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  1. Vacuum cleaner advice: floors, cleaning, slate, carpets - House
  2. News, Bosch® and Siemens® Model Dishwashers Recalled by BSH Home Appliances Corporation Due to Fire Hazard.: dishwasher, phone - House
  3. ::adding second floor to ranch..: how much, roof, foundation - House
  4. on busted attic fan in roof.: roofing, heat, color - House
  5. Bathroom Remodeling in CT Pt2: paint, installed, shower, glass - House
  6. News, Alarm company: Um, sir? Your house is on fire.: floor, phones
  7. GE Cafe Series / Slide in Range: stove, appliance, kitchen, warm - House
  8. Is there hazard in leaving a lamp on for 12 hours a day?: room, lights - House
  9. Questions About Distribution Of Various Things To Your Home!: tank, phone, natural gas - House
  10. stairway carpet/rug: floor, installed, existing, wood - House
  11. Dumb about adding on to a house: roofing, foundation, window
  12. Does use an in home air filtration system?: HEPA filter, fireplace - House
  13. What is this black box by my furnace?: dehumidifier, tank - House
  14. Keeping Clean with Realtors: hardwood floors, sink, bathroom, carpet - House
  15. Ideas for outdoor sports court besides concrete: flooring, color, install - House
  16. Multi-room stereo systems: floor, heater, installation, master bedroom - House
  17. inside the wood stove: heat, stoves, chimney, mold - House
  18. This is, quite simply, brilliant: outside, England, large, design - House
  19. Can you do this?: flooring, water heater, compare, building - House
  20. Soot removal on the outside of our hearth: fireplace, stove, installed - House
  21. mold on walls in block house: insulating, paint, installing, insulation
  22. : Air Conditioner, smell, mold, gas - House
  23. Is sip durable?: foundation, laminate, insulated, insulation - House
  24. New tax rebate for windows, roofing, siding??: vinyl, installation, cost - House
  25. I'm no Scrooge, but...: lights, remove, exterior, yard - House
  26. Paint Why does this happen?: best, wall, area, new - House
  27. Questions HVAC!: roof, humidifier, furnaces, heat - House
  28. Granite Counter has texture?: granite countertops, color, stone, repair - House
  29. plumbing issue, help!: how much, Home Depot, tank, cleaning - House
  30. Switched receptacle problems: Home Depot, ceiling, install, room - House
  31. Water supply pipe insulation?: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, insulating - House
  32. Bathroom Remodeling Idea Needed: floors, granite tile, jacuzzi, color - House
  33. News, Family to sell cave home on eBay.: square, forced, buy - House
  34. quick fix solutions for stains: refinish, sink, stone, cleaning - House
  35. Best way to match paint colors: Home Depot, Lowes, versus, square - House
  36. Treatment of mold on cinderblock during cold weather: air conditioning, heat, ceiling - House
  37. estate sale for household goods: how much, washer, springs, sofa
  38. Decent range with downdraft vent?: roof, Home Depot, pool, grille - House
  39. What to use for shower walls?: tiling, curtain, ceiling, bathroom - House
  40. Renovating a 40 year old townhouse: hardwood floors, granite, dishwashers, Home Depot
  41. Structural engineering: how much, roof, phone, paint - House
  42. Demolition cost: floor, how much, installation, shower - House
  43. Moving toilettes: floor, windows, drain, sinks - House
  44. 400 Sq Ft Edition Cost: hardwood, foundation, painting, bathroom - House
  45. Help! How do I fix erosion issue?: furnace, Air Conditioner, drain - House
  46. Construction ? (w/pics) Building on the side of a hill: how much, install - House
  47. High efficiency oil fired boiler and indirect fired domestic hot water: washer, furnace - House
  48. Chinese drywall: smell, rooms, building, damages - House
  49. Shower Hack to improve shower flow: bathrooms, showerhead, upstairs, replace - House
  50. can ceiling fan parts be painted??: fireplace, color, smell, kitchen - House
  51. help assemble recliner: chair, good - House
  52. need real help on what to do with fireplace: floor, heating - House
  53. smell from ducts: furnace, heat, smells, insulation - House
  54. what would you do-change carpet or clean it?: subfloor, how much, Home Depot - House
  55. Removing Scorch Marks: iron, material - House
  56. Toliet backing up randomly: tank, tanks, drain, cleaner - House
  57. Crack in Ceiling.. a little: painting, repair, vent, best - House
  58. Ice bear.: air conditioning, heat, vent, iron - House
  59. New House...Questions...Plumbing: sink, appliance, kitchen, faucets
  60. Cost for Rinnai Water Heater: furnaces, pool, tank, drain - House
  61. Carpet/Flooring choice for unfinished basement area?: furnace, room, carpeting - House
  62. Replacing flowerbed with concrete along the edge of house?: foundations, drain, pipe
  63. Hot water heat in ceiling?: floor, heaters, cleaner, appliance - House
  64. Icynene installation: heaters, insulated, ceramic, room - House
  65. Solid rock exterior vs imbedded rock patterns: engineered, vinyl, foundation - House
  66. Iron Balusters: price, compare, build, stairs - House
  67. Birds behind shutters: roof, stone, building, upstairs - House
  68. line new shelves?: vinyl, kitchen, cabinets, glass - House
  69. Covered Patio: how much, cost, build, construction - House
  70. Bleach spots!: color, cleaner, cleaning, carpeting - House
  71. fiberglass pool: drain, color, stain, company - House
  72. News, Electrician accused of stealing $13,500 in power.: pool, paint, detector - House
  73. Crushed stone vs. reconstituted stone/concrete (for ashphalt driveway prep)?: granite, cost - House
  74. News, 60-ton house towed across frozen lake.: Alaska, Minnesota, Minneapolis
  75. How to Clean TouchPad Controls on Appliances???: microwave, color, ovens - House
  76. Advantages of Using Coal carbonification methods: furnace, heat, converting, gas - House
  77. Light colored hardwood floors: engineered, laminate, color, installed - House
  78. Hardwood floors...did we get taken to the cleaners?: installed, wood, spots - House
  79. Help me to find a proficient contractor.: building, table, Reno - House
  80. Reinsulating walls?: paint, insulation, siding, outside - House
  81. Home Construction Companies: building, better, area, new - House
  82. Repaving vs. Seal Coating an existing asphalt parking lot: condo, cost, compare - House
  83. Something about a Bungalow: hardwood floors, fireplace, windows, living room - House
  84. Outdoor Kitchen: grill, installed, best, backyard - House
  85. Virginia House Furniture: dining room, cabinet, glass, cost
  86. Adding room to a house: floor, how much, conversion, convert
  87. Termite much do YOU pay?: price, build, basement - House
  88. Appliances: steel, vs, cheaper, coat - House
  89. Granite/quartz back splash: installation, kitchen, electrical, interior - House
  90. X-POST...Dude...I just built a BETTER BETTER mouse trap! And it's completely humane.: sink, smells - House
  91. Thanks for the Fireplace Tile Help, Now Sunroom Tile Help?: windows, color - House
  92. Vent pipe condensation??: roof, heat, insulate, ceiling - House
  93. Furnace recall: furnaces, heater, drain, gas - House
  94. Mobile/Modular/Manufactured Homes: flooring, how much, shingles, foundation - House
  95. Painting Outdoor Adirondack Furniture: light, sanding, table, coat - House
  96. Need new appliances- purchased recently?: dishwasher, microwave, stove - House
  97. Need advice on what to do..: sofa, paint, couch, furniture - House
  98. child welfare called due to renovation: flooring, roof, furnace, heating - House
  99. Advice needed bringing UK electrical items to the US??: appliance, ceiling - House
  100. popular colors for interior paint: hardwood floors, countertops, Home Depot, paint color - House
  101. So I have to seal my deck...: how much, washer, paint - House
  102. Stucco splitting on house .: floor, roof, granite, windows
  103. Attic insulation or windows/walls - what matters more?: roof, AC, heating - House
  104. louver vent from utility closet: floor, how much, furnace, hot water heater - House
  105. Stuff left by previous owners?: fireplace, window, sofa - House
  106. How important are water softners?: how much, conditioner, water heaters, appliance - House
  107. Hiring an electrician: installed, lights, prices, compare - House
  108. Will someone help me figure out what color to paint my house?: stone, best
  109. Where can I find good contractor and building material suppliers?: lien, paint color - House
  110. Landscaping--pay 50% deposit up front??: flooring, pool, stone, cost - House
  111. 70s houses (Rant): floor, granite, laminate, colors
  112. How to clean SS appliances and corian??: granite, stove, ceramic - House
  113. Help, my new (to us) has problems!: pool, Lowes, tank - House
  114. for who have used foam mattresses: floors, heat, carpet - House
  115. Toilet water moves when the wind blows: roof, tank, sinks - House
  116. Trespassing Neighbors: sink, toilet, glass, warm - House
  117. Choosing and installing a fence: vinyl, Lowes, painting, stone - House
  118. Our water heater's in the attic: floors, furnace, tank, drain - House
  119. Wasps under siding: plank, installed, bedroom, gas - House
  120. What plaster to use to finish a rough concrete basement wall?: floor, foundation - House
  121. Build Your Own Cabinet Sliding Shelves... Very Cool: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  122. Home soda fountain: tanks, mold, costs, compare - House
  123. Garage Door Torsion Springs: insulated, stove, install, room - House
  124. Questions about updating the HVAC!: dehumidifier, furnace, Lowes, windows - House
  125. New Wood Fence Boards Warping: installing, cabinet, hurricane, dryer - House
  126. Cork flooring?: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, colors - House
  127. Painting new manufactured home panels: mullion, flooring, how much, vinyl - House
  128. Radon Test Questions: floor, granite, windows, install - House
  129. Ozone generator: smells, cleaner, master bedroom, basement - House
  130. Fireplace tile help: floor, roofing, my fireplace, color - House
  131. Plastic Pipes?: paint, installation, plumber, leaks - House
  132. The 2x4 vs. 2x6 Exterior Wall Debate!: reroof, humidifier, furnace - House
  133. to gutter or not to gutter?: roof, cleaner, install, cleaning - House
  134. Help with drafty gas fireplace (direct-vent): fireplaces, heat, insulated, installed - House
  135. Heat register blows cold air: heating, insulating, ceiling, living room - House
  136. Ladybugs In The Attic: roof, vac, ceiling, kitchen - House
  137. 2 cleaning questions: flooring, Home Depot, windows, water tank - House
  138. Is this normal?: painting, build, basement, slab - House
  139. outside house painting oil base to latex ?: springs, mold, light
  140. Timber Frame Homes: floor, roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  141. Your advice needed - what makes a BAD kitchen layout?: how much, granite - House
  142. News, Family Says Carbon Monoxide Poisoned Baby.: window, heating, stove - House
  143. Why does every house to be called a colonial?: roof, windows
  144. used a Rug Doctor?: curtain, sink, cleaner, furniture - House
  145. Quick connect plumbing joints: Lowes, ceiling, installation, plumber - House
  146. What about the old-fashioned pilot light?: dehumidifier, furnaces, water heater, stoves - House
  147. Subcontracting attic finish myself: how much, bonus room, chimney, cost - House
  148. Programmable thermostat: furnace, window, air conditioning, heating - House
  149. 2nd floor not level- first floor no problem: flooring, Lowes, windows - House
  150. Hardwood floors...did we get taken to the cleaners?: color, installation, room - House
  151. News, Family gets $4.75M in mold sick house suit.: windows, cost, build
  152. Carpet glue on wood floors driving me to drink!: Home Depot, paint, dryer - House
  153. Prewired for ceiling fan: colors, installing, bedroom, lights - House
  154. Garbage chutes for kitchens have one?: floor, countertop, heat, sink - House
  155. What's with buyers wanting huge bedrooms?: floor, windows, heat, ceiling - House
  156. What do you do to safeguard your home?: detector, lights, dogs - House
  157. Security Film on Windows: flooring, laminate, heat, color - House
  158. Renovating a Rental: vinyl, windows, heating, insulated - House
  159. What is HOME to you?: floor, pool, sofa, painting - House
  160. Tiling a bathroom: subfloor, foundation, Home Depot, vac - House
  161. Remodeling schedule: hardwood floors, granite, dishwasher, refinish - House
  162. LED lightbulbs: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  163. Best canister vacuum cleaner under $300?: hardwood floors, furniture, convert, installed - House
  164. Is This 100a or 150a Service?: install, insulation, light, electrical - House
  165. shower doors: clear or frosted: window, curtain, bathroom, cleaning - House
  166. What indoor temp. is comfortable?: windows, AC, heat, bedrooms - House
  167. Bonus Room Ceiling Height Recommendations: floor, roof, Lowes, heat - House
  168. Vinyl Siding: roof, window, heat, insulated - House
  169. installing towels racks curtain rods in drywall: window, sink, room - House
  170. Pulling up carpet -- leave tack strip?: flooring, furniture, installing - House
  171. Do I have a roach problem--what to do about it?: floor, fleas - House
  172. My kitchen sink is stained. Help!: drain, sinks, cleaner, stains - House
  173. why would every window in house have a quarter taped to edge.: windows, cold
  174. Thermal underground heat system: furnace, air conditioning, heating, stoves - House
  175. Would we be able to install a fan in our breakfast nook?: how much, Home Depot - House
  176. Bath Fitter: installation, bathroom, shower, glue - House
  177. Online Appliance Stores: dishwashers, Air Conditioners, microwave, stoves - House
  178. Stinky new dresser: hardwood, laminate, smells, furniture - House
  179. Whats involved with owning a pool?: how much, vinyl, pools, vacuum - House
  180. How to Fix A Chipped Bathtub: Home Depot, heat, refinishing, appliance - House
  181. The hole problem.......: granite, sink, stone, installed - House
  182. Can I place a foam mattress on top of wood/platform bed?: wood floors, laminate - House
  183. Birch Cabinet Doors Vs. Cherry / Maple Door: hardwood, countertops, Home Depot - House
  184. Cost of having someone build a fence?: foundation, phone, convert - House
  185. DIY - Natural Gas pipe?: furnace, hot water heater, stoves, ceramic - House
  186. Need help on getting a new gas furnace!: HEPA filter, floor, furnaces - House
  187. Do I need a Roofer, Gutter or Handyperson?: shingles, foundation, drains - House
  188. idea where to get a decent writing desk, cheap?: countertop, Home Depot - House
  189. best furnace brands?: installing, cost, build, standard - House
  190. Well water: how much, tank, bathrooms, stain - House
  191. Recommendation on bathtub cleaner?: paint, sink, cleaning, kitchen - House
  192. need on what colors would look good together for metal siding/roofing: floor, windows - House
  193. You don't have a newer home that had refrigerant leak do you?: build, construction - House
  194. Sony Bravia Closed Captioning: purchase, screen - House
  195. Finding historic blueprints in London: building, residential, home, design - House
  196. News: buy a Cave Home!???: residential, setting - House
  197. Tin ceilings and back splash? - House
  198. News, Ex-Maytag repairman did less work than he claimed.: appliance, appliances, to fix - House
  199. electronic bug repellers: loading, cabinets, apartments, building - House
  200. Virginia Graeme Baker act: drain, covers - House