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  1. Help with Rinnai 556WTA venting: floor, heater, installed, basement - House
  2. Energy efficiency inspection: heating, insulation, leaks, electrical - House
  3. leak upstairs through ceiling now fuzzy foam stuff?: asbestos, mold, best - House
  4. Ceiling crack?: windows, phone, paint, ceilings - House
  5. Microwave glass tray needs replacing: flea, heat, appliance, price - House
  6. Oil Furance: furnace, Lowes, tank, natural gas - House
  7. insight on Air oil furnaces: how much, windows, heating oil, insulated - House
  8. Insulating family room with flat roof: paint, ceiling, install, insulation - House
  9. Insulating the perimeter of the basement ceiling: floors, living room, insulation - House
  10. Carpet Cleaning: carpets, Los Angeles, area, old - House
  11. Solar water heating/furnace heater questions?: roof, furnaces, tank, tanks - House
  12. lysol stain on bathroom faucet won't go: bathtub, cleaning, steel - House
  13. Strange valve on gas hot water heater?: installed, pipes, standard - House
  14. Plumbing Help!: heat, drains, sink, bathroom - House
  15. Felt tip pen stain on couch??: light, leaking, vent, remove - House
  16. Lock smith services: Home Depot, Lowes, washing, worth - House
  17. Factoring in inflation, what's the most (or the family you live with) ever paid for a house?: how much, cost
  18. well pipe heater.: Home Depot, tank, insulate, stove - House
  19. Odor in House - Hard to Eliminate: subfloor, washer, pool
  20. Gas fireplace & cold air leakage: floor, my fireplace, grills, installed - House
  21. Foil-backed drywall: bathrooms, kitchens, mold, insulation - House
  22. Unico System: heating, phone, install, room - House
  23. Sunken Family Room!: flooring, painting, installed, cabinet - House
  24. Kitchen plumbing...: Home Depot, Lowes, heat, drain - House
  25. Steam Mop: floors, heat, ceramic, bathrooms - House
  26. garage door only opens two feet: opener, springs, load, replacing - House
  27. Help townhouse insurance: sofa, bedroom, interior, replacement
  28. Builder information: outside, best, duct, property - House
  29. In House Security System: phone, installed, detector, electricity
  30. brick veneer: foundation, alternatives, stone, steel - House
  31. The Dancing Washer: floor, washers, phone, appliance - House
  32. How hard / expensive is it to add a wood stove?: how much, fireplaces - House
  33. squeaking noise over wood floor...: subfloor, engineered, townhome, grill - House
  34. Has painted their house exterior themselves? primer a necessity?: shingles, washer
  35. SanJose, water in crawlspace, need french drain- quotes?: installed, plumbing, crawl space - House
  36. Idea for Indoor Audio Speaker System: pool, ceiling, install, rooms - House
  37. Carpet: furniture, better, buy, padding - House
  38. tell me about French drains: foundation, pool, sinks, smell - House
  39. HVAC for 400 sq ft room size: roof, heating, insulated, convert - House
  40. How or where can I find a mirror / vanity no more than 16 inches wide?: sink, furniture - House
  41. All The Problems A Home Can Have-Your Personal SAGA!: floor, dishwasher, furnace - House
  42. Townhomes Same Size- one has 2BR and one Has 3BR: how much, townhouse
  43. can I withdraw? short sale case: cost, remove, property, extension - House
  44. Buying up!: floor, furnace, heat, refinish - House
  45. Gas fireplace - switched propane tanks: Lowes, tank, installation, vent - House
  46. Bubbling from washer: sink, bathroom, shower, plumber - House
  47. News, Leaky Roof? How to Tell and What to Do.: roofing, ceiling - House
  48. Product Recalls (Water Heaters): worth, remove, New Hampshire, new - House
  49. Double layer sub-floor: subfloor, vinyl, asbestos, installed - House
  50. Proper insulation in bungalow attic: floors, how much, roofing, heating - House
  51. Downspout: drain, installing, cost, pipe - House
  52. Installing Radiant Heat: flooring, water tank, ceramic, ceiling - House
  53. Old Brick Chimney: appliance, install, plumbing, gas - House
  54. Has ever auctioned off their house?: how much, price, vent
  55. vinyl (?) siding line dryer?: apartment, pipe, building, outside - House
  56. Process (Stone County, MS): floors, roof, windows, tank - House
  57. Landscaping costs: how much, Home Depot, installing, building - House
  58. Carpet Cleaning: better, table, Los Angeles, San Diego - House
  59. Windows: vinyl, installation, labor, duct - House
  60. Installing screen door/hardware: vinyl, glass, price, standard - House
  61. What is that stuff... and why are they wearing suits?: foundation, drain - House
  62. Diamond brite pool finish: drain, color, installed, plumbing - House
  63. Ease my mind.Chug chug furnace: heat, chimney, pipe, vent - House
  64. Gas Fireplace...too much cold air.: floor, how much, window, heat - House
  65. Trying to sell an old Hitchcock dining set and I don't know how much to ask for it..: price, range - House
  66. Securing basement windows?: cleaning, glass, steel, electricity - House
  67. Good Indoor Antenna for free public TV reception: floor, convert, better - House
  68. old whirlpool stove part: appliance, lights, electric, repair - House
  69. Critters pulling out insulation in crawl space under floor!: foundation, heating, installing - House
  70. Rebuilding Brick Chimney -- Issues with Neighbor: roof, square, repair - House
  71. Wal-Mart pools: Heritage 12x36 with porthole... does it have a drain???: floor, vinyl - House
  72. Is there to deal with settling problem?: floors, foundation, sink - House
  73. What should I do to countertops to make them look better?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  74. How do I fix shades.......: window, carpet, best, termites - House
  75. Ademco vs. GE Security Systems?: install, cost, electrical, worth - House
  76. Carpet vs. Laminate Flooring: hardwood, how much, townhouse, paint
  77. Cleaning hot wax off cabinets (or wood in general): granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  78. Bamboo living homes: foundation, prices, code, better - House
  79. Radiant Floor Heating Manufacturer Recommnendation: subfloor, engineered, windows, tanks - House
  80. contemporary furniture--defination: home, good, built, design - House
  81. fire place -gass: fireplaces, gas, warm, replace - House
  82. basement egress vs. bilco door - your advice needed: furnace, windows, hot water heater - House
  83. Bedding: mattresses, reviews, foam, table - House
  84. Something to make you smile: AC, heater, installed, toilet - House
  85. Tiles or Hardwood in Kitchen: hardwood floor, laminate, refinish, stove - House
  86. News, Man melting snow with blowtorch ignites home.: porch, new, setting - House
  87. water leakage: roof shingles, bathroom, insulation, plumbing - House
  88. Is it cheaper to have glass added to a door or buy a new door?: how much, Home Depot - House
  89. Have you used a Shark steam mop?: subfloor, heat, vacuum - House
  90. How much does a new 2 car garage cost?: floors, roof, windows - House
  91. no electricty, but center heater is on, does that catch fire?: floor, furnaces - House
  92. Need advice on installing a French Drain!: foundation, Lowes, pipes - House
  93. Cleaning Wood Subfloor for New Vinyl Tile: tiling, paint, sink - House
  94. living room ceiling peeling.... WTH!!!: floors, roofing, painting, stain - House
  95. Crickets in the house.: glue, basement, upstairs, outside
  96. New Television: heat, room, cold, damage - House
  97. What kind of flooring surface do you have in your living room?: hardwood, laminate - House
  98. what color grout matches: bathroom, light, building, square - House
  99. Do Houses Settle or do Houses Sink ?: floor, how much
  100. Mat under washer: floor, loading, appliance, rooms - House
  101. News, Attic-dwelling stranger surprises Pa. family.: building, clothes, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - House
  102. News, Are you a pack rat? 17 truckloads of junk taken from home.: sofa, pipes - House
  103. car oil on the garrage floor: granite, sink, smell, cleaning - House
  104. 2 twin bed mattress makes a king?: foundation, springs, light, standard - House
  105. grout: cleaner, stain, best, replace - House
  106. Drainage problem: how much, foundation, Home Depot, drainage pipe - House
  107. How do I know - brick or brick veneer?: foundation, heating, living room - House
  108. Help identify electric thingamabob: roof, fireplace, Home Depot, furnace - House
  109. Sagging Deck -- How major of a problem?: how much, sink, master bedroom - House
  110. Which house is better?: roof, fireplace, windows, water heater
  111. egress window and patio door security: floor, how much, pool, grills - House
  112. buying house with filled oil tank: tanks, convert, gas, remove
  113. Dealing with neighbors' wood fireplace smoke: hardwood, how much, fireplaces, windows - House
  114. Most Reliable Type Of Garage Door Openers?: insulated, installed, codes - House
  115. Radon Levels after Installation of a Fan: floor, how much, installing - House
  116. How do you cut or keep building costs down?: floors, roof, granite countertops - House
  117. There's an animal (I think) in my walls!: roof, heat, bathtub - House
  118. How much should I expect to pay to replace my hot water heater: tank, insulated - House
  119. Fireplace renovation: pellet or gas insert?: fireplaces, furnaces, heater, stoves - House
  120. Help...Wash Machine Is Smoking!: washers, smells, appliance, leaking - House
  121. Faucet repair won't turn off water: washers, springs, sink, installing - House
  122. Cost Estimate Build Room Above Garage???: flooring, how much, shingles, engineered - House
  123. News, Microwave oven working after 40 years.: stove, appliance, condo, light - House
  124. Which floor plan would you choose - bedroom sizes?: floors, window, refinish - House
  125. Federal rules for HOA's: roofing, painting, condominium, cost - House
  126. Furnace blower overheating: floor, fireplace, heaters, smell - House
  127. Best Home Warranty Company: roofing, AC, heat, plumbing - House
  128. How earthquake-proof are modern homes?: natural gas, building codes, standard, vent - House
  129. heater keeps shutting off: furnace, heaters, insulate, kitchen - House
  130. Building costs in 2009: floors, granite countertops, Home Depot, laminate - House
  131. NO water from hot water faucet!????: hot water heater, insulate, insulation, pipes - House
  132. House H2O pipe FROZED - options?: Lowes, heating, drains
  133. HELP !!!Air Conditioner Runs when furnace is on????: furnaces, electric heat, gas - House
  134. About Wells - Help!: washer, tank, drain, sink - House
  135. How much do plumbers charge days? We need a lot of plumbing help.: floors, Lowes - House
  136. does title insurance cover 'after' closing issues?: lien, windows, cost - House
  137. Ceiling Fan Wiring: Home Depot, Lowes, installation, rooms - House
  138. KB Home: hardwood, how much, shingles, granite countertops - House
  139. How to clean old coffee stains from cheap apartment countertop??: hardwood, countertops - House
  140. Paint Color for Ceilings: furniture, stone, dining room, kitchen - House
  141. short sale..are we obligated to pay for HOA debt from previous owner?: lien, how much - House
  142. Crack in Basement Floor: flooring, foundation, phone, apartment - House
  143. Stopping pipes from freezing: floor, foundations, heat, vac - House
  144. Best cleaner for hardwood floors: hardwood floor, paint, installed, cleaning - House
  145. Creaky wood floors: subfloor, roofing, humidifier, master bedroom - House
  146. pass along this information on smoke detectors. (moved from PoC): fireplace, heater - House
  147. Deep wells: should pipe be plastic or metal?: how much, tank, insulated - House
  148. Brand new tile grout cracked -why?: floor, heater, bathtub, color - House
  149. Bass waves from passsing cars and neighbors: soundproof windows, convert, price - House
  150. solution to get ride of a black rim in the toilet: Home Depot, stone - House
  151. Gas log fireplace: my fireplace, furnace, heating, appliance - House
  152. Why does my wife put sheets on like this.: toilet, washing, mattress - House
  153. Drilling a hole in brick?: how much, foundation, Home Depot, window - House
  154. Deck vs Concrete Patio?: flooring, vinyl, Home Depot, railing - House
  155. Choices, choices, choices in vinyl flooring!: tiling, hardwood, Home Depot, colors - House
  156. ? for people have High Ceilings and use Gas: humidifier, furnace, windows - House
  157. heat pump: insulated, installed, insulation, light - House
  158. glass explosion: windows, heat, stoves, smell - House
  159. Is there use water dispenser at home? I have uestions.: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  160. IKEA Furniture: slipcovers, sofa, couches, kitchen - House
  161. have a whole house TANKLESS ELECTRIC water heater?: tank, tanks, appliance
  162. The house that never gets clean: pool, vacuum, living room, cleaning
  163. electrical panel: how much, microwave, sink, appliance - House
  164. Best and Worst Homeowner's Insurance Companies??: how much, Lowes, heating, color - House
  165. Is $7500 a fair price to convert garage to living space?: floors, window - House
  166. What to clean Tile floors with?????: hardwood floors, vinyl, smells, cleaner - House
  167. How Do I Get Rid Of Static Electricity?: hardwood, humidifier, furnaces - House
  168. Keeping Coal Burning in a Coal Stove: fireplace, furnace, windows - House
  169. don't like compact fluorescent bulb light?: heat, color, ceiling, living room - House
  170. Best light weight chain saw....: Home Depot, Lowes, cleaner, gas - House
  171. Roofing in winter: how much, laminate, heat, color - House
  172. Concrete cost?: how much, phone, stone, mold - House
  173. Attic insulation questions: flooring, roof, furnace, pool - House
  174. mats for hardwood floors: pools, color, sink, install - House
  175. Electrolux Dishwashers: floor, dishwasher, Lowes, loading - House
  176. Inspection reveals unsupported brick chimney surround advice needed: shingles, foundation, fireplace - House
  177. Would you buy a house with a radon issue?: installed, gas, light
  178. Grout Staining/Cleaning: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  179. Counter tops: flooring, overlay, how much, granite tile - House
  180. Gas range or electric range - which one costs more??: heating, stoves - House
  181. Would You Jump On This?: hardwood, how much, shingles, fireplace - House
  182. What is safe to use on concrete and driveways when icy?: granite, heat - House
  183. How hard could it be? Hardwoods: tiling, subfloor, how much, fireplace - House
  184. Septic tank with electric pump questions: furnace, tanks, insulate, drain - House
  185. Front load washing maching causing cracks in ceiling?: floor, washer, front loader - House
  186. Living near a RR track: how much, furnace, AC, bedroom - House
  187. should i insulate my hot water heater and my duct work: furnace, AC - House
  188. Painting ..: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  189. Radiator heating- upstairs gets warm, main floor is cold: grille, windows, heater - House
  190. rate this floorplan: floor, windows, sinks, furniture - House
  191. If your house is pre-wired for home security by company A, can you go with company B?: how much, opener
  192. News, Citgo Suspends Free Heating Oil Program for Low-Income Residents.: prices, energy - House
  193. Texturing on vinyl panels: drywall, coat, home - House
  194. News, Man allegedly caused flats with nails in driveways.: roofing, New York, new - House
  195. News, Couple has garage sale, but it wasn't their stuff!: Florida, charge - House
  196. Basement Bars: building, pictures - House
  197. Kenmore 800 with agitator vs. kenmore oasis without..: between - House
  198. News, ignore law to prevent pools from being child deathtraps.: drain, systems - House
  199. News, Utah woman spends day stuck headfirst down vent.: vacuum, cleaning, covering - House
  200. Heating: flooring, how much, hot water baseboard, cost - House