglin AFB: hotels, restaurants, military (FL)
  106. That special Place in S. Fla...Help: Davie, Dania Beach: transplants, schools - Florida (FL)
  107. Give Florida A Break!: Jupiter, Palm Beach: power lines, homes, living in (FL)
  108. 3 finalists named for state song: Orlando, Plantation: home, live, plantation - Florida (FL)
  109. Record cold to hit all Florida Wednesday: Miami, Iona: home, find a job (FL)
  110. Weather denial: house, school, living in - Florida (FL)
  111. Florida are being served fake grouper: Ocala, Niceville: insurance, to buy, school (FL)
  112. State Fund Linked to Sub-Prime in Crisis: Tallahassee, Coleman: real estate, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  113. gay friendly, but not gay mania professor: Miami, Hialeah: renting, insurance - Florida (FL)
  114. Gainesville/Ocala with children: Plantation, Alachua: best neighborhoods, real estate, renting - Florida (FL)
  115. What a Difference a Coast Makes: Melbourne, Fort Myers: schools, living in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  116. What do you love about Florida (and where do you live)?: Hollywood: school, car inspection (FL)
  117. Should a few people ruin it for the majority?: Orlando: foreclosure, renting - Florida (FL)
  118. Florida is NOT all about the weather: condo, houses (FL)
  119. What's the weather like right now?: appointed, beach, getaway - Florida (FL)
  120. new yorkers: Miami: business, places, complaints - Florida (FL)
  121. Sun City Center: Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota: appointed, condo, crime - Florida (FL)
  122. Perfect place to live in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: best town, affordable houses, to buy (FL)
  123. What do you grow in Florida?: Spring Hill, Mango: coop, house, buying (FL)
  124. Florida questions.....: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: rental, condo, to buy (FL)
  125. Eliminate ALL Florida property taxes???: Tampa: sales, real estate, apartment complex (FL)
  126. Moving to Florida.. help: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, condo, houses (FL)
  127. Looking to relocate to FL from CA...: Miami, Tallahassee: sales, cheap apartments - Florida
  128. Need from Palm Coast residents: Jacksonville, Plantation: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  129. Panama City Beach: Living vs. Visiting: Holiday, Lynn Haven: spring break, apartments, lease - Florida (FL)
  130. We need better Chinese Food!!!: Miami, Miami Beach: scorpion, live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  131. Which coast is better? Why?: Tampa, Melbourne: living in, moving, beach - Florida (FL)
  132. What was Pre-Disney Florida like?: Miami, Orlando: car rental, salons, apartment (FL)
  133. Best reasons to move to Fla: Naples, Sunset: school, living in, beaches - Florida (FL)
  134. Florida will never again be low cost place to live??: Lakeland: low income, real estate (FL)
  135. 2008 Preserving the Beauty of FL Jan - Mar: Sunrise, Pensacola: live, beach - Florida
  136. What are plants called?: Palmetto, Bell: palm trees, property, distance - Florida (FL)
  137. The ONLY reason to move to Florida is for Weather: Cape Coral: insurance, house (FL)
  138. winter vs. summer: Tampa, Christmas: preschool, live in, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  139. High Tech jobs in FL?: Jacksonville, Miami: contractor, university, to live in - Florida
  140. Moving out of Florida Have a ?: Wildwood: rent, motels, inspection (FL)
  141. Reloc ideas for single, mid-20's, lesbian: Jacksonville, Miami: crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  142. thinking of purchasing in sw florida: Bonita Springs, North Port: short sales, real estate, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  143. I guess Florida isn't as rough as anyplace: Tampa: transplants, sex offender (FL)
  144. New License Plate for Florida (Proposed): buying, live in, law (FL)
  145. Where do you find rental homes advertised: Holiday, Palm Beach: apartments, condos - Florida (FL)
  146. California to Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa, Daytona Beach: real estate, rentals, condos (FL)
  147. Home Insurance going down down down in Florida!!: Miami, Christmas: homes, deductible (FL)
  148. The good weather is back...: Miami: house, to live, bike - Florida (FL)
  149. Florida advice on how to sell you house: for sale, rent (FL)
  150. Just for all my friends in Florida !!!: Ocala, Christmas: house, school (FL)
  151. I'm a 16 year old wanting to move out...: Fort Myers: fit in, apartment - Florida (FL)
  152. South Florida January beach weather?: Clearwater, Naples: pool, area, island (FL)
  153. Las Vegas Style Casino's: Hollywood, Lakeland: crime, how much, safest area - Florida (FL)
  154. What would 150k get you in your neck of the woods?: Fort Lauderdale: real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  155. Need Help Looking In North Port: Tampa, Gainesville: short sales, foreclosures, new home - Florida (FL)
  156. Florida Living: 20 years of perspective: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: home, buying, public school (FL)
  157. floardia opportunities.: Spring Hill, Homosassa Springs, Lake City: crime, job market, school - Florida (FL)
  158. How To Drive In Florida: insurance, home, live in (FL)
  159. Merry Christmas from the Florida Moderators: Holiday, Lee: house, live, military (FL)
  160. Relocation ideas for mid-30's, single male: Miami, Tampa: fit in, rentals - Florida (FL)
  161. Ye-s-s-s !!!! I bought a House !!!: Boynton Beach: rent, insurance, new home - Florida (FL)
  162. Florida Parades and Festivities for 2008: Tampa, Orlando: college, celebrities, radio (FL)
  163. WSJ: Growth in States Slows: Miami, Tampa: real estate, home, buyers - Florida (FL)
  164. Palm Coast Questions: Tampa, Cape Coral, Sarasota: appointed, fit in, real estate - Florida (FL)
  165. Southwest Florida Job Market.: Sarasota, Port Charlotte: house, to buy, closing (FL)
  166. taxes in fl?: sales, real estate, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  167. who moved back to Florida????: Melbourne, Naples: for sale, house, to buy (FL)
  168. North Florida, the last hope?: Miami, Lakeland: condos, new house, salary (FL)
  169. Diary of a Snow Shoveler: Christmas: how much, house, buying - Florida (FL)
  170. Holiday Home in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, insurance, how much (FL)
  171. Survey: One in five Floridians leaving state: statistics, pool - Florida (FL)
  172. Relocating to FL from IL - questions (where to live, taxes/insurance, ): Orlando: for sale, real estate - Florida
  173. For that miss the snow and cold: Naples: living, moving to - Florida (FL)
  174. Best Marching Bands in Florida: St. Petersburg, Sarasota: 2014, high school, park (FL)
  175. Florida's white spiders: harmless?: house, to live in, garage (FL)
  176. Perplexed Up North: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: for sale, house insurance, condo - Florida (FL)
  177. gay marriage amendment: Rio: insurance, crime, wages - Florida (FL)
  178. Jim Kramer, Mad Money,MSNBC: real estate, foreclosures, to rent - Florida (FL)
  179. Happy New Year from the Florida Moderators: home, moving to (FL)
  180. Which county would you erase?: Miami: camper, live, beach - Florida (FL)
  181. News, Family Tree Tracker Website Reunites Cousins After 70 Years.: Coconut Creek: rated, Russian - Florida (FL)
  182. Clermont or Lake Mary?: Orlando: versus, moving, congestion - Florida (FL)
  183. High unemployment rate in NW Florida: health, jobs, hospital (FL)
  184. Cattle Ranches: place, pictures, job - Florida (FL)
  185. Schools, Schools, and Schools: Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach: section 8, lease, home - Florida (FL)
  186. Black-eyed peas: Christmas, Lee: construction, manufacturing, food - Florida (FL)
  187. Wesley Chapel Roads: congested, news, good - Florida (FL)
  188. nightmare scenario: local - Florida (FL)
  189. State-run investment pool reopens: money, restrictions, percent - Florida (FL)
  190. homeowner's insurance rates for cheaper homes: cost, about - Florida (FL)
  191. State Jobs: employment, salary, tax - Florida (FL)
  192. Advice on best renter's insurance: Holiday, Palm Beach: how much, beach, company - Florida (FL)
  193. Florida biggest business story of 2007? (FL)
  194. Dorsal Tow on east coast: areas, swim, around - Florida (FL)
  195. How's edgemere pl.englewood,fl: to rent, moved, friends - Florida (FL)
  196. Snowbirds from up there: apartment, rent, place - Florida (FL)
  197. I wish all of you in the FLORIDA a Happy New Year!!: taxes - Florida
  198. Sunny Hills - What's Going On? - Florida (FL)
  199. savannah estates: Lake Worth: for sale, houses, schools - Florida (FL)
  200. Take A Look: insurance, companies - Florida (FL)