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  1. Dogs on the beach: Jacksonville, Holiday: rentals, hotels, purchasing - Florida (FL)
  2. Florida insurance HO tied to auto: homeowners insurance, home (FL)
  3. nice beaches near Hernanco County or close by?: Clearwater: beach, ferry - Florida (FL)
  4. Daytona Beach needs it's own Section.: Jacksonville, Orlando: capita, capital, year - Florida (FL)
  5. I admit it, I am a fraidy cat--Gangs crime-what is the truth?: Jacksonville: condo - Florida (FL)
  6. Looking to Relocate - Would you Choose Gainesville, FL?: Jacksonville: low income, rental - Florida
  7. Pinellas County: thugs are running the parks: live in, safe - Florida (FL)
  8. Has benefited from the New Save Our Homes Portability Law: Homestead: new home, taxes - Florida (FL)
  9. Lakeland, Florida: Mulberry: house, school, cemetery (FL)
  10. CDD? HOA? Oy Vey!: Orlando, The Villages: HOA fees, mortgage, houses - Florida (FL)
  11. on this area: 137 MIRAMAR AVE, DAVENPORT: real estate, sex offenders - Florida (FL)
  12. new landlord bought aptments where did my deposits go: real estate, leases - Florida (FL)
  13. VETERANS: Miami, Tampa, Clearwater: to live, centers, moving to - Florida (FL)
  14. Hillsborough v. Collier?: crime rate, schools, quality of life - Florida (FL)
  15. Jobs are in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens: West Palm Beach: college, live - Florida (FL)
  16. citizens insurance reserves?: real estate, how much, estate - Florida (FL)
  17. Mobile Parks to be wary of ?: Ormond Beach, St. Augustine: renting, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  18. Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens comparison: Juno Beach: real estate, insurance, gated - Florida (FL)
  19. calgirl: Port Richey: townhouses, live, move to - Florida (FL)
  20. Video about the Emerald Coast: beach, year, quiet - Florida (FL)
  21. move, St Augustine or Orlando area???: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: crime, employment - Florida (FL)
  22. Moving, Which is best for Family: Miami, Pembroke Pines: best cities, crime rate, chapel - Florida (FL)
  23. Daytona Beach Nightlife: St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach: house, live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  24. Does this place exist in Florida?: St. Petersburg, Orlando: apartment, rental, crime (FL)
  25. Citrus County: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: for sale, homeowners association, crime - Florida (FL)
  26. Car insurance- new in US: school, price, safe - Florida (FL)
  27. foreclosure lists: foreclosures, buying, pay - Florida (FL)
  28. I am one can help...: Tampa: real estate, apartment, home - Florida (FL)
  29. Buyer's Agents: Hernando: sales, broker, house - Florida (FL)
  30. Help me identify...: design, backyard, snake - Florida (FL)
  31. transfering to nova southeastern university: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: apartment complex, transfer to, schools - Florida (FL)
  32. House / Car Insurance: Tampa, Ocala: homeowners insurance, construction, deductible - Florida (FL)
  33. have tips on moving?: transporting, house, to buy - Florida (FL)
  34. florida/delwebb/stonecreek: Ocala: houses, living, moving to - Florida (FL)
  35. South Beach: Miami: apartment, rentals, living in - Florida (FL)
  36. Maine Florida same temps today: living in, moving to, activities (FL)
  37. Bedford Park expensive HOA: foreclosures, HOA fees, insurance - Florida (FL)
  38. Inland vs. coastal weather: Tampa, Orlando: condo, mobile home, buy - Florida (FL)
  39. Will Florida tourism take a big hit this summer?: Orlando: condo, home (FL)
  40. Moving from the Midwest: Jacksonville, Miami: apartments, rent, job market - Florida (FL)
  41. Help!!! Trying to move to Florida!!!!: Jacksonville, Miami: rental, transfer to, safe area (FL)
  42. Moving from Alaska: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando: insurance, crime, consignment - Florida (FL)
  43. Deadliest place in America for Teen Drivers? Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: metro area, area (FL)
  44. FCAT Scores?: home, schools, teacher - Florida (FL)
  45. 6th lowest age-adjusted death rate!: dermatologist, best, territories - Florida (FL)
  46. Best Hotels and Routes driving from NYC to St. Augustine: home, centers - Florida (FL)
  47. Palmetto Bugs: live, eat, best - Florida (FL)
  48. The Scrubjay & Wildlife Solution: Ocala: move, pollution, installing - Florida (FL)
  49. 24yrs old, where to move?: Jacksonville, Miami: employment, law, moving to - Florida (FL)
  50. Flagler County vs. St. Johns County: Jacksonville, Palm Coast: houses, neighborhoods, to buy - Florida (FL)
  51. renar homes: Jensen Beach: mortgage, house, buying - Florida (FL)
  52. Lake Placid storage & internet questions: buying a house, buying, moving to - Florida (FL)
  53. residency issues: lease, school, university - Florida (FL)
  54. Where to find Apt rentals in Destin/Fort Walton Beach area?: real estate, apartment complexes - Florida (FL)
  55. How bad are the bugs during a Florida summer?: oceanfront, backyard (FL)
  56. Does salt water have effect on YOUR car ?: live, moving to - Florida (FL)
  57. Hillsborough, Pinellas or Manatee?: Tampa, Clearwater: car insurance, homes, elementary schools - Florida (FL)
  58. Planned Developments North of Tampa?: Sugarmill Woods: homes, price, retire - Florida (FL)
  59. good place to watch shuttle launch: Jacksonville, Titusville: how much, costs, friendly - Florida (FL)
  60. uk truck driver: San Antonio: how much, cost, nurses - Florida (FL)
  61. homeowners insurance: Keystone: house, buying, go bankrupt - Florida (FL)
  62. Navarre Condo rental: Hollywood: rentals, buyer, legal - Florida (FL)
  63. St Augustine - pref on beach: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: condo, hotels, weddings - Florida (FL)
  64. Where to Live if work at Flagler Palm Coast: Jacksonville: rentals, condos - Florida (FL)
  65. Beaches: Orlando, Clearwater, Melbourne: hotels, restaurants, shops - Florida (FL)
  66. Researching history of Watertown, Fla.: pictures, church, Christian - Florida (FL)
  67. relocation from WI to FL: Jay: for sale, crime rates, house - Florida
  68. Okies move to Navarre: houses, landscaping, construction - Florida (FL)
  69. What is a good Weather Radio that you guys use?: purchase, living in - Florida (FL)
  70. Climate: Jacksonville, Orlando, Clearwater: apartment, high crime, house - Florida (FL)
  71. Getting Disability in Florida?: lawyer, live in, office (FL)
  72. Conservative Synagogues in Boca-Palm Beach-Boynton Beach: Boca Raton: moving to, friendly, area - Florida (FL)
  73. CNA-what are the hourly wages in Palm Coast?: Daytona Beach: school, community college - Florida (FL)
  74. Central Fla. Coasts.....A Plan for Second Residence: Tampa, Clearwater: real estate market, lease - Florida (FL)
  75. moving to the Atlantic coast: Jacksonville, Tampa: rent, condo, low crime - Florida (FL)
  76. Which one - SummerGlen or Stone Creek?: Ocala, Jay: fit in, sales - Florida (FL)
  77. Individual Health Insurance: how much, deductible, prices - Florida (FL)
  78. Immigration Attorneys in Miami?: Tampa: legally, work, student - Florida (FL)
  79. sugarmill woods: Hernando: for sale, home owners insurance, new - Florida (FL)
  80. Sugar Pond Manor-Wellington: houses, neighborhood, construction - Florida (FL)
  81. Tradition, Florida for disabled: Port St. Lucie, The Villages: home, taxi, costs (FL)
  82. Plaza Ocean Club - Daytona Beach = Good?: vacations, best - Florida (FL)
  83. Moving from London to US all advice greatly apreciated. - Florida (FL)
  84. Happy Mother's Day!: children, great, grown - Florida (FL)
  85. job: Orlando: job market, university, to move - Florida (FL)
  86. ex Canadians living in FLorida?: sales, real estate - Florida
  87. Panama City Opportunities: moving, suite, stations - Florida (FL)
  88. How are FL property taxes determined?: sale, real estate, mortgage - Florida
  89. Commercial Construction Jobs for masons: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach: condos, contractors, prices - Florida (FL)
  90. from Tampa, moving to Sebring, fl.: Home Depot, office, Wal-mart - Florida (FL)
  91. Prospects for Professional counselors, and or Addictions counselors?: North Port, Stuart: insurance, credit - Florida (FL)
  92. gainesville!: college, club, to move - Florida (FL)
  93. Family Planning services in Palm Coast?: income, health, place - Florida (FL)
  94. Florida seniors may not get diplomas: Palm Beach: high school, beach, education (FL)
  95. Hurlburt Area???: Fort Walton Beach, Destin: for sale, rental, low crime - Florida (FL)
  96. on Lake city: crimes, school, housing - Florida (FL)
  97. South Florida beach towns?: Miami, Hollywood: living, military, activities (FL)
  98. South Walton?: Tarpon Springs, Fort Walton Beach, Destin: neighborhoods, living in, beach - Florida (FL)
  99. checking out madison, florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: where to stay, apartments, rentals - Florida (FL)
  100. Lake city Florida: Miami: insurance, crimes, home (FL)
  101. Allstate can't write policies in Fl: Orlando, Spring Hill: bars, homeowner, average - Florida (FL)
  102. Buying a home in Cape Coral. one?: Lee: real estate, renters - Florida (FL)
  103. Which is the more bloody accident prone road ? Highway 60 or US 27 ?: Cape Coral: wedding - Florida (FL)
  104. Water dog dangers in the Keys?: Largo, Key Largo: house, live, law - Florida (FL)
  105. Post Andrew Coded Houses-how to tell: sale, insurance, buy - Florida (FL)
  106. Seaside, Fl Jazz Festival 08 -- Nestor Torres, Neville Brothers: price, beach - Florida (FL)
  107. Taxes in FL: sales, real estate, renters - Florida
  108. South Florida's Inflation Rate Outpaces the Nation: Miami, Palm Beach: real estate, estate (FL)
  109. Bahia Oaks ???: Ocala: rentals, homes, schools - Florida (FL)
  110. Looking for apts in winter park area...: rental, safe area - Florida (FL)
  111. Walton Schools Recognized: credit, school districts, design - Florida (FL)
  112. Questions about Eustis, Florida?: Orlando, Apopka: neighborhood, public schools, tax (FL)
  113. Moving to Palm Coast-what is it like?: St. Augustine, Flagler Beach: real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  114. Is home insurance required?: renting, mortgage, loan - Florida (FL)
  115. Relocating to Palm Coast?: St. Augustine, Bunnell: rent, homes, job market - Florida (FL)
  116. Gulf Coast vs Atlantic Coast- Hurricanes--Settle marital dispute.: Jacksonville, Tampa: earthquakes, living in - Florida (FL)
  117. South Florida wants to be it's own state?: Miami, Tallahassee: school, income (FL)
  118. help need to move to florida & scared: renting, bad credit - Florida (FL)
  119. Moving but not without our baby pit: Jacksonville, Miami: homeowners insurance, find a job - Florida (FL)
  120. Did this Really Happen??: Tampa: school district, costs, land - Florida (FL)
  121. Was the property tax cut worth it?: Miami: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  122. Driver's License Renewal: house, DMV, live in - Florida (FL)
  123. Curreltly what is the most overpriced part of Florida?: Miami: condos, house (FL)
  124. Best / Most Affordable Place In Fla.: Jacksonville, Tampa: renting, car insurance, buying a house - Florida (FL)
  125. St Joe's Plans for the future of Northwest Florida: Jacksonville: real estate market, condos (FL)
  126. Vacation - Longboat Key?: Orlando, Sarasota: rental, live in, bill - Florida (FL)
  127. Destin, FL or....???: Jacksonville, Pensacola, Venice: sales, crime, houses - Florida
  128. Traveling Florida's Turnpike: Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: how much, homes, construction (FL)
  129. Doral, Florida - STAY AWAY, FAR, FAR AWAY: Miami, Hialeah: lease, condos (FL)
  130. Where Can I live on a Canal besides Cape Coral?: Pompano Beach: violent crime, cheap house - Florida (FL)
  131. Who has moved from NH or New England to Florida?: Bell: crime, house (FL)
  132. Dog Friendly Beaches?: Tampa, Jupiter, Venice: house, restaurants, beach - Florida (FL)
  133. What do you do for a living?: real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  134. I hate ANTS! have ants in their yard?: Ocala: house, live - Florida (FL)
  135. Just HOW oppressive is the humidity for June, July, Aug. in Panhandle ?: Pensacola: living in, statistics - Florida (FL)
  136. Looking for family town in Florida: Orlando, Gainesville: crime rate, neighbourhoods, schools (FL)
  137. Palm Coast: Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach: for sale, real estate market, foreclosed - Florida (FL)
  138. Better City? Miami or Tampa: Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach: crime, living in, centers - Florida (FL)
  139. Hot in NJ this weekend: Miami, Orlando: beach, deal, area - Florida (FL)
  140. Why I moved to Florida: & I'm staying!: sales, to rent (FL)
  141. FPL raising rates by 16% for residential: Juno Beach: beach, homeowner, relocating to - Florida (FL)
  142. Moving from Washington State to FL help!): Tampa, Orlando: vehicle registration, insurance - Florida
  143. Snowbirds with Kids/Pets HOW do you manage??: Miami, Palm Bay: homeowners insurance, co-ops - Florida (FL)
  144. Snowbirds!: Naples: live, dangerous, rated - Florida (FL)
  145. Shuttle Launch Viewing: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Titusville: how much, safe, pub - Florida (FL)
  146. Beach Vacation during Thanksgiving: Tampa, Plantation: condominium, how much, hotel - Florida (FL)
  147. Gainesville vs Lake City. Where is better to raise a family: Jacksonville: insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  148. A Bug: Orlando, Weston: co-op, house, scorpion - Florida (FL)
  149. I DO NOT like Florida: Fort Myers, Lee: appointed, rent, house (FL)
  150. Are Retirees ruining Florida's economy?: Vero Beach: sales, real estate market, crimes (FL)
  151. What Will Sea Level Rises Do to the Barrier Islands?: Cocoa: buying a house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  152. I hate Florida summers: dermatologist, high crime, houses (FL)
  153. Good low cost golf communities?: Ocala, Inverness: for sale, insuring, condos - Florida (FL)
  154. What is the next safest South FL city compared to Boca.: Miami: appointed, oceanfront - Florida
  155. Has had problems with the Move Over Act?: Cape Coral: live, law - Florida (FL)
  156. Would it be tough?: Miami, Tampa: apartments, to rent, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  157. help!!! foreclosure steps: Ocala: short sale, real estate, rent to own - Florida (FL)
  158. Honeymoon in Florida June '08 Ideas ???: Orlando, Daytona Beach: rent, condos, hotels (FL)
  159. life in the Keys?: Largo, Key West: RV park, rentals, insurance - Florida (FL)
  160. Highway it as bad as they say: Crystal River, Bell: how much, live in - Florida (FL)
  161. about Destin Florida: Panama City, Niceville: apartment, rentals, condo (FL)
  162. Rural/Suburb areas in Florida????: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: for sale, how much, houses (FL)
  163. mobile home park: rental, credit check, option to buy - Florida (FL)
  164. about housing in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, HOA, home owners insurance (FL)
  165. How Will Florida Handle The Gas Prices: Tampa, Orlando: buy, school (FL)
  166. Help if you can - I'm heartbroken: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: hotel, house - Florida (FL)
  167. Are Florida Schools Really that Bad?: Orlando, Sarasota: middle school, college, live (FL)
  168. Florida, Gulf or Atlantic Coast: Miami, Tampa: for sale, real estate, to rent (FL)
  169. Tough Times for Rotunda West, Live There?: Tamiami, Sarasota: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  170. Mosquitoes....: Gainesville, Ocala: how much, living in, price - Florida (FL)
  171. Large Insects in Gainesville: home, organic, retirement - Florida (FL)
  172. Panama City Beach...the life: Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach: spring break, condominiums, hotels - Florida (FL)
  173. Why would you move to Florida IF...: Orlando, Pensacola: insurance, school (FL)
  174. Looking to Move to Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: rentals, motel, school (FL)
  175. What are the BEST areas with GREAT schools in FL?: Miami: low crime, houses - Florida
  176. Sugarmill Woods: Homosassa Springs, Hernando, Crystal River: HOA, homes, to buy - Florida (FL)
  177. FLA - good for allergy sufferers?: Orlando, Hudson: house, allergies, living in - Florida
  178. Building a home in Florida..: Rotonda: for sale, real estate, foreclosures (FL)
  179. Should a 63 hour class be all it takes to get a license to sell Real Estate in Fl?: Tallahassee: insurance, loans - Florida (FL)
  180. pool builders in central Florida: reviews, company, recommend (FL)
  181. USPS Letter Carriers in Lakeland?: Orlando: transfer to, post office, area - Florida (FL)
  182. little kid activities: Panama City: beach, building, lessons - Florida (FL)
  183. Ragweed!: year round, time - Florida (FL)
  184. Fl schools: Miami, West Palm Beach, Davie: magnet school, live in, beach - Florida (FL)
  185. Sea Maiden Pools: reviews - Florida (FL)
  186. Florida tourism up compared to last quarter: buying, cost of (FL)
  187. Grayton Beach in the New York Times: homes, cottages - Florida (FL)
  188. Amendment 1: schools, move, teaching - Florida (FL)
  189. Eden State Gardens, Draper Lake, Blue Mountain Beach & A Heron: interest, today - Florida (FL)
  190. Port Saint Joe/Imdian Pass: restaurants, beach, vacation - Florida (FL)
  191. Fairmont Hotel San Jose: safe area, shop, safe - Florida (FL)
  192. Fairchild Tropical Gardens: degrees, today, love - Florida (FL)
  193. Clermont Florida: homes, moving, communities (FL)
  194. Watch out for the Florida Wildlife: Lakeland: homes, to live, yard (FL)
  195. cost of living for a family of three in west park: renting, how much - Florida (FL)
  196. National Catastrophic Insurance not necessary?: house, bill, pool - Florida (FL)
  197. Moving from RI to FL: Palm Bay, Melbourne: to live in, price, health - Florida
  198. Nalcrest...: retire, place, interest - Florida (FL)
  199. Palm city-Tampa area relocation: Lakeland: home, living, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  200. Directions within PGA Village: club, moving to, island - Florida (FL)