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  1. Daytona Beach Area in November: Miami, Ormond Beach: hotel, house, buy - Florida (FL)
  2. Where should a special ed teacher move to?: Tampa, Sarasota: best school districts, places to live - Florida (FL)
  3. Clearview Estates or Pine Ridge: Ocala, Citrus Hills: HOA, houses, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  4. Social security benefits for spouse: attorney, retirement, amount - Florida (FL)
  5. 2nd home in central/south Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: rental, HOA, insurance (FL)
  6. mortgage credit certificate (MCC): rental, lenders, homes - Florida (FL)
  7. a friendly but lively beach town for a vacation: Miami: nightlife, best - Florida (FL)
  8. Possibly the Best Documentary on Wild Florida Ever Made!: to rent, movies (FL)
  9. Retiring from Delaware - heading south: Jacksonville, Jupiter: crime, university, property taxes - Florida (FL)
  10. State office has to approve all hospital expansions: Tallahassee, Fort Myers: costs, centers - Florida (FL)
  11. retiring to panhandle: Miramar, Pensacola, Destin: rentals, subdivisions, taxes - Florida (FL)
  12. Rubio gives up on Senate...: 2015, bill, office - Florida (FL)
  13. Palm Coast Hidden Lakes - Does it flood? Is it dog-friendly?: Flagler Beach: foreclosures, HOA - Florida (FL)
  14. Best Night Life in Upper Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: college, casino, taxi cab (FL)
  15. Interested in Panama city FL: Panama City Beach: real estate, rent, condos - Florida
  16. Property Search Tips: Ormond Beach: bank owned, for sale by owner, real estate - Florida (FL)
  17. Need help choosing a city in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: apartments, rental (FL)
  18. Awesome Surfing from Joaquin in Daytona!: Daytona Beach: 2015, shop, beach - Florida (FL)
  19. Wild Flamingos Return to the Florida Keys!: Miami, Hialeah: homes, taxi (FL)
  20. Relocating to Lake Mary, FL: Orlando, Sanford: apartment complexes, for rent, condos - Florida
  21. Florida Keys: A History of the Manatee and Other Weird Mailboxes: house, cars (FL)
  22. Best place to live in Florida: Tampa, St. Petersburg: living in, restaurants, shop (FL)
  23. Northern Florida vs. ATL vs Texas: Tampa, Lakeland: buying a house, buying, college (FL)
  24. Relocating to So. Florida from Arizona. Thanks!: Plantation: extended stay, rental (FL)
  25. Christmas in the Keys: Miami, Key West: hotels, buy, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  26. Relocation!:) need help: Jacksonville, Panama City: job market, living, cost of living - Florida (FL)
  27. Which cities in Florida have the most attractive men: Miami: live in, versus (FL)
  28. Upper Florida Keys' Closest Neighbor Devastated by Cat 4: Miami, Tampa: 2015, home (FL)
  29. Is my will written in Massachusetts still valid now that I live in Florida: Clearwater: real estate (FL)
  30. Must decide a move between Orlando or West palm beach.. help...: Miami: transplants - Florida (FL)
  31. Must-Do Activity for a Day in Key Largo?: Florida City, Gifford: rentals, hotel (FL)
  32. Help me out with homeowner's insurance!: Tampa, Sarasota: condos, mortgage, credit rating - Florida (FL)
  33. SNOWBIRDS I need your help, Should I Use Airbnb?: to rent, how much - Florida (FL)
  34. Snowbirds and Airbnb.... HELP: rental, hotel, home - Florida (FL)
  35. Get a job in Florida from outside the state: Jacksonville: credit, live in (FL)
  36. Just a heads up about changing anything on a valid driver's license.: home - Florida (FL)
  37. Cubans Retire to Florida - With Help From U.S. Taxpayers: Miami: rating, better (FL)
  38. Property purchased with no lease tenant: eviction, new home, live - Florida (FL)
  39. Locations to see River Otters?: Orlando, Melbourne: rent, live, move - Florida (FL)
  40. ticket for expired registration less than 6 months: Christmas: cost of, bills - Florida (FL)
  41. Thin vinyl windows in our Florida room: mobile home, to buy (FL)
  42. Pros and Cons of Apartment complexes near Lakeland airport: Lakeside: restaurant, floor - Florida (FL)
  43. new to florida: Ocala, Inverness: 2015, new home, DMV - Florida (FL)
  44. House-hunting/fun trip between Cocoa and Lauderdale. Where to go? (young offshore worker): Jacksonville: sublets - Florida (FL)
  45. Moving to Saint Augustine: Have uestions: Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach: renting, best schools - Florida (FL)
  46. Red light/speed cameras: Clearwater, Brandon: 2015, attorneys, law - Florida (FL)
  47. Florida Keys Host Regional Climate Leadership Summit: Miami, Tampa: 2015, camp (FL)
  48. snowbirds that rent property in Florida: Orlando, Jupiter: real estate, rentals (FL)
  49. Living in the Lakeland, FL Questions!: Tampa, West Palm Beach: transplants, apartment, renting - Florida
  50. Florida Keys - More People or More Land Protection?: Miami: sales, real estate (FL)
  51. Leesburg 55+ park: Lakeside: buying a home, buying, island - Florida (FL)
  52. Bayside lakes in Palm bay FL: for sale, buying a home, buying - Florida
  53. Gainesville - FL - Need help: University: day cares, hotels, house - Florida
  54. Winter springs jesup's landing: Oviedo, Maitland: foreclosures, renting, townhomes - Florida (FL)
  55. move to florida: Miami, Hialeah: health insurance, neighborhoods, buy - Florida (FL)
  56. 27 Great Florida State Parks!: Crystal River: rental, live, money (FL)
  57. Which place is best safe) to move (from NJ) for fitness jobs for a young female??: Jacksonville: apartments - Florida (FL)
  58. Lunch cost- Hernando High , FL?: schools, price, information - Florida
  59. Car from another state to Florida: purchase, cost, safety (FL)
  60. 55+: Sarasota, North Port, Venice: HOA, houses, to buy - Florida (FL)
  61. Honeymoon in the Florida: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: appointed, spring break, real estate (FL)
  62. about garnishment of wages for a judgment in Florida: rental, insurance (FL)
  63. Can someone describe Cocoa, FL, not Cocoa Beach,: Palm Bay: to rent, employment - Florida
  64. Water Damage Extraction: home, rated, location - Florida (FL)
  65. Help me identify a place to move to in Florida: Lake City: insurance, how much (FL)
  66. Weather highs and lows north FL, and states North West of FL: Jacksonville: house - Florida
  67. Whats our best choice for a Florida place to call home: Jacksonville: transplants, HOA fees (FL)
  68. Computer/Software Coding: home, live, safe - Florida (FL)
  69. this is why you really dont want to live in the florida keys: Miami: low income - Florida (FL)
  70. asumptions: Spring Hill: power lines, house, utilities - Florida (FL)
  71. qualifying rental income towards DTI: insurance, condo, mortgage broker - Florida (FL)
  72. Migrate to the states from Greece: Miami, Boca Raton: real estate, loans, how much - Florida (FL)
  73. Citrus County: moving to, gay friendly, gay - Florida (FL)
  74. Where would you recommend to start?: Jacksonville, St. Petersburg: mortgage, home, school - Florida (FL)
  75. safest area st john,fl to live with a family: transfer, to buy - Florida (FL)
  76. Bay County Homeless: Orlando, Panama City: 2013, crime, how much - Florida (FL)
  77. Single mother looking to relocate to Pinellas County Florida: Tampa: job market, schools (FL)
  78. Federated National Insurance Homeowner Policy - Good or Bad?: credit rating, house - Florida (FL)
  79. Relocation assistance: Lakeland, Sebring, Avon Park: middle school, live, ranked - Florida (FL)
  80. Looking for on Panama city: Jacksonville: rental, house, live - Florida (FL)
  81. Pleasant calm neighborhoods?: Clearwater, Sarasota, Key West: income, living in, shop - Florida (FL)
  82. Florida, horse farm: Ocala, Wellington, Seminole: to buy, to move, beach (FL)
  83. Exploring the Florida Keys: Looe Key Reef: Largo, Key Largo: 2015, living (FL)
  84. Moving to Florida - recommendations on towns?: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, homes (FL)
  85. Just Purchase a home in Dunnellon: Ocala, Pine Ridge: buying a house, buying, contractors - Florida (FL)
  86. River Edge Estates, Panasoffkee, FL: mobile home, purchasing, living in - Florida
  87. Orange City Foreclosures: Orlando: houses, places to live, budget - Florida (FL)
  88. Young family moving to south florida: Boca Raton, Delray Beach: hotels, house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  89. Drinking Water Problems in the Florida Keys Due to Rising Sea Levels: Miami: real estate, houses (FL)
  90. help with advice - moving to USA: Orlando, Sarasota: insurance, crime - Florida (FL)
  91. Engineering Colleges in FL: Miami: credit, schools, universities - Florida
  92. Mapquest Ranks US Highways...I-95 and I-4 are dead last, next to last: Jacksonville: transplants, 2014 - Florida (FL)
  93. Tampa - miami - west palm beach - fort lauderlale: Jacksonville: real estate, low crime - Florida (FL)
  94. progressive coastal town in FL?: Miami, Tampa: unemployment, taxes, club - Florida
  95. Recycling in FL - Do You?: Miami, Tallahassee: 2014, rentals, how much - Florida
  96. Moving to South Florida-best private schools & places to live: Miami: neighborhood, universities (FL)
  97. Tides of Concern.: Miami, Lake Wales, Century: real estate, insurance, to buy - Florida (FL)
  98. Florida Keys Considers Light Rail!: Miami, Key West: 2014, hotels, house (FL)
  99. Really no jobs in Florida?: Miami: place to live, marketplace (FL)
  100. New Florida Food Stamps Rules Punish College Students.: low income, employment (FL)
  101. Turnpike horror crash: 2015, license, vacation - Florida (FL)
  102. Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, Sarasota, or Bradenton. Relocating, give: Miami: real estate, crime rate - Florida (FL)
  103. Being a Paralegal in Florida: Orlando, Spring Hill: renting, insurance, lawyers (FL)
  104. Weather questions - Year-round best weather?: Miami, Tampa: allergy, living in - Florida (FL)
  105. What does a normal electricity bill run during the summer?: Lakeland: apartments, how much - Florida (FL)
  106. Florida could be headed for another housing slide: Miami, Tampa: sales, 2015 (FL)
  107. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries announced today!: 2014, health insurance, legal - Florida (FL)
  108. Help!! Tenant Won't Leave!!: for sale, 2015, apartment - Florida (FL)
  109. New Job offer at winter haven: Tampa, Orlando: place to live, club, moving - Florida (FL)
  110. Is florida safe: Tampa, Orlando, Brandon: rental, crime rates, home - Florida (FL)
  111. Coldest Part of Florida?: Miami, Orlando: best place, interior, place (FL)
  112. Daytona/Ormond?: Port Orange, Ormond Beach, South Daytona: spring break, condos, living - Florida (FL)
  113. Best associate degrees to start a career in Florida?: home, high school (FL)
  114. State purges 9,000 children from medical system in cost-saving overhaul: Tampa: 2015, insurance - Florida (FL)
  115. Cubans coming ilegally into Florida: 2015, to live, island (FL)
  116. Most 'redneck' towns in the Florida Peninsula?: Orlando, Davie: live, military (FL)
  117. Do you ever get tired of the weather?: Jacksonville, Miami: living in, costs - Florida (FL)
  118. Key Largo waterfront: Miami, Homestead, Winston: sale, real estate, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  119. Im a NYer with a NY license. someone said I could get a drivers license in florida, is this true?: apartment, lease - Florida (FL)
  120. Florida move over law: live, safe, moving (FL)
  121. Charter schools?: houses, neighborhood, buy - Florida (FL)
  122. Do Floridians often get too caught in routine business to enjoy FL's unique amenities?: Miami: hotel, house - Florida
  123. Is Lakeland associated more with Tampa or Orlando: school, live in - Florida (FL)
  124. Random general questions...: insurance, store, move - Florida (FL)
  125. Florida Condo Association illegal entry.: real estate, 2014, insurance (FL)
  126. Stay in NC or move to FL?: Tampa, Cape Coral: rentals, employment - Florida
  127. Cities similar to New Hope, PA or Hoboken, NJ et: Melbourne: private schools, live in - Florida (FL)
  128. All the empty stadiums during ball games in FL.: Miami: transplants, credit - Florida
  129. Florida Keys: When the Dream of Paradise Doesn't Work Out: Miami: car rental, fit in (FL)
  130. Are cockroaches in your house a way of life in Florida: Tallahassee: apartment complexes, rental (FL)
  131. Hillsborough, NJ resident looking for equivalent Florida town: Miami, West Palm Beach: section 8, renting (FL)
  132. Moving to the Daytona Area: Daytona Beach, Port Orange: oceanfront, apartment complexes, rentals - Florida (FL)
  133. Why Don't Professionals Know What They Should Know?: Port Charlotte: sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  134. Where are the tech jobs in Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: 2015, HOA fees (FL)
  135. Where In FL Can You Buy A House With Nothing Wrong For $125,000 Or Less?: Port St. Lucie: lease, neighborhood - Florida
  136. 10 worst places in florida to live: Deltona, Daytona Beach: college, places to live, moving to - Florida (FL)
  137. What Part of Florida is Having the Biggest Population Boom?: Jacksonville: real estate, 2015 (FL)
  138. Employers NOT Required to Provide Health Insurance?: law, payment - Florida (FL)
  139. We want to move to Winterhaven Fl: Tampa, Orlando: best cities, home - Florida (FL)
  140. Flooding in the Upper Florida Keys - Research Before You Move!: Miami: fit in, 2015 (FL)
  141. Lakeland gal live blogs her DUI: Tampa, Orlando: crime, to live in, law - Florida (FL)
  142. Small Panhandle towns: Marianna, Monticello, Apalachicola: live, office, areas - Florida (FL)
  143. I dont understand the no state income tax argument: sales, insurance - Florida (FL)
  144. Is Florida's Hurricane Magnet Weakening?: homeowners insurance, codes, homeowner (FL)
  145. Homeless in Pionciana kissimmee area what do i do where do i go i have a 13 month little girl thats asthmatic and a 16: Poinciana: section 8, professionals - Florida (FL)
  146. Florida anti homeless laws. What's the big deal?: crimes, tax (FL)
  147. Life tips for Florida?: Spring Hill, Palm Coast: insurance, house, scorpions (FL)
  148. Best place for a beach vacation?: Miami, Tampa: rent, hotel, to live - Florida (FL)
  149. Who leaves baby in SUV for 8 hours?: Deltona: attorney, home - Florida (FL)
  150. Insuring Waterfront Properties and The 50% Rule: Punta Gorda: insurance, mortgage, buying a house - Florida (FL)
  151. Cocoa Beach or Clearwater or Orlando or...: Miami, Tampa: amusement parks, crime - Florida (FL)
  152. Looking for right beach area to live - 40s single with dog: Miami: for rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  153. More road rage... man points handgun and high powered rifle w/ scope at women and 3 children: Spring Hill: 2015, safe area - Florida (FL)
  154. Looking to relocate. Top schools, NO crime. which town?: Jacksonville: low crime, tornadoes - Florida (FL)
  155. What would be a good area of Florida for a guy who is attracted to good looking white girls?: Jacksonville: universities, live (FL)
  156. Single 30 yr male + dog looking to move near Winter Haven: Tampa: appointed, closing - Florida (FL)
  157. Suggestions??!??: Tampa, Clearwater, Vero Beach: transplants, condo, home - Florida (FL)
  158. A New Yorker moves to Florida...I Can't find Bagels!: Tampa: income, property taxes (FL)
  159. Which Florida City?: Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Orlando: rental car, transplants, apartment (FL)
  160. Why are so many houses in Florida painted yellow?: Miami: neighborhood, buy (FL)
  161. License Plate with County on Bottom: Sarasota: rental car, rental, school - Florida (FL)
  162. 7 Wonders of Florida: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: how much, university, living (FL)
  163. A Grim Prediction: Miami, Key West, Brownsville: hotels, home, bankrupt - Florida (FL)
  164. Homesteading..somewhat off grid: Tampa, Orlando: fit in, house, college - Florida (FL)
  165. As of 2012-- 10% of Florida's population were born in NY and NJ: Tampa: 2015, live in (FL)
  166. Lloyd's of London providing much lower flood insurance in FL: Tampa: homes, money - Florida
  167. Leaving Colorado to Florida: Tampa, Orlando: to rent, unemployment rate, construction (FL)
  168. Taxes/insurance.: Tampa, Pembroke Pines, Sarasota: sales, 2014, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  169. advice: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: buy, community college, living in - Florida (FL)
  170. Leaving Florida Behind - Where would you go?: Tampa, Orlando: homes, transfer (FL)
  171. Retiree friendly town: Tallahassee, Clearwater, Gainesville: condo, house, theater - Florida (FL)
  172. Is beach bumming legal?: Sarasota, Key West: sex offenders, how much, motel - Florida (FL)
  173. Former Florida Resident needs help in a SUNPASS: Miami: 2014, credit (FL)
  174. Gulf of Mexico coast or Atlantic Ocean coast: Sunset: live in, beaches - Florida (FL)
  175. How do Huricains affect the middle of the state?: Miami: real estate, health insurance - Florida (FL)
  176. What are places in FL where two people with a combined monthly income of $1500 can afford to rent a 2 bedroom place: Tampa: low income, for rent - Florida
  177. Bear Hunting in Florida: living, dangerous, move to (FL)
  178. Florida coastline: Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach: 2015, home, construction (FL)
  179. King Cobra Loose in Orlando: 2015, homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  180. New Job Offer in FL: Miami, Tampa: apartment, rental, condominium - Florida
  181. Moving....What kind of people live in HERNANDO FL.???: Tampa: low income, homes - Florida
  182. Trying to broaden our choices... suggestions?: Jacksonville, Orlando: spring break, rentals, landscaping - Florida (FL)
  183. Possibly moving back to Florida(Volusia County): Jacksonville, Tampa: high crime, house (FL)
  184. Tallahassee or Gainesville for young liberal family from AL?: fit in, home - Florida (FL)
  185. Asian Tiger Mosquito Returns to Lower Keys: Big Pine Key: 2015, pine - Florida (FL)
  186. A list of FL cities to visit: towns, small - Florida
  187. What to know when moving to Florida or Central Florida: Fort Lauderdale: insurance, house (FL)
  188. Keys Disappear Under Torrent of Water...: Miami, Key West: sale, 2015, how much - Florida (FL)
  189. Free or Affordable Health Care in Daytona Beach, but Only If You Have a Job: low income - Florida (FL)
  190. Best Counties For Taxes And Restrictions: property taxes, property - Florida (FL)
  191. which is the best telephone answering services providers in florida?: business, hire - Florida (FL)
  192. Re-routing Fresh Water Toward the Florida Keys: How to Save Florida Bay: Everglades: 2015 (FL)
  193. relocating to ft.walton: section 8, rentals, middle school - Florida (FL)
  194. Florida Keys and Cuba Sister Sanctuary Program Signed Into Effect: San Antonio: live in, design (FL)
  195. Ghosts of Key West: Miami, St. Augustine: crimes, hotel, houses - Florida (FL)
  196. Thanksgiving in the Florida Keys: Christmas: motel, home, to buy (FL)
  197. Women Dominate Key Largo Backcountry Challenge Fishing Competition: St. Petersburg: 2015, title - Florida (FL)
  198. Do Not Come to the Keys If You Plan To Ignore Local Environmental Laws!: Key West: 2015 - Florida (FL)
  199. Big trafgic jam I75 N of Tampa: moving, driving - Florida (FL)
  200. Alterations in Osceola County Florida: how much, cost, approximate (FL)