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  1. window leaking!: shingles, Home Depot, windows, insulate - House
  2. Outdoor faucet help: installing, replace, plastic, pressure - House
  3. renovating small house: roof, foundation, dishwasher, furnace
  4. Central air vs. window units: floor, how much, dehumidifier, air conditioning - House
  5. Need Exterior Paint Color for Contemporary house, Pictures attached.: glass, warm
  6. Stand Pipe For Basement: floor, Home Depot, furnace, drains - House
  7. Solar Energy - Sungevity: roof, installation, cost, square - House
  8. Hot apt getting cold and then hot again: floor, AC, heat - House
  9. Bug bites in the house: fleas, warm, square, dogs
  10. about retaining wall projects: how much, stone, room, cost - House
  11. Do I have to worry about Asbestos Tiles? (w Pic): flooring, vinyl - House
  12. Low water pressure, high electric bill.: how much, furnace, water heater, stove - House
  13. Does SS sink need to be undercoated?: sinks, smell, kitchen - House
  14. Central AC cooling rate?: heater, insulated, furniture, room - House
  15. Garbage disposer won't turn off: smells, light, disposal, electrical - House
  16. Paint removeal on linoleum floors?: hardwood, vinyl, refinish, ceramic - House
  17. feelings about using CPVC piping?: color, installed, kitchen, plumber - House
  18. Running AC unit in attic to improve central air?: floor, roof, double pane windows - House
  19. Chemical Smell in New Furniture: paint, bedroom, kitchen, stain - House
  20. house plan: floor plans, costs, building, worth
  21. have an infrared grill?: Home Depot, Lowes, electric heat, ceramic - House
  22. Solar Attic Fan: price, vent, best, thermostat - House
  23. Outdoor A/C Condenser On Bricks: pool, AC, convert, installation - House
  24. Reducing noise made by pool equipment?: heater, hurricane, build, vent - House
  25. Staining fiberglass door problem: painting, stain, compare, remove - House
  26. Tintable porch or deck paint: floor, color, light, wooden - House
  27. Bathroom subfloor: cleaning, mold, shower, leak - House
  28. Sliding Screen Doors: how much, cost, replace, duct - House
  29. Pressure tank: installed, plumbing, compare, basement - House
  30. AC smells like heat?: floors, dehumidifier, furnace, air conditioning - House
  31. Slight cupping in hardwoods?: hardwood floors, dehumidifier, foundation, window - House
  32. Foyer Tiles: flooring, vinyl, Home Depot, ceramic - House
  33. A/c on humidity inside house: dehumidifier, windows, AC
  34. Cartoon House Comes to Life: paint, San Francisco, Utah
  35. HOA/ rental: legal, typical, living, problems - House
  36. Wasps next in covered exhaust vent: vacuum, ceilings, bedroom, kitchen - House
  37. How to relocate large amount of gravel from the back yard ?: front loader, cost - House
  38. Decks 101?: flooring, pool, Lowes, heating - House
  39. Getting estimates for work on house....really necessary???: flooring, roofing, vinyl
  40. Garage Conversion: subfloor, foundation, windows, insulated - House
  41. Pool Chlorine Tabs: drain, cost, vs, brands - House
  42. Sprinkler help!: how much, foundation, Lowes, light - House
  43. Move Kitchen to Converted Carport?: floor, gas, building, slab - House
  44. Laundry.....: glue, square, washing, better - House
  45. DIY Mistake - Fence Set too Shallowly: loading, stone, steel - House
  46. Fireplace Wall Vents: floor, how much, my fireplace, heating - House
  47. Polycarbonate sheeting for windows?: muntins, installing, glass, light - House
  48. Premise or Termidor for termite prevention/control?: prices, repair, between - House
  49. Insulation for vaulted ceilings: how much, insulated, install, room - House
  50. New A/C Outside Fan not running: Air Conditioner, heater, phone - House
  51. Outside Walkway Design: roof, foundation, color, light - House
  52. What would secure top stone on stone wall.: Lowes, heat, sinks - House
  53. If Extensive Upgrades (Rewire, Replumb, New Roof, ) Have to be Done to an Old House: wiring, covered
  54. Heat/ air unit out HELP!!!!!: insulated, repair, outside, worth - House
  55. Replacing old thermostats--mercury: floor, disposal, removal, metal - House
  56. to leave dining table pad on all the time?: dining room, cleaning - House
  57. problem with my house ac: heat, installed, light, electrical
  58. Help with window costs in MN: vinyl, townhouse, Home Depot, windows
  59. Dollar Bill Mirror: vinyl, paint, sink, bathroom - House
  60. Weird sprinkler water pressure problem: vacuum, faucet, leak, pipe - House
  61. Using flush mount hangers: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, furniture - House
  62. Electric Water heater: tank, cold, remove, thermostat - House
  63. Mice in apartment: floors, foundation, Home Depot, smell - House
  64. Inspection for new house came back saying to reinstall tankless hot water heater?: how much, vinyl
  65. A/C - Heat in a HighRise: condo, light, cost - House
  66. Furniture Restoring Cloth?? Do You Know What This Is??: Home Depot, cleaning, cost - House
  67. Air conditioning Ball Park figure: how much, electric heat, installed, room - House
  68. Air vs Heat pump: furnace, window, Air Conditioner, electric heat - House
  69. News, Honeywell recalls thermostats.: electrical, washing, between, pictures - House
  70. curtain for glass door: ducts, panels, doors, moving - House
  71. Help, My Dishwasher is Trying to Kill Me: microwave, appliance, kitchen - House
  72. Heating: floor, fireplaces, furnace, heater - House
  73. A Poll about Polls: mount - House
  74. Shower Control Valve: sinks, bathroom, kitchen, showers - House
  75. Buying bathroom sink and shower faucets: how much, kitchen, faucet, price - House
  76. How would I insulate my attic?: how much, roof, furnace, windows - House
  77. garages & insulation: roof, foundation, windows, heat - House
  78. Attic water heater & attic exhaust fan.: roof, Lowes, tank - House
  79. Hardwood floor: engineered, refinish, color, cleaning - House
  80. AC Unit problems 8 visits in 3 years on New Unit: heat, install, repair - House
  81. Stovetop takes forever to light: smell, natural gas, apartment, lighting - House
  82. Marble tiles in shower: floor, cleaner, installing, bathroom - House
  83. Need Plumber for installation of washing machine pipes/drain pipe: how much, washer - House
  84. Can I still use my oven?: stove, appliance, cleaning, apartment - House
  85. How To Cool an Aluminum Sun Porch: roof, heat, installed - House
  86. washing machine: floor, washer, loading, colors - House
  87. basement waterproofing hardware: vinyl, foundation, drain, leaking - House
  88. Install drain piping from bathroom tub, home bulit on concrete slab: floor, shower - House
  89. A/C, heat pump, and auxiliary heat: light, circuit, cold - House
  90. Sill plate and part of rim joist below grade?: hardwood, foundation, drains - House
  91. Is Moving An A/C Vent Register Higher Up: heater, paint - House
  92. News, Doomsday bunkers for under $10,000!: costs, building, vents, company - House
  93. Bed help? I hope I posted in the right place!: sofa, downstairs - House
  94. DIY Patio: pool, drains, installing, sq ft - House
  95. A/C Problems: floor, furnace, heat, installed - House
  96. Carpet cleaning: smell, cleaner, carpets, better - House
  97. How to properly seal chaise from crawl to attic?: fireplace, furnace, insulating - House
  98. Uneven floor transition, where to buy?: flooring, Home Depot, laminate, tile - House
  99. Goodman heat pump keeps on freezing: ceiling, installed, outside, replacement - House
  100. Change out of light fixtures: can I do this??: color, ceiling, lighting - House
  101. Seeking Home Security (ADT) Installation Advice: floor, roof, windows, phone - House
  102. Freezer in a garage: how much, loading, laundry room, insulation - House
  103. Wallpaper over plywood panels: laminate, paint, bedroom, cabinet - House
  104. Can I mix and match door knob brands?: Home Depot, window, installed - House
  105. Retirement house: wood floors, dishwasher, townhome, bathtub
  106. can a foundation be unfixable: floor, installed, apartment, cost - House
  107. Wooden Driveway Gate: opener, convert, compare, iron - House
  108. Apt is warmest in evening?: roof, windows, heat, ceilings - House
  109. How much would you pay?: color, cost, standard, better - House
  110. How to be a better household manager--overwhelmed!: vacuum, cleaner, cleaning
  111. New To The Neighborhood - How do you meet your neighbors?: pool, phone - House
  112. Digless Fence?: vinyl, Home Depot, sink, installation - House
  113. Who would you not want for a neighbor?: smell, fences, construction - House
  114. Air conditioning: floor, Lowes, window, Air Conditioners - House
  115. I am being charged $2300 to tile kitchen floor: tiling, flooring, granite - House
  116. Man declines to have a smart meter installed: heat, tanks, appliance - House
  117. Window Screens: vinyl, furnace, double pane windows, costs - House
  118. How do you dispose of ceramic tile?: Home Depot, installing, glass - House
  119. How do I secure a 2x4 to masonry?: floor, windows, installed - House
  120. Tube on side of house with constant dripping?: foundation, townhouse, AC
  121. My neighbor wants my trees dead :-(: how much, foundation, couch - House
  122. Weedy pond on property--how expensive to clean up?: drain, cost, labor - House
  123. Replacing an old wall-installed air conditioner? ideas?: how much, windows, Air Conditioners - House
  124. It's back: Who would you NOT want to live next to part II: bathroom, kitchens - House
  125. ECK...Just saw a tiny (inch long) salamander on my bedroom floor..: slate, light - House
  126. Buying an Old home - (heating, electrical, asbestos and pest): how much, furnace - House
  127. Engine kill feature on garden tractor: pool, gas, light, vent - House
  128. Pilot Light out on Hot Water Heater during high temp.: roof, furnace - House
  129. Fences- when to renew and who pays: color, install, stain - House
  130. Home Depot (GE) vs Bradford White Hot Water Heaters: how much, Lowes, water tank - House
  131. how to maintain rock lawn?: Home Depot, vacuum, gas, electric - House
  132. Getting rid of pigeons?: window, color, installing, glass - House
  133. Smoothing out paint?: floors, how much, vacuum, ceilings - House
  134. Vinegar for ants: vinyl, window, microwave, kitchen - House
  135. Finding good faucet fixtures?: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic - House
  136. How high can I keep the A/C while away for a long weekend?: window, AC - House
  137. How Much $$$ Does It Cost to Run ....?: appliance, ceiling, installed - House
  138. What kind of rider lawnmower do you have?: paint, install, gas - House
  139. Is High Humidty In House Ok If Temperature Isnt High: wood floors, roof
  140. clean enough?: wood floors, washer, vacuum, paint - House
  141. Best way to barricade a door other than deadbolt?: floor, installed, cabinet - House
  142. Dumb about LED lamps/bulbs: how much, heat, color, kitchen - House
  143. Wood Siding or Vinyl Siding: how much, colors, asbestos, installation - House
  144. Need a new vacuum.: floor, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, appliance - House
  145. Best way to get concrete clean for tile?: tiling, paint, install - House
  146. Steam mop used on berber carpet: hardwood floors, vinyl, washer, sink - House
  147. New Compressor or Replace AC Unit??? Help: window, AC, installed - House
  148. House on a Hill... Good idea?: floor, vinyl, foundation, pool
  149. Help with small above ground pool chemicals?: how much, pools, curtain - House
  150. Would the windows look strange like this?: floor, AC, sink - House
  151. Best way to kill weeds in gravel driveway?: curtain, vent, fence - House
  152. tankless water heaters?: dishwasher, furnace, tank, tanks - House
  153. Advice HE washers/dryers: front loader, pool, drain, loading - House
  154. Pledge vs Lysol Multi: countertops, windows, sinks, cleaner - House
  155. Bedroom opening into kitchen?: furniture, install, dining room, resale value - House
  156. Attic insulation: how much, roof, Lowes, insulating - House
  157. Installing ceiling fan remote control, want to patch over the original power switch in the on position?: color, kitchen - House
  158. Wood Stove Recommendations,: floor, roof, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  159. Kitchen re-do questions: flooring, color, appliance, room - House
  160. Martha Stewart Patio Tables-Exploding Glass: Home Depot, outside, weather, company - House
  161. separate shower and bath: floors, tank, bathtubs, installing - House
  162. help color-blind guy choosing exterior house colors...: how much, roof, vinyl
  163. get hardwood/engineered floors?: hardwood floor, how much, Lowes, installation - House
  164. Ok, what the heck was that?: living room, basement, between, screen - House
  165. Blinds?: Home Depot, windows, curtains, color - House
  166. How does financing an addition work?: lien, paint, costs, pipe - House
  167. HOA lawsuits: town house, pool, condo, square
  168. disposer on septic: dishwasher, tank, paint, installing - House
  169. installed wood tiles: flooring, vacuum, color, ceramic - House
  170. Sour milk smell in dishwasher...: pool, cleaning, stain, interior - House
  171. What is the best bug killer/zapper for my patio?: Lowes, grill - House
  172. Like to have 240v/30 amp installed in breaker box for apt: washer, window - House
  173. So you are buying new windows: wood floors, shingles, vinyl, springs - House
  174. AC Drain Pipe Clogged ?? What to try next: floor, townhome, Lowes - House
  175. Tile floor cracking, why?: foundation, Home Depot, ceramic, installing - House
  176. Tree about to fall from neighbor's property: how much, cost, code - House
  177. Placing Acrylic sheet behind window for security?: windows, installed, living room - House
  178. Refinishing 100 yr old white pine floor: flooring, town house, laminate, vacuum
  179. Help Designing Home Theater: vacuum cleaner, phones, loading, cleaner - House
  180. When did builders stop using rope and pulley windows?: how much, springs, refinishing - House
  181. Radon: windows, ceiling, asbestos, bathroom - House
  182. Need help with electrical problem: Home Depot, bathroom, toilet, lights - House
  183. Water damage to hardwood floor: engineered, vinyl, dishwasher, laminate - House
  184. Which appearance/style do you find most attractive for a home?: townhouses, pool
  185. dining room table size: paint, kitchen, vs, building - House
  186. Thinking of creating a master over the garage, ideas?: floor, how much, roof - House
  187. Double Pane Windows with No Low-E Glass: vinyl, air conditioning, heat - House
  188. Bad smell in house: floor, dehumidifier, townhouse, drains
  189. Can't get light bulbs out of fixture: ceiling, carpet, glue - House
  190. Vacuum and clean your refrigerator coils!: dishwasher, grill, window, heat - House
  191. Painting Asphalt Roof Shingles White: how much, springs, heat, insulated - House
  192. OK to flush a/c drip tube with drain cleaner?: floor, Air Conditioner - House
  193. The benefits of having only 1 bathroom...: hardwood, bathrooms, kitchens, molding - House
  194. Can I seal unglazed porcelain tile: stains, backsplash - House
  195. News, Shipping containers converted into home.: electricity, worth, running water, purchase - House
  196. New ac filter hissing sound: upstairs, metal, rate - House
  197. Care for travertine floor/tiles: floors, stone, cleaning, mold - House
  198. Whilfool 10x11 grease filter $95.10 Uses THREE: square, replace, duct - House
  199. I need HVAC licensed for Furnace/AC install in Cent NJ: townhome, homeowner - House
  200. experience with GE Simon XT home security system???: installation, code, purchase - House