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  1. Gas Pack Alternatives???: convert, room, crawlspace, interior - House
  2. Is this a good desk lamp?: heat, color, lighting, cost - House
  3. Cheap apartment carpets...: laminate, vacuum, light, building - House
  4. A sinking sun porch. What to do?: floor, how much, roof - House
  5. Limestone vs Travertine as kitchen flooring?: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, stone - House
  6. Drainage/Ponding: drain, pipe, load, company - House
  7. sinking foundation!?: flooring, window, stone, building - House
  8. No Water In Sump Pump Pit?: washer, drain, leaking, warm - House
  9. Installing CHA - our journey in photos!: subfloor, vinyl, foundation - House
  10. cost of vinyl siding: how much, installed, square foot, mobile - House
  11. Water Softener Salt - How do I get it in the Tank?: downstairs, plastic - House
  12. Average price for hardwood floors installed?: hardwood floor, refinish, installation, cost - House
  13. Trying to repair my icemaker: appliance, refrigerator, forced, pressure - House
  14. moisture from recessed skylights - help: humidifier, furnace, pool, windows - House
  15. Metal chimneys: shingles, my fireplace, paint, ceiling - House
  16. Has heard of this Edwards Valance Cooling System: heating, installation, basement - House
  17. White Ceramic Tile in Kitchen: hardwood, vinyl, stove, color - House
  18. the Cold breaking windows: heat, installation, living room, glass - House
  19. Need Help: Finishing Basement Do's and Don'ts?: flooring, insulated, mold - House
  20. Trim Painting...: laminate, bedrooms, carpet, remove - House
  21. Cost of deck and fencing?: hardwood, countertops, window, AC - House
  22. Deposit on special order furniture: floor, sofas, color, room - House
  23. Help me find a solution to my cracked patio!: color, stain, mold - House
  24. Home heat, fan runs continuously, both heat pump & furnace: heating, gas - House
  25. Gutted kitchen and floors- need opinions on trim and doors: subfloor, vinyl - House
  26. about insulation: insulated, bathroom, stained, plumber - House
  27. Domestic hot water tank ....: tanks, insulated, installed, shower - House
  28. mortar crack repair - ok to use silicone caulk: Lowes, refinishing, color - House
  29. Leaky gas valve: floor, furnace, heat, installed - House
  30. Would you...: heating, room, insulation, price - House
  31. Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner: furniture, price, worth, buy - House
  32. What color door knob??: bathrooms, molding, lighting, interior - House
  33. Backsplash with Our Kitchen Granite: color, ceramic, stone, install - House
  34. Floor Sagging: subfloor, heating, plank, appliance - House
  35. Detergent in the Fabric Softener Dispenser: room, build, washing, load - House
  36. Undermounting porcelian sink to granite vanity top QUESTIONS: ceramic, sinks, installing - House
  37. Help with natural gas fitting!: stove, dryer, pipe, electric - House
  38. Home Security System: company, systems, new, old - House
  39. warranty repair work: appliance, cleaning, carpets, cost - House
  40. Condo Unit with concrete slab between floors: hardwood, ceilings, carpeting - House
  41. Are Furnace / AC tune ups worth it?: grill, AC, rooms - House
  42. Sleeper sofa- would you buy a full size?: room, mattress, green - House
  43. to use old salt from old softener in new one?: how much, tank - House
  44. cove heaters or hydro-sil baseboards?: fireplace, windows, water heater, ceiling - House
  45. How many years should an HVAC system last?: furnace, AC, heaters - House
  46. advice on washer/dryer for small space: washer dryer, front loader, tank - House
  47. Looking for new stove: how much, heat, color, kitchens - House
  48. Open Valley On New Roof: roofing, color, steel, best - House
  49. stains on bathtub?: sink, cleaner, kitchen, toilet - House
  50. a few painting questions...: bathroom, stain, repair, vent - House
  51. Organizing ideas for toys in basement: furniture, ducts, shelves, system - House
  52. acrylic or cast iron bathtub?: floor, pool, heat, insulate - House
  53. re-texturing bathroom walls?: roof, painting, sink, install - House
  54. House slab: floors, how much, vinyl, foundation
  55. Insulating Basement Dillema Dillema!: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, drain - House
  56. House Smells: hardwood floors, refinish, painting, furniture
  57. new floors for a home: hardwood, laminate, heat - House
  58. How long does it take/price to remodel master bathroom?: flooring, how much - House
  59. chain link fence: dogs, yard, property, door - House
  60. New Construction deposit: floor, price, comparison, building - House
  61. Central heating & a new roof: AC, heater, ceiling, install - House
  62. Whats a good bid to have part of our bathroom floor replaced?: flooring, how much - House
  63. tips for removing stains in kitchen: floor, laminate, color, stain - House
  64. problem with toilet: floor, tank, tanks, drains - House
  65. Couple questions on fire safety: battery operated smoke/fire/CO detectors.: floor, microwave - House
  66. Today's houses and HVAC systems: water heater, costs, warm, electric
  67. Possibly really stupid window washing: floors, vinyl, townhouse, Home Depot
  68. cleaning dark bamboo floors: flooring, cleaner, warm, outside - House
  69. Replacing copper vandalized - costs?: how much, Lowes, water heaters, drains - House
  70. fixing a light: painting, ceiling, installed, glue - House
  71. Kitchen counter: granite, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  72. A/C Fan went bezerk this morning: Air Conditioner, heating, ceiling - House
  73. Flooring Conundrum: color, stone, rooms, kitchen - House
  74. Cheapest place to buy kitchen appliances?: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes, gas - House
  75. Do you like the open railing concept on stairs, or is noise a problem?: floor, fireplace - House
  76. Florida Heater Issue: gas, upstairs, thermostat, system - House
  77. Wedding Gift: Home Depot, Lowes, stone, dining room - House
  78. Front Entry ideas?: roof, windows, curtains, color - House
  79. Removing odors from clothes: smells, cleaning, dryer, light - House
  80. Smelly outdoors heating furnace: smells, chimney, gas, electric - House
  81. turn 60 watt light fixture into flood light on cheap: installed, kitchen, glass - House
  82. Insurance Questions (home and renter's overlap): apartment, repair, worth, damage - House
  83. Garage Smell: floor, roof, painting, smells - House
  84. Low noise washer for upstairs laundry: floor, front loader, pool, loading - House
  85. Flat Springs for old doors: Home Depot, Lowes, glass, cost - House
  86. Ceramic cooktop, broken element: countertop, heating, microwave, stoves - House
  87. refrigerators - built-in vs cabinet depth vs standard stand-alone: cleaner, appliance, installation - House
  88. Direct Vent Gas Fireplace draft: my fireplace, heating, chimney, upstairs - House
  89. patching plaster?: how much, Home Depot, heater, painting - House
  90. moving washer dryer when slab construction: hardwood, how much, foundation, townhouse
  91. Moving ductwork to accomodate finished basement: floor, furnace, air conditioning, heater - House
  92. News, Books recalled over risky do-it-yourself advice.: installing, electrical, repairing - House
  93. Does have undercounter refrigerator aside from main fridge?: floor, install, bedroom - House
  94. Laundry: Rust Stains (I used to know the answer to this): cleaning, washing - House
  95. Which desk chair is better quality?: how much, vacuum, cleaner, stain - House
  96. Tips for saving on electric heat: how much, windows, heaters, insulate - House
  97. Oil Hot Water Heater---Expensive!!: how much, dishwasher, furnace, hot water baseboard - House
  98. Thoughts on Roberts Harmony Underlayment at Home Depot?: hardwood, engineered, laminate - House
  99. Odd tools: springs, electric, company, screen - House
  100. water spots on chrome faucets: dishwasher, sink, vinegar, remove - House
  101. Best vacuum cleaner (one that doesnt have plastic agitator housing)? Dc17 dyson worth it?: alternatives, appliance - House
  102. Kitchen floor.....: flooring, ceramic, smell, cleaner - House
  103. Does this type of desk lamp damage the desk?: hardwood, laminate, furniture - House
  104. Concrete Poured Homes vs. Block Homes Construction: roof, foundation, heating - House
  105. winter windows again...: Home Depot, AC, insulate, bedroom - House
  106. Does have a single-double oven?: microwave, appliance, installed, kitchens - House
  107. FloorMuffler or QuietWalk for laminate underlayment?: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, refinish - House
  108. Replacing faucet/shower head/tub: townhouse, Home Depot, drain, bathtub
  109. Gas cooktops - recessed, or gas-on-glass?: stove, cleaning, cost, electric - House
  110. New appliance advice?: washer, microwave, convert, kitchen - House
  111. Good/smart places to have electrical outlets in your opinion?: floor, granite - House
  112. Installing a front Portico?: roofing, window, color, ceiling - House
  113. Front Loaders : With Pedestal or Not?: floor, washer, drains, installed - House
  114. Power consumption w/wo Woodstove: floor, furnace, Lowes, heaters - House
  115. No painting experience.. can I fix walls?: how much, costs, repair - House
  116. Can You Show Me Your Small / Tiny Master Bathroom?: floor, how much, Lowes - House
  117. How Often Do You Have to Dust?: HEPA filter, floors, furnace - House
  118. vacuum BRAND/Model reccomendations for FRIEZE carpets!: flooring, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  119. Fireplace in family room - do you prefer raised hearth or not?: furniture, gas - House
  120. What type of heating--new build--NC: furnace, heater, paint, smells - House
  121. Pillows: cleaning, price, best, ducts - House
  122. Should replacment windows and siding be installed at the same time?: shingles, vinyl - House
  123. what to look for in a dishwasher?: floor, vinyl, pool - House
  124. hotwiring my loveseat: sofa, electricity, downstairs, best - House
  125. how would you update this heating system?: fireplaces, furnace, heaters - House
  126. Need Help with Kitchen Backslash. What do you think of this tile?: tiling, floors - House
  127. Repipping my home: how much, appliance, install, bathroom - House
  128. How Tile Shower Wall/Floor?: tiling, Home Depot, drain, color - House
  129. Formica (brand) Solid Surface: granite, Lowes, laminate, colors - House
  130. What do you wish you knew before you started renovating your kitchen?: tiling, flooring - House
  131. Purchasing Wood Flooring Online - ???????: hardwood floors, laminate, color, installation - House
  132. HOME SAFETY - What Your Burglar Won't Tell You: window, phone, painting - House
  133. News, Couple ordered to paint pink house white.: color, code, stairs
  134. Air Purifier - new apartment: HEPA filter, humidifier, pools, windows - House
  135. No ventilation in kitchens: roof, window, microwave, stove - House
  136. eden pure heaters?: floors, how much, fireplaces, furnace - House
  137. critique the layout of this kitchen!!: floor, countertop, windows - House
  138. Help my fireplace!: tiling, floors, how much, heater - House
  139. Lowering/deepening basement floor to create livable space: how much, roof, foundation - House
  140. Outrageous quotes for home upgrades: flooring, overlay, roofing, vinyl - House
  141. Strange wooden studs in new house construction: laminate, glue, building codes
  142. Winter heating: how much, pool, windows, AC - House
  143. Has used Lanco Elastomeric Roof Paint ?: how much, Home Depot, heat - House
  144. You think this would look bad?: flooring, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  145. Modular Homes- a good idea?: flooring, townhouse, tank, sinks
  146. the best painting tools?: Home Depot, Lowes, window, color - House
  147. Heating Oil Costs!!: how much, furnaces, air conditioning, tank - House
  148. THE clothes washer front or top, comments keep all general clothes washer .: washers, front loader - House
  149.!: floor, washer, sink, kitchen - House
  150. Water Filter: tank, smell, installation, plumber - House
  151. My IKEA kitchen: granite, dishwasher, townhome, Home Depot - House
  152. Bats in the House: windows, ceiling, living room, carpet
  153. Removing a large mirror in bathroom: floor, countertop, townhouse, paint
  154. Ballpark cost to install new front door: how much, Home Depot, windows - House
  155. finding money to repair house items: lien, hardwood, roof, Home Depot
  156. Electric tankless water heater?: tank, sink, install, bathroom - House
  157. What do you prefer as flooring in a Bedroom?: hardwood, living room, cleaning - House
  158. Dripping sound: roofing, fireplace, installation, living room - House
  159. What kind of gun for home defense?: apartment, condo, vent - House
  160. Just Why the disgust for white kitchen cabinets?: flooring, how much, granite - House
  161. Gas stove - no vent? Other safety issues I should know about?: fireplaces, townhouse
  162. Extreme Makeover 2 months before it will only see it: color, bedrooms - House
  163. Vacant house- what temp. would you set the heat on?: wood floors, furnace
  164. Is a Toilet just a Toilet?: vacuum, color, installing, bathrooms - House
  165. Help! Tips to get pet hair off of hard wood and tile floors.: how much, furnace - House
  166. Radon Fan Has Been Off 6 months - how bad is this???: how much, granite - House
  167. Replacing my indoor gas water heater: furnaces, tank, appliance, insulation - House
  168. Finishing an Unfinished Basement!: floors, how much, foundation, windows - House
  169. Contractor fraud: cost, build, repair, worth - House
  170. Have you taken down your Christmas decorations: living room, lights, outside - House
  171. One Butt Kitchen: floor, countertop, stove, sink - House
  172. vertical blinds on sliding glass door install: curtains, light, outside - House
  173. Drywall: Regular vs Mold Resistant?: humidifier, foundation, insulated, smells - House
  174. Order wrong exterior door: how much, Lowes, phone, outside - House
  175. give me advice on my first step to build a new house.: prices, building
  176. Cost of reconverting garage to a bedroom?: how much, window, heating - House
  177. Handyman Closet Shelves Installation Cost Check: Lowes, paint, repair, between - House
  178. venting in bathroom HELP!: floor, how much, roof, insulated - House
  179. fencing prices? advice?: vinyl, plank, installation, stain - House
  180. How much do you pay a cleaning service?: dining room, kitchen, gas - House
  181. Can I Get Recommendation For A Warm and Thick Blanket: heater, gas - House
  182. Insurance claim: flooring, how much, engineered, vinyl - House
  183. Warming Drawers: microwave, stove, appliance, installed - House
  184. Leak in roof, need HELP!!: smells, ceiling, bathroom, mold - House
  185. Difficult/Easy To Install Laminate Flooring?: hardwood, installation, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  186. Plumbing Braided Hose or Copper for Water Feeds: granite countertops, sink, installing - House
  187. Let's Talk Hinges For Doors: Home Depot, Lowes, color, kitchen - House
  188. Newby to home renovation wants to know which professional to do which job: floor, granite - House
  189. top things you first look at in prospective house: flooring, shingles, washer
  190. Where do you put your mail and other miscellaneous papers (short-term)?: room, kitchen - House
  191. Need help with mold in bathroom: subfloor, vinyl, bathtub - House
  192. Knotty pine in a craftsman home?: floor, fireplace, color, plank - House
  193. Ceiling fan wire: room, molding, glass, light - House
  194. Timberline Prestique Cool Series Shingle: roof, between, plywood, difference - House
  195. Protecting a wooden staircase/floors during a move?: wood floors, washer, railing - House
  196. What are the best desk lamps?: light, good, using - House
  197. Wooden skirt for the bathtub: bathtubs - House
  198. Covering Up Evaporative Cooler: vent, weather, best, replace - House
  199. Hot Water heater advice,: showers, cold, energy, New Mexico - House
  200. Help us design a better handheld vacuum: table, Michigan - House