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  1. Do you have to send a gift to someone who just bought a house?: warm, construction
  2. Low Dust Drywall Mud: price, basement, sanding, difference - House
  3. At What Temp/Other Indicator do you Open your Crawlspace Vents: mold, warm - House
  4. Who do I call about a tree branch?: roofing, cleaning, cost - House
  5. update on my bathroom fan, thanks for the help!: dishwasher, water heater, insulation - House
  6. Driveway Cement Repair: washer, pool, conditioner, phone - House
  7. Suggestions for dealing with rattan furniture w/bad smell?: smells, vent, mattress - House
  8. Lux Products TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat: heat, installed, room - House
  9. Broken brick steps: replacement, cement, good, redo - House
  10. Stove igniters not working - storm-related: water heater, electric, circuit, breaker - House
  11. hardwood floor furniture protection: Lowes, insulation, carpet, costs - House
  12. does my apartment complex have individually metered apartments or floor-to-floor?: how much, room - House
  13. Steel or cast Iron fireback ?: my fireplace, replace, between - House
  14. Suggestions for installing new counter with existing sink?: countertop, drain, kitchen - House
  15. Insulation Install: foundation, installing, glass, basement - House
  16. Is it: granite, laminate, stove, kitchen - House
  17. Front Loader Brands: washer, Home Depot, cost, worth - House
  18. Copper sink maintenance?: sinks, cleaning, kitchen, vent - House
  19. News, Clock running out on Christmas lights.: lighting, electrical, worth - House
  20. where to buy old stove parts?: grill, gas, repair, oven - House
  21. Sealing awning gaps from insects: roofing, paint, building, siding - House
  22. Blinds built into windows: curtain, installing, glass, steel - House
  23. for dishwasher experts: how much, pool, water heater, appliance - House
  24. hot water emergency, need advice!: washer, front loader, tank, ceiling - House
  25. Reverse Osmosis Pressure: drain, costs, filters, outlet - House
  26. Removing lally columns: floor, engineered, ceilings, install - House
  27. Frozen joint compound: light, construction, thick - House
  28. My Freezer does not shut off, ideas?: heat, drain, lights - House
  29. drab metal patio cover has got to go!: how much, roof, heat - House
  30. Leaks!: floor, roofing, townhouse, AC
  31. rain water poured out of microwave: roof, stove, leaks, vents - House
  32. Neighbors picket fence has rot on the bottom: stone, cost, building - House
  33. Floor grout damage--dogs?: subfloor, ceramic, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  34. UV Light Air filteration System has installed it and is it effective: AC, vacuum - House
  35. How Do I Clean Off a Jelly Stain: couch, room, covered - House
  36. I have Carpenter Ants!! help!!: warm, damage, best, company - House
  37. Opinions on AquaMix grout colorant?: floor, color, dining room, cleaning - House
  38. texturing walls? what to buy?: Lowes, paint, ceiling, bathroom - House
  39. News, Goat fans, cities butting heads.: smell, fence, better, yard - House
  40. new construction upgrades - how to best negotiate?: flooring, how much, granite - House
  41. Tiling around fireplace: pool, install, stainless steel, tile - House
  42. How to install cabinets in space this is wider than cabinet: color, cleaner - House
  43. How to get rid of stuff coming out of fridge water dispenser?: Lowes, appliance - House
  44. Have you installed a sump pump?: floor, roof, foundation, window - House
  45. Show me pics of your retaining wall!: installing, price, build - House
  46. Log cabin energy efficiency: floor, roof, window, hot water heater - House
  47. Looking for a contractor in Westchester county,NY.: condo, building, Reno - House
  48. Furniture to match the wood floors: hardwood floors, color, family room, light - House
  49. Installing Floor Joists on a cement floor.: roof, windows, color - House
  50. A/C duct replacement: Home Depot, Lowes, AC, insulating - House
  51. Wall mounted tub faucet: jacuzzi, pool, bathroom, plumber - House
  52. Tub to Shower Conversion - How?: pool, drain, bathtubs, install - House
  53. News, Space-age stovetop eliminates pots, pans and cookbooks.: kitchens, vent, between - House
  54. Window Blinds and Shades and Pets: vinyl, springs, lights, best - House
  55. for builders about subfloor: laminate, heating, paint, bedroom - House
  56. Crown Moldings: AC, heat, paint, ceiling - House
  57. ? on Moldings on a Victorian Home: roof, colors, prices, replace - House
  58. Water treatment: how much, water tank, faucets, cost - House
  59. Crawl space and other homeowner questions: subfloor, foundation, drain, sink - House
  60. hanging pictures-- plaster walls?!: molding, steel, best, ducts - House
  61. Is there a product to seal wallpaper?: paint, bathroom, mold - House
  62. homes and offices: new - House
  63. Is this fixable? water in the basement: floor, foundation, springs - House
  64. sandstone tile: subfloor, ceramic, plank, stone - House
  65. Furnace in brand new house: floor, heating, living room, kitchen
  66. Abitibi siding: installation, home, custom - House
  67. What type of underlayment is this?: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, countertop - House
  68. Garage Door Opener maintenance: ceiling, price, best, replace - House
  69. Blanket for 80 gallon water heater?: Home Depot, Lowes, install, material - House
  70. How to install a tub drain in existing concrete floor?: drains, sink - House
  71. Can removing a bearing wall create a sag in a concrete foundation?: hardwood floors, how much - House
  72. How often should you clean a chimney when you have gas heat?: heating, cleaning - House
  73. Deck pricing: railing, cost, codes, repair - House
  74. Flooring for rough basement floor?: laminate, paint, ceiling, installation - House
  75. Cedar roof: roofing, plank, installing, resale value - House
  76. asbestos: floor, furnace, window, paint - House
  77. oil hot water baseboard heating: Home Depot, convert, install, dining room - House
  78. Sleeper Sofa Recos: floor, feng shui, springs, sofas - House
  79. Snow storm safety: floor, roofing, fireplace, hot water heater - House
  80. Cedar Fencing ??: stained, steel, cost, build - House
  81. Painting Problems - Flat over Eggshell: Lowes, color, room, cleaning - House
  82. Storm Water Draining: Home Depot, drainage pipe, glue, price - House
  83. Help! Decluttering-Ideas for old CDs, VHS, & DVDs: room, best, plastic - House
  84. know where to find HUGE plastic bags for couches?: Home Depot, sofas - House
  85. Patch or New Roof?: shingles, installing, family room, leaking - House
  86. Shelving Ideas: Home Depot, Lowes, heating, paint - House
  87. Help! Neighbor's outdoor fireplace is smoking up the house!: windows, smell, chimney
  88. Lumber Liquidators - Denver and: hardwood floors, townhome, Lowes, laminate - House
  89. Changing the front entry: floor, how much, window, heat - House
  90. No Water in Sump Pump Pit???: foundation, basement, yard, area - House
  91. Hard wood floor: hardwood floors, engineered, refinish, installed - House
  92. Outside Lights and Z-Block against siding: vinyl, Lowes, install - House
  93. a quick, possibly stupid, ..: phones, painting, installed, molding - House
  94. Need on floor tiles quick!: countertops, Home Depot, ceramic, installation - House
  95. Grouting Experts Out There?: bathtub, paint, bathroom, interior - House
  96. Need space ideas for laundry and water heater...: washer, front loader, tank - House
  97. Building a New Home - Inspection: how much, foundation, insulation - House
  98. Cleaning Window Sills: vacuum, cleaner, stains, cracks - House
  99. kitchen plumbling problem: drain, sink, faucet, cost - House
  100. Installing floors prior to closing?: hardwood floors, townhome, paint, carpeting - House
  101. Basement: floor, foundation, furnace, paint - House
  102. Pex tubing: installing, plumber, leak, pipes - House
  103. Is there way to tell if new house has Stainmaster carpet?: stains, build
  104. Help me identify my siding?: shingles, painting, smell, asbestos siding - House
  105. Running an ethernet cable from Router to ps3: furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  106. Woodpecker drilling on our house!!: room, vent, iron, outside
  107. Milk spilled on wood floor - now it stinks: subfloor, engineered, laminate - House
  108. Complete my life.: dishwasher, cleaner, load, oven - House
  109. How much does it cost to add new electrical?: townhouse, ceilings, install
  110. Advice on how to get rid of house flies??: floor, shingles, fireplace
  111. What is the perception of driveways covered by gravel?: how much, alternatives, sink - House
  112. low flow shower heads vs. standard shower heads: conditioner, convert, installing - House
  113. HVAC: floor, furnace, windows, heater - House
  114. How to wash stuffed animals?: washer, heat, color, cleaner - House
  115. Would you buy a home with foundation issues?: floors, how much, pools - House
  116. What's wrong with my brad nailer?: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, tanks - House
  117. Exterior Floodlights: Home Depot, Lowes, lighting, building - House
  118. Warning about iRobot Scooba maintenance costs: floor, cleaner, installed, cleaning - House
  119. Ethical Trees & A Neighbor's House For Sale: window, living room
  120. Confessions from your house: floors, sofas, vacuum, stove
  121. Filling Inground Pool: cost, code, concrete, construction - House
  122. Which Mattress do you recommend and why?: couch, smells, mold - House
  123. Basement Water Issue in newly constructed home: flooring, foundation, indoor pool - House
  124. Can residents petition to be released from HOA?: window, codes, repair - House
  125. Number of outlets on on #14 gauge wire?: washer, flea, heater - House
  126. Cottage Cheese Ceilings - the bumpy kind: how much, paint, asbestos - House
  127. How much should it cost to have my foyer painted?: painting, ceilings - House
  128. Travertine tile cracking and breaking: subfloor, washer, color, sink - House
  129. Which of home improvements would you make first?: granite, appliance, family room - House
  130. My water heater woes: washer, tank, loading, sink - House
  131. tips on how to save money on a water heater?: floor, how much - House
  132. Dear Plumber...: installation, bathroom, toilet, leaks - House
  133. Your opinion on this estimate for tree removal...: roof, cost, building - House
  134. How to clean oil rubbed bronze faucets: color, sinks, cleaner - House
  135. Need to paint neighbor's fence: painting, install, cost, code - House
  136. Kirby vacuum cleaner for a thousand dollars, is it worth the price?: floor, dishwasher - House
  137. Replacing sink in 50s bathroom: subfloor, fireplace, curtain, paint - House
  138. Which Garage Door would look better?: windows, light, best, panels - House
  139. Old home - 2 front doors - know why?: roof, phone, living room - House
  140. Best way to approach the task of finishing unfinished basement: flooring, countertop - House
  141. Can't Move Coffee Table across New Carpet. Help!: hardwood floor, granite, couch - House
  142. Natural cat repellent?: paint, smells, dogs, cold - House
  143. How much does it cost to completely renovate an old house?: ceilings, kitchen
  144. Landscape Designer: how much, foundation, mold, cost - House
  145. about toilet stop valve.. read and help if you can :): washer, Home Depot - House
  146. Serious Water Damage--Builder responsible?: floor, shingles, townhouse, installing
  147. Eek! A mouse!: smell, living room, cabinets, glass - House
  148. Got a quote for kitchen renovation--how can I do it cheaper?: tiling, hardwood floors - House
  149. Steam Washer and Dryer - hype or substance?: washers, front loader, tank - House
  150. My Dryer doesn't work well, is the duct clogged?: how much, washer, Home Depot - House
  151. Too Cold, Too Hot!! I can't get the house temp right: floor plans, fireplace
  152. Landscape Lighting: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, install - House
  153. Where can I purchase kits for a livable greenhouse?: floor, windows, air conditioning
  154. Biggest Messes Had to Clean Up In Your House?: floors, sofa
  155. Remove Snow from Roof: how much, shingles, heaters, insulation - House
  156. Front door/back door: pool, window, cleaner, stone - House
  157. Tiled the bathroom, now what?: tiling, flooring, drain, paint - House
  158. Health risks with copper pipes?: heater, plumber, replacing, remove - House
  159. New home surround sound pre-wire: floor, ceiling, room, versus - House
  160. Messy yards in neighborhood?: furniture, slate, versus, washing - House
  161. Chainsaw - optimal bar length: tank, stoves, gas, costs - House
  162. Home Owner Associations... Good, Bad or Ugly?: lien, vinyl, color - House
  163. Can someone tell me about treating for termites: heat, plumbing, apartment - House
  164. Teenager rampage- how to fix damaged stove?: how much, Lowes, grill - House
  165. Building a house - Choose what side the garage goes on.: windows, phone
  166. Ready to buy main unit for central vac - best brands or places to research?: floor, install - House
  167. help me identify mystery rodent!: floor, dishwasher, microwave, stove - House
  168. questions about painting cabinets: how much, room, kitchen, stained - House
  169. A for electricians out there...: appliance, bathroom, gas - House
  170. Looking at a 4000 sq ft ranch in mountains what type of heat ???: how much, furnace - House
  171. I spilled water on the wood floor....again: hardwood floor, engineered, dishwasher - House
  172. looking for ideas for the front of my house: how much, roof, vinyl
  173. Door hinges: painting, bathroom, cabinets, lighting - House
  174. Do You Live in a Healthy Market?: apartment, pricing, building - House
  175. Tired Of the House, Feels it's not worth it: how much, roof, AC
  176. Electrical Problems in my Garage: installation, cleaning, lights, circuit - House
  177. Black homes (for all races): roof, heat, color, light - House
  178. How much to turn unused attic space into office: flooring, heat, paint - House
  179. So what do I need a general contractor for?: hardwood floors, how much, roof - House
  180. What causes clothes to shrink?: washer, heating, smell, stains - House
  181. rough guess-- cheaper to paint or re-side?: how much, roofing, vinyl - House
  182. how does your marriage/family survive house projects?: floors, how much, washer
  183. I hate my flat top stove - how to clean it?: stoves, ceramic - House
  184. What to use to grind cement: pool, drain, stone, square - House
  185. s about rewiring 1920's house w/ plaster walls: floor, painting, sinks
  186. Why You Should Never Hire Unlicensed Contractors - pics: floor, how much, vinyl - House
  187. Policy - Can septic tank lines cross public roads?: room, code, sewer - House
  188. Expected life span of a starter home: tiling, flooring, bedrooms - House
  189. Clear Vinyl Carpet Runner over Carpet: hardwood, paint, installing, carpeting - House
  190. Do it yourself Home Demolition: how much, apartment, cost, company - House
  191. Bamboo or Laminate: hardwood floors, how much, engineered, townhome - House
  192. Need ideas on cost with converting a loft to a bedroom: how much, windows - House
  193. Heat-Pump Water Heater?: window, Air Conditioner, water tank, install - House
  194. Modular Homes?: vinyl, windows, heating, resale value - House
  195. garage opener/door problem, help.: lights, warm, electric, outside - House
  196. Mystery - Why does the temperature affect how my house settles?: floor, roof
  197. Steam Washer and Dryer- I will share my research with you: how much, washers - House
  198. have an idiot for a neighbor-electricians: how much, heat, installed - House
  199. Do I need a new water pump?: Lowes, tank, prices - House
  200. Best Anti-Vibration for front load washer?: pool, whirlpool, rates, rate - House