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  1. water heater troubles: tank, insulated, drain, installation - House
  2. Re-do of My Small Bedroom...HELP: floor, roof, Lowes, sofa - House
  3. first time living in a house: roof, foundation, fireplaces, windows
  4. Cost to add Recess Lights: heat, ceiling, installing, family room - House
  5. Re-do brick walkway or put something down?: Home Depot, pool, stone - House
  6. How much would it cost to build a fence like this?: opener, steel - House
  7. patio furniture and algae issue: vinyl, colors, cleaner, kitchen - House
  8. PRV Leaking: window, tank, tanks, drain - House
  9. Help me! Fence installation issue: build, damage, removal, company - House
  10. Slate Steps: flooring, roof, vinyl, drain - House
  11. vinyl floor - cove under cabinets: subfloor, Home Depot, Lowes, installation - House
  12. Wood floor re-surfacing: floors, refinishing, color, living room - House
  13. Thick Masonry Walls and R-Value: Should I Care?: roof, fireplaces, windows - House
  14. space saving bags: how much, cleaner, room, leaks - House
  15. FTHB - State wants to assess our house??: color, sink, price
  16. small balcony railing: how much, roof, window, cost - House
  17. Sharp Microwave Oven: AC, repair, better, replacing - House
  18. Saloon Doors: laundry room, kitchen, condo, price - House
  19. High pitched whistle from AC: furnace, leaking, outside, damaged - House
  20. Might have mold issue in wall/balcony: roof, fireplace, plank - House
  21. what kind of paint: Home Depot, color, bathroom, compare - House
  22. on gas water heater: floor, tank, drain, stove - House
  23. Vacuum cleaner keeps clogging when I use it on new carpet: hardwood, refinishing - House
  24. downspout extender: shingles, Home Depot, plastic, clog - House
  25. Condo or Co-op?: townhouse, price, between, cheaper
  26. Fire alarm/smoke detector: foundation, fireplace, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  27. correct installation of sprinklers: pool, vacuum, shower, plumber - House
  28. Swimming Pool Chemicals: how much, alternatives, Home Depot, pools - House
  29. Best flooring for sub-terranean basement: hardwood, vinyl, dehumidifier, laminate - House
  30. Underground leak ... and it's polybutylene: install, room, plumbing, leaking - House
  31. skylight leaking: how much, roofing, window, ceilings - House
  32. dusk til dawn adaptor for fluorescent bulbs: Home Depot, Lowes, lighting - House
  33. Purchased your Winter propane What did you pay?: Texas - House
  34. back door screen door??: vinyl, Lowes, installed, dining room - House
  35. Remove glue residue from wood?: cleaner, kitchen, glass, code - House
  36. Udorthent soil?: drain, building, concrete, replacement - House
  37. Wood Flooring: hardwood floors, granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  38. Crawl space moisture and vapor barriers: flooring, roof, humidifier, foundation - House
  39. In House Purifiers: HEPA filter, how much, Home Depot, heater
  40. Mold!: subfloor, vinyl, heat, bathtub - House
  41. Failure to comply with plumbing violation: how much, heating, plumber, cost - House
  42. Flat front cabinets - good or evil?: dishwasher, paint, plank - House
  43. Air conditioner bangs loudly: furnace, heating, installation, leaks - House
  44. Bonding Gas Line?: how much, price, pipe, code - House
  45. Liquid siding: vinyl, paint, better, replacing - House
  46. Preparing for Sod?: light, remove, forced, rated - House
  47. Hiding scratches on laminate wood floor?: wood floors, Home Depot, Lowes, colors - House
  48. Teak Shower mat: color, vent, closet, Texas - House
  49. Close the Refrigerator!!: hot water heater, room, glass, light - House
  50. Clean Water: Lowes, water heater, installed, plumber - House
  51. Amana Refrigerator help needed - icemaker is dripping: how much, color, ceiling - House
  52. fluorescent kitchen fixtures: paint color, ceiling, installing, bedroom - House
  53. Why is new carpet made so cheaply and shoddily...: Lowes, vacuum, bedroom - House
  54. Waterproofing replacement windows...: vinyl, installing, insulation, cost - House
  55. Carrier A/C filter questions: standard, replacement, cement, large - House
  56. Newly refinished floors- does this make sense?: wood floors, stain, iron - House
  57. LEAD Testing Procedure Prior to Interior Construction?: floors, Home Depot, windows - House
  58. Well Problems: Tennessee - House
  59. Bathroom remodel--shower: subfloor, vinyl, granite, townhouse
  60. is front door facing other people's back yard a problem?: build, fence - House
  61. Warped Wood Floors in 1905 House: hardwood, roofing, windows, heating
  62. ideas to make an unfinished basement look nicer?: hardwood, engineered, vinyl - House
  63. Cash for kitchen clunkers?: appliance, appliances, new - House
  64. whirlpool tub: curtain, bathroom, shower, remove - House
  65. Living off you doing it?: homestead, alternatives, washer - House
  66. Temp. Fix for an Area Rug: floor, Home Depot, phone, smell - House
  67. Huge Gap Between Bathtub and Tile: tiling, vinyl, shower, repair - House
  68. Another Set of Situations: room, gas, apartment, price - House
  69. idea how much an A/C compressor would cost?: grille, installed - House
  70. Market rate of propane: how much, tank, tanks, gas - House
  71. Do water pipes have to go under the ground?: heating, insulate, smell - House
  72. foam insulation installed on wet wood?: vacuum, stone, installing, light - House
  73. How is the job market for a realtor in Houston area?: sofa, condo - House
  74. Jacuzzi Tub - (After Effects of a Winterization): dishwasher, window, hot water supply - House
  75. Shower Rennovated and now water does not get as hot: showerhead, plumber - House
  76. Steel Siding: Home Depot, window, heat, color - House
  77. filing crevice in wood table: how much, color, furniture, stained - House
  78. Rain inbetween double layer of shingles?: roofing, ceilings, mold, lighting - House
  79. A rant, bit of a vent: washer, pool, Lowes, phone - House
  80. Removing a wall with outlets?: flooring, color, ceiling, bedroom - House
  81. Too many GFI's...?: installed, lights, electricity, circuit - House
  82. Furniture Storage - Basement or Attic???: roof, dehumidifier, AC, heat - House
  83. ? with venting the bathroom exhaust fan: warm, building codes, siding, upstairs - House
  84. know what kind of beetle this is,: color, carpet, good - House
  85. Flooring Along an Expansion Joint: how much, roof, engineered, foundation - House
  86. reel mower: sink, gas, hurricane, cost - House
  87. What to do with dusty moldy basement: floors, how much, dehumidifier - House
  88. Another about floors.....: subfloor, vinyl, laminate, color - House
  89. Washing machine not spinning / draining: floor, dishwasher, pool, loading - House
  90. How to you remove stench from raccoons in the attic?: floor, painting - House
  91. New roof questions: roofing, installation, leaking, cost - House
  92. How much would it cost to replace a fireplace damper?: installed, chimney - House
  93. Whole House Dehumidification Systems???: floor, how much, dehumidifier, pool
  94. Exterior Paint: Dutch Boy, Valspar or Behr?: floor, how much, Home Depot - House
  95. with horizontal roller windows ?: heating, install, glass, cost - House
  96. Need help finishing this outdoor fireplace project- pics included!: granite, stone, build - House
  97. How to level the unlevel refrigerator on an unlevel floor???: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  98. What is 230??: conversion, gas, electrical, iron - House
  99. Window Washing: vinyl, washers, windows, cleaner - House
  100. Which situation would you rather live in?: pool, colors, furniture - House
  101. Transfer fr front-load washer to dryer w/o dropping on floor?: vinyl, front loader - House
  102. Tree struck by lightning: heat, drain, paint, hurricane - House
  103. Dehumidifier for basement?: floor, washer, window, Air Conditioner - House
  104. Great Stuff Insulating Foam Sealant: windows, bathroom, insulation, glass - House
  105. Another Fence Etiquette: vinyl, pool, painting, installed - House
  106. Chlorine Free Swimming Pools and Spas are they real???????: alternatives, smell, convert - House
  107. Lose Power for 1/2 hour, no breaker tripped - Thoughts?: AC, stove, electric - House
  108. Indoor Furniture and Van Seats on Porches: sofa, couches, carpet - House
  109. What could I do with this 1966 cottage?: flooring, washer, painting - House
  110. What to do instead of shutters on exterior?: vinyl, windows, stone - House
  111. thing is digging in my yard.: chimney, property, Louisiana - House
  112. Do it yourself pest control: fleas, heat, kitchen, staining - House
  113. Smelly Air Conditioning: furnace, heater, paint, smells - House
  114. Putting Bleach in AC Pipes to Prevent Clog: how much, air conditioning, vacuum - House
  115. What do I do during option period?: pool, repair, buying - House
  116. Upgraded panel vs. new wiring: how much, pools, color, installation - House
  117. Victorian Coal Chute: foundation, furnace, windows, heating - House
  118. How low can I turn down my water heater and be safe?: how much, dishwasher - House
  119. What do you do with your real estate papers?: cabinet, worth, company - House
  120. First time house owner, what kind of mower should I get?: heat, smell
  121. A good mattress??: heat, price, mattresses, best - House
  122. How long does it take to clean your house?: floors, vacuum, phone
  123. Steam Clean Grout?: floors, how much, sink, cleaner - House
  124. What is your opinion of early 20th century Bungalows?: ceilings, furniture, bathrooms - House
  125. Split-entry VS. Colonial: floor plans, living room, kitchen, carpet - House
  126. HVAC Expert help: floor, roof, air conditioning, heating - House
  127. ok i have a mouse, how do i evict him?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  128. Industrial Sheet Metal Flooring in House: color, installing, bedroom, cabinets
  129. I vacuumed my Fridge: smells, bathroom, cleaning, toilet - House
  130. garbage disposal install cost???: countertops, washer, Home Depot, drain - House
  131. Peroxide Pools do you have exp with one?: how much, alternatives, convert - House
  132. Elusive ceiling leak: how much, roof, window, paint - House
  133. Painting my house and would like from that have done the same.: colors, ceiling
  134. Hood exhaust through garage to outside wall?: floor, washer, window - House
  135. How much to redo our kitchen?: floors, countertops, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  136. Heat Pump Recommendations?: granite, window, AC, heater - House
  137. Do NOT buy Charbroil grills: floor, Lowes, grill, tank - House
  138. Is Stainless Steel Overrated?: floor, granite countertops, dishwasher, microwave - House
  139. Looking at a house with urine smell (in concrete slab).. insigts??: flooring, heating
  140. Electric Water Heater Technical: tank, color, installing, plumber - House
  141. Backup sump pump options: how much, vacuum, conversion, converting - House
  142. Recommend and washer and dryer?: floor, washers, front loader, pool - House
  143. How to get double-sided carpet tape adhesive off tile and laminate wood floor?: floors, cleaner - House
  144. Window blinds in between window panes: windows, phone, colors, install - House
  145. Black Greasy Specs: dishwashers, tank, tanks, loading - House
  146. water heaters: tank, stove, smell, appliance - House
  147. Best way to protect yourself in your home?: windows, phone, installation - House
  148. Washing machine drain keeps leaking all over the floor: opener, dishwasher, drains - House
  149. My Fellow Poster's.... Can you answer this?: how much, AC, install - House
  150. Cutting a laminate countertop: hardwood, washers, Home Depot, color - House
  151. small bathroom remodel - what to do with shower stall?: tiling, floor - House
  152. The Pile: pool, building, fence, yard - House
  153. Big Tree in yard: hardwood, hurricane, disposal, standard - House
  154. Use of land outside fence line?: air conditioning, phone, loading, furniture - House
  155. Smell from under sink attached to Garbage Disposal: washer, drain, sinks - House
  156. Issues with hot water and dishwasher: water tank, tanks, insulated, drain - House
  157. If you had $10,000 to spend on your house.....: wood floors, countertops, windows
  158. love housekeeping?: floors, vacuum, stove, dining room
  159. Black mold in fridge water/ice dispenser???!!!: sinks, smell, cleaner - House
  160. Home buyers of old homes: Get the warrantee. 2 inspections?: vinyl, foundation - House
  161. Shark steam mop: vacuum, cleaner, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  162. Could I get a countertop made of the same material?: countertops, color - House
  163. Should we buy a rambler or 2-story?: floor, heat, ceilings - House
  164. Anything better than a traditional broom & mop for tile & wood lam. floor?: wood floors, alternatives - House
  165. Putting up a dartboard in the garage. What would make a good backboard?: floors, vinyl - House
  166. Need a New Vacuum Cleaner--Again: hardwood floors, appliance, cleaning, light - House
  167. Pre-Drywall Inspection - Did get it?: roof, foundation, windows - House
  168. Having to change air conditioner filter TWICE a month?: washer, Home Depot, furnace - House
  169. huge spiders: color, bathroom, basement, outside - House
  170. Can the exterior of a house change???: how much, vinyl, washer
  171. How do you get pen off of leather couch?: sofa, cleaning, versus - House
  172. Plumbers must be millionaires...: Home Depot, drain, sink, install - House
  173. 1-level or Multi-level: floor, phone, dining room, cleaning - House
  174. Do CFL bulbs come in a 3-way?: light, warm, replace - House
  175. What do you think about the $8000 tax credit?: kitchen, slate, gas - House
  176. Renting a house with hard water issues: how much, washer, Home Depot
  177. Central A/C: floor, Lowes, grille, heat - House
  178. smells like mold/mildew in house increased after heavy rainfall: dehumidifier, foundation
  179. Old vs. New - Air Conditioners: window, insulated, installed, room - House
  180. help with selecting a chest freezer size: how much, Home Depot, appliance - House
  181. What is this bug?: how much, outside, best, Boston - House
  182. House door: window, install, hurricane, price
  183. Help! How do you capture a snake?: phone, kitchen, basement - House
  184. Portable Air Conditioners: floor, window, heat, drain - House
  185. ever taken OUT a bathroom?: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl, drain - House
  186. HVAC smell: how much, Air Conditioner, heater, drain - House
  187. Dividing up house cleaning routine: hardwood floors, vacuum, curtains, bathrooms
  188. Help--first time renter---mice problem: appliance, rooms, glue, pipes - House
  189. Tried hardwood, how much, humidifier, water tank - House
  190. Scrub, scrub, scrub. know how best to clean a fiber glass tub? (really shower): phone, color - House
  191. Scotchgard - use and reliability: furniture, carpeting, duct, buy - House
  192. recommend. for kitchen remodeling contractor for Brooklyn, NY?: appliance, appliances, to fix - House
  193. Hybrid HVAC system: Air Conditioners, standard, vent, energy - House
  194. how to quiet ice maker: insulated, wall, freeze, space - House
  195. High Velocity System help: heaters, electric, replacing, baseboard - House
  196. Is this the look of refinished hardwood flooras???: hardwood floors, between, sealer - House
  197. Spring Cleaning - House
  198. Who used Koch's UF membrane: good - House
  199. Looking for a unique ceiling fan?: covered - House
  200. hardscaping with pavers (cost?): how much, installation, square foot, company - House