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  1. Gas company back billing for last 12 months despite regular bills: installed, energy - House
  2. What color to paint with dark chair rails: hardwood, fireplace, railing - House
  3. Tiling around gas fireplace insert: floor, my fireplace, installing, slate - House
  4. Need a Handyman or at least handy-knowledge!: vinyl, washers, Lowes - House
  5. mediterranean style of inside and outside..................................: springs, Austin, TX
  6. Vibrating washing machine- brand new: floor, how much, foundation, washers - House
  7. simple refrigerator fixes???: vacuum, appliance, install, kitchen - House
  8. Pitfalls of installing marble tiles?: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic - House
  9. Wasps Crawling Around at Night?: roof, ceiling, warm, outside - House
  10. removing faucet handle: glass, light, plastic, buying - House
  11. can new grout wet before being sealed?: tiling, mold, shower - House
  12. Having water softener installed tomorrow: cabinet, price, standard, fixture - House
  13. Which home insurance company offer good price?: hurricane, cost, compare - House
  14. Asbestos inspection?: floor, roofing, vinyl, paint - House
  15. idea on ticking sound coming out from a heater entry?: furnace, ceiling - House
  16. Goodman HVAC (moved from Raleigh forum): furnace, heat, installation, price - House
  17. spray foam insulatioin pipe insulator?: heat, pipes, brands, mobile - House
  18. Kabinart?: kitchen, cabinets, price, CA - House
  19. Painting Brick Fireplace: tiling, fireplaces, stove, paint color - House
  20. New scratch and ding water heater...risky?: tank, appliance, gas - House
  21. Refrigerator freezing in regular refrigerator compartment-what could it be?: pool, heater, drain - House
  22. Cleaning Vinyl Flooring: cleaner, kitchen, vent, best - House
  23. Looking for square dining room table: homestead, furniture, cabinet, cost - House
  24. Water smells mobile home: sinks, showers, toilets, pipes - House
  25. Open Exterior Vent In Basement???: floors, how much, roof, washer - House
  26. How difficult is it to swap out a shower head???: plumber, toilet - House
  27. New homes connect to water supply is leaving me with plumbing problems: drain, sinks - House
  28. Fridge water dispenser leak: floor, leaking, vent, venting - House
  29. Replacing flushometer-toilet handle: purchase, typical, residential, home - House
  30. Pipe/Tube next to bath tub: drain, sink, bathroom, apartment - House
  31. Your Dream Home . . . what is the 1 big perk and 1 small perk?: pool, window - House
  32. roof/wall/flashing gutter interface problem (w/ pics): how much, roofing, installation - House
  33. Back for more help- kitchen sink drain thing? That the stopper goes into?: drains, plumber - House
  34. Doorbell button ....: phone, paint, electrical, repair - House
  35. about tree service/stump grinding: how much, phone, installation, light - House
  36. Wallpaper removal and drywall prep - ridges and glue - going nuts....: vinyl, Lowes - House
  37. In Wall Speakers, Do you Have: heater, phone, ceiling - House
  38. Gas hot water radiant baseboard heat?: heating, costs, compare, warm - House
  39. about flags in the garden/at home...: best, wall, homeowners - House
  40. Has installed sensor activated faucet?: installing, cost, building, replace - House
  41. on Homecrest or Candlelight cabinets?: overlay, paint, appliance - House
  42. Water spots on ceiling: roof, window, vacuum, paint - House
  43. Does have a KitchenAid Drawer Dishwasher: heating, cabinet, stainless steel - House
  44. Tiled Fireplace with Iridescent Glass Mini-Tiles: floor, how much, Home Depot, cost - House
  45. white water: gas, glass, faucet, pipes - House
  46. soot on fireplace brick: granite tile, painting, cleaner, stain - House
  47. What type of humidifier do I need?: hardwood, furnace, heating - House
  48. advice on brightening the exterior of my house?: how much, vinyl, windows
  49. HVAC- heat pump: floor, heater, loading, installation - House
  50. Why do homeowners let their vinyl siding get moldy?: Lowes, cleaner, washing - House
  51. Raking leaves from mulch: hardwood, best, buying, yard - House
  52. Need ceiling ideas / feedback between 1st and 2nd floor bathroom: washer, ceilings - House
  53. Natural Springs: light, cost, iron, best - House
  54. cleaning bath tub and glass shower enclosure: cleaner, bathroom, stain - House
  55. Outdoor heater for covered porch?: floor, tank, tanks, stove - House
  56. My living room: window, Charlotte, door, area - House
  57. Oil filled heaters: appliance, downstairs, repair, replace - House
  58. What is cement lapbox siding?: plank, hardiboard, duct, turn - House
  59. Floating Stairs: smells, carpeting, glue, wood - House
  60. 4 ton or 5 ton A/C what's the difference?: furnace, windows, air conditioning - House
  61. Condensation Problems (Inside and Out): roof, vinyl, humidifier, windows - House
  62. Refinishing my oak stairs: floors, Home Depot, vacuum, price - House
  63. Good dryer for larger loads?: washers, appliance, room, electricity - House
  64. Basements: pool, windows, insulated, paint - House
  65. How do I fix torn shingles on roof ridge line?: roofing, glue - House
  66. Is it air in the gas line?: fireplace, heat, plumber - House
  67. Exterior painting: townhome, wooden windows, weather, best - House
  68. Oiling hinges on a gas oven: light, outside, better, door - House
  69. HVAC filter: grill, build, standard, system - House
  70. bathtub drain: window, drains, smell, cleaner - House
  71. Appliance service? What to do?: washer, stove, replace, remove - House
  72. stains on counters: laminate, cleaner, pictures, plastic - House
  73. so i know jack squat about my gas fireplace......: my fireplace, furnace, heat - House
  74. Bird nests in attic: paint, insulation, interior, upstairs - House
  75. How big the hole is supposed to be for my anchor bolt?: floor, engineered - House
  76. Electric baseboard gets too hot: heaters, smells, installing, light - House
  77. Heating: heater, vacuum, pipe, vent - House
  78. gas fireplace, smoke alarm: fireplaces, windows, water heater, paint - House
  79. Looking at updating our fireplace - Need ideas!: how much, install, gas - House
  80. Fall-Home Maintenance Checklist: shingles, foundation, windows, insulate - House
  81. help stripping paint: hardwood, how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  82. How do I close the Flue on my gas fireplace?: fireplaces, cleaning - House
  83. Washer Dryer room floor: flooring, vinyl, laminate, sink - House
  84. Shake Roofs and Insurance: roof, cost, replace, company - House
  85. Screened porch maintenance: floor, how much, windows, paint - House
  86. Forced Hot Water PLUS Forced Hot Air: humidifier, furnaces, AC - House
  87. What are the steps to winterizing irrigation?: drains, install, pipes - House
  88. Help Me Choose a Canister Vacuum: hardwood floors, how much, Home Depot, vacuum cleaner - House
  89. Indoor air quality testing?: HEPA filter, opener, Home Depot, furnace - House
  90. Where can I find Butcher Block stock and strong floating shelves?: hardwood, countertops - House
  91. help: warm, better, screen, housewarming
  92. Reply to all contractors who give bids?: phone, prices, better - House
  93. porcelain finish wood stove cracking: cracks, metal, door, new - House
  94. Help Me Choose a Canister Vacuum: hardwood, vacuum cleaner, smell, cleaner - House
  95. Suggestions on Renewing Lease?: floor, windows, ceiling, bathroom - House
  96. oil hot water (baseboard radiators) heating system...cost to zone / change zones?: how much, hot water baseboard - House
  97. Waterproofing essential before finishing basement?: ceiling, carpet, hurricane, vent - House
  98. Concrete vs Clay bricks/masonry: color, warm, building, ducts - House
  99. wet windows inside: vinyl, dehumidifier, double pane windows, heating - House
  100. Removing Stains From Cultured Marble?: granite, paint, sink, cleaner - House
  101. need advice on front door selection: flooring, Lowes, heat, color - House
  102. How to measure amps or watts on a particular appliance?: Home Depot, electricity - House
  103. Garage door spring makes several clank noises: opener, springs, Home Depot - House
  104. Do *YOU* live in a Sears Home? are a few nice photos: hardwood floors, heater - House
  105. sewer odor from tub drain: washer, pool, water tank, bathtub - House
  106. Tankless Heater Rehash: water tank, tanks, installing, insulation - House
  107. Homeowner Insurance for the house with underground oil tank: furnace, tanks, installed
  108. Raft homestead: how much, foundation, tank, tanks - House
  109. top things you look for in buying house: hardwood, roof, foundation
  110. Hardwater problem and don't want salt softener system: heater, cabinet, cost - House
  111. kitchen faucet: washers, plumber, cost, brands - House
  112. Oops! Guilty- HGTV Income Property: floors, dehumidifier, insulated, appliance - House
  113. McMansion- RIP?: roof, vinyl, Home Depot, apartments - House
  114. Deck Staining Questions: Lowes, railing, painting, sink - House
  115. How much to fix a gas leak?: Home Depot, tank, smell - House
  116. Is parking lot sealcoating toxic?: smell, apartment, leaks, standard - House
  117. If you have a front load washer/dryer let me know how you like it: front loader, smell - House
  118. When a tree falls, who is legally responsible?: fireplace, hurricane, vent - House
  119. How many GFCI outlets should I have in my kitchen?: floor, countertop - House
  120. Toilet Repair: roof, tank, drain, bathroom - House
  121. How much, roughly, to replace a gas line?: phone, installation, plumber - House
  122. Should I pay to get my flatscreen mounted?: fireplaces, townhome, Home Depot - House
  123. Does this work really need doing?: furnaces, central heating, vacuum, phone - House
  124. Going to install Laminate Flooring.....what saw(s)?: engineered, plank, installing - House
  125. Electric chainsaw...the most USELESS tool ever?: gas, hurricane, better - House
  126. Help with appliances: floor, dishwasher, pool, microwave - House
  127. Moving into new home; Energy tips?: how much, roof, fireplace, windows - House
  128. Carpet Steam Cleaners: washer, tank, vacuum, smells - House
  129. Does hate carpet?: hardwood floors, how much, vacuum cleaner, colors - House
  130. drywall gap problem with stairs: hardwood, paint, installation, molding - House
  131. Looking at buying house. 2x4 walls?: foundation, windows, tank, insulated
  132. Best all over paint color for interior of house: ceilings, dining room, kitchen
  133. What's most important: flooring, stove, sink, appliance - House
  134. Dips in floor: flooring, roof, foundation, sink - House
  135. Duct Cleaning-- Is it Necessary?: floor, furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  136. Life Span of Kitchen Appliances: granite, dishwasher, heating, kitchens - House
  137. Helps! How to paint the exterior of a house without spending a fortune?: washer, windows
  138. Flat panel TV over wood fireplace: fireplaces, windows, couch, furniture - House
  139. Help! Ammonia smell in house: window, AC, heating, sinks
  140. new house settling problem--- help!: floor, foundation, townhouse, color
  141. Need Opinion on Side by Side or French Door Refrigerator?: appliance, room - House
  142. What's wrong with my freezer?: AC, heater, appliance, steel - House
  143. Water Softening Installation Price: pool, tanks, plumber, cost - House
  144. problem with air vents downstairs: furnace, AC, heating, sink - House
  145. Frigidaire Gallery series- good?: dishwasher, pool, heating, microwave - House
  146. I think I like the laundromat !!: washer, install, apartments, dryer - House
  147. Unhappy with bathroom redo and deaf contractor: lien, floor, Lowes - House
  148. Alternatives to wall-to-wall carpeting on second-floor (wood floor): hardwood floors, engineered, laminate - House
  149. Garage heater help.: heaters, insulating, ceilings, laundry room - House
  150. Hardwood Flooring-What do you use to clean them?: hardwood floor, how much, vacuum - House
  151. I think I screwed up my water heater...: floor, tank, phone - House
  152. Quality Slide-Out Shelves for Kitchen/Pantry: floor, appliance, cabinets, steel - House
  153. circuit breaker humming: window, heat, microwave, appliance - House
  154. Priority when building: wood floors, fireplace, water heater, vacuum - House
  155. Removing Grease Build up On Cabinets: Home Depot, windows, painting, smell - House
  156. HVAC advice,: roof, AC, heating, installing - House
  157. Annual heating & air conditioning tune-up: Home Depot, installed, cleaning, gas - House
  158. Kitchen appliances--the good, the bad, and the ugly!: dishwasher, pools, loading - House
  159. Why does the fan on my heat pump keep blowing after thermostat clicks off?: fireplace, furnaces - House
  160. Gas furnace keeps blowing cold air!: pool, heater, installed, cleaning - House
  161. Another fence Piggyback? No clue...: codes, electric, dogs, vent - House
  162. The cost of free help?: floor, countertop, foundation, Home Depot - House
  163. How much is Foundation Repair?: floor, windows, carpeting, cost - House
  164. know about Clayton Homes......??????: sinks, modular homes, cabinets, insulation - House
  165. New street, not recognized by: phone, install, vent, best - House
  166. Electric water heater.: floor, dishwasher, pool, window - House
  167. The worse contractor ever - what to do?: lien, how much, hot water heater - House
  168. Best Way To Remove Ceramic Tile?: hardwood, roofing, Lowes, heat - House
  169. Turn down the thermostat on the gas water heater?: how much, furnaces, Lowes - House
  170. Old HomeOwner's Mail Is Still Delivered To My New House! What Do I Do?: price, siding
  171. when leaving house for extended periods: how much, washers, hot water heater
  172. Kenmore appliances- not what they used to be.: washer, pool, Lowes - House
  173. Help! Sewage in shower, no clean-out?!: roof, drains, refinish, sinks - House
  174. Painting Outdoor Wooden Letters House-Business: floor, washer, Lowes, cleaning
  175. The worse contractor ever - what to do: lien, how much, mold - House
  176. Quiet Walk Underlayment For Hardwood Floor?: Home Depot, laminate, heat, plank - House
  177. Do I still need to lock garage door that has a auto-opener?: installed, codes - House
  178. small happy repair story: paint, installation, molding, glass - House
  179. Can you see problem sleeping on a Mattress with the shipping plastic left on ?: vinyl, springs - House
  180. Gas Fireplace: fireplaces, heater, smell, ceiling - House
  181. How do I get rid of tiny flies in my room?: drains, sinks - House
  182. idea on a new string trimmer?: color, smell, price - House
  183. good website to buy tools online?: washers, Lowes, prices - House
  184. Plumbing: ejector, how much, pool, water heater - House
  185. Need advice on replacing windows: muntins, home project, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  186. Neighbors sharing electricity: townhouse, window, furniture, lights
  187. Are stucco cracks caused by structrual problems?: granite, foundation, windows - House
  188. Top or Front load washer which to choose: how much, washers, front loader - House
  189. Hardwood or Tile for entry and kitchen?: hardwood floors, vinyl, heating - House
  190. Seller installing new AC system in old house: Do they need to upgrade to 200 amp electrical system?: air conditioning, water heater
  191. Appliances, Black, White, or Stainless?: flooring, granite countertops, dishwasher, stove - House
  192. Can you get the 8k credit using this method?..........: better, energy, company - House
  193. Art and home furnishings-where can I sell in Fort Lauderdale: frame - House
  194. Repairing cracks in oil-based mantle paint: wood, sanding, coat, new - House
  195. have a tub refinished?/moved from LI forum: tiling, refinishing, bathroom - House
  196. Local Housing Just a Click Away: building, home, builder - House
  197. Travetine around gas insert fire: tiling, fireplace, installing, build - House
  198. Hide a bed: couch, remove, buy, foam - House
  199. Quality/WoodStar Kitchen Cabinets.......: plumbing, replace, existing, HVAC - House
  200. Security camera systems - House