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  1. Southwest Florida is Dredge Filled Land Not Meant to be Habitable: University: homes, university (FL)
  2. Would you rather be confined to 5yrs stuck in Belglade Florida or Belgrade, Serbia: Belle Glade: low cost (FL)
  3. Impact of rising sea levels on coastal properties: Miami, St. Petersburg: homes, estimated - Florida (FL)
  4. SunPass “replenishing” balance by charging $10.00 for every toll.: price, charge - Florida (FL)
  5. Feds boost Florida vehicle charging stations - CBS Miami: Orlando: buy, maintenance (FL)
  6. 4 Broward school board members Suspended after Parkland report: safety, rich - Florida (FL)
  7. Fresh Florida Agriculture (link): buy, live in, eat (FL)
  8. How Do You Track Florida Hurricanes? And Why?: how much, living in (FL)
  9. Where is poster starfishkey?: party, hurricane, green - Florida (FL)
  10. Okeechobee Real Estate: Orlando, Gainesville, Port St. Lucie: for sale, houses, to live - Florida (FL)
  11. Florida Has 4 Of The Top 10 Metros Homebuyers Are Moving To — Redfin: Miami: closing (FL)
  12. The keys: Islamorada: place, winter, people - Florida (FL)
  13. Ian An Environmental Disaster: Orlando, Cape Coral: mattresses, living, codes - Florida (FL)
  14. Save Our Homes Portability Transfer - Property Taxes: Miami, Alachua: to rent, new house - Florida (FL)
  15. Hurricane Ian's impact on vehicle markets, vehicle insurance premiums: Miami: rental, loan - Florida (FL)
  16. Kissimmee in crisis, under curfew: home, county, flooding - Florida (FL)
  17. How much does it cost to replace a concrete tile roof?: homes, per square foot - Florida (FL)
  18. Florida mayor beats man with rake during Hurricane Ian cleanup: report: cell phone, sunshine (FL)
  19. How bad was Sarasota hit? Schools closed indefinitely?: North Port, Naples: home, live in - Florida (FL)
  20. WARNING: Davenport, Florida experiencing explosive growth: Kissimmee: land, county, flood (FL)
  21. Home insurance: live, company, offer - Florida (FL)
  22. Meanwhile Back At Babcock Ranch...: Punta Gorda: new home, construction, utilities - Florida (FL)
  23. NOAA Hurricane Ian Aerial Damage Viewer: Cape Coral, Melbourne: homes, new construction, live - Florida (FL)
  24. I live in central FL--outskirts of nice community: HOA, houses - Florida
  25. What’s the difference between Gulf coast towns and Southeast coast towns?: Miami: renting - Florida (FL)
  26. Interesting article re Ian damages’ cost: costs, vs, estimate - Florida (FL)
  27. Who remembers Hurricane Andrew: Tampa, Homestead: condo, homes, high school - Florida (FL)
  28. Which Place is The Best For Spend Vacation In Orlando?: Gainesville: floor, best place - Florida (FL)
  29. Lol, I Wonder How They Will Handle This? HEALTH OFFICIALS IDENTIFY HUMAN CASE OF WEST NILE VIRUS (Florida): neighborhood (FL)
  30. Dysphagia: area, doctor, state - Florida (FL)
  31. Florida has 2nd highest resignation rate in the USA: Sarasota: home equity, attorney (FL)
  32. After hurricane passes, I’m seeing record cool-dry beautiful October weather: Orlando: beach, humidity - Florida (FL)
  33. Florida Gas Prices To Drop By 25 Cents In October: taxes, law (FL)
  34. Florida dominates Top 100 Independent Restaurants With Highest Grossing Sales List: Miami: insurance, utilities (FL)
  35. Move a hot tub: house, buy, live - Florida (FL)
  36. What about new surcharges on home insurance?: to live in, costs - Florida (FL)
  37. Can tell me about Jonah Crab claws?: buy, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  38. FirstService HOA: Miami, Lee: real estate, HOA fees, condos - Florida (FL)
  39. Retirement the Margaritaville Way: Panama City, The Villages: homes, living, building - Florida (FL)
  40. FL panhandle (Ft Walton Beach) vs Tampa??: Eglin AFB: vacation home, school district - Florida
  41. What Is Your Opinion On Unions? Employees at Florida's first unionized Starbucks go on strike!: Tampa: rent (FL)
  42. Florida's Statewide Median Home Price Spiked 21 Percent Annually in March --- The World Property Journal: sales (FL)
  43. Best way to get a resale in Latitude Margaritaville Daytona: Daytona Beach: for sale, houses - Florida (FL)
  44. IT jobs. Jacksonville vs Orlando vs Tampa: Clearwater: rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  45. Coleman, FL for work+relocation: Tampa, Ocala: for sale, apartment, rentals - Florida
  46. How long/far is your commute?: Miami, South Miami: home, construction, to live - Florida (FL)
  47. Best VA Hospital in Florida: Gainesville, University: school, university, drive (FL)
  48. Opinions? 5 Places in Florida Where You Can Live Only on Social Security | GOBankingRates: Ocala: rentals (FL)
  49. Hot tub at home with a community pool: to rent, condos - Florida (FL)
  50. Renter's Insurance in Florida: apartment, car insurance, living (FL)
  51. moving to South Florida, where to buy property?: Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise: house, safe area (FL)
  52. National Hurricane Center storm surge map: insurance, home, buying - Florida (FL)
  53. FL Homeschooling: Your thoughts?: schools, camps, income - Florida
  54. I need access to a fenced in soccer field between Tallahassee and Panama City: Jacksonville: live in - Florida (FL)
  55. Verizon: Everyone Is Moving to Florida ---- PC Magazine: Jacksonville: live, area code (FL)
  56. Okeechobee: Mobile Homes & Zoning: Kissimmee, Buckhead Ridge: real estate, buying, design - Florida (FL)
  57. Blood Moon Over Miami—and All of Florida!!!: eyeglasses, pollution (FL)
  58. 16-foot waves lash east coast of Florida: Daytona Beach: condos, how much (FL)
  59. Clay county - Orange Port to Middleburg high crime?: Jacksonville: middle-class, live in - Florida (FL)
  60. What Is Your Opinion? Millions of dollars to go toward buying electric buses for Florida cities, counties: fit in (FL)
  61. Possibly relocating to Gainesville, FL and need guidance and inputs: Newberry: for sale, apartments - Florida
  62. Get your party ready...look what the models show in a week and a half: Miami: living, versus - Florida (FL)
  63. Grocery delivery reviews (Kroger, Aldi, Publix): Lakeland: buy, organic, groceries - Florida (FL)
  64. Favorite Months In Florida?: Tampa, Orlando: 2015, home, living (FL)
  65. ALERT: low skill service-sector jobs in Florida pay peanuts: Jacksonville: sale, apartments (FL)
  66. What Would You Change In Florida If You Were In Charge Of Things?: Orlando: crimes, house (FL)
  67. What do you think of SOH producing sky high property tax bills for new residents?: Homestead: vehicle registration, how much - Florida (FL)
  68. What Do You Like and/or Dislike About Florida?: gated communities, living (FL)
  69. Veteran battles months of summer heat with no A/C in Florida: Jacksonville: city hall, renters (FL)
  70. Optimism Abounds: Florida’s Top Markets See Robust Demand for Retail Space: Miami: real estate, rentals (FL)
  71. Florida gas prices fall to 7-month lows!: Tallahassee, West Palm Beach: credit card, living (FL)
  72. Bufo: live, to relocate, poisonous - Florida (FL)
  73. Florida shatters U.S. record for international tourism market share — New York Post: Orlando: real estate, hotels (FL)
  74. NOAA closing down multiple areas in the Florida Keys... important meeting Sept 20th: Tavernier: neighborhood, live (FL)
  75. Florida minimum wage poised to go to $11: how much, transfer (FL)
  76. Florida Hospitals Recruit From Philippines Amid Nurse Shortage: Melbourne, Sarasota: rent, schools (FL)
  77. What are Your Favorite Florida Attraction(s)?: Miami, Tallahassee: amusement park, house (FL)
  78. Love Is In The Air! Lovebugs swarming in Florida: What to know.: Orlando: houses, university (FL)
  79. 4-day school week to address teacher shortage: Ocala: middle-class, crime rates - Florida (FL)
  80. Inverness or Dunnellon Pros and Cons: Tampa, Gainesville: best towns, theater, closing - Florida (FL)
  81. Florida Prepare for Hurricane Nicole: Jacksonville, Tampa: shop, beach, station (FL)
  82. Floridians, prepare for year round hurricane season: Miami: 2013, tax - Florida (FL)
  83. Looking for a great area to live after making the worst mistake of my life - selling my home of 28 years and bought new: Miami: transplants, rentals - Florida (FL)
  84. Florida, You’re No New York: Miami, Kissimmee: fit in, transplants, spring break (FL)
  85. Vote Early SFLA: Weather Could Be Bad Election Day: area, business - Florida
  86. 9 Reasons NOT to Move to South Florida: Miami, Miami Beach: real estate, oceanfront (FL)
  87. Florida economic ramifications of Hurricane Ian: Cape Coral, Panama City: real estate, affordable apartment, insurance (FL)
  88. In Your Opinion, How Can FLORIDA Increase Affordable Housing?: North Port: low income, fit in - Florida
  89. Gainesville Area Rentals?: Alachua, Newberry: cul-de-sac, apartments, insurance - Florida (FL)
  90. Communities with underground power lines: Jacksonville, Gainesville: rental, low crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  91. What looking for Atmosphere, Demographics, Budget,: Tampa: power lines, rental - Florida (FL)
  92. Master planned mixed use communities - New Urbanism in FL: Tampa: apartments, to rent - Florida
  93. Probate - can I avoid it?: flat fee, sale, insurance - Florida (FL)
  94. Your favorite family friendly FL beach for vacation?: Clearwater, Deerfield Beach: to rent, condos - Florida
  95. Best Route from Buffalo to Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa: live in, bills, stations (FL)
  96. Upscale but not super ritzy, urban-ish, and safe.: Miami, Tampa: for rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  97. Curfew in apartment complex: low income, lease, home - Florida (FL)
  98. new flood insurance: Port Charlotte, Venice: renters, houses, to buy - Florida (FL)
  99. Opinions? 6 Charming Small Towns To Visit On Florida's Gulf Coast | TravelAwaits: Cape Coral: safety, beach (FL)
  100. If you are thinking of moving to Florida...: Miami, Fort Myers: houses, water heater (FL)
  101. Hurricanes, building codes, code enforcement: Kendall, Fort Myers: condo, mattress, houses - Florida (FL)
  102. Where to move within Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: new house, to buy, construction (FL)
  103. Don't buy an old home or trailer in a surge zone: Sanibel: RV parks, rent - Florida (FL)
  104. Did the order to evac come too late in SW Florida?: Tampa: safety, moving (FL)
  105. In Your Opinion, What Will It Take For Florida To Rebuild After Ian?: Orlando: insurance, loan (FL)
  106. Mail in Ballots received this week—: Sarasota: lawyers, home, living - Florida (FL)
  107. Sanibel causeway open to residents...over 1 week ahead of schedule: credit, construction - Florida (FL)
  108. Ian's impact upon boat markets, insurance, storage: Englewood: sales, rent - Florida (FL)
  109. First time in history...Florida has more registered republicans than democrats: Miami: statistics, best (FL)
  110. Frostproof FL-: Tampa, Orlando, Avon Park: living, move, homeowner - Florida
  111. Analyses of hurricane models and projections: Tampa: insurance, buy, elementary school - Florida (FL)
  112. Sanibel causeway opens today.....2 weeks to the day after Ian: Christmas: 2014, credit - Florida (FL)
  113. Would You Stay or Leave?: Ocala, Rio: condo, house, buy - Florida (FL)
  114. Daylight Saving Time 2022: Will Florida ever get to permanently spring ahead? | WFLA: Jasper: school, vs
  115. Florida brought in over $41 billion in Adjusted Gross Income from new residents in 2020, tripling second ranked Texas: Miami: incomes, income tax (FL)
  116. I'm buying a small restaurant in the Sarasota area. or nay?: lease, attorney - Florida (FL)
  117. Panama City: Panama City Beach, Memphis: spring break, buy, college - Florida (FL)
  118. Seeing residence monthly rents going for $12,000/month why so high?: Jacksonville: apartment complexes, lease - Florida (FL)
  119. Is Florida the new California?: real estate, rent, insurance (FL)
  120. Busiest, AND Favorite beaches in the state. Let's go!: Miami: beach, land - Florida (FL)
  121. way to renew a drivers license without wasting so much time.: Miami: live in, gardens - Florida (FL)
  122. What's going on with Florida real estate with mortgage rates past 6%?: Miami: real estate market, rent (FL)
  123. Article: New Yorkers Can't Stand Florida Being the New Nexus of the US: Miami: real estate, insurance (FL)
  124. A trip to a bungalow the South Pacific is now CHEAPER than a pretend stay in a Bungalow on a swamp Disney’s Polynesian: Holiday: hotels, costs - Florida (FL)
  125. Chinese Biggest Investor in U.S. Real Estate Last Year – $6.1 Billion on Homes in Florida, California: Miami: 2013, rent (FL)
  126. Python Hunt! 800 Compete to Remove Florida's Invasive Snakes.: Miami, Everglades: sale, live (FL)
  127. Opinions? Number of Florida inmates expected to climb steadily!: Miami: violent crime, costs (FL)
  128. Florida leads nation in business applications for second straight year, soon to be third straight: Miami: crime, credit card (FL)
  129. Choice between - Boca Raton, Orlando, Tampa/St Pete or Sarasota: Miami: oceanfront, condos - Florida (FL)
  130. Florida School Board Member Brags About Members Being ‘Woke’: We’re ‘Working from the Inside’: Tampa: buying, middle school (FL)
  131. Friend stayed in a very nice air bnb and there were roaches in the kitchen. Her husband said that’s normal in Florida?: Tampa: rental, motel (FL)
  132. Brightline To Soon Begin Testing At 110 MPH — Brightline Says It Wants To Increase Speeds To 150 MPH: Miami: construction, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  133. Repairing a mobile home - need advice, tips, recommendations: St. Augustine: sale, mattresses - Florida (FL)
  134. Why do you think florida is the best place to move and why?: Tampa: apartments, insurance - Florida (FL)
  135. 2022 hurricane season: Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton: power lines, insurance, mattresses - Florida (FL)
  136. Where to start looking - Looking for Guidance: Jacksonville, Tampa: spring break, rentals - Florida (FL)
  137. Pick your poison---Which town/ city do you pick to live in FL and why???: Tampa: for sale, homes - Florida
  138. help Pick a Place to live (Near Ormond): Jacksonville: to rent, high crime - Florida (FL)
  139. They say everything’s cheaper down South but Miami Beach isn’t cheap: Tampa: oceanfront, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  140. Florida starts firing non-straight teachers who answer student questions about their lives: how much, lawyers (FL)
  141. South FL rents have highest increase in US, overtakes NYC and San Francisco area: Miami: real estate market, renters - Florida
  142. Florida is the least affordable place to live in the U.S.: Tampa: transplants, sales (FL)
  143. Where would you move - in FL: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: good schools, wages - Florida
  144. Citrus County + gay visitors: Tampa, Orlando: theater, live in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  145. How expensive is it to get a 2-bedroom home in rural Florida to telework with free parking space for your house?: for sale, how much (FL)
  146. Castle Roofing & Construction Multiple Insurance Lawsuits With Same Lawyer: Tampa: credit, home - Florida (FL)
  147. Siesta Key or Sanibel/Captiva?: Clearwater, Sarasota: vacation home, live, beach - Florida (FL)
  148. First quarter Florida tourism continues record streak ---- The Center Square: Jacksonville: hotels, calculation (FL)
  149. Due to inflation should Disney World start charging per ride on top of park admission like the South Florida fair?: Bell: credit, home (FL)
  150. Worst Saharan Dust in a while....: Miami, Bell: gym, activities, bike - Florida (FL)
  151. Which cities to check out? West coaster moving to Fl: Jacksonville: real estate market, high crime - Florida (FL)
  152. DeSantis passes law...illegal to picket protest outside Florida homes: crimes, neighborhood (FL)
  153. FL Homeowner's insurance market is collapsing: middle-class, appointed, real estate - Florida
  154. HELP! Best driving route from Sanford to Sarasota….: Tampa, Orlando: construction, live - Florida (FL)
  155. Young Family Reloc from CA: Miami, Tampa: homeowners insurance, townhouses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  156. Do You Think Florida Will Have A Hurricane This Year?: best time, hot (FL)
  157. Is This Still America? Group displays Nazi symbols on Florida bridge.: condo, home (FL)
  158. Labor Day 2022: Tampa, Ocean City, Celebration: sales, rentals, house - Florida (FL)
  159. Are You A Disney Fan? I'm done, Enough is Enough, Fans Discuss Ending Loyalty to Disney - Inside the Magic: Orlando: spring break, hotels - Florida (FL)
  160. What's the plan to fix Florida's property insurance crisis?: Tallahassee: renters, loans (FL)
  161. In Your Opinion - Cheapest Florida Cities To Live In!: Jacksonville: insurance, houses (FL)
  162. Job Suggestions For A Retiree: Melbourne: home, purchasing, school - Florida (FL)
  163. Florida Lieutenant Governor Calls for Busing Cuban Migrants to Delaware: Miami: rent, health insurance (FL)
  164. Have You Been To A Launch? Artemis moon launch could boost Florida’s space efforts: Orlando: to buy, schools (FL)
  165. Florida Moving Process Questions: Tampa, East Lake: real estate, leasing agent, insurance (FL)
  166. Duke Energy Bill???: Tampa, Lakeland: condo, home, water heater - Florida (FL)
  167. opinions? This 31-year-old lives in a retirement community in Florida!: Ocala: renter, mobile home (FL)
  168. Opinions? 6 Things Locals Get Annoyed About When Northerners Visit Florida In Winter!: Miami: spring break, to buy (FL)
  169. Never Forget: Events across Central Florida honoring 9/11!: Orlando, Palm Bay: rental car, rental (FL)
  170. Opinions? The Florida Senior Center meeting-lack of reliable landline service!: Bell: transport, retired (FL)
  171. Newsom's in-laws FLED to Florida as California shut down at start of pandemic and bought $3.3 million home in Naples: house, purchasing
  172. Opinions? Florida cities look to snuff out smoking on beaches - CBS Miami: Fernandina Beach: disposal, beach (FL)
  173. Why R They Getting Relief? Florida man stole $2.6 million in COVID relief = boat, engagement ring: University: crimes, student loans (FL)
  174. What Is Your Opinion? 20 Best Florida Cities To Retire on $3,000 a Month: Tallahassee: apartment, rental (FL)
  175. What Is Your Opinion? Counties with the most seniors in Florida!: Sarasota: live in, retired (FL)
  176. Florida Lottery - Education!: Ocala: buying, high school, income (FL)
  177. What Is Your Opinion On Guns? Florida boy dies after shooting self with gun: renting, school (FL)
  178. Homebuyers Flock to Florida for New Developments with Health and Safety Amenities: condos, luxury (FL)
  179. Oysters cause 2 Florida deaths: inspectors, restaurant, centers (FL)
  180. Why Florida Ranks No. 1 Retirement Destinations | Bankrate: Daytona Beach, Ocala: insurance, homes (FL)
  181. insurance companies dropping Florida customers with solar | Fort Pierce: home owners insurance, homes (FL)
  182. Wealthy Americans Flocking to FL @4x Rate of Other State: Miami: transplants, insurance - Florida
  183. Florida hopes to recruit veterans to address dire teacher shortage – The Hill: credit, homes (FL)
  184. Monkey Pox General: Jacksonville, Miami: home, centers, licenses - Florida (FL)
  185. Livid over flight cancellations and travel delays? Blame Florida: Tampa: living in, airport (FL)
  186. United P&C insurance company leaving Florida: condominium, safety (FL)
  187. What Is Going On With Your Housing Market?: Orlando: transplants, for sale - Florida (FL)
  188. Crist vs DeSantis for Florida Governor: floor, office, donations (FL)
  189. Florida was 2nd behind only New Hampshire in wage gains from Q4 2020 to Q4 2021: credit card, motels (FL)
  190. Florida specialty license plates: Which are the most popular designs?: Miami: crime, university (FL)
  191. How Can We Protect Our Postal Workers? Five dogs fatally attack mail carrier.: live, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  192. How Do You Avoid Being Struck By Lightning In Florida?: condo, school (FL)
  193. Tips For Staying Safe Around Alligators?: Sanibel: live, homeless - Florida (FL)
  194. First Quarter 2022 Commercial Real Estate Metro Market Report: Florida Has Top 5 Hottest Markets: Miami: sales (FL)
  195. Florida ranks second best state for business in 2022 ---- Chief Executive Magazine: rankings (FL)
  196. Cities with the fastest-growing home prices in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: homes, ranked (FL)
  197. Crescent and Butler Beach Damage?: Crescent Beach: houses, area, summer - Florida (FL)
  198. Road conditions going EAST to WEST/Nokomis area: Venice: home, location - Florida (FL)
  199. Insurance village in port charlotte: Tamiami, Sarasota: mall, safe, homeowner - Florida (FL)
  200. HIGHLANDS COUNTY FLORIDA Preppers Needed: to live, gardening, pool - Florida