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  1. Let's say I want to put up a TV antenna: roof, room - House
  2. Thermostat problems: heat, replace, fix, old - House
  3. Burning Dust from Heater: windows, smell, cleaning, warm - House
  4. News, Plumbers Always Have a Happy Thanksgiving (It's the No. 1 Sink-Clogging Holiday): drain, kitchen - House
  5. Thermal Window Coverings: energy, efficient, outlet, type - House
  6. What concessions did you make when you bought your house, and are you sorry?: how much, pool
  7. Removing ink spill from carpet: paint, cleaner, install, stain - House
  8. wierd wiring situation for new oven: dishwasher, AC, microwave, color - House
  9. Propane Grill Ignitor Switch: light, circuit, repair, replacement - House
  10. Ductless Heating and Cooling System: furnace, air conditioning, install, natural gas - House
  11. Crawlspace moisture?: condensation, door, ground, good - House
  12. Laminate flooring over wooden subfloor?: installing, stains, plywood, moisture - House
  13. Ceramic Space Heaters Keep Heating Costs Down????: living room, natural gas, cost - House
  14. Slippery Laminate Floors: installed, carpet, damage, best - House
  15. recently install a wooden fence on their property?: vinyl, Home Depot, color - House
  16. Well, I found a new guy that will really finish my house!: Home Depot, laminate
  17. Cleaning yellow rust stains: tanks, bathtub, sinks, cleaner - House
  18. Goodman heat pump - air handler coil replacement: heating, install, construction - House
  19. Gas Heat Won't Work ... High Winds!: furnaces, Lowes, installing, chimney - House
  20. New digital electric box. Now my entire box is separated from my house!: installation, code
  21. News Video, Home, sweet shipping container.: converting, cost, standard, cheaper - House
  22. REALLY need advice - do I square off sunken concrete steps or leave them curved?: flooring, Home Depot - House
  23. HVAC System quote: how much, townhome, furnace, windows - House
  24. News, Christmas message runs afoul of sign ban.: lights, washing, remove - House
  25. Anchoring bolts in concrete block: glue, price, better, existing - House
  26. Tax Break and windows: townhouse, installed, energy, company
  27. One side of the house a sauna, other frozen tundra: AC, heaters
  28. Backyard is Flooded: AC, drain, stone, siding - House
  29. Hot Water Tank issue: washer, furnace, hot water baseboard, vacuum - House
  30. Recommendations for PTAC?: heating, install, condo, price - House
  31. Cement Dry pack alternative: floors, vinyl, foundation, fireplace - House
  32. Outdoor Outlet: lights, weather, breaker, patio - House
  33. Sump pump in the winter help: humidifier, foundation, furnace, tank - House
  34. Ethical realtors in Katy, Texas: price, worth, better, system - House
  35. How many Mighty Queens does it take...: windows, paint, ceiling - House
  36. What is the recommended process, for hiring a RE attorney?: phone, compare - House
  37. For Who Have/Had a Dark Colored Roof - Need Help & Advice: vinyl, air conditioning - House
  38. condensation on windows - just moved to this house: hardwood floors, vinyl, humidifier
  39. furnace help: furnaces, heat, natural gas, circuit - House
  40. trouble wth oil fired boiler/burner: furnace, installed, chimney, cold - House
  41. Had to let go contractor - can you see issues with this?: lien, floors - House
  42. baseboard/thermostate wiring: heater, replace, remove, HVAC - House
  43. How much weight you think I can have on my rooftop terrace? pics attached.: roof, pool - House
  44. backyard and drive way lights with motion sensor: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  45. Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System: using - House
  46. Condensation or Water Leak: roof, foundation, windows, water heater - House
  47. Cost to add a screened in porch: flooring, how much, roof - House
  48. Heat & A/C set back when away to save money. Good or bad?: furnaces, AC - House
  49. Fix drafty finished basement?: floor, foundation, heaters, insulating - House
  50. Heating Fan does not go off: furnace, air conditioning, installing, room - House
  51. How to drain sprinkler system for winter temps?: vac, cost, pipes - House
  52. risk/fire hazard if blue painter's tape gets INTO an electrical outlet?: heat, appliance - House
  53. At home dry cleaning?: washer, Air Conditioner, heat, smell - House
  54. Help with heating!: floor, how much, fireplace, furnace - House
  55. Buying a house built in 1915 in Valley Stream, NY. advice!: foundation, ceilings
  56. Finishing a basement: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, foundation - House
  57. Cleaning Stainless Refrigerator - THANK YOU: Home Depot, cleaner, stainless steel, cost - House
  58. How do I Replace my shower pan? Help?: floor, jacuzzi, drains - House
  59. Stone work on the walk way out front: washer, color, installation - House
  60. Can we replace parts of the subfloor ourselves?: hardwood floors, how much, engineered - House
  61. Snowblower issue: heater, pipe, best, replace - House
  62. could I use the downdraft in kitchen for gasline and downdraft?: floor, insulate - House
  63. help with a cleaning issue: washer, Lowes, curtains, stove - House
  64. Need Help Identifying this Bed: springs, room, price, compare - House
  65. Green colonial furnace (coal converted to gas): antique, door, new - House
  66. kitchen cabinet model: Lowes, curtain, color, sink - House
  67. Can recommend a good structural engineer in S. Jersey?: building codes, safe - House
  68. How to treat black mold (outdoors): Lowes, stain, outside, weather - House
  69. modular or mfg: roof, windows, heat, modular homes - House
  70. Lopi wood stove controls: room, between, difference, moving - House
  71. Window leak: roof, painting, glass, leaking - House
  72. Drive way fence and gate: opener, install, electricity, iron - House
  73. New roof - black vs charcoal/grey - utility bill savings?: shingles, color - House
  74. fireplace insert issues: hardwood, smells, installed, bathroom - House
  75. R13 vs R30 for industrial live/work loft space: alternatives, Lowes, heating - House
  76. Paint color programs: living room, interior, wall, typical - House
  77. plumbing issue: tank, installed, plumber, leaking - House
  78. Wood floor water damage -- how to fix?: wood floors, cleaning, stain - House
  79. Mounting Shelving: how much, installation, kitchen, cabinets - House
  80. Recommend electric heater?: how much, fireplace, Lowes, window - House
  81. HOA vs. City Parking Laws, Need Advice!: convert, outside, forced - House
  82. Removing tile floor to put down hardwood: subfloor, installed, kitchen - House
  83. Help with cleaning a glass top range: heat, stove, smells - House
  84. Installing a bathroom towel bar: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling - House
  85. Glue light fixture?: floor, heat, sink, ceiling - House
  86. Are older CFL bulbs a fire hazard?: installed, lighting, outside - House
  87. Compost alongside house exterior wall...Good or bad idea?: foundation, drain, installing
  88. Is there an easy way to get up carpet tack stripping?: hardwood, laminate - House
  89. Storing shoes in bedroom? Best solution: alternatives, smells, furniture, cabinets - House
  90. Humidifier Filters: replacement, filter, cement, table - House
  91. Remove & Replace only shower tile: subfloor, install, mold - House
  92. New construction causes lake in backyard: roof, engineered, Home Depot, drain - House
  93. Are anti-bacterial dish detergents and hand soaps harmful to septic systems?: how much, dishwashers - House
  94. Gable Vent Fix: installed, vents, outside, cold - House
  95. Updating 2 prong outlets by running a ground to copper pipe: insulated, plumbing - House
  96. Thermostat for/with Heat Pump: furnace, installed, room, gas - House
  97. How to lay down laminate on a curved surface/sunken steps: flooring, color - House
  98. Lighting advice sought; need to upgrade my cave: flooring, how much, windows - House
  99. Fridge is warm, freezer cold--what could it be?: heat, appliance, repair - House
  100. Haggling at Safavieh Home?: sofa, furniture, prices, company - House
  101. What is the difference in Propane and Natural gas?: my fireplace, tank, tanks - House
  102. Upstairs is too hot while downstair too cold: floor, window, AC - House
  103. What to do when the toilet fills up as if it will overflow?: Home Depot, tank - House
  104. Solutions for steep driveway/main road?: heat, warm, code, iron - House
  105. How can a 2 year old septic system back up????: pool, tank, installed - House
  106. Faucet Filter: countertop, sink, convert, installed - House
  107. Door lock: cost, compare, outside, worth - House
  108. Lighting up my kitchen. Looking for experience on placement.: floor, granite - House
  109. Laminate questions. :dubious:: tiling, hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl - House
  110. repairing broken light switch: AC, ceiling, room, lights - House
  111. Cat Urine: subfloor, refinish, painting, smells - House
  112. weird shower in bedroom...convert to bathroom?: floor, tank, drainage pipe - House
  113. Stacked Washer/Dryers: floor, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  114. CFL Recess Lighting ...: Home Depot, Lowes, sink, installed - House
  115. Kilz Primer: painting, smell, ceiling, light - House
  116. Hiring painters, yard workers or handymen, do you care if they are legal to work in the US?: painting, rooms - House
  117. Cost for house addition?: floor, roof, vinyl, foundation
  118. Whirlybird/Turbine Roof Vents -- Need help!: shingles, loading, paint - House
  119. Fireplace grate heaters - worthwhile?: fireplaces, furnace, windows, stove - House
  120. propane or electric hot water heater?: Home Depot, furnace, pool, water tank - House
  121. Building your own house: how much, roof, foundation, fireplace
  122. Roof rafter cracked - how bad?: shingles, cleaning, glue, leaking - House
  123. What direction should your house face?: roof, feng shui, windows, heating
  124. To the Plumbers out there--HELP!: drains, sink, cleaner, ceiling - House
  125. Clean a small amount of smoke off wall?: dishwasher, painting, cleaning - House
  126. Whitening no-bleach shirts?: how much, dishwasher, heat, colors - House
  127. Your opinion and/or experience with cooktop island: stove, sink, kitchen - House
  128. Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200: hardwood floors, laminate, vacuum - House
  129. Urgent ... Unable to rid house of fire ants and not sure what to try next: foundation, paint
  130. Insulating pipes in attic: floors, roof, heat, drains - House
  131. Ideas to clean chimney: hardwood, roof, fireplace, phone - House
  132. Housing prices still dropping, how about building materials?: flooring, granite countertops, Lowes - House
  133. Light switch unresponsive for new light: AC, phone, ceiling, installation - House
  134. Crane Board 7 vs. Hardie Plank siding: vinyl, laminate, heat, insulated - House
  135. Dryer outlet/cord is fitted for a range: jacuzzi, Home Depot, heaters - House
  136. Side-by-side fridge/freezer: pool, curtain, appliance, bathroom - House
  137. where were my spons gone ?!: building, buy, yard, garage - House
  138. How to know if the water heater in the attic is leaking?: window, hot water heater - House
  139. Are there ways to reduce the temperature of a bedroom besides an open window?: floors, washer - House
  140. Formal Dining Room Advice: floor, windows, couch, ceiling - House
  141. My in-progress kitchen remodel, from the start.: subfloor, granite countertops, dishwasher - House
  142. Plaster fell on my head. Lawsuit?: window, ceiling, bathroom, showers - House
  143. Lighting recommendations for high ceiling room: floor, Home Depot, windows, ceilings - House
  144. Who has used Armstrong or similar laminate tiles?: subfloor, vinyl, color - House
  145. No Damper on Exhaust Flue from Oil Furnace. Is this a problem?: furnaces, heating - House
  146. Condensation In Converted Attic: floor, dehumidifier, furnace, windows - House
  147. Is a 95% furnace worth it?: how much, furnaces, pool, Air Conditioner - House
  148. Plumbing issues in older home, I really need help.: foundation, washer - House
  149. Painting a door, questions: laminate, ceramic, convert, kitchen - House
  150. Service fees: air conditioning, phone, install, plumber - House
  151. How to remove mildew smell from wood cabinets?: floor, Home Depot, paint - House
  152. Old house renovation/restoration: floor, how much, engineered, flea
  153. Solar lights for VERY dark yard: appliance, install, detector, lighting - House
  154. is baseboard heat out of style?: hardwood floors, humidifier, furnace, Lowes - House
  155. Electric stoves & electric fireplaces: floor, roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  156. Can I tear out the ceiling?: hardwood floors, roof, heat, insulated - House
  157. heat pump issues: HEPA filter, how much, Home Depot, furnace - House
  158. Need help with selecting carpet...: hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, vacuum - House
  159. ideas for cold basement floor: subfloor, fireplaces, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  160. Quote for a new breaker panel and interior circuits: how much, dishwasher, Lowes - House
  161. Best Steam Mop: hardwood floors, cleaner, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  162. Moving a detached garage about 50': shingles, vinyl, foundation, laminate - House
  163. Counter Tops: granite, Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  164. Pet urine in hardwood floors of new home. Has dealt with anything like this or worse?: fleas, laminate - House
  165. Can I wash and dry sheets that have paint on them as usual?: flooring, Home Depot - House
  166. How hard would it be to raise an installed bathroom vanity?: floor, how much - House
  167. Ceiling Fan Size: floor, heating, stove, appliance - House
  168. Floor registers and ceiling fan rotation direction: roof, my fireplace, heat - House
  169. Where are the most Household Bacteria colonies Located?: microwave, sink, cleaning
  170. VERY unhappy with new neighbors plans for addition that will encroach on space: laminate, phone - House
  171. What's eating my house (photo)?: flooring, window, paint, furniture
  172. Sink fills up with water when dishwasher is running: drains, cleaner, plumber - House
  173. House/room settling - how fixable is it?: floor, foundation, stone
  174. Heat pump/furnace issue: subfloor, fireplace, electric heat, insulate - House
  175. Enlarge hole for new interior doorknob??: how much, Home Depot, paint, installation - House
  176. Fan speed on Lennox Furnace: Lowes, heating, rooms, gas - House
  177. Improving look of old floor tiles and grout?: floors, how much, Home Depot - House
  178. Draft from kitchen exhaust vent: fireplace, heating, microwave, stove - House
  179. Bi-fold Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Replacement Help: phone, furniture, installing, cabinets - House
  180. Debating costs for central apartment A/C over portable unit: window, air conditioning - House
  181. Gutter issues: floor, how much, roof, foundation - House
  182. Repairing Toilet --- Do it myself?: Home Depot, tank, install, bathroom - House
  183. Nightmare # 1 come true - Sewer backup: Home Depot, drain, bathrooms - House
  184. Do leather couch work with cats (declawed in front): floor, sofas - House
  185. Firebox crack: floor, how much, fireplace, stove - House
  186. HOA: townhouse, color, remove, driveway
  187. Crickets enter house: bathtub, carpeting, basement, stairs
  188. House caught on fire. How to clean up aftermath?!?: how much, roof, fireplace
  189. Hot water heater - replace now or later?: how much, pool, tank - House
  190. Wood Burning Stove Information: how much, fireplaces, heaters, stoves - House
  191. My granite was installed today, and it came out horrible.: stove, sink - House
  192. Advice on strategy for moving a house with loads of junk??: how much, phone
  193. Tipping: how much, painting, ceilings, bedrooms - House
  194. Is Heat Pump suppose to come out right away: furnace, AC, heater - House
  195. Boarding up windows? (not moving out): heating, paint, install, living room - House
  196. Are gas logs warm without a blower?: my fireplace, furnace, heaters - House
  197. Top 10 Home Energy Trends in 2011: build, electric, ducts, new - House
  198. electrical outlets with GFCI: countertop, sink, room, circuit - House
  199. Steam Cleaner recommendation?: heat, vents, prevent, good - House
  200. 2011 Trends In Home And Personal Security: homeowners, new - House