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  1. Which Tree are the best to plant in the winter?: warm, cold - House
  2. News Video, First floating house for New Orleans.: bedroom, plumbing, building
  3. Does have tips on installing baseboards???: flooring, painting, bedroom - House
  4. Damp crawlspace, need suggestions! (moved from Raleigh, NC, forum): foundation, Lowes, AC - House
  5. Cleaning light colored carpet...: hardwood, cleaner, stains, carpeting - House
  6. New type of electric water heater: air conditioning, tanks, appliance, natural gas - House
  7. Surge protector issues: living room, circuit, upstairs, replace - House
  8. Tipping installers?: how much, paint, faucet, price - House
  9. Air Purifier - Home Made: HEPA filter, cleaner, cost, compare - House
  10. Getting rid of gnats or w/e they are called: drains, apartment - House
  11. Getting old kitchen sink drain assembly to release without damage?: heating, installed - House
  12. Fixing toilet water supply line - Need help with measurements.: vinyl, toilets - House
  13. Water Softener No Salt in Storage Container: tank, location, new - House
  14. Moentrol Shower valve leaks: installing, plumber, repair, cold - House
  15. Kitchen Cupboard Questions...: Home Depot, refinishing, color, kitchens - House
  16. Another Granite: how much, paint, stone, kitchen - House
  17. Flooring , Counters & Washers/Dryers: hardwood, engineered, countertops, front loader - House
  18. Basement Humidity: dehumidifier, furnace, mold, vent - House
  19. Surplus Warehouse: how much, vinyl, flea, paint
  20. Radiant Barrier: Home Depot, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  21. extending concrete driveway, recoating existing?: color, price, repair, cracks - House
  22. water problems in kitchen: floor, foundation, cabinet, carpet - House
  23. Home Security: installation, lights, outside, cold - House
  24. converting elctric to lp stove: water heater, stoves, conversion, natural gas - House
  25. Showerhead leaks.: washer, pipe, cheap, rubber - House
  26. Are the Swifer products safe to use around animals?: floors, laminate, dogs - House
  27. Smoke detectors going off: vacuum, installed, bathroom, cleaning - House
  28. tips for getting out a stain: carpet, remove, blue, area - House
  29. air valve won't screw into steam radiator: replace, old, stores - House
  30. Dehumidifier costs $34.92 monthly just to run it.: floor, foundation, Lowes - House
  31. News, Prize-winning plastic lawn criticized.: pools, cheap, green, California - House
  32. Can help heal my glass pains?: window, build, standard - House
  33. caulking masonite: siding, vent, best, sealing - House
  34. with an electric free standing range? My breaker tripped.: loading, stove - House
  35. Replace a window with Bay Window?: how much, windows, heat, paint - House
  36. News, Workers removed wrong roof.: roofing, better, replace, forced - House
  37. frontl loader bearing replacement do it your self: washer, front loader, springs - House
  38. Aluminum fence or brick fence for privacy?: how much, vinyl, colors - House
  39. Oil Rubbed Bronze: windows, color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  40. Can I transport a water softener on its side.: appliance, replace, Kenmore - House
  41. Photosensitive porch lamp: installed, light, better, fixture - House
  42. Which motion sensor floodlight would you suggest?: Home Depot, lighting, company - House
  43. Door frame broke!!!: how much, Home Depot, glue, interior - House
  44. Is my Radiant Heating dream practical?: hardwood floor, how much, installation, bathroom - House
  45. Hum from vibrating refrigerator door when compressor running: pressure, rates, rate - House
  46. Scritch scratch ... I think we have a critter: smell, ceiling, family room - House
  47. Ants on Ceiling: bathroom, leak, dogs, vent - House
  48. Garage Storage Ideas: roof, light, construction, drywall - House
  49. 1993 Heil Gas Furnace -- need help: how much, furnaces, heating, room - House
  50. electric baseboard heaters: Lowes, windows, installed, living room - House
  51. Mobile / Manufactured Home: apartment, prices, outside, between - House
  52. Concrete over dirt floor in crawlspace?: foundation, furnace, drains, convert - House
  53. Basement Help: foundation, pool, drain, installed - House
  54. no VOC paint: window, color, room, molding - House
  55. Should you inspect for lead if you plan to demolish?: paint, asbestos - House
  56. Black Granite Sink: drain, color, cleaner, bathroom - House
  57. Fisher and Paykel Washer and Dryer: stove, appliance, cost, brands - House
  58. Domolition authority in Northern VA....: building, best, company, permit - House
  59. Hardwood floors: hardwood floor, how much, refinish, installation - House
  60. how a forced hot water gas heating system works: hot water heater, sinks, kitchen - House
  61. Looking for gutter company: installation, price, table, Virginia - House
  62. HELP, I left tissues in the Washer: cleaner, dryer, washing - House
  63. Salt deposits coming from Mexican floor tiles!!!: tank, ceramic, tile - House
  64. side by side vs corner tubs (for bath room): faucets, cold, worth - House
  65. Need help installing deadbolt: replacement, remove, existing, cement - House
  66. water keeps building up in the dishwasher: Home Depot, tank, drain - House
  67. what's a good size two person tub?: bathtub, bedroom, shower - House
  68. Electric Dryer Recommendations: washers, pool, gas, repair - House
  69. Paint: Home Depot, Lowes, paint color, room - House
  70. Cast Iron baseboard heater: floor, how much, Home Depot, heaters - House
  71. where to plug in Refrigerator: opener, Home Depot, heater, appliance - House
  72. Cost of overlaying 3-tab asphalt shingles with dimensional: overlay, how much, roofing - House
  73. How much is an in-ground pool?: vinyl, jacuzzi, pools, drains - House
  74. Dryer electric heat, appliance, cleaning, plumbing - House
  75. is it important to have a corner of counters in the kitchen? (like uninterrupted countertop space over a corner?): stove, sink - House
  76. Wild, Strange, Unique, Ugly and Stupid Houses: building, construction, New York
  77. Frigidaire Recalls: phone, appliance, electric, ranges - House
  78. Fluorescent light in utility room: kitchen, lights, price, better - House
  79. Glass broke in sink, is it a danger to septic system?: how much, drain - House
  80. Is radiant barrier worth the money?: roofing, heat, paint, install - House
  81. Protecting property in house?: windows, install, apartment, lights
  82. Vinyl swimming pools good: installed, glass, cost, compare - House
  83. Circuit Breaker: heater, microwave, living room, kitchen - House
  84. Dishwasher drain size: pool, drains, sink, installation - House
  85. use heavy-duty adhesive with hardwood flooring?: hardwood floors, engineered, foundation, install - House
  86. Things outside around the foundation...: plumber, gas, pipe, building - House
  87. Battery, not generator?: furnace, AC, tank, microwave - House
  88. Installing a dishwasher where there wasn't one: Home Depot, Lowes, drains - House
  89. Old Fisher fireplace insert... is it safe?: hardwood, my fireplace, furnace - House
  90. Making 3 bdrms into 1: hardwood floors, how much, windows, heat - House
  91. Restaining cedar fence: washer, color, furniture, stain - House
  92. Wooden chimney siding: roof, vinyl, removing, sealing - House
  93. Can I install marble pieces just like stone veneer for this fireplace?: tile, between - House
  94. BIG AAAAAAA$$ spider in the basement!!!!!!!!!!!: floor, ceramic, installed, molding - House
  95. Washable flat paint: bathroom, build, wall, area - House
  96. Curtains or Drapes?: windows, install, blinds, lights - House
  97. A little help with my riding mower.: electricity, outside, damaged - House
  98. switcing from freon 22 to freon 410a: furnace, AC, heat, vacuum - House
  99. Solid Hardwood or engineered, on slab?: hardwood floors, how much, Home Depot, refinish - House
  100. Need ideas for landscaping around Drainage Easement Opening: stone, light, pipe - House
  101. Crushed stone or sand under slate walkway???: vent, pressure, moisture - House
  102. Electric Radiant Heat Help: floors, windows, water heater, stove - House
  103. Price gouging on fridge filters.: furnace, heater, appliance, cost - House
  104. Best way to get pet fur off carpeted stairway?: vacuum, furniture, costs - House
  105. homeowners insurance .: lien, flooring, townhome, window - House
  106. PTAC - good alternative?: alternatives, Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  107. Washer is not draining out the water from the clothes: how much, washers - House
  108. Blinds for skylight: heat, curtain, room, light - House
  109. Wooden staircase (Moved from Raleigh forum): hardwood, foundation, laminate, painting - House
  110. Emergency Shut-Offs for Dummies: windows, water heater, tanks, stove - House
  111. Furnance help: pool, paint, room, cleaning - House
  112. bathroom sink glued to counter!: granite, Home Depot, colors - House
  113. what is wrong with my GE dishwasher?: sink, appliance, cleaning - House
  114. Oven & Ranges: feng shui, granite, grill, heat - House
  115. Water Heater problem - we go WINTER!: floor, furnace, hot water heater - House
  116. installed new furnace with tax rebate??: how much, furnaces, AC - House
  117. Where would you store items in a house?: floors, fireplace, vacuum
  118. Cast Iron to PVC - plumbing expert help: floor, how much, Lowes - House
  119. haulding laundry up and down stairs: floor, washer, railing, ceiling - House
  120. What causes creaky floors???: subfloor, roofing, engineered, heat - House
  121. Good prices on ceiling fans?: Home Depot, Lowes, appliance, installed - House
  122. Can you have TOO many bathrooms?: floor, curtain, sinks, cleaning - House
  123. 12% contractor fees on appliances in new home??: dishwasher, Lowes, microwave - House
  124. Air Purifiers? Do they work? Do you have one?: HEPA filter, floor, how much - House
  125. Would you purchase a service plan on new washer/dryer?: dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  126. Help! Cockroach!: fleas, heater, microwave, sink - House
  127. grout cracked: Home Depot, leak, tiles, repair - House
  128. Mosquitoes: room, apartment, warm, dogs - House
  129. gas fireplace no electricity: heat, installing, family room, light - House
  130. Home Insurance: Lowes, appliance, hurricane, cost - House
  131. idea to get rid of smell of curry?: stove, smells, master bedroom - House
  132. water keeps coming back in the dishwasher: drains, sink, appliance - House
  133. Pink water stains: drains, bathtub, colors, sink - House
  134. Do not do types of repair!!: curtain, sink, kitchen - House
  135. HOA problems !!!: codes, vent, best, between - House
  136. Need suggestions for making exterior more unique (photos included): foundation, appliance, stone - House
  137. copper repipe: how much, insulate, drains, ceiling - House
  138. Help with cat urine odors in the house: hardwood floors, paint, smell
  139. Go without trash pickup service?: lien, smell, apartment, worth - House
  140. Bring house up to code before selling?: hardwood, roof, furnace
  141. Everyone who has homeowners insurance, read!: how much, granite countertops, laminate - House
  142. Dedicated 15 Amp Circuit - Help!: floor, how much, heater, bathtub - House
  143. Blowing apart a stereotype.... mobile homes: installed, apartment, build, interior - House
  144. Do I call a professional -tree/sewer issue: heat, drain, smells - House
  145. Refrigerators - side by side OR bottom freezer?: room, replace, between - House
  146. Need bathroom shower ideas,: floors, granite, color, cleaner - House
  147. Just Installed Granite - How to hide seam?: window, color, installation - House
  148. Would appreciate critique on this kitchen layout...: microwave, stove, sink - House
  149. Does use an electric lawnmower? Do you like them?: Home Depot, gas - House
  150. Kitchen questions! (would appreciate from who cooks! :): floor, how much - House
  151. Is this a good place to discuss LEDs?: floor, opener, Lowes - House
  152. Rough idea of how much a new roof will cost?: roofing, townhouse
  153. Microfiber Sofa?: sofas, heater, vacuum, couch - House
  154. how would you roof a mobile home?: roofing, heat, installed - House
  155. Ballpark estimate for bathroom: subfloor, vinyl, window, drain - House
  156. What does it cost to replace ac compressor for house?: furnace, AC
  157. power out in part of the house: opener, washer, heating
  158. Cost to have lock re-keyed?: Home Depot, Lowes, code, square - House
  159. How do you clean a black stove: ceramic, cleaner, appliance - House
  160. How to get on top the roof .... safely?: roofing, alternatives, plank - House
  161. Manufactured Housing--Formaldehyde/Dangerous Vapors?: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, paint - House
  162. Recommendations of dishwasher models: countertop, pool, microwave, appliance - House
  163. Electrical outlet issue.: floor, room, apartment, light - House
  164. Standard or Hydronic baseboard heat- what's the difference, really?: Home Depot, Lowes, Air Conditioners - House
  165. Removing linolium from Hard wood floors: hardwood, vinyl, heat, refinishing - House
  166. critique this kitchen layout!!: floor, how much, dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  167. Roofing contractor ripoffs?: how much, Lowes, hurricane, cost - House
  168. Mattress steeped in cig smoke: vacuum, smell, light, interior - House
  169. arrrggghhhh ... beer spilled on carpet: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, smells - House
  170. Freezing pipes- what to do to stop it?: flooring, electric heat, insulating - House
  171. Gas fireplace - open or close flue?: heat, convert, installed - House
  172. Basement Odor.. HELP!: flooring, engineered, dehumidifier, laminate - House
  173. Tips for tiling our back porch: flooring, colors, plank, stone - House
  174. Painting the kitchen cabinets.....................has ever done this?: roof shingles, color, kitchens - House
  175. how much of a gap between window opening and frame of window in new window installation is acceptable ??: Home Depot, windows - House
  176. Bank-Owned Sales. Bargain or Not?: furnace, air conditioning, heating, drains - House
  177. Swimming Pool Renovation and Re-Construction: pools, heat, costs, build - House
  178. changing door hinge screws to 3 inch screws: Home Depot, detector, steel - House
  179. Is this a serious foundation issue?: family room, codes, crawl space, repair - House
  180. Replace A/C or Refrigerator First?: how much, windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  181. Why do falling house prices bother people so much?: kitchen, worth, better
  182. How many livable square feet does your home contain?: living room, kitchen, basements - House
  183. Pellet vs. Gas vs. Wood Stove, which one?: hardwood, how much, roof - House
  184. Favorite Yankee Candle scent!: smells, lights, better, replace - House
  185. How much did the flooring in your house cost and what did you use?: hardwood, engineered
  186. What temperature setting do you prefer in your home?: floors, windows, air conditioning - House
  187. Difficult/costly to switch from electric to gas stove?: how much, furnace, water heater - House
  188. How to install strike plate on door frame: Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  189. how can I change my motion sensor light to a regular non-motion sensor light: detector, lights - House
  190. To Paint Paneling???????: color, convert, family room, kitchen - House
  191. Butler's pantry sink - yes or no?: sinks, installing, kitchens - House
  192. Creating a New Porch (paver/gravel) -- what to do about siding??: vinyl, foundation - House
  193. News Video, Huge sinkhole under Florida home - House
  194. News, IRS: No tax deduction for burning down house.: Ohio, door, ground
  195. Looking to buy Craftsman Style home in Hudson, NH: paint, bedrooms, stained - House
  196. UV Air Purifiers, Good Or bad?: bedroom, prices, cold, turn - House
  197. Leaky tub faucet: leaking - House
  198. Lennox Solar-Powered Heat Pumps: cost, electricity, outside, mount - House
  199. Which hardwood is most durable? Engineered, unfinished?: color, installation, stain - House
  200. Slatkin & Company Candles: smells, price - House