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  1. Laminate flooring: vinyl, dishwasher, Lowes, installation - House
  2. Harmon Stoker stove start up ??: furnaces, heat, phone, stoves - House
  3. Water coming through the wall: dishwasher, drain, sink, bedroom - House
  4. add Central Air to a Central Heat townhouse or condo?: heating, insulated
  5. Recommendations for oven/stove that has downdraft vent?: grill, windows, smells - House
  6. Edenpure heaters: floor, fireplace, sofa, dining room - House
  7. home buyer: town house, best, table, area
  8. about cracks in stucco: townhome, paint, build, repair - House
  9. Builder installed fireplaces: furnace, sofa, heating, installation - House
  10. Removing old UV coating from glass windows: cleaning, vent, outside - House
  11. mesh coil in the oven door: heat, appliance, cleaning, kitchen - House
  12. Lost garage opener remote!!!: how much, Lowes, color, cost - House
  13. Window Seat: floor, Lowes, color, furniture - House
  14. making a fire plan: floor, roof, windows, bedroom - House
  15. News, Bid of $1.75 on eBay gets abandoned Saginaw home.: heating, paint, plumbing - House
  16. Shark Steam Mop: buy, blue, large - House
  17. help, need numbers for claim against inspectors: floor, how much, dishwasher - House
  18. ICYNENE foam insulation: roof, insulating, install, glass - House
  19. U.K. News, Millionaire Flees Haunted House.: property, old, moving
  20. Plumbing air in pipes?: washers, heating, tanks, vacuum - House
  21. Roof Stain removal: how much, washer, mold, costs - House
  22. Metal Roofs: roofing, installing, pipes, vents - House
  23. Best way to protect hardwood near doors: hardwood floors, how much, color - House
  24. Blox!: stain, vents, worth, clothes - House
  25. Cricket in my Bedroom Wall: air conditioning, sinks, cabinets, apartment - House
  26. Structural ? ref: sunroom or indoor 'yard': foundation, master bedroom, glass, lights - House
  27. Moving a gas boiler and hot water heater: bathroom, cost, pipe - House
  28. repairing a crisper pan: Home Depot, Lowes, appliance, glue - House
  29. extra garages: garage, doors, new, large - House
  30. Tacky threshold in SC: color, stain, removing, wood - House
  31. Front Load Washer/Dryer Pedestal: paint, appliance, standard, replace - House
  32. Commercial Sink ..what would this be called?: drain, sinks, install - House
  33. Purchasing 1st home on dissability: Atlanta, Idaho, Baton Rouge, area - House
  34. Buying a House on Social Security: how much, Austin, area, check
  35. property tax: best, company, estimated, rated - House
  36. converting a double sink to a single: tiling, dishwasher, laminate - House
  37. Soundproofing in Multi-Level Building for Laminate Flooring: subfloor, foundation, ceiling - House
  38. Free on line home renovation program?: cabinets, costs, worth, remove - House
  39. Hot Water Heater Nightmare!: tank, drain, sink, installed - House
  40. Mold, mineral deposits, or what???: hardwood floors, smell, cleaner, installation - House
  41. Best Way to Clean Cast-Iron Tub?: refinishing, cleaning, stains, faucets - House
  42. Gas Ventless Fireplace (moved from TN forum): smell, home, setting - House
  43. Toilet tank refilling very slowly...: installing, cleaning, upstairs, vent - House
  44. upgrades to my house: sink, bathroom, kitchen, shower
  45. Dual Zone Thermostat: furnaces, heating, leaking, cost - House
  46. For w/granite, help!: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, stone - House
  47. Hardwood Floors VS. Carpet: laminate, heat, colors, ceramic - House
  48. Could this be the cause of high water bills?: phones, toilet, repair - House
  49. storm windows - worthwhile?: how much, heat, installing, glass - House
  50. Staining Doors: hardwood floors, laminate, color, master bedroom - House
  51. Do I have a filter at the unit of my HVAC? pic enclosed: furnace, grill - House
  52. Water Heater issue A.O. Smith FPCR: glue, plumber, gas - House
  53. Heat: fireplace, furnace, window, heaters - House
  54. Alloc laminat Flooring: laminate, refinish, colors, appliance - House
  55. Steam Mop - Bissell or Shark or other?: flooring, laminate, slate - House
  56. Help with my Deck budget: flooring, how much, vinyl, railing - House
  57. Stinky fireplace: fireplaces, paint, ceramic, smells - House
  58. Is there such a thing as green copper?: roofing, windows, color - House
  59. Questions about interior walls!: insulate, paint, room, insulation - House
  60. Legal septic system failure: drains, smell, installed, mold - House
  61. HD Laminate in Bathroom: granite, colors, sink, bathrooms - House
  62. Steam heat manintenance: humidifier, furnace, tank, drain - House
  63. Need new laminate counter tops: countertops, dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  64. landscaping for front of house: stone, siding, fence, best
  65. Termites and termite letters: foundation, basement, standard, repair - House
  66. News, Auction to Fix House Superman Built.: covered, Illinois, Ohio
  67. common wall noise....: floor, how much, roof, Home Depot - House
  68. How can I find out what Bank owns this house.......?: how much, phone
  69. Las Vegas Prime Neighborhoods: buying, property, area, good - House
  70. Refinishing Hardwood Floors: vacuum, paint, living room, cleaning - House
  71. Saw dust or bug waste in basement: floor, how much, heater - House
  72. News, Would you have a problem living next to a cellphone tower?: roof, phone - House
  73. about buying a new home and Property taxes: how much, price, worth - House
  74. What floors hold up best with multiple pets?: flooring, vinyl, laminate - House
  75. Another need electricians advice .: ceiling, installation, light, circuit - House
  76. Replacing Double Sink Vanity: floor, granite, sinks, bathroom - House
  77. good contractors?: hardwood floor, Home Depot, Lowes, heating - House
  78. Thinking about buying an avalon pellet stove: hardwood, furnaces, heat - House
  79. Swanstone Products: bathtub, bathrooms, shower, glass - House
  80. Erosion Control Fibers: foundation, install, building, square foot - House
  81. What about Nov-vented Gas heaters ..: stove, natural gas, costs - House
  82. Hargerstown Maryland: New York, area, new, good - House
  83. Hvac Experts: flooring, fireplace, furnaces, air conditioning - House
  84. Building a house: hardwood, how much, installed, bedrooms
  85. How long can exterior window last?: how much, vinyl, wooden windows, paint - House
  86. Vacuum for hardwood/tile floors: how much, vinyl, furniture, dining room - House
  87. Is good lumber available anywhere?: hardwood, Lowes, laminate, heat - House
  88. creative idea for dinning room: roof, pool, plank, furniture - House
  89. Window replacement during remodel: vinyl, windows, paint, install - House
  90. ever tried this product for keeping grout clean and looking new?: ceramic, cleaner - House
  91. I just saw a teeny little mouse run across my living room floor...: Home Depot, installed - House
  92. Insulation: heat, insulated, installing, glass - House
  93. Window in a shower: tiling, floor, roof, vinyl - House
  94. Saving on Electric bill ???: pool, AC, water heater, drains - House
  95. Heat on: windows, Air Conditioner, heating, vacuum - House
  96. cleaning jets in jacuzzi tub: dishwasher, drain, bathtub, mold - House
  97. Which of the following kitchen utensils / devices do you have?: microwave, convert - House
  98. What are your thoughts on a good floorplan/features, based on your experience.: floor, dishwashers - House
  99. What to use to kill mosquitos in my backyard?: heat, drain, ceiling - House
  100. Woodpeckers destroying our siding.: vinyl, window, insulation, build - House
  101. Electric Water Heater-No Hot Water New A/C: washer, townhouse, AC
  102. Electrical breaker problems: loading, smell, ceiling, kitchens - House
  103. Upgrading electrical panel: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes, window - House
  104. Clogged kitchen sink: dishwasher, tank, drains, sinks - House
  105. 13 year old stove: heater, stoves, appliance, gas - House
  106. s a solution to looking for affordable housing!: roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  107. Dyson or Oreck Vacuum?: cleaning, price, electric, dogs - House
  108. converting electric stove to gas: furnace, water heater, stoves, appliance - House
  109. leaf blowers: vacuum, cleaning, vent, outside - House
  110. Baseboard heating safety: hot water baseboard, curtains, smell, furniture - House
  111. hardwood floor & musty odor: window, refinishing, smell, bathroom - House
  112. Ballpark figure: how much does it cost to re-do all the flooring in a house?: hardwood floors, laminate
  113. Ridge vent causing leak over cathedral ceiling?: floor, shingles, Air Conditioner - House
  114. attic space--do's and don'ts: flooring, roof, windows, heat - House
  115. Stainless Steel Stove Top Yellowing Around Burners: paint, sink, cleaner - House
  116. Which is better? Deck or Addition to House?: how much, roof, countertop
  117. Oil Burner Keeps Cycling On and Off - Dangerous?: heater, installed, radiators - House
  118. Help for new home owner: flooring, painting, ceilings, installing - House
  119. Plumbers - why is my water bill so high?: floor, how much, heat - House
  120. Texture on Walls: paint, ceilings, kitchen, mold - House
  121. Mt. Vesuvius toilet: Home Depot, tank, phone, drain - House
  122. What did you think you were going to love about your new home, but now wish you didn't have to deal with?: wood floors, roof - House
  123. What kind of bug is this?: color, bathrooms, cold - House
  124. When you bought your house....: hardwood floors, painting, ceilings, bedrooms
  125. Do underground utilities prevent power losses?: room, insulation, condo, hurricane - House
  126. Keeping your pool only half filled with water...: how much, shingles, Lowes - House
  127. Contractor deception or revenge in panama city? decide!: lien, how much, pool - House
  128. Has added a 1 bdrm apt to their existing house??: floor, living room
  129. Are all foreclosures AS-IS - take it or leave it?: how much, heater - House
  130. Big Kitchens or Small?: granite, opener, heating, microwave - House
  131. I hate my front door!: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  132. Tankless Water Heaters??: how much, tank, installing, showers - House
  133. Replacing Worn Out Garage Door Opener System: springs, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  134. Neighbor's Sprinkler System Drains into My Yard!: roof, pools, sofa - House
  135. How can I make a ceiling fan come on when my central heat kicks on?: floor, furnace - House
  136. What are brands of good kitchen cabinet?: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  137. Laminate versus hardwood: refinish, ceramic, installed, dining room - House
  138. Gas Fireplaces: how much, my fireplace, furnace, heater - House
  139. standard house or mansion: flooring, how much, roof, heater
  140. Electrical: washer, Home Depot, water heaters, stoves - House
  141. Questions on Roofing - Shingle Options and Ridge Vent: floor, air conditioning, heat - House
  142. Popcorn ceiling removal?: how much, engineered, window, vacuum - House
  143. Replacing Wood Shake, Metal Shingles? Asphalt?: how much, roofing, laminate, heat - House
  144. White Picket Fence: pool, kitchen, staining, lights - House
  145. How to open my garage door: opener, springs, appliance, install - House
  146. What rooms do you have in your house?: floor plans, windows, ceilings
  147. Granite countertop cleaner: Home Depot, Lowes, color, smells - House
  148. Why do people have doors in doorways?: windows, smells, rooms - House
  149. Is my plumber ripping me off ?: floor, how much, Home Depot, pool - House
  150. Pots and Pans for Smooth Top Range: heat, stoves, ceramic - House
  151. Pet Peeve About Kitchens!: dishwasher, window, stove, sink - House
  152. Basement Heating - Electric Baseboard vs Hot Water Baseboard Heat: floor, fireplace - House
  153. is this a common thing in older homes?: foundation, windows, drainage pipe - House
  154. Heat mark on bathroom vanity: color, cleaning, stain, glass - House
  155. Good Generator for Future Emergency Home Use: how much, Lowes, tank - House
  156. Questions about driveway!: flooring, heat, phone, painting - House
  157. Opinion on a house/floorplan: floor, washer, window, sofa
  158. recommend a dishwasher: pool, appliance, installed, kitchen - House
  159. Hardwaterspots on shower glass door: granite countertops, Home Depot, sink, cleaner - House
  160. house paint: Home Depot, color, dining room, kitchen
  161. Upgrades vs. necessity: tiling, flooring, how much, roof - House
  162. Finding copper wire in things around the house?: washers, AC, tank
  163. Need a new fridge now!: washer, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  164. Smelly washing machine solution? (HE washer): washers, front loader, appliance, cleaning - House
  165. Cabinet Refacing - looking for firsthand experiences: granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  166. Little flying bugs: Lowes, vac, drains, sink - House
  167. New construction - paint before move in or wait a year?: hardwood floors, engineered - House
  168. Pex- brand names, fittings, and volume for upper floors: roof, Lowes, hot water baseboard - House
  169. Outdoor flood lights: installation, bedrooms, electricity, circuit - House
  170. Best way to rid the cigarette smoke smell from house hold goods?: smells, cleaner
  171. preconstruction meeting: floor, appliance, price, code - House
  172. Leveling an old kitchen floor: floors, how much, roof, foundation - House
  173. Collapsing Housing Market and Its Effect: Lowes, stained, toilet, cost - House
  174. Foam insulation for cold floors?: subfloor, how much, furnace, heat - House
  175. tell me if this is a bearing wall (that I've been tearing down) ?: floor, roof - House
  176. Swifter Steamer Mop Experience...: floors, how much, laminate, window - House
  177. What to do with a garage floor: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  178. Help calm my nerves about Hardwood floors: hardwood floor, colors, furniture - House
  179. fireplace preference: furnace, windows, smell, living room - House
  180. Vines On Wall/Fence: windows, color, stains, iron - House
  181. How long do you REALLY vacuum for?: flooring, how much, dishwasher - House
  182. Cleaning glass shower doors: floor, sinks, cleaner, stains - House
  183. Cleaning tile floors: laminate, vacuum, ceramic, cleaner - House
  184. Do of you live in a concrete home?: floors, shingles, heat - House
  185. How do you save money on heating your house?: fireplace, furnace, windows
  186. Home Network Distribution Panels-Thoughts?: Home Depot, Lowes, heater, phone - House
  187. French Country furniture in Hickory and High Point: dining room, vent, living - House
  188. smart lidz - House
  189. how do you get waterspots out of a microfiber couch? - House
  190. fixed our plumbing issue!!!: floor, smell, family room, plumber - House
  191. Washer Repair Tip: vacuum, remove, plastic, clog - House
  192. Price per Square foot for new construction in Anne Arundel County Maryland: building, average - House
  193. Mexican Agate vinyl flooring: vent - House
  194. ?? Has used them?: condo, Atlanta, new - House
  195. New washer and dryer- own the frigidaire affinity model?: front loader, Home Depot - House
  196. GE Calking singles are GREAT: paint, smell, compare, cracks - House
  197. FAFCO Solar hot water...opinions?: hot water heater, warm, typical, ground - House
  198. Sunroom - options or alternatives?: fireplace, furniture, room, interior - House
  199. Carpet: what can I expect to pay?: price, good - House
  200. Free homeowner protection guide at - House