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  1. Garden window install?: granite tile, windows, dining room, kitchen - House
  2. Have you bought a H0ME WARRANTY in 2010? Who to avoid?: hot water heater, stove - House
  3. Hardwood floor install on stairs?: plank, basement, worth, replace - House
  4. Solutions for poor brick facing?: window, colors, cleaning, kitchen - House
  5. garden tub (type of bathtub): between, freeze, difference, inside - House
  6. sterns and foster bed sheets: color, pillow, brands, washing - House
  7. Garage floor: installed, cleaning, stains, light - House
  8. Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter: floor, cleaning, cost, repair - House
  9. Put a window where a window never was...: roof, vinyl, windows - House
  10. HDTV with QAM - do I need a cable box???: heater, converting - House
  11. Painting pressed board?: furniture, vent, better, remove - House
  12. Replace kitchen sink....: drain, appliance, install, plumbing - House
  13. How to make sure you don't hit pipes when hanging prints in bathroom?: Home Depot, sink - House
  14. How to right up a contract for right to house insurance?: lien, cost
  15. What do I put under hardwood floors?: roofing, dishwasher, laminate - House
  16. reeseeding my lawn: window, warm, standard, better - House
  17. Need Help!! What color roof with Crane cypress green siding?: vinyl, weather - House
  18. tell me the cost of replacing my AIR CONDITIONER: furnace, heat - House
  19. How much drywall dust is a lot during/after remodeling?: floor, laminate - House
  20. Metal Studs: building, wall, wood, closet - House
  21. with Leather Flooring or Leather Tiles?: hardwood, installation, family room - House
  22. Front Door ----- Does know a good site for buying?: windows, glass - House
  23. Cleaning ceramic tile--vinegar and water?: floors, laundry room, versus, seal - House
  24. Window capping - vinyl instead of aluminum: windows, painting, install - House
  25. Installing replacement electric heater ...: flooring, roof, foundation, color - House
  26. Several projects.....Help me choose: how much, heat, color, ceilings - House
  27. UST removed, soil not tested, safe to proceed?: tank, tanks, construction - House
  28. Good and Workmanlike Manner on Repairs - House
  29. opinion on a zero radius kitchen sink?: sinks, cleaner, stone - House
  30. Formaldehyde Issues: Lowes, windows, heat, cabinets - House
  31. unexplained fine dirt in kitchen cabinets: floor, bedroom, pipes, vents - House
  32. White mineral deposits on kitchen faucet head- way to remove?: drains, bathroom - House
  33. Zinsser's Gardz and skim coating: painting, smell, bathroom, glue - House
  34. IN need of carpet!: flooring, rooms, kitchen, better - House
  35. Wallpaper or Sheetrock + paint: flooring, painting, converting, installation - House
  36. Stolen Copper and Aluminum at House....Need Estimate!: ceilings, plumber, steel
  37. Stripping paint advice: how much, window, heat, painting - House
  38. News, Insurance company: Flowers started Ark. house fire.: slipcovers, furniture, electrical
  39. Front Porch Footing: foundation, gas, pipe, slab - House
  40. French door refrig without ice in door: room, price, refrigerator - House
  41. Rocks versus Wood chips: roofing, foundation, pool, drainage pipe - House
  42. Drainage removedper request HOA, now gully, who pays?: pool, drains, install - House
  43. Painting stair risers...: floors, stain, basement, stairs - House
  44. News, Big Green Egg: Odd ceramic grill has a cultlike following.: cost, build - House
  45. How can I insulate sliding glass doors?: windows, heat, insulated - House
  46. Where to find drawer organizers for spice drawer?: kitchens, plastic, new - House
  47. News, Could Your Kitchen Pass a Health Inspection?: kitchens, Atlanta, home - House
  48. air conditioner in townhome: Air Conditioners, insulate, install, damage - House
  49. Water softener and filter for condos?: floor, dishwasher, hot water heater, sink - House
  50. Window frames heating up too much: vinyl, windows, installed, light - House
  51. Basement Washroom: sink, kitchen, plumber, build - House
  52. Help identifying siding: foundation, paint, plank, asbestos - House
  53. Hearth pad for pellet stove??: hardwood floors, heat, ceramic, stone - House
  54. Shark Vaccuum: hardwood, how much, vinyl, carpet - House
  55. How to paint wood trim on staircase where spindles meet the floor?: Lowes, color - House
  56. matching woods: hardwood floor, fireplace, townhouse, windows
  57. How to remove paint stripper residue from wood floor?: steel, vinegar, wooden - House
  58. plumbers or Sched 40 PVC experts: Home Depot, pipes, compare, worth - House
  59. What do you call this?: vinyl, paint, light, attic - House
  60. Coordinating exterior colors: roof, windows, color, siding - House
  61. Where do I find window treatments for this shape window?: Lowes, windows - House
  62. Could it be the carpet pad?: floor, cleaner, furniture, cleaning - House
  63. How do you replace windows in concrete construction block?: Home Depot, basement, remove - House
  64. Quote for Reliabilt windows from Lowes: vinyl, installed, price, best - House
  65. Water issues around house: foundation, pools, drains, install
  66. help find good heating and air contractor in North, VA: furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  67. order/review for flooring, color, bathroom, kitchen - House
  68. Bathroom cleaner: bathtub, sink, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  69. Guesstimate on adding a deck?: how much, dining room, cost, outside - House
  70. HVAC design issues: floor, grille, windows, AC - House
  71. Oh, Brother, disaster of the week!: flooring, vinyl, drain, ceiling - House
  72. Butcher Block Island: floor, glue, building, flush - House
  73. News, Do you have parched, burned up, brown grass then give it a Paint Job.: best, green - House
  74. brownish water spurting out of faucets?: color, sinks, bathroom, kitchen - House
  75. Basement dehumidifier setting?: how much, windows, heat, drains - House
  76. Ductwork Insulation, Recommended R level?: furnace, insulating, rooms, vent - House
  77. tell me if you think this is a horrible idea...: roof, granite - House
  78. Should I do anything to prevent a cockroach infestation?: alternatives, outside, cold - House
  79. Flooded and need advice on insurance process: how much, dehumidifier, smell - House
  80. GE cleansteel appliances: kitchen, stainless steel, compare, refrigerator - House
  81. Making my own mirror frame: bathroom, glue, glass, price - House
  82. News, Family in pool when sinkhole opens up.: outside, construction, duct - House
  83. Home elevators, Need comments, suggestions, warnings, anything to help us make the best decision: vacuum, phone - House
  84. Mortar Deteriorating: phone, color, plank, glue - House
  85. Musty, Humid Basement: subfloor, dehumidifier, foundation, furnace - House
  86. Kitchen Woodwork and Baseboards: floor, laminate, painting, installed - House
  87. Hedge trimmer recommendation: Home Depot, gas, cost, electric - House
  88. Sacrifice sq. footage in dining room for larger bath?: window, kitchen, cabinet - House
  89. about cement board siding: vinyl, Lowes, paint, plank - House
  90. Can U Stack Differing Brands of Washer-Dryer??: washers, loading, electric - House
  91. Kerosun....basement or main floor: furnace, heater, drain, plumbing - House
  92. Furnace: furnaces, installation, room, pipes - House
  93. Spider problems in my room, in need of advice.: window, cleaner, bedrooms - House
  94. 48 fridge: appliance, kitchen, cabinet, cost - House
  95. Need Help finding a good contractor for renovations: bathrooms, kitchen, build - House
  96. Monthly costs - Montclair NJ: how much, heating oil, cost, electricity - House
  97. Code violation: townhouse, installation, building codes, repair
  98. Tips on removing paint from wood crevices,corners: pool, heat, dining room - House
  99. polish/stain their concrete floors?: vinyl, carpet, basement, tile - House
  100. how to afix something decorative to Hardiplank: installation, lighting, siding - House
  101. Is there help for a squeeky fan?: ceiling, bathroom, cleaning - House
  102. Kitchen - reface, replace?: hardwood, how much, granite countertops, Home Depot - House
  103. Kitchen lighting help: pools, appliance, ceiling, installing - House
  104. Do electrical lights still use electricity if you take the bulbs out?: floor, roof - House
  105. Annoyed with roofing company: phone, ceiling, repair, damage - House
  106. Best shower addition bathroom remodel: bathfitters, flooring, Home Depot, heat - House
  107. negatives to replacing blower motor for higher RPM's: furnace, heating, insulating - House
  108. toilet smells like pee after cleaning it: how much, vinyl, curtain - House
  109. radiators vs central air/heat: flooring, fireplaces, air conditioning, heating - House
  110. Using humidifiers in the Winter: furnace, heating, insulated, stove - House
  111. Rubber membrane roofing estimate?: chimney, insulation, cost, pipes - House
  112. Thinking About Buying A Large House Houston Riverside Terrace Need Remodeling Ideas: how much, sink
  113. HUGE cockroach in my kitchen!!!: Home Depot, drain, sink, cleaner - House
  114. Old house bathroom floor: hardwood floors, vinyl, color, ceramic
  115. Path lighting. Yes or no?: pool, master bedroom, blinds, better - House
  116. Electricity shut off due to non-payment: furniture, company, mount, buy - House
  117. Wood floors and a Sound-proofing: hardwood floor, roofing, engineered, Home Depot - House
  118. Kitchen Cabinets: Decora vs. Aristokraft: color, price, warm, building - House
  119. Which is better for a sofa--polyester, cotton or microfiber?: furniture, cleaning, stain - House
  120. Decorative towels: floor, vacuum, curtain, colors - House
  121. help, I can't remove my old bathroom faucet: washer, Home Depot, drain - House
  122. Hard water and laundry?: how much, dishwasher, colors, cleaner - House
  123. Experineces with Bassett furniture: phone, couches, bedroom, price - House
  124. Top quality furniture brands: how much, sofa, dining room, prices - House
  125. Hard Acyrlic panels over window frame for security?: Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  126. How to Run Furnace when Electric goes out in a storm: furnaces, tank - House
  127. Stainless Steel help: granite, window, cleaner, appliance - House
  128. Shower/Bathroom: Install ceramic tile?: tiling, flooring, roofing, installing - House
  129. Power Outages on Well & Septic: bathroom, toilets, pipes, cold - House
  130. Problem with a contractor: tiling, floor, phone, color - House
  131. Duct cleaning with your shop vac?: furnace, windows, vacuum, ceiling - House
  132. Cut drywall out behind back of refrig to gain 3in of space?: how much, grill - House
  133. How can you tell if your ceiling tiles contain asbestos?: leak, pipe - House
  134. Maximum Bulb Wattage: Lowes, heat, ceramic, ceiling - House
  135. Powder post beetles found in new house: flooring, fireplace, stove
  136. Top-loading washer/dryer: washers, front loader, mold, costs - House
  137. How much should it cost to convert carpet covered stairs to hardwood stairs?: refinish, railing - House
  138. Moved to basement bedroom, SMELLY: floor, dehumidifier, window, vacuum - House
  139. Furnace and Waterheater in small closet - what is more efficient?: floor, grill - House
  140. How would an inspector know if there was an old abandoned oil tank buried underground?: furnaces, tanks - House
  141. Best filters: HEPA filter, Home Depot, furnace, vacuum - House
  142. How do you transport your gasoline for lawn mower?: vinyl, windows, tank - House
  143. Riding lawnmowers: Home Depot, Lowes, cost, electrical - House
  144. Sulfur Smell In Water: hot water heater, drain, smells, bathroom - House
  145. I have brown water coming out of the faucets in the bathroom only when the hot water is turned on.: tank, bathtubs - House
  146. Best shop vac for cleaning up post-renovation drywall dust?: furnace, heat, vacuum - House
  147. white dust coming from vents: roof, windows, painting, ceiling - House
  148. Ideas Rust flakes in toilet tank: floor, Home Depot, vacuum - House
  149. Help prioritize home projects: roof, opener, furnace, pool - House
  150. Why has Sears Craftman Quality has gone downhill?: installed, leaking, cost - House
  151. Dumb waiter: fireplace, loading, room, kitchen - House
  152. Pellet stove opinions??: humidifier, heater, vacuum, stoves - House
  153. Pressure Switch for Well Pump: tank, tanks, phone, installed - House
  154. Has steam cleaned their own carpets themselves?: wood floors, how much, vacuum - House
  155. Fridge what to buy??: granite, dishwasher, Lowes, microwave - House
  156. Washer/Dryer Questions: floor, how much, washers, front loader - House
  157. Can answer a about propane torches?: flooring, laminate, tank - House
  158. Drilling into metal faced door to hang blinds?: window, insulated, installation - House
  159. Should urinals be part of the modern household bathroom?: flooring, sink, smell
  160. Sewer Gas smell in basement - help!: floors, roof, drains - House
  161. use goof off paint remover?: floor, washer, painting - House
  162. Cost for chimney cap in your area?: how much, roof, fireplace - House
  163. Can a safety sensor be added to an old garage door opener without a sensor?: installation, code - House
  164. Installing wood floors: subfloor, engineered, laminate, refinishing - House
  165. cheap kitchen countertop?: countertops, Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  166. How can I stop neighbor's cigarette smoke from getting into my place?: HEPA filter, floor - House
  167. which would you rather have?: cleaning, yard, door, free - House
  168. Roots clogging sewer line: how much, drain, bathroom, kitchen - House
  169. Can recomend a good cheap motion sensor alarm for indoor use?: window, rooms - House
  170. Making an offer on a house - how low is too low?: how much, heater
  171. Unexpected Stainless Steel Cleaner Really Works!: countertops, dishwasher, microwave, ceramic - House
  172. THIS is a single family home: build, driveway, landscaping, Toronto - House
  173. Plumbing - Unclogging a Drain in Shower - hair...: Home Depot, drains, bathtub - House
  174. NJ Plumber? Need new water pipe from street to house: how much, roof
  175. keep large room cool: floor, roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  176. Exterior door swing: installing, glass, code, standard - House
  177. My other half is a hoarder I think!! help with organization tips!: sink, cleaning - House
  178. areas tested lead-free, how likely is it that there's no lead paint in: HEPA filter, floor - House
  179. How can you tell if your chimney REALLY needs a liner?: roofing, fireplaces - House
  180. Animal urine and other unsavory smells in prospective home: hardwood floors, how much, laminate - House
  181. Self-opening door hinge: installed, bathroom, worth, mount - House
  182. Sliding glass door latch defective?: hardwood, springs, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  183. Drum in electric dryer doesn't turn: heating, cost, disposal, repair - House
  184. Do you leave your porch light on/off at night?: living room, lights - House
  185. HGTV Fall Fix Up: hardwood floors, roof, vinyl, granite - House
  186. News, Would you put this OOoo Chair in your house?: floor, foundation
  187. What should I know about caulk?: roofing, windows, drains, paint - House
  188. Have you used UV/heat reducing film on your windows?: curtains, colors - House
  189. Electric bill: floor, roof, townhouse, windows
  190. Cleaning Floor Tiles: flooring, vinyl, color, ceramic - House
  191. Part of driveway looks like it is sinking: pool, cost, pipe - House
  192. Is it important to fill out warranty cards on new household appliances?: washer, refrigerator
  193. river view tower in nyc: how much, worth - House
  194. News, Man: Air horn retaliation for loud music.: duct, Iowa, neighbor - House
  195. How do I make this water heating system cheaper?: tank, tanks, chimney - House
  196. Mohawk brand wax wash remover: duct - House
  197. Navien tankless water heater? have?: plumber, gas, warm, electric - House
  198. Spar Urethane over Polystain - House
  199. cutting out rotten sill under wall: concrete, remove, garage, built - House
  200. Planning on buying a home: better, Florida - House