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  1. Good day on the scratches: home, buy, middle school - Florida (FL)
  2. Relocating with 3 kids from CT Help !: Melbourne, Sarasota: rentals, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  3. Beaches: Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda: home, live, shop - Florida (FL)
  4. Newport Sound - New Smyrna, Fl: rental, move, summer - Florida (FL)
  5. move to FL/ Key West, or ??: apartment, living - Florida
  6. Florida Gulf Coast: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: house, schools, living (FL)
  7. Young couple (unmarried, no kids) looking to move from Upstate NY to Florida: Tampa: best neighborhood (FL)
  8. Looking where to live: Jupiter, PB Gardens, St. Pete, Clearwater, Naples, Cape Coral: St. Petersburg: apartment - Florida (FL)
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  12. Questions about moving to Florida, 27 year old single guy!: Tampa: rent, home (FL)
  13. Florida Keys vacation: Key West, Marathon, South Beach: rental, condo, restaurants (FL)
  14. Not sure where to start looking?: Cape Coral, Fort Myers: houses, best school, living - Florida (FL)
  15. St Pete vs. Sarasota/Bradenton: St. Petersburg: apartment, to rent, crime - Florida (FL)
  16. Is there place in South Florida where you can get free fruits?: house (FL)
  17. for Swimming the East Coast for President's Weekend?: statistics, eat - Florida (FL)
  18. Florida probate: real estate, tax, estate (FL)
  19. Moving to Florida?????: Tampa, Palm Harbor, Port Orange: crime rate, neighborhood, public schools (FL)
  20. Sebastian: Palm Bay, Melbourne, Vero Beach: crime, homes, employment - Florida (FL)
  21. Pollen?...: allergies, store, pine - Florida (FL)
  22. Moving to Destin Fl.. Allergies??: Key West, Naples: spring break, college, to live - Florida (FL)
  23. Key West: how much, college, moving to - Florida (FL)
  24. Moving to Gainesville: apartment complexes, lease, how much - Florida (FL)
  25. Thinking of moving from St. Louis to Florida..: Jacksonville, Tampa: appointed, real estate market (FL)
  26. Single woman relocating from NJ to the Keys: Key West: for rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  27. Where should a young gay couple go?: Miami, Tampa: apartments, condos - Florida (FL)
  28. My Wife and I are time in the future moving to Melbourne,Florida: Orlando: apartments (FL)
  29. hey: renting, landlord, living - Florida (FL)
  30. moving to Florida and need help !!!: Tampa, Fort Lauderdale: house, movies (FL)
  31. Daytona Beach questions..: Treasure Island: spring break, restaurant, bars - Florida (FL)
  32. Moving, questions questions: Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale: real estate, apartment, to rent - Florida (FL)
  33. Software engineering opportunities in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, job market, contractors (FL)
  34. New driver's licenses: Christmas: assessors, tax, live - Florida (FL)
  35. Vacation from WI to FL.... on temps: Key West, Sanibel: rent, hotel - Florida
  36. What does a Florida insurance title mean?: buyer, salvaged (FL)
  37. What are the most crowded beaches in Florida?: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: spring break, hotel (FL)
  38. Great retirement towns within 50 miles inland of Jacksonville?: Gainesville, Daytona Beach: low crime, home - Florida (FL)
  39. How much should I pay for 2 air tickets to New York?: Miami: hotel, buy - Florida (FL)
  40. HELP WANT TO MOVE...but where???: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach: real estate, condos, purchase - Florida (FL)
  41. Ft McCoy - w/area?: Gainesville, Ocala: transporting, house - Florida (FL)
  42. What is the best small beach town in Florida.: Jacksonville: live, metro area (FL)
  43. Florida Residency?: Naples: car insurance, homes, income (FL)
  44. Florida, ... City/area by City/area Review: Tampa, Orlando: oceanfront, condos (FL)
  45. Family with 11 year old twins. West coast, schools most important: Clearwater: renting, home - Florida (FL)
  46. Who didn't know this would happen, elections have consequences: insurance, estate - Florida (FL)
  47. Moving to Sanford area.. HELP!!: Orlando, Lake Mary: apartments, rental, condos - Florida (FL)
  48. young couple moving advice: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: homeowners association, find a job, safe area - Florida (FL)
  49. Moving to S. Florida...Miami v. Ft. Lauderdale?: Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale: rental, neighborhoods (FL)
  50. Orlando or Tampa: find a job, neighborhoods, schools - Florida (FL)
  51. Florida Republicans at Odds with their Leader: Tallahassee: camps, property tax (FL)
  52. Young Couple Looking to Move: Orlando: find a job, to live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  53. Relocating from Staten Island, NY to New Smyrna Beach, FL: townhouse, closing - Florida
  54. should i move to fl for family: how much, unemployment rate - Florida (FL)
  55. Moving to Florida: Tampa, Palm Beach: employment, to live, restaurants (FL)
  56. Black families leaving Northeast for lure of Florida and the South: Englewood: home, college (FL)
  57. Gov. Scott makes Time Mag.: good, governor, Republican - Florida (FL)
  58. what does st augustine need?: Orlando: college, restaurant, shops - Florida (FL)
  59. Does Maitland have a downtown?: Orlando, Winter Park: prices, moving to, housing - Florida (FL)
  60. The Villages: Orlando, Gainesville, Ocala: fit in, homes, pros and cons - Florida (FL)
  61. Moving to FL: Family oriented places in North Western FL??: Jacksonville: spring break, insurance - Florida
  62. Moving to Florida. Need advice: Tampa, Sarasota: apartment, home, job market (FL)
  63. Key Largo Snorkel Sites/Companies: park, boats, marina - Florida (FL)
  64. NON-hypersexual colleges in Florida??: Pensacola, Sarasota: spring break, school, universities (FL)
  65. Looking to vacate to a city/town in Florida: Key West: hotels, restaurants (FL)
  66. Best vacation spots in Florida?: Tampa, Key West: low crime, hotels, houses (FL)
  67. Montessori Education in Orlando or Tampa: schools, cost, tuition - Florida (FL)
  68. what do you think: Orlando, Deltona: crime rate, buying, community college - Florida (FL)
  69. Social Studies/Special Education Teacher: job outlook, school, assessments - Florida (FL)
  70. Moving to Marathon, Advice Needed!!: real estate market, apartment, to rent - Florida (FL)
  71. Crime in Crystal River?: houses, to move, activity - Florida (FL)
  72. Florida Department of Corrections officer shot and killed near Bonifay, Holmes County - suspect dead: Miami: crimes (FL)
  73. Interested in Gainesville and Working With Kids Opportunities + Conflicted on Gainesville Vs Orange County Cali: Orlando: college - Florida (FL)
  74. Chipley Florida and vicinity: Tallahassee, Sarasota: rental, insurance, house (FL)
  75. NY/CT to FL: Jacksonville, Tampa: real estate, transfer, buying - Florida
  76. ATV riding in Florida: Tampa, Hernando: insurance, to buy, school (FL)
  77. Hurlburt Field (Mary Esther) Living: Pensacola, Panama City: spring break, rent, house - Florida (FL)
  78. fellow state employees out there?: Tallahassee: house, dorm, unemployment - Florida (FL)
  79. What rural Florida location would you recommend: Jacksonville, Miami: fit in, homes (FL)
  80. Temporary Teaching Certification: Sarasota: employment, school, to relocate - Florida (FL)
  81. How much does it cost to maintain pool in Florida?: buying a house, heat pump (FL)
  82. Good Christian Bookstores In Florida?: Clearwater, Daytona Beach: moving to, beach, area (FL)
  83. Advice for Moving From Arlington, VA to Northern Florida: Jacksonville: crime, DMV (FL)
  84. Naples or Ft Myers: Fort Myers: place to live, moving, retiree - Florida (FL)
  85. Siesta Key - Sarasota - Tampa: Palm Harbor, Dunedin: for sale, condos, purchasing - Florida (FL)
  86. Gainvesville neighborhoods: University: best neighborhoods, house, school - Florida (FL)
  87. We are looking for a home in pasco county: house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  88. help a guy out: Ocala, Naples: camp, beach, parks - Florida (FL)
  89. christoplnan: move to, business, to work - Florida (FL)
  90. Information about Poinciana, FL: Orlando, Kissimmee: foreclosures, HOA, crime - Florida
  91. Recommend Auction Houses or Auctioneers in Central Florida: Gainesville: buy, shops (FL)
  92. All-Suite Motel in Edgewater, Florida: Tampa, Christmas: apartment, to rent, townhouses (FL)
  93. Is 32 to old to think about becoming a Police Officer?: live, retirement - Florida (FL)
  94. Moving to Florida?: Miami, Sarasota, Naples: buying a home, landscaping, buying (FL)
  95. help with deciding what sw Florida city: Sarasota, North Port: renting, HOA (FL)
  96. Moving to Florida!...need advice: Tampa, Clearwater: transfer, live in, suburb (FL)
  97. Pensacola vs. Ft. Myers?: Orlando, Fort Myers: transfer, schools, university - Florida (FL)
  98. I want an opinion on this and I don't think I'm wrong.: Tampa: real estate - Florida (FL)
  99. The Eight States Running Out of Homebuyers (Florida made this list too/big surprise!): short sales (FL)
  100. Nice family area of Florida, prefferably near the ocean: Jacksonville: homes, employment (FL)
  101. car accident in florida: rentals, car insurance, lawyer - Florida (FL)
  102. Need generator: to buy, price, transportation - Florida (FL)
  103. Most Recent Unemployment Rates in Counties Across South Florida: Miami: live, agriculture (FL)
  104. Relocating to Florida.: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Pensacola: student loans, hotels, home (FL)
  105. What happens if administrators found out you cheated on the FCAT many years later after graduating?: how much - Florida (FL)
  106. Where should we have a 2nd home in Florida?: Orlando: insurance, condo (FL)
  107. Would Florida be a good state for me if I like Latinas or am I going to be disappointed?: county (FL)
  108. Suburbs of Daytona: Orlando, Daytona Beach, Port Orange: oceanfront, high crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  109. Best School Districts in Florida?: Sarasota: insurance, income, taxes (FL)
  110. Moving to Lakeland Florida in august: Tampa, Orlando: apartment complex, renting, to buy (FL)
  111. Condos on higher floors rarely get palmetto bugs/insects?: townhouse, live in - Florida (FL)
  112. beach camping in south florida: Everglades: extended stay, living, legally - Florida (FL)
  113. moving tips: Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor: low crime, find a job, high school - Florida (FL)
  114. Teaching in Polk County: Jacksonville, Tampa: 2014, best school, place to live - Florida (FL)
  115. Rick Scott likes idea of funding Rail not Education, how do you feel Florida?: Tampa: schools, utility costs (FL)
  116. Traffic from Destin to Eglin AFB: Miramar, Fort Walton Beach: real estate, apartments, rentals - Florida (FL)
  117. Moving to Florida from Ohio (Tampa area): Orlando, Lakeland: real estate, apartments (FL)
  118. Do I need a real estate lawyer to buy?: bank owned, for sale - Florida (FL)
  119. have electronic title to their car(s)?: Tallahassee, Lee: 2013, car registration - Florida (FL)
  120. Lower Keys...long term houseboat rentals and house sitting...: spring break, renters - Florida (FL)
  121. Snow,Cold, and more Snow: groceries, cabin, best - Florida (FL)
  122. Is Orlando more humid then Tampa: Clearwater, Brandon: neighborhoods, to live in, best - Florida (FL)
  123. Destin is the new New Orleans: crime, restaurants, moving - Florida (FL)
  124. Quality of doctors in FL panhandle (Niceville, FL): Orlando, Pensacola: gynecologists, health insurance - Florida
  125. moving to florida desperate help: Miami, Tallahassee: low crime, house, transfer - Florida (FL)
  126. Is Florida the Oddball of all the east-coast states?: Jacksonville: moving to, beach (FL)
  127. Daytona Beach Seafood Restaurants: Tampa, Port Orange: spring break, live in, food - Florida (FL)
  128. Where is the best area in florida to live if you are looking for a combination of low crime/employment opportunities?: Cedar Key: city hall, hotels - Florida (FL)
  129. Florida has more pain clinics than McDonald's: Tampa, Clearwater: health insurance, how much (FL)
  130. Where to locate a Patent/Trademark law practice?: Miami, Orlando: low crime, attorney - Florida (FL)
  131. Florida on 60 minutes again! Poverty and Kids...: Miami, Orlando: crime, job market (FL)
  132. Taking pix of cows soon to be a crime!: Tallahassee: live in, law - Florida (FL)
  133. Does know what Lincrusta is?: Roseland, Lee: real estate, house, live - Florida (FL)
  134. Why do you hate cubans ?: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: sales, 2015, insurance - Florida (FL)
  135. College student with 1yr old child from IN moving to FL..: Jacksonville: apartment, renters - Florida
  136. 32 and need a new career!!!: sales, insurance, construction jobs - Florida (FL)
  137. best school districts in FL: Tampa, Sarasota: find a job, college, to live - Florida
  138. State Parks to become Jack Nicklaus Golf Courses: Miami, St. Petersburg: exemptions, designer - Florida (FL)
  139. Snakes in So. Florida - how to protect your home?: Miami: insurance, sex offender (FL)
  140. As if Florida isn't a laughingstock,: Eustis: sale, buy (FL)
  141. Moving to Florida.. HELP!!!: Cape Coral, Sarasota: to rent, unemployment, transfer (FL)
  142. How CONSERVATIVE is northern florida (panhandle)?: Pensacola, Molino: transplants, living in, moving to - Florida (FL)
  143. Is Florida still a one-plate state?: cost, license plates, cars (FL)
  144. dutchess county ny-palm coast fl: Jacksonville, Ormond Beach: rental, crime, house - Florida (FL)
  145. Move to cut jobless benefits grows: Orlando: real estate, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  146. Retiring in Inverness,Florida..: Tampa, Gainesville: real estate, to rent, low crime (FL)
  147. How bad is the job market in florida?: real estate, to rent - Florida (FL)
  148. Best golf side beaches!!: Clearwater, Key West: how much, hotels, shop - Florida (FL)
  149. Open carry of firearms in florida (poll): Tampa: crime, hotel - Florida (FL)
  150. FHP's latest tactics: Tampa, Gainesville: insurance, live, law - Florida (FL)
  151. Master list of things to do in Florida: Tampa, Clearwater: camping, shop (FL)
  152. When vacation never ends...: Sarasota: transplants, sales, loans - Florida (FL)
  153. Highest Concentration of Snowbirds?: Tampa, Orlando: rent, low crime, hotel - Florida (FL)
  154. Where in Florida would you buy if you had $120k?: St. Petersburg: appointed, for sale (FL)
  155. Fort Walton Beach nice place to raise a fam??: Crestview: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  156. Looking for Good Area to Live in Florida H.E.L.P -from NY: Orlando: real estate, to rent (FL)
  157. Looking for a Full-Time Vacation: Boca Raton, Sarasota: insurance, low crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  158. Amusement parks: Tampa, Orlando: coupons, waterparks, condos - Florida (FL)
  159. Florida Cancels High-Speed Rail Project, Rejects $2 billion: Miami, Tampa: cost, move (FL)
  160. Cheap Condos in South-ish Florida: Miami, Orlando: real estate, renting, homeowners insurance (FL)
  161. Island Paradise.: Jacksonville, Miami, Key West: transplants, spring break, apartments - Florida (FL)
  162. What's up with the desperation wrt moving to FL?: Key West: transplants, how much - Florida
  163. The Villages.....why did you leave ?: Tampa, Plantation: HOA fees, buying a house, buying - Florida (FL)
  164. WALMART In Florida????: Orlando, Kissimmee: how much, transfer, minimum wage (FL)
  165. Rick Scott rejects federal funds for high speed rail line b/t Tampa & Orlando: St. Petersburg: credit card, tax - Florida (FL)
  166. Regret the pool?: spring break, house, heat pump - Florida (FL)
  167. Decent Snorkling?: Miami, Largo, Sarasota: beach, swimming, best - Florida (FL)
  168. Relocating to Ormond Beach Area: Orlando, Daytona Beach: apartment, rental homes, homes - Florida (FL)
  169. Port Orange or Sarasota?: Tampa, Hollywood: HOA fees, low crime, hotel - Florida (FL)
  170. What are the warmest cities in the state of Florida?: Miami: homes, live (FL)
  171. Questions about living in Florida...: Jacksonville, Miami: houses, neighborhoods, tornado (FL)
  172. Freezing cold in Buffalo: Tampa, Sunrise: transplants, house, utilities - Florida (FL)
  173. We did it....on our way: Leesburg, Lee: new home, buy, shop - Florida (FL)
  174. Can you fly a confederate flag in Florida without getting harassed or worse?: Miami: houses, buy (FL)
  175. Gainesville Job Market?--Recently Moved from Miami and I'm Miserable!: Jacksonville: rent, hotel - Florida (FL)
  176. Top 5 Beaches for Sand and Swimming?: Miami, Clearwater: spring break, beach, ranked - Florida (FL)
  177. How did Florida Rank number 49 out of 51 states in highest unemployment rate?: house, job market (FL)
  178. Thinking of moving to Florida: Tampa, Tallahassee: appointed, apartments, rent (FL)
  179. Why no death penalty for a 16 yr cop killer?: Golf: sales, how much - Florida (FL)
  180. Drivers License: Ormond Beach: car insurance, DMV, live - Florida (FL)
  181. North port, florida ! ! !: Spring Hill, Sarasota: apartments, crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  182. North port information that is current!: Fort Myers, Port Charlotte: crime, new home, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  183. Time for Florida to legalize Marijuana! The economic benefit would be awesome!: Panama City: spring break, how much (FL)
  184. What do you think of Panama City Beach for retirement?: things to do, place - Florida (FL)
  185. old florida army buddy: looking for, friend, love - Florida (FL)
  186. Florida made movie on comcast on demand free movies this month: places, filmed (FL)
  187. [USA Today] Miami reinvents itself and turns up the heat: South Beach: condos, hotels - Florida (FL)
  188. shrimp: price, resale, wholesale - Florida (FL)
  189. Need for Social Workers??: live in, move to, areas - Florida (FL)
  190. Central Florida fishing spots: Deltona, Daytona Beach: buy, live in, shop (FL)
  191. Traffic Enforcement Survey: title, education, violations - Florida (FL)
  192. thinking about moving: college, living in, classes - Florida (FL)
  193. Electric Bills in APOPKA: home, buying, average - Florida (FL)
  194. Best apt/location to live around Tyndall AFB?: price, place - Florida (FL)
  195. Spanish Hairstylist for Boy: suggestions - Florida (FL)
  196. Buying a waterfront home in Florida ... a word of caution: homeowners insurance, house (FL)
  197. Florida Teachers Out There?: couple, questions (FL)
  198. Watersports options near Panama City Beach/Destin/Pensacola: activities, money - Florida (FL)
  199. Moving to Panama City..high school ..: houses, zoned - Florida (FL)
  200. Debary Plantation: for sale, home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)