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  1. Bathroom plumbing-vent problem, advice welcome.: roof, drain, sink, smell - House
  2. Rangehood leak after heavy storm/rain: roof, microwave, stove, appliance - House
  3. Wood floor repair: flooring, engineered, window, refinish - House
  4. Where to buy ceiling tracks: Home Depot, curtains, worth, Seattle - House
  5. Storm damage yesterday: heat, phone, installed, siding - House
  6. New faucets don't match your shutoff valves? An easy fix.: sinks, installation - House
  7. Contractor Questions + Drywall Repair: ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, shower - House
  8. Removing moss from the roof: cleaning, slate, leaking, old - House
  9. Identify the use: iron, cold, wall, yard - House
  10. Catio vs Porch ???: heat, smell, condo, glass - House
  11. Foam thing to put can or bottle into to keep liquid cold or warm: insulation, large - House
  12. Issue with furnace blowing: AC, heating, light, electric - House
  13. use for an old cast iron gas fireplace? (100 lbs of metal): how much, heaters - House
  14. Should I get a Tesla Powerwall?: window, heating, installation, bedroom - House
  15. Bugs, lizards, small snakes, water -Gaps at driveway edges: Home Depot, Lowes, concrete - House
  16. Outdoor wet rated fan with changeable light or bug light?: ceiling, installed - House
  17. Tired of everything being ruined on the south side of the house - looking for hose reel: heat, cost
  18. Garden Tractor battery lasted 11 years!: heat, cold, replace, property - House
  19. What could this be?: how much, dehumidifier, sofa, AC - House
  20. Pros/cons to doing an out house type shed by pool: floor, window
  21. Is this condensation on AC line normal? - House
  22. Installing water filter after water softener ?: water heater, sinks, cleaning, kitchen - House
  23. Electric water heater making whistling noise like tea kettle: hot water heater, plumber, standard - House
  24. Hinge for storm door: outside, material, screen, frame - House
  25. know the purpose of the drain hose tie for the Washer & Dryer?: washing, better - House
  26. Water filter for shower head: install, showerhead, faucet, brands - House
  27. Patching a leaky cistern: pools, tank, laundry room, concrete - House
  28. Door Re-Staining vs Painting: roof, stain, compare, vent - House
  29. Induction Cookware - Make Your Recommendations: heat, stove, gas, stainless steel - House
  30. Plumber or AC Service - Who to call first for this?: drain, pipe - House
  31. Sealing Sheet Vinyl Flooring?: paint, bathroom, kitchen, best - House
  32. Stopping sound from upstairs.: hardwood floors, windows, ceiling, room - House
  33. Problem with new refrigerator not cooling: pool, phone, price, warm - House
  34. CO detector faulty?: Home Depot, furnace, water heater, ceiling - House
  35. cringe-worthy: tank, phone, sink, plumber - House
  36. Air Bubbles after Turning Off Home Water for 10 Days: drain, showerhead, plumbing - House
  37. Landscape Design Needed: cost, compare, backyard, landscaping - House
  38. Fishy Smell: build, electrical, upstairs, vent - House
  39. Stackable Washer and Drier: dishwashers, Lowes, heat, drain - House
  40. Downside to installing a soft start in a heat pump for AC?: cost, standard - House
  41. Is RED color pressure-treated lumber same as green color PT lumber?: shingles, foundations - House
  42. Creating custom shower in existing bathroom: floor, drain, installation, showers - House
  43. Homeowner insurance - what coverage to choose (FL): floors, roof, windows - House
  44. Rate of deterioration for deck screws, and deck maintenance: how much, Home Depot, plank - House
  45. Transfer Switch for Generator and Portable Solar Setup?: how much, air conditioning, appliance - House
  46. Granite countertop surface spots: granite countertops, installation, kitchen, staining - House
  47. Silver polish recommendations?: cleaner, cleaning, outside, worth - House
  48. Geothermal runs through water heater tank??: water tank, warm, standard, cold - House
  49. Don't like my Hybrid. Should I just get a pillowtop topper?: heat, bedroom - House
  50. Homeowners insurance quote: how much, cost, building, better - House
  51. K'ledgeBldr... roof detail: building, mount, garage, metal - House
  52. Two different lights, one switch timer: yard, porch, safe, tell if - House
  53. Central Vacuum system: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, damaged, replace - House
  54. Legs for a round game table: dining room, kitchen, apartment, square - House
  55. Hot Weather Rocking the House: foundation, windows, building, concrete
  56. Microwave door locked: heat, brands, fixing, cheapest - House
  57. How to extract moisture out of carpet?: subfloor, cleaner, install - House
  58. lost power to my pool pump. switch looks burned: light, standard, replace - House
  59. Interior Condo Damage Due to Exterior Neglect: roof, townhouse, paint
  60. Dishwasher soap container: detergent, fix, old, spray - House
  61. Wood Framed Gable End Hurricane Strengthening Suggestions?: roof, bedrooms, codes - House
  62. Would You Buy That Chair: color, worth, plastic, material - House
  63. Terrible STINK from sound-deadening on underside of sink: vinyl, granite, dishwasher - House
  64. Condo Wood Floor Renovations: flooring, engineered, vinyl, Lowes - House
  65. methodology for averting the infiltration of insects into my dwelling.: interior, efficient - House
  66. Glue for mailbox numbers: install, staining, better, replacing - House
  67. Hardie board exterior siding — incorrect installation?: overlay, windows, paint - House
  68. I hear mice in the walls of my house: floor, water heater, steel
  69. Electric range reviews?: Lowes, stoves, cleaning, kitchens - House
  70. Window screen purpose: windows, AC, cleaner, room - House
  71. use a steam cleaner for their hardwood floors?: hardwood floor, heater, room - House
  72. Door Staining job and scheduling around the rain possibilities: roof, paint, stain - House
  73. Plumbing Leak Advice?: how much, drain, cleaner, ceiling - House
  74. Help Me Figure Out What Part I Need For This Pole,: vacuum, cost - House
  75. Summertime AC tip: Lowes, window, heat, vacuum - House
  76. tell me about sheets: price, warm, vs, pillow - House
  77. Prepare home for being away on vacation: washer, furnace, water tank - House
  78. when was the last time you give your lawnman a raise ??: pricing, worth - House
  79. Going to pick up an enchanting office desk tomorrow and pair it with leather lamps I just purchased.: room, better - House
  80. Generator and Interlock at House Issue?: installed, electric, load, remove
  81. Does think this a nice 10' x 6' iron framed mirror for a living room?: price, better - House
  82. Why a Pergola?: roof, windows, color, bathroom - House
  83. Long buried low voltage wire: AC, tank, vac, phone - House
  84. Back-up / Emergency Power - Generators or Battery: roof, dishwasher, pool - House
  85. Preventing/getting rid of odors and moisture in the bedroom where kids throw junk: floor, curtains - House
  86. Drainage issue; how to fix?: roof, washer, Lowes, drains - House
  87. After a year of service from Orkin I still have a rodent problem in my home: floors, plank - House
  88. Estimates on replacing deck - WOW!: railing, paint, stone, installed - House
  89. new LED ceiling light fixtures: glass, lighting, electric, replacement - House
  90. 2018 International Building Code experts?: flooring, roofing, vinyl, foundation - House
  91. Replace garage floor or leave it?: cost, slab, worth, damage - House
  92. Luxury vinyl plank on concrete basement floor: subfloor, ceramic, installing - House
  93. Our microwave died. I think it's the fuse but let me describe the details...: appliance, install - House
  94. 10 year smoke detector?: ceiling, light, best, replace - House
  95. Garage door does not open: opener, lights, cost, electric - House
  96. Bathtub replacement?: countertops, foundation, water heater, refinishing - House
  97. How important are built in/over the range microwaves: kitchen, cabinets, price - House
  98. Explosion destroys multiple houses and six dead: water tank, detector, gas
  99. Freezing laundry before ironing: mold, refrigerator, clothes, plastic - House
  100. Identify cold water cartridge. Kohler? American Standard?: installed, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  101. Would you keep or get rid of a slop sink in a laundry room?: grill, vac - House
  102. Fav carpet cleaning solution?: tank, vacuum, cleaner, stain - House
  103. would you try to get the plumbing company to replace at no charge?: how much, Lowes - House
  104. Older Subzero Fridge - Repair or Replace?: how much, appliance, install - House
  105. Under sink tankless water heater: Home Depot, tank, sinks, installed - House
  106. Should I demo the backyard for an ADU?: engineered, pool, conversion - House
  107. Repurpose Dining Room: floor, window, paint, ceiling - House
  108. If you were a billionaire where would you be living right now?: stone, mount - House
  109. drawer slides for cabinet - 2 shorter than originals OK?: Lowes, cabinets - House
  110. Replacing roof: shingles, converting, install, chimney - House
  111. Self leveling concrete: floors, how much, drain, color - House
  112. How Do You Get The Smell Of Death Out Of A House?: floor, fireplace
  113. Cat toy down air intake?: pool, vacuum, drain, room - House
  114. Whats the best way to clean your bathtub?: cleaner, installed, bathrooms - House
  115. Tying a storm door open?: vinyl, AC, heat, insulate - House
  116. Home Repairs: the garage door: opener, springs, railing, electric - House
  117. Tree lined driveways: build, vent, best, blown - House
  118. Quartz counter tops - or nay: granite, heat, color - House
  119. Trouble with Speed Queen dryer: floor, washer, heating, appliance - House
  120. How to beat the House Cost of Living?: flooring, roof, washer
  121. Ever had laundry machines in your kitchen?: countertop, washers, stove - House
  122. First Alert Hard Wired Smoke Detectors: Home Depot, Lowes, light, price - House
  123. Mice droppings in garage storage space: floor, washer, vacuum, stove - House
  124. Bought a humidifier. The thermostat is clunky. Too cheap?: water tank, ceiling, rooms - House
  125. Broken Sewer Pipe in Crawlspace: subfloor, Air Conditioner, insulated, drains - House
  126. Key lock with key inside: steel, code, outside, cold - House
  127. Restrictions On Security Lights Where You Live?: heat, lighting, fencing - House
  128. Showerhead Water Filter Recommendation?: drain, paint, appliance, install - House
  129. HVAC tune-up today, recommends UV light for biological growth: drain, smells - House
  130. Thermofoil cabinet issues: laminate, heat, stove, paint color - House
  131. Going to have a 8x12 deck made and a ramp: refinishing, color - House
  132. Deck resurfacing: paint, installing, kitchen, glass - House
  133. stupid shutters questions: roof, vinyl, windows, railing - House
  134. Requirements for geothermal equipment cooling: floor, how much, furnace, heat - House
  135. Fire alarm in neighbor's apartment: heat, phone, microwave, stove - House
  136. Baby exposure to asbestos, how to proceed?: floors, microwave, ceiling - House
  137. Favorite Non-Traditional Kitchen Gadget: opener, washer, cleaning, gas - House
  138. Solar Powered Roof/Attic Vent Fans: Questions: floor, pool, heater - House
  139. soundproof pads: heaters, ceilings, family room, condo - House
  140. Sunsetter awnings: how much, install, slate, cost - House
  141. I tried to pay my yearly warranty for my A/C unit over the phone and lady asked for the CVV code. Is this normal?: iron, duct - House
  142. Slowing the Growth of Grass: townhouse, Home Depot, conditioner, heat
  143. USA mug and plate sizes: ceramic, prices, basement, standard - House
  144. Contractor asking for 75% upfront: roof, Lowes, windows, installing - House
  145. Kitchen Flour and Sugar drawers (the 50s): floor, installed, kitchens - House
  146. Are ants threat?: fleas, heat, warm, build - House
  147. Lighted light switches: appliance, ceiling, install, living room - House
  148. Washing my duvet in the bath..: phone, smells, cleaner, cleaning - House
  149. Should I walk from the house?: AC, drains, costs, pipes
  150. Well performance: how much, tank, showers, toilet - House
  151. Cleaning bakeware without effort: opener, dishwasher, pool, grill - House
  152. Smart thermostat without a C-wire? A solution: furnace, heat, drain - House
  153. Garage opener safety sensor prevents door from closing because of a shadow.: ceiling, toilet - House
  154. Safe box items: phone, building, remove, pictures - House
  155. Hiring a Cleaner?: flooring, countertops, grills, window - House
  156. Insurance claim procedure/questions: roofing, room, leak, cost - House
  157. New Laminate Flooring STINKS: engineered, colors, smells, installation - House
  158. Should I pay contractor for giving me multiple estimates?: pricing, better, company - House
  159. What were they up to???: AC, installed, kitchen, lights - House
  160. Insurance surveillance: how much, shingles, furnace, heater - House
  161. Wallpaper in house: how much, vinyl, Home Depot, color
  162. add a screened porch recently? How much?: flooring, roof, pool - House
  163. Home Inspection found mold - advice: floor, how much, dehumidifier - House
  164. Bee coming through the HVAC air send?: roof, windows, bathroom - House
  165. Need suggestions related to removing paint from the Driveway: washers, heat, stain - House
  166. What is important to you when a home/house?: floor, gas
  167. What's the best equipment to painting dry grass green?: heat, color, stain - House
  168. Drilling into old water heater: tank, vac, drain, stains - House
  169. Is a boiler without spark striker too old to use?: hot water heater, plumber - House
  170. Heat wave and AC filters: roofing, furnace, double pane windows, water heater - House
  171. Freezer/fridge - weird noise coming out: appliance, cleaning, warm - House
  172. Touch-ups of wood furniture finish: flea, Home Depot, refinishing, color - House
  173. Time to replace Hot Water Heater: install, insulation, plumber, gas - House
  174. Powder laundry soap with high efficiency washer: washers, front loader, tanks - House
  175. Terribly hot upstairs.: floor, townhouse, windows, AC
  176. PVC fitting: Home Depot, Lowes, glue, plumbing - House
  177. Pulled out the stove: kitchen, roaches, good, using - House
  178. Where should the flat head screws go?: replace, drywall, difference - House
  179. Has had a heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs and what is your expirence?: fleas, couch - House
  180. How to raise swivel chair seat: floor, washer, sink, pipe - House
  181. 1979 home: roof, paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  182. 600 sqft or Less: floor plans, pool, grill, sink - House
  183. Shower to tub replacement project - can't find a contractor: floor, Home Depot - House
  184. Cheap water coolers worth it for home use?: how much, countertop, room - House
  185. Concrete Deck - heaving, sinking, leveling: vinyl, foundation, pools, drain - House
  186. what color is your front door?: windows, stone, dining room, slate - House
  187. What kind of wood is good to use as pavers?: roofing, cost - House
  188. Help Needed! Missing Shingles After a Windstorm: roofing, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  189. Damaged Concrete Sidewalk: how much, sink, chimney, cost - House
  190. Removing rust from stainless steel knives/utensils: dishwasher, cleaner, cleaning - House
  191. Jetted Tub or Regular? Replacement Bath: springs, hot water heater, bathtub, bathroom - House
  192. Protecting a Heat Pump from Deep Snow: roof, AC, tank - House
  193. Roofing for lower electric bills: windows, color, sink, install - House
  194. Houses under 1000 sq feet: bathroom, toilet, build, square foot
  195. Rebuild brick sidewalk?: installed, cost, versus, building - House
  196. Murphy Oil Soap: hardwood floors, how much, granite, smell - House
  197. HELP, Adding casters to a heavy cabinet, then getting it back up by myself ... aaaggghhh: floor, plank - House
  198. How remove cat odor from home?: floors, painting, smell, cleaning - House
  199. Barndominium build Video: cost - House
  200. 100 Day Dream Home - House