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  1. Ugliest House in America: roof, granite countertops, AC, paint
  2. Coverage from my Home Insurance?: floor, foundation, heater, drain - House
  3. Montessori room: alternatives, sofas, furniture, build - House
  4. Battery pack inverters: window, heating, phones, dryer - House
  5. Finishing ceiling drywall after asbestos popcorn removal?: paint, bedrooms, carpet - House
  6. Room air purifier: installing, better, filter, door - House
  7. light fixture to outlet, outdoors?: installation, lights, electrical, outside - House
  8. for with a Hot Tub: jacuzzi, drain, light - House
  9. Vanity Bathroom Light Fixture: paint, sink, glass, electric - House
  10. Greek Revival window trim: floor, windows, convert, rooms - House
  11. Name of hole patch material: vinyl, ducts, new, good - House
  12. Outdoor outlet tripped - can't find breaker??: loading, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  13. Remediation after burst water pipe (drywall): floors, dehumidifier, heat, smells - House
  14. What do you share about your 3D printed Home experience?: remove, property - House
  15. Crack in Brick Veneer: foundation, windows, stone, replace - House
  16. New HVAC Seer 2 government rules: heating, installed, prices, standard - House
  17. vacuum motor burned out: smell, repair, replacement, remove - House
  18. 15 Minutes Homes ?: indoor pool, condo, build, chain - House
  19. gutter filter/guard for Spanish tile roof?: roofing, drainage pipe, install - House
  20. Using UV light to get rid of mold/mildew: hot water heater, cleaner, cleaning - House
  21. Does know of a company that sells arched exterior windows that open?: glass, inexpensive - House
  22. Yard security light: color, installed, bedroom, lighting - House
  23. Fridge motor has something lose and making noise. Fix or replace?: pool, appliance - House
  24. San Diego NEM 1.0 - contractor says I can install 3 more panel: AC, panels - House
  25. Getting adhesive off wall...: paint, bedroom, cleaning, light - House
  26. Cabinet painting differences: color, cabinets, warm, best - House
  27. Concrete repair resistance: how much, curtain, paint, ceiling - House
  28. Undermount Drawer Slides SC RetroFit: countertops, Lowes, refinishing, convert - House
  29. about kitchen exhaust systems: grill, heat, smells, cleaning - House
  30. Dropped Ceiling tiles: floor, paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  31. Best way to get seeped dirt off basement floors?: foundation, vacuum, sinks - House
  32. Fixing roof leak with Henry brand silicone: roofing, heat, drains - House
  33. Security cameras for home build site: foundation, install, electric, best - House
  34. Why is this humidifier five thousand dollars?: dehumidifier, prices, reviews - House
  35. Fridge drain line odd: vinyl, color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  36. New Electric Line: heater, light, circuit, concrete - House
  37. Heat pump electric water heater: washer, furnace, tank, installing - House
  38. a house air purifier: cleaner, room, cost, sq ft
  39. Foam insulation to fill a lid: glue, electric, worth, best - House
  40. Hardware resouirces: shower, light, pricing, comparison - House
  41. Soapy Water leaking from back of my Washer Machine: front loader, drain, loading - House
  42. Electrical wring advice: Home Depot, install, lighting, circuit - House
  43. Safety Goggles Recommendation?: ceiling, cleaning, mold, slate - House
  44. Alumawood patio cover gutters: installed, existing, clog, foam - House
  45. Pretty good article for large room space heaters: floor, fireplace, Lowes - House
  46. Instant-Hot + Reverse Osmosis faucet: roof, dishwasher, tank, sink - House
  47. Hot water faucet just warm: water tank, pipe, cold, freeze - House
  48. Would know what this part is for?: paint, propane, good - House
  49. water heater not heating up enough: roof, window, tank, drain - House
  50. WTF is this called?: installation, glue, vs, electrical - House
  51. Plumbing - S Trap Vs P Trap - Bathroom sink to the floor: smell, kitchen - House
  52. Insulation Between 1st and 2nd Floor: subfloor, insulating, ceilings, bathroom - House
  53. Mini-Split Outside Lines: furnace, heat, rooms, gas - House
  54. Interesting renovation program: building, material, Louisiana, old - House
  55. Install square columns in front patio without damaging soffit: roof, ceiling, siding - House
  56. How to fix?: flooring, vinyl, washer, vacuum - House
  57. Aerobic septic system -- which cleaning products to use?: dishwashers, sink, bathrooms - House
  58. Home Renovation - ongoing: bathrooms, kitchen, pipes, large - House
  59. Wood paneling to drywall: floor, furnace, windows, heater - House
  60. Improvements in Electric water heaters since 2007: tank, appliance, installed, insulation - House
  61. Just got a new humidifier, but the humidity amount off: heat, curtains - House
  62. Funny compilation of terrible real estate agent photos: floor, window, sink - House
  63. Toto Toilet issue: tank, installed, bathroom, glue - House
  64. Ceiling Fan and noise: heating, appliance, install, cost - House
  65. Where can I get bronze colored aluminum frame windows?: installing, molding, glass - House
  66. My elderly mother just got scammed by the door to door home energy people: electricity, company - House
  67. dead Elk: convert, warm, vent, better - House
  68. Your Money Pit/Dump/Nightmare House Story: foundation, drain, sink
  69. Huge 75 steel fire pit. or nay?: paint, room, condo - House
  70. Home electric Vehicle charging: heating, stoves, appliance, installing - House
  71. What kind of pot is this?: washer, heat, microwave, stove - House
  72. Secondhand Siding: vinyl, color, installing, insulation - House
  73. Problem with garage door opener: interior, outside, replacing, wall - House
  74. What changes did you make to your home in 2022?: floors, roof, vinyl - House
  75. My Latest Hair-brained Scheme: foundation, gas, costs, build - House
  76. Cost to build redwood fence: how much, Home Depot, painting, install - House
  77. Looking at Induction Ovens: countertop, Lowes, heating, stove - House
  78. Buying a home with smart features: Air Conditioners, heat, vacuum, phone - House
  79. How to make a house quiet inside located near a loud highway?: traffic noise, barrier
  80. What are your plans for your home in 2023?: flooring, color, bathrooms - House
  81. Going to pick up a very large flower pot for $500, but seller doesn't know if it's stone. help: ceramic, glass - House
  82. Aging in Place renovations and suggestions: washer, sinks, furniture, installing - House
  83. DIY Basic Home Security System Questions: Lowes, windows, heater - House
  84. Cleaning faucet aerator: installation, plumber, build, vinegar - House
  85. Light fixture stopped working....: bathrooms, kitchens, shower, glass - House
  86. Heating with firewood: floor, how much, fireplace, furnace - House
  87. Cleaning baseboards: floor, vacuum, furniture, rooms - House
  88. Does like clay pots?: vent, outside, buying, cheap - House
  89. have grime on their luxury vinyl tile?: flooring, how much, vacuum - House
  90. More about problems with cockroaches-Harris Tablets?: kitchens, apartment, condo, light - House
  91. Propane deliveries: how much, furnace, Lowes, tank - House
  92. getting/got replacement windows?: vinyl, Home Depot, wooden windows, vacuum - House
  93. Outdoor patio cover ideas.: roof, vinyl, grill, furniture - House
  94. I need a propane cylinders for dummies book: grill, tank - House
  95. Finishing full & half concrete foundation walls in walk out basement: floor, installing - House
  96. Vacuum Sealer: heating, repair, worth, better - House
  97. Downstairs Master Bedroom Right off the Living Room: floor, convert, kitchen - House
  98. Squealing noise when washing machine is running?: washers, front loader, appliance - House
  99. Have you heard of dry pour concrete ?: how much, steel, square - House
  100. can someone explain the insanity of GE XWFE refrigerator filters: how much, appliance - House
  101. Where can I use light bulbs that take 10-15 seconds to come to full brightness?: ceiling, bathroom - House
  102. New siding and gutter: floor, roofing, painting, install - House
  103. Gas detector in Kitchen?: furnace, window, water heater, stove - House
  104. Building wall frame for 9 foot basement ceiling: ceilings, install, steel - House
  105. New oil furnace installed. Older furnace seemed hotter. Why i that?: furnaces, heat - House
  106. How to remediate VOC paint?: HEPA filter, floors, Home Depot, heaters - House
  107. Best all in one alarm/cctv: phone, sink, install, detector - House
  108. Take a look at this unique outdoor swing conversion.: roof, furniture, room - House
  109. South Park Japanese Toilet episode: tank, cleaner, convert, installed - House
  110. Is this harmful to the furnace?: how much, windows, heating oil, insulated - House
  111. Leaking from base of toilet: flooring, washers, tank, ceramic - House
  112. easiest way to demo built-in garage shelves?: floor, paint, ceiling - House
  113. POLL: How often does your power go out in a year?: gas, lights - House
  114. Hidden characteristics of a toilet -- way to find out before buying and installing one?: alternatives, Home Depot - House
  115. What are your favourite/least favourite things within walking distance of your home?: dining room, cost - House
  116. Finish basement or extend loft over two story family room: flooring, how much - House
  117. Have to use the snake again: washer, drains, sink, installation - House
  118. Lennox dual fuel furnace: furnaces, heating, convert, installation - House
  119. How to disinfect container/utensils dropped on dirty floor?: floors, stove, cleaner - House
  120. Upright freezer failed for 2-4 days, now running, what items should I throw out?: pool, vac - House
  121. Is it time to switch to star-shape screws?: Home Depot, install, build - House
  122. How do you clean new plastic containers?: alternatives, washer, drain - House
  123. Advice on space heaters: floor, fireplace, Lowes, windows - House
  124. Rooftop solar panel system - experiences?: floor, how much, roofing, washer - House
  125. heating thermostat problem: how much, furnace, AC, electric heat - House
  126. Advantages and disadvantages of a log house: roof, window, insulating
  127. Ever Plagued With German Cockroaches?: appliance, rooms, apartment, electrical - House
  128. 15 year old wash and dryer set working so far, but what brand: washer, townhouse
  129. surge suppression and lightning: tank, phone, drains, install - House
  130. Help me understand the home generator: furnace, Air Conditioner, heater, insulated - House
  131. Automatic Kitchen Sink Faucet: countertop, drain, sinks, install - House
  132. Flooring: hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, heater - House
  133. Questions about air purifiers: hardwood floors, how much, dehumidifier, furnace - House
  134. new ceiling fans all come with remotes..: Lowes, AC, ceilings - House
  135. Septic tank not draining. Solution?: alternatives, washer, tanks, drain - House
  136. New natural gas on existing home: floor, fireplace, furnace, tank - House
  137. Converting House from Electric to Propane?: floor, how much, fireplace, tank
  138. What do wish you had paid more to before you bought you house?: how much, roof
  139. Eliminating legionella bacteria in water heater: water tank, tanks, installing, room - House
  140. What to do with an old Filtrete 3M-50 Wi-Fi Thermostat?: furnaces, heat - House
  141. Cause of counter top damage/???: countertops, laminate, heat, sink - House
  142. let's hear it for youtube: AC, toilets, cost, repair - House
  143. Wifi enabled Smartlocks: opener, Home Depot, phones, steel - House
  144. Yellowish jelly in toilet: cleaner, bathroom, cleaning, stains - House
  145. Updating outlets: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, installed, cost - House
  146. High tech boiler is a bad idea.: floor, fireplaces, furnaces - House
  147. Major house fire today. nts to dealing with the aftermath?: townhouses, heat
  148. Electric oil-filled heaters - what features to look for?: roof, fireplaces, furnace - House
  149. Portable dehumidifiers: floor, Air Conditioners, water heater, phone - House
  150. What did you have at your childhood home that you dont have now in your current home?: floor, furnace - House
  151. Watts, Watts-equivalent, and Lumens: how much, color, installing, rooms - House
  152. What Did You Have In Your Childhood Home You Wished You Had Now: floor, fireplace - House
  153. Cockroach infestation: dishwasher, sink, cabinets, light - House
  154. Gorilla sheds. Your opinion?: Home Depot, insulated, loading, paint - House
  155. Installing wood stove.: roof, fireplace, furnace, window - House
  156. Which temperature convention do you prefer for pulldown kitchen faucets?: water heater, sink - House
  157. Is there a good granite cleaner that won't kill me?: sinks, smell - House
  158. Buying New Stove: heating, stoves, appliance, kitchens - House
  159. Outlet for 2 Pole 20amp Breaker?: Air Conditioner, installation, electrical, circuit - House
  160. Home Remodeling: Are You Done and Over It?: tiling, flooring, fireplace - House
  161. Massive water bill!: how much, pool, Lowes, tank - House
  162. Opinion on gated communities: glass, steel, cost, dogs - House
  163. Breakers: countertop, microwave, appliance, kitchen - House
  164. Recommend Thick, heavy cotton bedsheets: price, compare, pillow, vent - House
  165. Inconsistent Copper Pipe Sizing: washer, pool, Lowes, drain - House
  166. Ever made homemade furniture?: flooring, pools, sofa, plank - House
  167. Does have experience with Vanity Art or Woodbridge Freestanding Tubs: tiling, flooring - House
  168. Renovating home (1982) - Master Bath Questions: floor, jacuzzi, pool, bathtubs - House
  169. Picked up a unique farm table: color, stained, build, builder - House
  170. leaking faucet nightmare: Home Depot, drain, sink, bathroom - House
  171. Roofing Replacement Time Line: how much, installed, leaking, cost - House
  172. Garage Door Opener -- Chain vs. Belt: how much, dishwasher, springs - House
  173. Getting sticker glue off of glass: window, smells, cleaner, warm - House
  174. New roof 2023 prices?: roofing, installed, bedrooms, leaking - House
  175. Hole too big for outlet: install, cost, electrical, circuit - House
  176. decluttering/paring down?: how much, rooms, cabinet, sq ft - House
  177. Industrial Forced Air Propane Heater: floor, how much, heaters, building - House
  178. would this be a good tv stand: vinyl, sofa, color - House
  179. Cast Iron on Flat Top Stove? (Little ring/lip on bottom): pool, heating - House
  180. Basement floor paint with weeping walls: floors, dehumidifier, foundation, vacuum - House
  181. What order do renovations need to be done in?: pool, insulation - House
  182. Laundry cart or bag ideas: dryer, price, stair, best - House
  183. Going down renovation road with our house: flooring, how much, countertops
  184. Protecting Items from burglary/theft: phone, room, cabinet, worth - House
  185. Indoor air quality management: floor, furnaces, windows, AC - House
  186. Installing a driveway gate but don't want to use brick columns since my house isn't brick. ideas?: opener, townhouse
  187. Buying a 1795 house - how afraid should I be?: flooring, how much, roof
  188. about insulation: floor, roof, vacuum, ceiling - House
  189. plumbing for basement bath: floors, washer, heater, sink - House
  190. Best smelling all purpose cleaner?: floors, countertops, windows, microwave - House
  191. How to clean bathtub after 6 years: dishwasher, paint, cleaner, stone - House
  192. Dead Limbs from Neighbor's Enormous Tree: cost, codes, fence, damaged - House
  193. Estimated Cost: Convert SFH from gas to electric?: how much, furnace, water heater - House
  194. Who thinks carpeting is better than hard flooring?: hardwood, vinyl, vacuum - House
  195. Is it ok to trust a window company with a 60% down payment, but they don't take credit/debit card for a $3000 charge?: shingles, windows - House
  196. What is the real cost of installed windows?: vinyl, alternatives, Home Depot - House
  197. Humidifier inquiry: furnace, Lowes, windows, Air Conditioner - House
  198. Spray Paint Exterior?: pools, painting, living room, costs - House
  199. Delete - House
  200. Electrical Wiring for Home: countertops, heaters, vacuum, microwave - House