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  1. antibacterial soap and septic system: floors, alternatives, pool, bathroom - House
  2. Bumble bees in our den: roof, stove, ceiling, chimney - House
  3. Insufficient Slope in basement toilet: floor, drains, installation, bathroom - House
  4. Had a power surge, now both garage door openers and outside key pad won't work.: phone, install - House
  5. Hardiplank Spray or Hand Paint?: painting, stain, siding, best - House
  6. News, Judge awards families $2.6M over tainted Chinese drywall.: kitchen, cabinets, price - House
  7. Help! My mailbox is full of red ants!: vent, best, ducts - House
  8. new option for fire ant treatment: how much, cost, vent, iron - House
  9. Central A/C Unit: roof, heating, installed, bedroom - House
  10. Your opinion on structural wood-free methods of home construction...: floor, roof, hurricane - House
  11. where to find 4' fence materials?: how much, cost, building, fences - House
  12. What's the older ridgid switchplate cover made of?: Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic - House
  13. Pulled the thermostat: AC, vs, circuit, outside - House
  14. Opinions on Dryvit and EIFS: plank, installation, mold, insulation - House
  15. Can I wire 4 switches to a light circuit?: lights, wiring, walls - House
  16. how much paint for projects: painting, sq ft, best, mount - House
  17. Water softener?: heater, sink, appliance, kitchen - House
  18. natural gas supplier selection ?: heating, price, worth, best - House
  19. Water under house...estimate gh to me: drain, cost, pipe
  20. Should I reglaze my windows?: paint, glass, cost, outside - House
  21. Installing a granite countertop: stone, bathroom, cabinet, square - House
  22. HELP: Gas stove won't start: smell, cleaning, clog, burners - House
  23. Replace HVAC - What Should I Know?: furnaces, double pane windows, Air Conditioners - House
  24. Removal of residue on stove?: washer, heat, paint, cleaner - House
  25. Water dripped from roof .: heating, ceilings, living room, chimney - House
  26. Ultrasonic pest deterrents: floor, installed, rooms, cleaning - House
  27. icemaker problem: heater, appliance, repair, cold - House
  28. Painting the exterior of house: how much, washer, cleaning, siding
  29. HVAC advice: floors, window, install, family room - House
  30. Bamboo floors from Bamtex?: standard, ducts, coat, metal - House
  31. what color to paint shutters on house: roof, windows, light
  32. Toggle Bolt for Pedestal Sink?: floor, drain, install, plumber - House
  33. Water Issues: sink, bathrooms, shower, plumber - House
  34. Birds are attacking my house! advice?: building, vents, damage
  35. exterior door replacement: installing, cabinet, mold, steel - House
  36. Window screen hard to remove: Home Depot, windows, drain, plastic - House
  37. Fertilizer: moisture, purchase, green, old - House
  38. old brick house on property NO ROOF: how much, vinyl, windows
  39. News Video, Security camera in Ohio captures runaway saw blade.: construction, yard - House
  40. concrete water proofing: flooring, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  41. Quuestion on Waste Line Plumbing: floor, foundation, windows, codes - House
  42. Should I upgrade my Heating System, Suggestions?: floor, how much, heater - House
  43. Removing heat source - code violation?: floor, furnace, heating, install - House
  44. How to freshen the air, upholstery, carpet, ?: fireplace, vacuum, smell - House
  45. When hiring a surveyor...: steel, concrete, damage, between - House
  46. How much do I care if there is water under my house?: floor, roof
  47. Cost to clean air ducts?: AC, basement, sq ft, company - House
  48. fiber cement exterior: vinyl, grill, heat, paint - House
  49. Roof ..: floor, roofing, foundation, Lowes - House
  50. Grandview cabinets or Kabinart: countertops, appliance, kitchens, apartment - House
  51. Ways in which you would design your kitchen: floors, granite, dishwasher - House
  52. Alter color of countertops???: refinish, kitchen, cabinets, cost - House
  53. Chimney moisture on walls and ceiling....: roofing, fireplace, furnaces, water heater - House
  54. What would you hang/put in mud-room cabinets/locker and how would you design it accordingly?: floor, phones - House
  55. Canceling a Small Contract (drainage): drains, company, money - House
  56. Tips for tenants-based on actual experience.: floor, how much, fireplaces, dishwasher - House
  57. provide help on exterior finishes: pool, drains, colors, installation - House
  58. Attic Door Insulation: Lowes, air conditioning, heat, insulating - House
  59. ceiling leaks when upper tenant takes shower...why?: flooring, Lowes, drain - House
  60. carpenter bees: roof, paint, stain, building - House
  61. Rugs on sealed hardwood: hardwood floor, vinyl, carpet, brands - House
  62. have experience with a sun cathcer retractable awning ????: best, tornado, home - House
  63. HVAC Experts - Heatpump Location: floor, Air Conditioner, electric heat, bedrooms - House
  64. Upgrade charge for covered lanai: roof, sink, price, build - House
  65. Framing Mistake: Exterior door cutout larger than actual door: molding, insulation, build - House
  66. 'Fridge disposal in Round Rock: Air Conditioner, appliance, refrigerator, freeze - House
  67. Is there a company that makes shutters that actually shut?: vinyl, window - House
  68. Hardwood Floor Protection and Maintainence: Home Depot, sofa, vacuum cleaner, paint - House
  69. are cabins hard to heat: windows, heating, insulating, ceilings - House
  70. Thinking about buying a house with a Pool..BUT..the pool needs resurrecting.: pools, cleaning
  71. kitchen sink drain/strainer questions.: granite, Home Depot, Lowes, drains - House
  72. [Construction] Starter cost for a small cabin type building: insulated, sink, living room - House
  73. The latest at my house: water tank, phone, installed, bathroom
  74. Opinions of Carpet Cleaning Methods: washer, vacuum, paint, cleaner - House
  75. Serious HVAC confusion/dilemmas!: foundations, heat, ceilings, installation - House
  76. Has discovered the perfect light fixtures for a ranch house?: Home Depot, color
  77. on Painting Exterior House: Lowes, windows, color, cleaning
  78. Sump pump: floor, plumber, pipe, basement - House
  79. Heavy objects over beds: window, painting, ceiling, furniture - House
  80. having a heart attack over granite install: how much, laminate, stone - House
  81. How big of a threat is mildew in the south?: vinyl, foundation - House
  82. Flooded basement - need opinions.: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, drain - House
  83. near or far from the city: weather, green, area, typical - House
  84. Who knows how to repair plaster walls?: tiling, roof, fireplace - House
  85. wells, sump pumps,: install, plumbing, building codes, electric - House
  86. Foam board over faced insulation?: subfloor, install, bedroom, cost - House
  87. Wires Fell Off My House: insulated, home phone, building, basement
  88. Retaining Wall: foundation, window, drains, pipe - House
  89. Cedar dimensional lumber: Home Depot, price, comparison, build - House
  90. My lower level is FREEZING COLD, what can be done to fix it?: fireplaces, furnace - House
  91. about basements: mold, building, concrete, construction - House
  92. Garage bracing / support: floor, kitchen, steel, cost - House
  93. Buying new door with speakeasy opening.... how to weatherproof?: Home Depot, seal, buy - House
  94. Frustrated with landscaper: cost, warm, weather, damages - House
  95. DWV pipe / Wall connection leaking during heavy rain...: foundation, repair, seal - House
  96. Upgrade to Hot water heating from steam; Worth it?: windows, hot water baseboard, insulating - House
  97. Can my home's foundation get water damage??: drains, building, basement - House
  98. Feds: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted: paint, asbestos, gas - House
  99. If you are building or buying a home you need to know this: drywall, fix - House
  100. Another crawlspace: floor, Lowes, drain, cheap - House
  101. Our wood floors are creaking! s????: hardwood floors, installation, room - House
  102. kitchen faucets with spray: washer, plumber, faucet, brands - House
  103. is it best to store dishes near dishwasher, or near cooktop for easy serving?: stove, sink - House
  104. know whats wrong with my refrigerator?: floor, pool, heater - House
  105. Flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room: hardwood floors, granite, Home Depot, laminate - House
  106. Would you like THIS in your neighbor's back yard?: cleaning, lights, building - House
  107. How Easy/Difficult to install replacement windows?: vinyl, installing, molding - House
  108. ADT security system scam??: phone, installing, worth, better - House
  109. raising two mattresses off the floor?: Home Depot, vacuum, furniture, bedroom - House
  110. Cabinet Manufacturers That DO NOT Use Chinese Plywood,: alternatives, phone, color - House
  111. wood floor under my (purple) carpet: flooring, Home Depot, Lowes, refinish - House
  112. Rustoleum paint for radiator: heating, sinks, smell, radiators - House
  113. Interior Storm Windows: install, living room, stained, glass - House
  114. How to Store Vintage Hats?: alternatives, sink, ceiling, best - House
  115. Can it be fixed or is it junk?: cost, build, repair - House
  116. Electric meter: installing, dryer, cost, electrical - House
  117. concrete patio advice?: how much, color, smells, installed - House
  118. How much should I pay to get a garage spring replaced?: springs, painting - House
  119. How much does a new roof cost?: roofing, installing, sq ft - House
  120. 100 AMP service: washer, heaters, apartment, condo - House
  121. What situation would you rather live in, pt. 3: window, color, install - House
  122. swimming pools - pros? cons?: windows, air conditioning, heater, vacuum - House
  123. I need help with Mold Removal: how much, furnace, Air Conditioner, drain - House
  124. How much to upgrade from 100amp to 200amp service?: floors, drain, appliance - House
  125. Neighbor pumps water from pool cover towards my yard????: drains, code, tiles - House
  126. base ideas for outdoor glass table: windows, phone, color, furniture - House
  127. Where do the furnace filters go?: furnaces, grill, heating, ceiling - House
  128. My first furniture: sofa, refinish, colors, couch - House
  129. Septic Tank Riser?: how much, tanks, install, cleaning - House
  130. What have you done with your concrete patio?: tiling, pool, painting - House
  131. Fireplace with gas log but burns wood????: my fireplace, heat, ceramic - House
  132. Need a new vacuum and have back problems..: cleaner, installed, room - House
  133. What's the general life expectancy of a hot water heater?: floor, how much - House
  134. City inspector - I should have been happy to see his lateness: window, appliance - House
  135. why is my 3 year old dryer not drying my clothes ? clothes stay damp: washer, pool - House
  136. Fence Need Help!: glass, build, worth, cracking - House
  137. Impossible wallpaper..... nts?: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, paint - House
  138. Cinder Block Basement: roof, foundation, drain, paint - House
  139. Need help shutting off main water: Lowes, phone, sink, installed - House
  140. Kitchen Island design help...: floors, Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  141. Blinds!: alternatives, Home Depot, windows, curtains - House
  142. Septic systems and latex paint: vinyl, tanks, drain, color - House
  143. Examples of attractive 70's decor ?: flea, colors, ceiling - House
  144. Need help on choosing color for kitchen walls: granite, paint color, ceiling - House
  145. Vanity drain pipe code requirement: countertop, sink, appliance, install - House
  146. Help! Little Hot Water in Kitchen: dishwasher, tank, sinks, installed - House
  147. Just had a new slider door installed. Is this poor construction?: Home Depot, window - House
  148. cedar siding. what color trim?: floor, roof, cleaner, stain - House
  149. Discoloration of new Concrete: color, light, cost, slab - House
  150. for a Deck Staining Expert: how much, Lowes, conditioner, painting - House
  151. Is it more cost effective to heat water as needed or to keep the water heater on all the time?: floors, Lowes - House
  152. Which one to choose Backyard Patio (Concrete Patio Vs. Wood Deck Vs. PVC): roof, vinyl - House
  153. Do you know your neighbors?: dogs, outside, fence, best - House
  154. What do you think? on exterior house colors): roof, Home Depot, windows
  155. Why is my paint rubbing off???: hardwood, roof, window, color - House
  156. Washing machine leak?: washer, drain, appliance, dryer - House
  157. Chest or upright freezer?: appliance, price, vs, refrigerator - House
  158. HOA-Very unfair: townhome, pools, colors, code - House
  159. Wood stoves: fireplace, Home Depot, heat, stone - House
  160. Converting a garage to living space?: floors, how much, windows, insulate - House
  161. hot water heater drain pipe: water tank, shower, plumbing, gas - House
  162. How to find underground sprinkler lines: installation, detector, glue, pipes - House
  163. Need help repairing and paint matching a wall.: floor, Home Depot, window - House
  164. Latest word on good mattresses... do they all sink?: foundation, springs, furniture - House
  165. Do you wear shoes in the house?: hardwood, color, room
  166. HELP! pulling up my purple carpet RIGHT NOW and......: floor, Home Depot, rooms - House
  167. What is the best dishwasher for hard water?: water heater, sinks, cleaner - House
  168. hot and cold are reversed: how much, hot water heater, sink, installed - House
  169. My janitor mixed bleach with pine sol to clean the floor: floors, alternatives - House
  170. Negotiating Incentives with Ashton Woods Homes: floor, how much, cleaner, costs - House
  171. Plumbing bill seemed high: water heater, drain, bathtub, smell - House
  172. You could win an outdoor makeover from Trex!!: vinyl, painting, furniture - House
  173. best replacement windows: vinyl, springs, wooden windows, insulated - House
  174. aged over 25 lived in the same house their entire life?: build, electricity
  175. Our Off Grid Story Has Been Revived: best, mount, Tennessee - House
  176. Hang LCD TV over firplace: fireplaces, sofa, heater, family room - House
  177. Hard water?: dishwasher, paint, install, bathroom - House
  178. No Trespassing: electrical, vent, mattresses, damaged - House
  179. Is it important to match up hardwood flooring?: hardwood floors, refinish, color - House
  180. Can I spray Great Stuff in around electrical outlet boxes?: windows, insulated - House
  181. Soooo I might have to sue my utility company.....: hurricane, electricity, vent - House
  182. Hard water converter system/Showerhead: washer, conditioner, cleaner, appliance - House
  183. Why don't roofing companies offer financing?: Home Depot, Lowes, installation, plumbing - House
  184. Lawn mower class action settlement: prices, repair, ducts, mount - House
  185. Ceiling Fan Wiring: paint, appliance, installation, glass - House
  186. Weird rattling sound coming from inside my (outer) walls when wind blows ???: fireplace, windows - House
  187. Hardwood or tile: laminate, installed, living room, cleaning - House
  188. Remove baseboards to refinish hardwood floors?: refinishing, paint, installing, stained - House
  189. Fences do make good neighbors!: installed, build, dogs, vent - House
  190. So the painters came this weekend.....: build, replace, pictures, seal - House
  191. Kitchen Cabinets with Curtains -: window, sink, furniture, cleaning - House
  192. Paint on cement driveway: floor, washer, cleaner, cleaning - House
  193. Could Really Use Curb Appeal Advice: windows, color, stone - House
  194. Yard Full of Water (Drainage Correction): how much, pool, drain, leaking - House
  195. No Sanding Wood Floor Refinishing Advice: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate, painting - House
  196. Laminate Wood Type Flooring: brands, cement, good - House
  197. Cracks in the Kool Deck: sealing, mobile, fixing, Mobile - House
  198. Which are the best stone bricks?: options - House
  199. have Samsung front loader with Activfresh or Silvercare?: washer, warm, cold - House
  200. IKEA Moses Chair: rate - House