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  1. How close to septic tank cover can I build a deck?: how much, tanks - House
  2. Flickering lights: Air Conditioner, heaters, vacuum, microwave - House
  3. Fixing cracks in bathroom ceilings: shingles, painting, installed, mold - House
  4. A weird House. Unique 'Jetsons' house for sale in Oklahoma: floor, windows
  5. Chandelier on parts: paint, sink, room, cleaning - House
  6. How can I fix the new tub spouts' leak?: bathtub, bathroom, shower - House
  7. R22 AC phase out - how is this impacting owners/home warranty?: appliance, leaks - House
  8. Where go I find YouTUBE video to clean large cool humidifier: smell, cleaner - House
  9. Gas stovetop burners clicking: ceramic, installed, cleaning, build - House
  10. Hope the picture of this screw shows up: roof, vinyl, washer - House
  11. 3-in-1 Ovens: heating, microwave, stone, tile - House
  12. Knob and Tube Worries Me...Should It?: engineered, heating, insulated - House
  13. Plumbing: HW recirculation system: floor, water heater, install, leaks - House
  14. about how to insulate a floor: Lowes, insulated, colors - House
  15. Home insurance from The Woodlands Insurance Company (TWICO): how much, comparison, refrigerator - House
  16. Window after market coatings: windows, heating, insulated, ceramic - House
  17. Install ceiling fan on front porch using Wiremold?: shingles, paint, lighting - House
  18. about dryline house sheathing: foundation, insulation, code, repair
  19. Insulation Box for Indoor Ceiling Attic Access Works!: insulating, installed, stairs - House
  20. Tiny Houses - Are ther reviews of different models?: build, sq ft, dogs
  21. idiot put a humidifier filter on my fridge line: furnace, ceramic - House
  22. Central air duckts.: AC, cleaning, building, vent - House
  23. Home AC filters: HEPA filter, how much, Home Depot, furnace - House
  24. Water damage/soft wood inner door frame - coming from above or door factory defect?: roof, paint - House
  25. AC compressor not working: humming noise: build, replace, remove, company - House
  26. How to remove this cover on drain: shower, plumber, vinegar - House
  27. Water is flowing from hot side in shower, but it's cold.: water heater, bathtub - House
  28. Home Alarm Recommendations (SimpliSafe Alternative): installed, bedrooms, detector, glass - House
  29. Brand new house - tile cracked in hallway: subfloor, installation, laundry room
  30. For of you that use security cameras, a .: conversion, convert - House
  31. Roof Replacement: What is Recoverable depreciation?: roofing, cost, vent, weather - House
  32. Replacement door installation: flooring, vinyl, paint, installing - House
  33. When I dry clothes on low temp it sometimes does it in high temp: washer, conditioner - House
  34. Managing the Smart Home: vacuum, phone, convert, installing - House
  35. Ceiling fan repair: washer, glass, light, vent - House
  36. Saving money with water heater: insulated, mount, system, new - House
  37. Dryer smell: washer, heating, smells, appliance - House
  38. Hooking up generator to panel using interlock switch: price, vs, electrical - House
  39. Outage...foods in freezer: hurricane, refrigerator, cold, remove - House
  40. Steam Cleaning Oven: pool, heating, smell, light - House
  41. Cinder block: insulate, insulation, warm, cold - House
  42. Hard top gazebo kits: roofing, heating, curtains, build - House
  43. Soft White Spray Paint Color? (Baseboard Heater Painting): hot water baseboard, refinish, installed - House
  44. Storm door is too fast…: windows, installing, condo, light - House
  45. News, Homeowner fined $40,000 for a few inches of fence takes HOA to court: condo, cost - House
  46. Polishing Corian Counter Top: floor, color, installed, kitchen - House
  47. Whole House Water Treatment Options: Lowes, sink, appliance, installing
  48. Normal costs for sheets for roof?: roofing, installing, cost, compare - House
  49. Smart thermostat with humidity control via humidistat-driven overcool?: replacement, company, cement - House
  50. New oil burner replacement costs?: how much, furnace, Lowes, tank - House
  51. Power strip damaged wall outlets & light fixture: vacuum, bedroom, circuit - House
  52. Trick to get closet door to close properly: installed, repair, replace - House
  53. Oops! Free new roof.: roofing, building, best, replacing - House
  54. Hearth extender: hardwood floor, granite, fireplaces, heat - House
  55. Pool deck - Florida - for patio which is good size: pools, stone - House
  56. Ryobi battery: appliance, rated, reviews, blower - House
  57. Power factor optimizer capacitor. Energy Saving Solution: furnaces, AC, heating - House
  58. Why does my porch light dim when the motion sensor trips?: lighting, electrical - House
  59. adding a doggie door...: install, blinds, glass, interior - House
  60. Large solar powered exterior designer light fixture Suggestions: window, kitchen, glass - House
  61. painting a brand new shed ... in New Hampshire ... in late October!: floor, heating - House
  62. what washer and dryer do you love?: washers, front loader, pool - House
  63. A very strange tape measurer: conversion, washing, mount, wooden - House
  64. KitchenAid Refrigerator KRSF705HPS00: pool, install, glass, vent - House
  65. I need a good outside broom: railing, kitchen, light, standard - House
  66. What tool can I use to GENTLY disassemble a wood railing that is nailed together?: floor, color - House
  67. Lightning rod placement distance: pool, install, lighting, versus - House
  68. LED lights that cannot replace tubes -- good idea?: color, ceilings, installation - House
  69. Air purifiers …: furnace, AC, heat, vacuum - House
  70. Risks of using a wood stove in the house - are they exaggerated?: tank, stoves
  71. Jacuzzi Bath Remodel for shower: floor, refinish, installation, glass - House
  72. Would you pay 17,000 dollars for this kind of shower?: Lowes, drains, bathtubs - House
  73. Dealing With HOA Insurance: how much, ceiling, convert, kitchen - House
  74. Gift suggestions: stone, installed, pricing, basement - House
  75. Roof/Siding/Garage Colors: color, cost, best, buying - House
  76. Replacing Painted Deck Boards: refinish, painting, install, stain - House
  77. Replacing a Vanity: flooring, granite, townhouse, Home Depot
  78. How to remove cigarette odors: floor, how much, furnace, windows - House
  79. Door handle broke and not able to open: molding, stainless steel, square - House
  80. Upright freezer and frig on back porch: washer, front loader, railing - House
  81. Wooden gate size: opener, building, electrical, concrete - House
  82. Convection microwave?: heating, smell, replacement, 2015 - House
  83. I Can't Remove A Stain From Kitchen Granite: granite countertops, heat, cleaner - House
  84. Winter home safety: floor, fireplace, furnace, window - House
  85. Your Specialty Appliances: grill, heating, kitchen, apartments - House
  86. Need with HVAC replacement options:: furnace, AC, electric heat - House
  87. House maintenance after 10 years: floor, shingles, fireplace, dishwasher
  88. Insurance Price Hike: hurricane, cost, compare, company - House
  89. I need help identifying kitchen tools: bedroom, standard, material - House
  90. Streaky Windows: vinyl, insulating, curtains, installed - House
  91. Hardwood Floors: hardwood floor, vinyl, ceramic, plank - House
  92. experience with Home Warranty contracts?: pool, Air Conditioner, phone, toilet - House
  93. septic system and patio: grill, tank, tanks, drain - House
  94. Electric water heater breaker and timer: tank, insulating, showers, gas - House
  95. Is $14k to replace 3.5 ton furnace and AC reasonable?: Lowes, AC, heater - House
  96. How does a thermocouple work?: floor, furnaces, heater, phones - House
  97. Ceiling repair: water heater, curtain, paint, install - House
  98. Geared sander vs. random orbital sander: hardwood floor, countertops, refinishing, furniture - House
  99. Silicone spray for garage doors..: opener, paint, cleaning, repair - House
  100. Bake Element Stove Repair?: floor, heat, insulation, cost - House
  101. Extra attic insualtion: floor, Home Depot, windows, heater - House
  102. Pick three pots/pans: vacuum, kitchen, stainless steel, iron - House
  103. Refrigerator died - buy new or repair?: washer, appliance, dryer - House
  104. Pull-down/out laundry/utility faucets: Home Depot, sink, ceiling, install - House
  105. Furnace filter one or two?: grills, installed, room, cost - House
  106. Groutless bathroom ideas: flooring, how much, alternatives, stone - House
  107. Easy Ways to Sound Proof: vacuum, ceilings, bedroom, glass - House
  108. New couch stain help: washer, vacuum, colors, cleaner - House
  109. Why does my clean toilet water stink sometimes?: floor, roof, tank - House
  110. Toilets: One-piece vs two-piece: washers, tank, drains, installation - House
  111. Building screened porch- should I get skylights?: roof, windows, ceiling - House
  112. How to fix broken shower faucet?: glue, plumber, cost, damaged - House
  113. Questions about electric water heaters: floor, dishwashers, tank, tanks - House
  114. Not happy with my deck door blinds. Suggestions?: fireplace, curtains, painting - House
  115. Kitchen sink: flooring, drains, smell, cleaner - House
  116. Chamberlaine garage door opener: lights, cost, better, replace - House
  117. P-Trap: floor, springs, drain, bathtub - House
  118. Electric outlet incident: AC, sink, appliance, living room - House
  119. Smoking Pork ribs in a propane BBQ?: hardwood, pool, grill - House
  120. HVAC: AC fan - Auto, ON, or Circulate?: furnace, windows, AC - House
  121. Storm door woes: windows, railing, stove, installed - House
  122. First full month new A/C unit and usage and bill increased by 450 kwh: how much, AC - House
  123. Live In A Log Cabin?: roof, granite, windows, AC - House
  124. What do you do with clothes after the tumble dry low process?: smell, cabinets - House
  125. Water Damaged Section of Flooring: Home Depot, Lowes, laminate, color - House
  126. Mini Split AC for garage - insulated walls - door and roof not insulated: windows, heat - House
  127. Furniture stores that sell hard/stiff furniture: floor, sofas, sink - House
  128. Cracks in Walls/Ceiling - Relatively New Build: roof, foundation, paint - House
  129. How do I rid my sneakers of that bushy smell?: washer, heat - House
  130. have a sleep number bed and think it was not worth it?`: springs, bedroom - House
  131. New gas line to various parts of the house: how much, furnace, water heater
  132. Vinyl Plank in Bathroom...Which Direction?: flooring, cleaner, toilet, costs - House
  133. Winter on the way- House prep: roof, furnace, grill, windows
  134. have a “lift station” on their property?: how much, pool - House
  135. Water Bill Out of Sight and My Bad: pool, bathroom, toilet - House
  136. Robotic Vacuum Advice?: hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, vacuum cleaner - House
  137. Fencing around a residential home: roof, vinyl, pool, windows - House
  138. Outside AC unit turning off in hot weather: heating, installed, pipes - House
  139. Why do they make seat cushions like this?: sofas, furniture, pillow - House
  140. What brand is this toaster?: stains, compare, remove, efficient - House
  141. ideas indoor cooling when power goes out: hardwood, opener, windows - House
  142. I think I might have been ripped off: foundation, Lowes, stone - House
  143. Once Again Fruit Flies: drains, sink, kitchen, shower - House
  144. Use for two kitchen items.: drain, microwave, cabinet, remove - House
  145. Bidet: floor, tank, sink, bathroom - House
  146. hiring a handy man, insurance: phone, paint, stain, building - House
  147. I flipped a mattress ... and I liked it: floor, springs, prices - House
  148. Getting stuff off baking sheet: stove, room, refrigerator, cold - House
  149. Screened Deck and Gas Grill: floor, roof, pool, stoves - House
  150. What's the best way to get rid of dust bunnies?: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner - House
  151. Curious about upgrading an AC: roof, double pane windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  152. Is it legal to wire a house with only 20 Amp circuits?: floor, countertop
  153. Ever discover interesting things about your home?: subfloor, fireplaces, windows - House
  154. What should I do to the outside of my little house?: hardwood, shingles
  155. House Choice: basement, sq ft, outside, between
  156. Painting Vinyl Shutters: color, brands, siding, replace - House
  157. Waterfall faucets - or nay?: hardwood, sink, install, bathroom - House
  158. Getting Rid of House Smell: flooring, vinyl, laminate, windows
  159. Replace 60 year old sewer lines or install a liner?: how much, tanks, insulated - House
  160. use a smart lock?: opener, plumbing, brands, vent - House
  161. Did we just get scammed?: bathroom, gas, lights, pricing - House
  162. Cleaning Encouragement ..My Mom Hates it !!: floors, how much, stove, cleaner - House
  163. How alarming should presence of asbestos dust be? Trying to get a REAL sense: subfloor, how much - House
  164. Have You Experienced a Catastrophic Loss of Your House?: homestead, roof, pool
  165. About the the shower head settings: how much, washer, conditioner, heat - House
  166. A for the electricians - powering a small shop: floors, roofing - House
  167. Cleaning supplies?: hardwood floors, vinyl, microwave, ceramic - House
  168. What will get a musty smell out of a rug?: washers, smells - House
  169. Slow drain in the basement laundry room need help: floor, washer, sinks - House
  170. Home Fire Extinguishers: floor, how much, Lowes, bathroom - House
  171. Concrete slab DIY: how much, cost, square, load - House
  172. Lowes Plastic Fence.: roof, vinyl, installation, mold - House
  173. Replacing backsplash tiles -: granite, foundation, color, furniture - House
  174. Sound Reducing Windows: traffic noise, hardwood, vinyl, Air Conditioner - House
  175. What is the SEER Rating of your AC system?: installation, insulation, slate - House
  176. Plumber too heavy to go to the attic: AC, water heater, color - House
  177. Remove ensuite walk-in closet door?: dehumidifier, window, bathroom, mold - House
  178. Removing closet doors?: curtains, installed, bathrooms, shower - House
  179. Outdoor deck: Lowes, installing, square, outside - House
  180. Interior repairs requiring sheets of plywood and 2x4's: floor, installation, price - House
  181. Contractors!!!!: countertops, appliance, installation, kitchen - House
  182. Getting rust off of a metal door. Painting a steel door quess: color, convert - House
  183. Heating Water Options: tank, gas, leaking, electric - House
  184. Looking for Cover for In-Floor Electrical Outlet: flooring, Home Depot, couch - House
  185. How can I handle this small amount of visible lead paint?: HEPA filter, Home Depot - House
  186. Do I hire an electrician or plumber for my garbage disposal?: Lowes, sink - House
  187. Light bulb: how much, heat, ceiling, room - House
  188. Sealing driveway: Lowes, window, cost, concrete - House
  189. Water Intrusion During High Winds and Rain: roofing, AC, heat - House
  190. Sanding/painting hardwood vs. laying new laminate floors: vinyl, vacuum, refinishing - House
  191. Can I Use Comealong To Straighten Carport?: foundation, install, price - House
  192. What do you use to clean GLASS?: countertop, Home Depot, window - House
  193. Riding mower frustration venting: Lowes, gas, standard, load - House
  194. Air mattress recommendations.: furniture, living room, condo, hurricane - House
  195. Finish Quantum detergent: dishwasher, cleaning, washing, vent - House
  196. Replacement light for Whirlpool fridge costs a FORTUNE: vacuum, appliance, lights - House
  197. DIY asphalt addition: how much, Home Depot, sink, build - House
  198. Popular New Home Builders: foundation, townhouse, springs, paint
  199. Water hammer: water tank, drain, bathtub, appliance - House
  200. Property/Casualty Insurance, Homeowner's: standard, damage, better, remove - House