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  1. Do they make charcoal Weber grills with....: Lowes, grill, standard - House
  2. mattress search: floor, Lowes, price, mattresses - House
  3. Stains on cement: colors, cleaner, cleaning, stain - House
  4. Do gas fireplaces requier chimneys?: code, vent, ventless, builder - House
  5. Awesome DIY Home/Cabin Building Site: pictures, plans, built, builder - House
  6. living room Paint colour help ...: floors, window, color, sink - House
  7. Can we get out of the contract with deposit?: foundation, build, company - House
  8. Neighbor's septic may be failing..what would you do?: tank, smell, vent - House
  9. Removing nail polish from leather: sofa, furniture, light - House
  10. Switching to Tile...: floor, windows, paint, room - House
  11. HVAC R410A -v- R22: outside, replacing, existing, pressure - House
  12. Antique faucet repair: opener, washers, installed, kitchen - House
  13. Miracle Method and our surround tub: how much, tank, drain, refinish - House
  14. Americas most expensive homes: heat, better - House
  15. Cost of auto 2-car garage door and installation?: opener, windows, insulated - House
  16. Running Central A/C Wiring: furnace, color, install, outside - House
  17. Post and beam, what do I need to be aware of when shopping?: floors, how much - House
  18. Easy about washer/dryer room: subfloor, front loader, pool, cabinets - House
  19. Need on installing Bboard for ceiling: colors, plank, ceilings - House
  20. What would it cost to change the chimney siding from vinyl to brick?: fireplace, installation - House
  21. As Seen on TV: Touch and Brush: countertops, sink, cleaning - House
  22. Housing Standards in Florida?: roof, windows, sink, ceiling - House
  23. AC condensor fan run capacitor: cleaning, cost, electrical, worth - House
  24. Help! Big, red stain on my light oak cabinet!: color, bathroom, square - House
  25. Filthy caulk outdoors: paint, build, siding, better - House
  26. Installing Farmer/Apron Sink Over Granite Countertop: granite countertops, Lowes, kitchen - House
  27. water jet: washers, pipe, repairing, pump - House
  28. Help: Pesky small moss and plants growing out of driveway: concrete, better - House
  29. Fence Problems -- Need Help! (moved from Los Angeles forum): dining room, attic - House
  30. Electricians! HELP!: flooring, foundation, heating, sink - House
  31. can share their thoughts on Nichiha cement siding?: color, plank, stone - House
  32. Natural Stone Retaining Wall Codes: engineered, foundation, plank, install - House
  33. laying vinyl over cracked cement floor?: subfloor, Lowes, smell, install - House
  34. Air conditioner drain: floor, humidifier, window, heat - House
  35. Roof Fan: how much, shingles, installation, cost - House
  36. Duct UV air cleaner/germicidal?: furnace, vacuum, drain, cleaning - House
  37. clean drain?: heat, drains, smell, kitchen - House
  38. How do you know if wetlands will spread?: foundation, Lowes, building - House
  39. Window Wells and Basement Water: windows, drains, building, outside - House
  40. Moving a Utility Box: glass, cost, building, vent - House
  41. Fabric Wrinkle Remover: floor, heating, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  42. Home improvements good investment or not?: flooring, how much, roof, dehumidifier - House
  43. Timber homes, as structurally sound as stick built lumber homes?: hardwood, engineered - House
  44. Dehumidifier recommendations -- how expensive is it to run a 70 pt?: Lowes, installed - House
  45. Dishwasher space in the kitchen: Home Depot, Lowes, color, sink - House
  46. Has used a laser 'tape measure': Home Depot, cost, buy - House
  47. Just curious ...: cleaning, light, better, cheap - House
  48. What is up with my A/C?!: air conditioning, heating, room - House
  49. Adding washer/dryer hookup: roof, heat, drains, sink - House
  50. Ideas for mounting a light fixture box in really thick plaster.: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  51. A tiling (or two): subfloor, vinyl, install, bathroom - House
  52. News, House wrecked as man kills weeds with flame thrower.: roof, mould
  53. Cigarette smell in wood desk?: smells, furniture, warm, interior - House
  54. used air conditioners: window, curtains, color, couch - House
  55. Symmons brand shower faucet?: washers, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  56. window treatments for french doors?: curtain, color, ceilings, converting - House
  57. plywood fl has old glue on it from vinyl tiles: flooring, Home Depot - House
  58. House blower and A/C cycles on/off: furnace, AC, heat
  59. Sargent door knob removal: paint, installing, glue, pipe - House
  60. Pond/water feature - maintenance routine?: pool, installed, cleaning, weather - House
  61. Suggestions for Exterior of New Home Build: roofing, vinyl, bedroom - House
  62. Heat pump...Interior blower not blowing hard after filter change?: grill, AC - House
  63. Indoor Window Caulk Removal: glass, vents, removing, ducts - House
  64. Central air problem: electricity, circuit, outside, replacing - House
  65. Air flow with central air: furnace, heating, insulated, ceiling - House
  66. Advice on washing machine?: washers, pool, heating, drain - House
  67. blow-in insulation: heat, install, glass, price - House
  68. Need Advice/Opinions on Exterior Paint Colors: roof, bathroom, comparison - House
  69. downspouts: foundation, alternatives, drainage pipe, install - House
  70. Vinyl siding, goodness or badness?: painting, installed, build, better - House
  71. Removing algae from roof: cleaner, installing, cleaning, steel - House
  72. 1920 House with stone block foundation: floor, granite, build, basement
  73. Window Well Flooding - French Drain help!: how much, roof, foundation - House
  74. Mold, how hard is it to get rid of?: floor, paint, ceiling - House
  75. Regrading and keeping water away from foundation and basement: floor, drain, installing - House
  76. Replacing garage door opener: Home Depot, code, square, buy - House
  77. Jersey City - Need Permit for Siding??: Home Depot, installing, code - House
  78. Paver Lights: how much, opener, installed, insulation - House
  79. Can explain the STEP septic: tank, glass, light, better - House
  80. Installing a Garage Door Opener: springs, Home Depot, ceiling, detector - House
  81. Living near a golf course, anything to be aware of?: bathroom, compare - House
  82. Back Of The Door Storage: paint, installed, kitchen, cabinets - House
  83. Heated Floor systems?: hardwood floor, laminate, heater, stove - House
  84. Help!!! Violation from pseg: water heater, slate, leak, pipe - House
  85. beware of drywall from china: buy - House
  86. Rusty water underneath washing machine: floors, washer, drain, install - House
  87. help!!! LG steam dryer and Roller ink pen...AAAHHHHH: clothes, new - House
  88. owners of steam washers/dryers and the dyson ball - worth it?: floors, vacuum cleaner - House
  89. Living in a cave: tank, plumbing, lighting, costs - House
  90. Opinions on the WORKXGT?: drain, electric, standard, replacing - House
  91. Painting old wood paneling: smells, stain, outside, best - House
  92. Wireless Doorbell: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, insulated - House
  93. How much would it cost to convert the kitchen vent?: floor, shingles - House
  94. So we started removing the popcorn ceiling: floor, vacuum, painting - House
  95. Well and Septic: tank, phone, drain, installed - House
  96. Outside AC Unit Making BUZZ Noise but Fan not running!: how much, heat - House
  97. wind turbine vents: shingles, engineered, window, heat - House
  98. HOw much it will cost to recharge freon to central air unit: leak, better - House
  99. converting crawlspace to basement questions: floor, how much, foundation, room - House
  100. For baking and cooking, are gas stoves and ovens better than electric?: heat, kitchen - House
  101. Vinyl over the rotten wood- does it works OK?: hardwood floor, kitchen, plumbing - House
  102. Does have fiber cement siding???: vinyl, windows, painting - House
  103. Mold in a Basement Carpet- way to get it out?: flooring, how much - House
  104. String Trimmer Advice: Home Depot, pool, gas, apartment - House
  105. Why can't you represent yourself in a realestate negotiation?: drain, cost, vent - House
  106. Verizon Grounding Pole: how much, Lowes, phones, convert - House
  107. Fix leaning garage: floors, shingles, foundation, installation - House
  108. Building code (moved from NC forum): wood floors, foundation, heating - House
  109. Radon Levels Affect Home Sale: floor, how much, foundation, townhouse
  110. Help! How to remove joint compound?: paint, bathroom, kitchen, cabinet - House
  111. HELP-Attack of the racoons!!: roof, Home Depot, gas, lights - House
  112. Unusual kitchen walls in old house.: painting, ceramic, ceilings, living room
  113. No Soliciting: price, dogs, outside, better - House
  114. A/c help for home?: how much, AC, install, insulation - House
  115. Preventing Garbage Can Tip-Overs: glue, worth, best, replace - House
  116. Scrub free with clorox left brown stains in bathtube: drains, sinks, cleaner - House
  117. How much radon is too much radon?: Lowes, asbestos, install - House
  118. Ceiling Fan just started making a scratching noise. Why?: Lowes, installed, repair - House
  119. Buying a House with an Unapproved Add-0n Porch: railing, light, codes
  120. Leaky Pipe off Hot water heater: leaking, basement, outside, replace - House
  121. Finishing a Basement: flooring, how much, Home Depot, windows - House
  122. Contractor Liability: home project, phone, paint, gas - House
  123. WateSoftening Sytem: washer, Home Depot, pool, tanks - House
  124. 220v ..: window, vac, installation, master bedroom - House
  125. quick about garage/driveway ramp: floor, plank, stain, glue - House
  126. Rubber Roofing: floor, vinyl, insulated, paint - House
  127. True or false - gas appliance: fireplace, furnaces, heating, stoves - House
  128. The Prestige of No Mailboxes: floor, townhouse, paint
  129. Fixing Ceiling: Lowes, color, standard, repair - House
  130. Hot Water Plumbing Problems: floor, tank, sinks, installation - House
  131. Chinese Drywall- How Long Before Copper Wiring Turns Black?: AC, heat, paint - House
  132. Amount of walking in huge homes: floors, AC, heating, furniture - House
  133. Could use advice...: flooring, vinyl, granite countertops, Home Depot - House
  134. Kitchen Cabinet Lights - The Better Mousetrap: heat, ceramic, sink - House
  135. Should I paint stained woodwork just to sell house?: window, colors, installed
  136. Central Air Unit Not Cooling House: vacuum, drain, pipe, compare
  137. Painting all of the wood in a craftsman house...: room, resale value, stained
  138. Another paint/stain debate: opener, refinish, color, kitchen - House
  139. Does know what this is about on this house?: how much, roofing
  140. OK I've had it with the house hunting process, I'm just going to build.. how much per/sf days?: heating, modular homes
  141. Vintage Cooking Ranges: engineered, tank, tanks, insulated - House
  142. Condo vs Town Home: townhouses, paint, ceiling, plumbing
  143. I'm looking for pictures of the best looking bathrooms: vinyl, countertop, windows - House
  144. Air conditioner problem: how much, roof, Home Depot, grill - House
  145. Having a house built during the summer months: roofing, heaters, paint
  146. Radon Testing on Historic House?: windows, heaters, gas, leak
  147. Staircase Pics Inside: floor, roof, granite, installed - House
  148. Options to reduce noise from outside: traffic noise, vinyl, laminate, double pane windows - House
  149. painting knotty pine: heat, color, room, stain - House
  150. Pad for a/c compressor: dehumidifier, foundation, Air Conditioners, drain - House
  151. 240 volt receptacle: stoves, appliance, ceiling, installation - House
  152. Quality decline in residential construction over the last few decades...: subfloor, roofing - House
  153. to clear smoky smell out of house?: humidifier, Lowes, window
  154. Does anything repel flies?: smell, ceiling, apartment, basement - House
  155. Great House but....AWFUL location.: install, gas, price, iron
  156. The Prestige of No Sidewalks: lighting, price, build - House
  157. Multiple CATV runs versus one run and a splitter: bathtub, living room, kitchen - House
  158. Time To Re-Do A/C System...What To Research?: furnace, air conditioning, water heater - House
  159. Strange New Ceiling Leak Around Air Conditioning/Heat Vent: floor, roof, pools - House
  160. Houses loosing character: floor plans, vinyl, countertops, fireplaces
  161. Polybutylene, how big a deal is/was it?: hardwood floors, how much, paint - House
  162. Ceramic tile or Vinyl Flooring --> KITCHEN: subfloor, how much, laminate - House
  163. How important are: tiling, hardwood floors, how much, granite countertops - House
  164. Help, I think I'm being ripped off: Home Depot, hot water heater, installation - House
  165. Crack in ceramic electric range top: heating, stove, installation, cabinets - House
  166. How far from the river do I want to build?: costs, building - House
  167. Plumbing/leak -- help!: how much, pool, installed, kitchen - House
  168. Advice or options for kitchen rebuilding: floors, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  169. Cleaning laminate wood flooring, recommend a product ?: subfloor, color, sink - House
  170. Which money pit would you choose? (warning, lots of pictures): roof, fireplace - House
  171. Strategies to sell a house without a yard...?: how much, townhouse, pool
  172. Shower Wall Tiling Help: roofing, Lowes, color, ceramic - House
  173. A/C condenser fan always running: air conditioning, warm, repair, outside - House
  174. URGENT :: Granite countertop : Uba Tuba or Baltic Brown: flooring, color, appliance - House
  175. Rock Foundation / Dirt Basement - A Concern?: smells, install, room - House
  176. Chinese Drywall: window, AC, heat, smell - House
  177. small trenching tool?: phone, installing, plumber, gas - House
  178. How far from a horse property do I want to build?: outside, better - House
  179. When building fresh, what are best ways to keep down energy costs?: how much, windows - House
  180. Moss and weeds growing between pavers: installed, sq ft, concrete, washing - House
  181. Textured Walls: color, ceilings, room, mold - House
  182. Shower walls ? tile / (cultured) marble: floors, Home Depot, colors, ceramic - House
  183. Tile - 12'' OR 18'': floor, color, living room, kitchen - House
  184. Prefab Granite: Home Depot, Lowes, laminate, refinish - House
  185. Repair or change- plumbing: floor, vinyl, heating, smell - House
  186. New or Used Homes: hardwood, how much, vinyl, pool - House
  187. Diifferent levels of Granite countertops: how much, laminate, color, stone - House
  188. How do you decorate your Kitchen table?: dining room, square, better - House
  189. ever been their own contractor?: how much, roofing, foundation, fireplace - House
  190. International Bedding/IBC/Europa: sink, price, pillow, brands - House
  191. 1/2hp water pump vs 3/4hp water pump...need fast answer..: floor, tank - House
  192. Walkout basement ---- Before & After -------: floor, how much, pool - House
  193. How much does it cost to clear trees?: foundation, worth, removal - House
  194. Wallpaper - Remove or Paint Over?: how much, painting, installed, dining room - House
  195. Dupont Okite Collection Bianco Carrera: granite, duct, marble, using - House
  196. Help with Paver Stones (Brands): stone, best, pavers, good - House
  197. Backyard Swing Project For Under $50: stain, glue, hurricane, mobile - House
  198. News, Backed-Up Drainage Area Damages Subdivision.: built, neighbor - House
  199. Need Landscaping Inspiration and/or Websites for Ideas: pictures, backyard, property - House
  200. DYS folks beware.: ducts, good, products - House