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  1. Happy Birthday USA, greetings from Florida...July 4th 2021: house, to eat (FL)
  2. Condo insurance: wind coverage: apartment, condominium, home - Florida (FL)
  3. Yes another help me figure out where to move: Tampa: rentals, hotel - Florida (FL)
  4. Orlando or Miami? Which spot is better for couples and things to do?: Tampa: hotels - Florida (FL)
  5. Job in Sebring: Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota: private schools, live in, to move - Florida (FL)
  6. Looking for a great rural/semi rural town between Gainsville and Bradenton: Keystone: school districts - Florida (FL)
  7. Buying vs Renting in Gainesville: University, Newberry: apartments, rentals, house insurance - Florida (FL)
  8. To who have 120 gallon propane tanks...: home, water heater - Florida (FL)
  9. Generators.....: power lines, renting, house - Florida (FL)
  10. Trading a car: transfer, buy, DMV - Florida (FL)
  11. Best skilled trades education for international student from Canada (Cities, programs, tuitions, living costs, ): Jacksonville: fit in - Florida (FL)
  12. Insight on Doctor Phillips: Orlando, Sanford: layoffs, neighborhoods, buying - Florida (FL)
  13. Florida clay county: lease, home, tenant (FL)
  14. for DoD/FedGov Retirees (health insurance): Miami: income, live - Florida (FL)
  15. Relocating to South Florida with a High Schooler. Help!: Miami: home, employment (FL)
  16. Fly into Destin or Panama City?: Miramar, Pensacola: car rental, rentals, price - Florida (FL)
  17. getting FL license and threat of suspension: Sarasota: DMV, safest - Florida
  18. Sandspur Beach Bahia Honda key Repairs: Key West: camping, photography, allowed - Florida (FL)
  19. Pembroke pines apartment: Fort Lauderdale: renting, safe area, safe - Florida (FL)
  20. Miami vs Vegas Swing Singer: Tampa, Pembroke Pines: car insurance, wedding, gated - Florida (FL)
  21. Florida rental - can be type of property: Jacksonville: apartment complex, condo (FL)
  22. The Villages has repeated water main pipe breaks.: homes, sinkhole - Florida (FL)
  23. Miami to West Palm Beach: requesting data and comparisons: Fort Lauderdale: rental car, appointed - Florida (FL)
  24. Property taxes in Florida: Miramar, Fort Walton Beach: real estate, condo, homes (FL)
  25. New Home Construction lumber/labor costs: real estate market, home builders, housing - Florida (FL)
  26. In search of a private home owner: to rent, eviction - Florida (FL)
  27. Panhandle: Where does the white sand/emerald water begin/end?: Tampa: island, county - Florida (FL)
  28. North Florida home buying ideas: Jacksonville, Tampa: how much, houses, college (FL)
  29. Can recommend a good mover from Illinois to Florida?: Tampa: fit in, apartment (FL)
  30. Website to search for planned communities?: The Villages: real estate, new home, costs - Florida (FL)
  31. For who moved to Florida and had a Medigap Policy: health insurance (FL)
  32. South Florida will be hit with a major Saharan Dust storm...starting today: Miami: school (FL)
  33. Police impersonators in Florida: sale, vehicle, office (FL)
  34. Move to the Keys: Miami, Tampa: 2014, renting, insurance - Florida (FL)
  35. Employer states voluntarily quit but I was layed off due to out scourcing: unemployment - Florida (FL)
  36. Need help navigaing FL real estate for 55+: Miami: best neighborhood, for sale - Florida
  37. Areas of FL is comparable to North Fulton/South Forsyth in GA: Tampa: homes - Florida
  38. Heat pump for 12,000 gallon pool. How many BTU?: calculator, stores - Florida (FL)
  39. Barndominiums in Florida: apartment, luxury, construction (FL)
  40. New Port Richey over-55 condos: Bradenton: HOA fees, homes, pros and cons - Florida (FL)
  41. Need to use different material.......: Miami, Pompano Beach: condos, hotels, homes - Florida (FL)
  42. Proper sub-forum for Volusia, Bay, and Walton Counties?: Orlando, Daytona Beach: beach, best - Florida (FL)
  43. Florida home buyers should rent and wait out the housing boom, experts say; high prices set a record in June: Tampa: real estate (FL)
  44. NHL Home Games?: Tampa: buying, prices, eat - Florida (FL)
  45. Vehicle registration from out of town...: Jasper: insurance, house, tax - Florida (FL)
  46. Tax free week is a gimmick for many items on sale: sales - Florida (FL)
  47. Boomer Gals Vacation Where to Go? Keys?: Largo, Key West: rent, motel - Florida (FL)
  48. Living and working in Port Orange?: Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach: for sale, real estate, condos - Florida (FL)
  49. Moving to Okeechobee 2021: Palm Beach: house, price, beach - Florida (FL)
  50. St. Augustine vs. Stuart: Jacksonville, Orlando: crime, affordable houses, public schools - Florida (FL)
  51. Find relative in Key Largo: Key West: homes, neighborhood, to live in - Florida (FL)
  52. Gulf coast weather/temps in March: Tampa, Kissimmee: beach, swimming, places - Florida (FL)
  53. Has used Meritage Homes?: builders, quality, lowest - Florida (FL)
  54. Outdoor public pools with diving boards: Fort Lauderdale, Altamonte Springs: club, beach, area - Florida (FL)
  55. How to Handle FL Car Registration for Second Home Owner: insurance, buying - Florida
  56. Funny....Florida FOX reporter trolls yankees on twitter: place, status (FL)
  57. Palatka, west of St john river area. Good, bad???: East Palatka: medical, rated - Florida (FL)
  58. Where to buy a piece of land for future investments in Florida: Hialeah: homes (FL)
  59. Tolls for out of state driver: home, DMV, cost of - Florida (FL)
  60. May be moving to Washington County: Tallahassee, Panama City: lease, house, living - Florida (FL)
  61. Best flight school in Florida?: Orlando, Homestead: homes, to live, safety (FL)
  62. What's the best way to store furniture for 1 year in Florida?: mattresses, how much (FL)
  63. Florida for a truck driver: Jacksonville, Tampa: rent, how much, safe (FL)
  64. Lawn irrigation well water smells like sewage!: house, live - Florida (FL)
  65. Has on gone through the medical marijuana process?: dangerous, licensed - Florida (FL)
  66. List of golf cart towns: Miami, Gainesville: rentals, live in, plantation - Florida (FL)
  67. 'HUGE Legal Win': Alachua: live in, statistics, retiree - Florida (FL)
  68. Trends from Florida’s 2020 Census Population: Jacksonville, Miami: how much, buy, club (FL)
  69. Southern Life AKA Florida Hood Vlogs is Back: Jacksonville, Davie: middle-class, crime (FL)
  70. Lonterm longevity/safety/hamlet/bastion of conservatism in FL after DeSantis heads to White House?: Key West: best schools, gated - Florida
  71. New migration Patterns: Miami, Orlando: real estate, home equity, home - Florida (FL)
  72. Looking to leave FL?: Jacksonville, Miami: sales, real estate, foreclosure - Florida
  73. South Florida restaurants turn to robots....: health insurance, unemployment, wages (FL)
  74. Virus going around right now?: allergies, pine, summer - Florida (FL)
  75. Building a new home, what features should I get?: Melbourne: refrigerator, transfer - Florida (FL)
  76. Tampa or Orlando for Mid-30s couple: Jacksonville: home, to buy - Florida (FL)
  77. New home sales fall for 3rd month in US... meanwhile back in So Fla...sales are up +40%: Miami: condos, eviction - Florida (FL)
  78. Appraisal is stalling home sale: mortgage, loan, new home - Florida (FL)
  79. Foundation cracks in new home construction: Miami, Everglades: contractors, tile, inspector - Florida (FL)
  80. Quick Love Bugs: Miami, Orlando: condo, live, car - Florida (FL)
  81. 2021 hurricane season: Tampa: how much, buy, live - Florida (FL)
  82. It's FloridaGirl Now: house, live, move (FL)
  83. Which part of Florida is mostly conservative?: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, houses (FL)
  84. Royal Caribbean Backs Down, Won’t Force Passengers on US Cruises to Be Vaccinated: Miami: law, legal - Florida (FL)
  85. Can I keep tools with LiIon batteries in a FL garage?: house, tile - Florida
  86. Delta variant: Doctor cautions Americans about traveling to Florida: Miami: homes, live (FL)
  87. People that park their cars on their front lawn kill me..: Orlando: fit in, rental - Florida (FL)
  88. Welcome to Florida, Kroger!: Orlando: coupons, how much, neighborhood (FL)
  89. Noticing a distinct (new) trend of Californians moving to Florida!: Miami: transfer, neighborhoods (FL)
  90. Australian Family with Teens.... Need Help Choosing Town: Tallahassee, Gainesville: houses, homeschooling - Florida (FL)
  91. Place in Florida that is walk able or have good public transit: Jacksonville: neighborhoods, college (FL)
  92. Hurricane: Miami, Orlando, Clearwater: neighborhood, groceries, stores - Florida (FL)
  93. Florida Hospital Association is now sharing daily Covid cases & hospitalizations: Hollywood: university, cost (FL)
  94. Condominiums = Nightmare Investment Requiring Structural Reform: Miami, Miami Beach: appointed, real estate - Florida (FL)
  95. Tampa tops Miami as Florida’s best city: moving, public transportation (FL)
  96. What Are Florida Boot Sticker Things On Cars?: Arcadia: transplants, live (FL)
  97. Worst day of the pandemic for Florida: Orlando, Jasper: fit in, health insurance (FL)
  98. The Dream of Florida is DEAD this: transplants, condos (FL)
  99. North Carolinians in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: school, living in, moving to (FL)
  100. When did Panama City Beach begin to change?: Pensacola, Sarasota: spring break, insurance - Florida (FL)
  101. Relocating to Florida soon----Is it to rent without a job?: Tampa: apartments, rental (FL)
  102. Gov. DeSantis objects to vaccine mandates at hospitals: move, license - Florida (FL)
  103. Kroger Delivery in Florida, part II: Bell: to buy, prices, groceries (FL)
  104. Impact windows - good investment? (South FL): Oakland Park, Oakland: to rent, insurance - Florida
  105. Why so many vacant retail spaces and malls down: Tampa: sale, to rent - Florida (FL)
  106. Best over 55 community: Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville: apartments, condos, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  107. Disney moving 1000's of jobs to business friendly Florida: Orlando: homes, construction (FL)
  108. How Do You Tell What's The Best College / University In Florida?: Miami: transfer, schools (FL)
  109. s on poinciana 2021?: Lakeland, East Lake: rentals, house, construction - Florida (FL)
  110. Hurricane in Florida impact on home based employees: Miami, Seminole: RV park, house (FL)
  111. Florida mid-size city recommendations?: Tallahassee, Sarasota: condo, house, neighborhoods (FL)
  112. Sudden glut of Condos for sale?: Miami: apartments, rent, hotel - Florida (FL)
  113. Mask mandates to be reinstated at Disney/Universal: appointed, how much - Florida (FL)
  114. Diseases, Bugs, and other bad things?: Palmetto, Eglin AFB: house, neighborhood, buy - Florida (FL)
  115. Whole back side of a 12 story Surfside condo near Miami Beach has collapsed!: Tampa: condos, new home - Florida (FL)
  116. Florida leads the nation in 3rd unauthorized covid jabs: Miami: transplants, home (FL)
  117. Alligator mating season: Orlando: how much, neighborhood, live in - Florida (FL)
  118. best weather in florida (least humid): Orlando, Tallahassee: living, beach, ticket - Florida (FL)
  119. Influx/Exodus: Miami, Mayo: real estate, 2013, homebuyer - Florida (FL)
  120. Economic Climate in FL: Jacksonville, Miami: sales, leases, insurance - Florida
  121. County vs State Level Employment: Tampa, Tallahassee: health insurance, salary, cost of - Florida (FL)
  122. Democrats ask FBI for investigation into vaccine distribution; DeSantis pushes back: Miami: house, gated community - Florida (FL)
  123. Vehicles parked on the lawn: HOA, crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  124. Torn between the SW FL vs. SE FL: Miami, West Palm Beach: rental market, HOA - Florida
  125. DeSantis: Dunedin: unemployment, live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  126. Best place to vacation with fewest restrictions: Jacksonville, Pensacola: hotels, home - Florida (FL)
  127. Car Transport-do you tip the driver?: transporting, how much, live - Florida (FL)
  128. Florida's biggest problem: Jasper: median income, tax, places to live (FL)
  129. How do you deal with the HEAT June-Sept?: Pace: to buy, live - Florida (FL)
  130. Is Florida a good place to live?: insurance, house (FL)
  131. Is Florida overpopulated?: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: homes, tornadoes, taxi (FL)
  132. Moving to Florida as a single 22 year old: Jacksonville, Miami: for rent, insurance (FL)
  133. Which to pick from Jacksonville to Palm Beach: Miami, Orlando: real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  134. Rapid COVID vaccine rollout backfired in states like Florida, analysis finds: homes, private schools (FL)
  135. Tampa vs St Pete: St. Petersburg, Orlando: to rent, homes, employment - Florida (FL)
  136. Best city to open niche retail: Miami, West Palm Beach: to rent, home, luxury - Florida (FL)
  137. which place in florida is the riskiest to drive and safest?: Miami: insurance, school - Florida (FL)
  138. News, Pythons might become a new menu item in Florida if scientists can confirm they're safe to eat: Jasper: restaurant, food (FL)
  139. Property rent renwal: Clearwater: middle-class, rentals, condos - Florida (FL)
  140. Tampa vs Orlando vs Jacksonville... for a young family: Palm Harbor: renting, crime - Florida (FL)
  141. fleeing to Florida due to COVID insanity: Jacksonville, Tampa: crime rate, bankrupt (FL)
  142. Thinking about leaving the Sunshine State: Jacksonville, Miami: homes, neighborhoods, construction - Florida (FL)
  143. notice Lowes to be getting worse???: Jasper: sales, appliances - Florida (FL)
  144. Florida's new Budget plan is wisely prioritized!: Tallahassee: buying, school districts (FL)
  145. Florida vacation home help?: Tampa, Orlando: real estate, rentals, buying (FL)
  146. Future Growth MSAs -2030 and beyond: Jacksonville, Orlando: how much, house, best schools - Florida (FL)
  147. About Good Counties In Central / North Of Central Florida For Conservative Christians: Orlando: rental, houses (FL)
  148. West Coast transplants: what has been your experience?: Jacksonville, Miami: appointed, how much - Florida (FL)
  149. Florida cities make up 1/3 of top 25 up-and-coming cities in US: Jacksonville: sales, 2014 (FL)
  150. Help me find my dream: Miami, Cape Coral: rentals, high crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  151. Publix becomes top United Way Corporate Donor: how much, wages - Florida (FL)
  152. Best laid back beach town in Florida with both bays and beach?: Jacksonville: rent, buying (FL)
  153. heavy airliners over Lakeland: Tampa: lease, houses, live in - Florida (FL)
  154. Moving From Ca, Need help With Where To Relocate In Florida: Tampa: RV park, for sale (FL)
  155. Is there a safe area near the ocean that I can afford on 42K: rental, condos - Florida (FL)
  156. They're leaving: Pensacola, Sarasota, Panama City: spring break, sales, house - Florida (FL)
  157. Is FL seeing impacts from the Colonia Pipeline shutdown?: Miami: buying, utilities - Florida
  158. Gainsville? What's it like compared to other (central) FL metros?: Jacksonville: car insurance, house - Florida
  159. So just what IS safe to store in a Florida attic?: Miami: homes, storage (FL)
  160. Questions on moving to florida: Jacksonville, Miami: sublet, apartments, rental - Florida (FL)
  161. Nikki Fried Agriculture Figurehead Nobody: Tallahassee, South Beach: transplants, home, living in - Florida (FL)
  162. How much Home insurance you pay?: Sarasota, Ocala: real estate, 2015, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  163. Why is Walton County real estate so expensive?: Jacksonville, Miami: condos, townhomes - Florida (FL)
  164. Less conservative retirement communities in central/west FL (?): Tampa, Orlando: real estate, condos - Florida
  165. Best Gulf side cities to live for 40-something professionals?: Tampa: homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  166. a move.. need help: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: cul-de-sac, buying a house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  167. Basements can be practical for homes in central & northern florida: Tallahassee: apartment, houses - Florida (FL)
  168. 1-295 and 1-95 the same road for thsoe who drive it?: Jacksonville: construction, airport - Florida (FL)
  169. Florida manatees threatened by lack of environmental safeguards: Miami: hotel, construction (FL)
  170. Asking about your vaccination status: Illegal?: crime, professionals, law - Florida (FL)
  171. Hilly Towns In Florida: Orlando, Tallahassee: for sale, house, job market (FL)
  172. Moving to Florida’s Space Coast, ALL GREATLY: Orlando: rent, home owners insurance (FL)
  173. Lake Wales: Lakeland, Boca Raton, Sarasota: apartment, neighborhoods, schools - Florida (FL)
  174. Do you get stuffed up?: spring break, buying, allergies - Florida (FL)
  175. Will home prices come down in FL and..: Tampa, Coral Springs: sales, real estate - Florida
  176. Norwegian says no vaccine mandate allowed, no cruise ships in Florida: Miami: sales, how much (FL)
  177. 3million people saw this on the news....60 minutes attack on DeSantis: Cape Coral: houses, pharmacy - Florida (FL)
  178. Florida governor suspends all local COVID-19 emergency orders effective immediately: codes, gym (FL)
  179. What is your favorite Florida springs for swimming/tubing and kayaking/paddleboarding?: Port Orange: home, transportation (FL)
  180. Florida injects millions of dollars in regions across the state for infrastructure build-up..Good move by DeSantis: Miami: sales, credit (FL)
  181. Florida C-19 results improve again!: Punta Gorda: hair salon, home, income (FL)
  182. Help unemployment fiasco: University: attorneys, unemployment benefits, buy - Florida (FL)
  183. In a striking show of economic toughness, Florida added nearly 780K private jobs in the COVID year..Credit to DeSantis: unemployment rate, utilities (FL)
  184. Moving to Florida: Jacksonville, Palm Bay, Melbourne: renting, house, transferring to (FL)
  185. Florida signs historic deal with Seminole tribe to bring in legalized sports betting to the state: casinos, taxes (FL)
  186. Which counties are really south florida?: Miami, Tampa: homes, gardens, moving - Florida (FL)
  187. Florida's new invasive reptile rules take effect April 29, 2021: Miami, Tampa: how much, buy (FL)
  188. Entire family relocating to FL not sure where (Spring Hill vs. Palm Coast vs. Port Charlotte vs. Port St. Lucie).: Miami: transplants, real estate market - Florida
  189. Why do banks keep lending money for properties when south Florida will be underwater soon?: Miami: real estate, 2015 (FL)
  190. Fully open Florida, less cases per capita than states with mask mandates and restrictions: Destin: home, unemployment (FL)
  191. Ocean breeze levels around the coast of Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami: live in, beach (FL)
  192. Less busy beaches for a family: Clearwater, Cape Coral: rent, motels, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  193. Shared Charter Fishing - SWFL: boats, resident, travel - Florida
  194. Florida Dog Parks Information (FL)
  195. Home in the Winter Haven/Lakeland area with an attached/detached mother-in-law suite?: buying - Florida (FL)
  196. Polk county fl monthly water bill abuse: attorney, house - Florida (FL)
  197. Well and Septic Cost in Inverness Area of Cirtus County: areas, water - Florida (FL)
  198. Has sold to FirstKey Homes in Florida?: rental, how much (FL)
  199. FL should legalize marijuana; spend tax revenue on Medicaid expansion: taxes, health - Florida
  200. Check Your Aquariums!!!: live in, rated, fish - Florida (FL)