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  1. Thermostat Wiring w/ Pics: heat, better, pump, system - House
  2. Help with gas range problem....: pool, stove, light, electrical - House
  3. Exterior Paint: roof, color, ceiling, light - House
  4. Fluorescent lights: alternatives, ceiling, laundry room, kitchen - House
  5. Cleaning Masonary siding: washer, mold, pressure, rubber - House
  6. Selective Home Insurance Company: property, South Carolina, new, old - House
  7. thru the wall A-C sleeves..............: appliance, installing, better, purchase - House
  8. Removing mold from deck: washer, paint, cleaner, light - House
  9. How to build an Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber for only $50.00: weather, homeowners - House
  10. Lights out in the basement?: washer, appliance, insulation, dryer - House
  11. Help me finish my lawn! Advice needed :): how much, light, building - House
  12. How do I pull my gas stove/oven forward?: floor, installation, vent - House
  13. paver stones from Lowe's/Home Depot: Lowes, stone, installed, prices - House
  14. Why my water pipe sound like a freight train running?: bathroom, shower - House
  15. Need advice new kitchen/bath floorplan: laundry room, cost, square feet - House
  16. Roofing in Rain?: pool, drains, ceiling, mold - House
  17. Poll - Best Water Heater brand: opener, Home Depot, pools, Lowes - House
  18. Bathroom Lighting Options: floor, smells, installing, kitchen - House
  19. How to clean a table with paste wax applied: cleaner, furniture, cleaning - House
  20. Need help with HVAC for small house.: furnace, window, heaters
  21. cement patio: railing, paint, carpet, building - House
  22. What can I do to deter bird waste upon my sidewalk and front porch stairs: property, ranch - House
  23. New fridge and hardwood floor - need help!: vinyl, vacuum, drain - House
  24. Gambriel Dutch Style - Pros & Cons: ceilings, furniture, bedrooms - House
  25. Garage door lock removal/rekeying: opener, Home Depot, installed, cabinet - House
  26. Hvac: how much, furnace, Air Conditioner, leaks - House
  27. Herman Miller computer chair whose back does not lean back at all?: furniture, price - House
  28. Stain on cultured marble: remove, new, counter, candle - House
  29. moisture in windows: Home Depot, install, glass, cost - House
  30. Best Online Places to get Faux Wood Blinds?: window, prices, company - House
  31. Harwood floor refinishing- Oil or H2O Technology?: hardwood, heater, kitchen - House
  32. clothes smell burnt from dryer - is there an easy fix?: heating, vacuum - House
  33. Seeking Advice on Walkway: stone, install, basement, repair - House
  34. Plumbers: Switch from soak to jacuzzi tub?: tiling, floor, drains - House
  35. dyson: vacuum, carpets, area - House
  36. Peak Roof vs Gambrel Roof: floor, roofing, installation, hurricane - House
  37. Best online place to buy plantation shutters?: Lowes, install, build - House
  38. Sliding Window Removal: floor, glass, cost, worth - House
  39. Outside pipe from hose: tank, drain, bathroom, plumber - House
  40. Garage door weatherstripping: floor, vinyl, cleaner, install - House
  41. Door Knocker -- can't find 4 center-to-center: faucet, prices, replace - House
  42. boulder in patio area: stone, build, sq ft, fence - House
  43. foundation sinking: floors, plank, install, steel - House
  44. Rusted Propane Tank: grill, tanks, buying, BBQ - House
  45. Staircase and second floor landing-bridge safety ideas??: fireplace, railing, ceiling - House
  46. Brown hot water with a twist!: water tank, tanks, drain, plumber - House
  47. Sump pump battery backup?: ejector, Home Depot, heat, installed - House
  48. What Is The Best and Most Reasonably Priced Mattress?: smell, cost, disposal - House
  49. best replacement for thru the wall a-c.....: price, standard, new - House
  50. How To: Rinse out AC condenser?: window, vacuum, cleaner, costs - House
  51. What does it mean to have a quality constructed house?: hardwood floors, shingles
  52. Painting a Pebble Tech swimming pool?: pools, color, price, vs - House
  53. Choosing a New Heat Pump: dehumidifier, Air Conditioners, heating, install - House
  54. Porcelain Tile with shine - Cleaning?: Lowes, paint, ceramic, cleaner - House
  55. can i haggle sofa price at star furniture?: appliance, rooms, better - House
  56. renovations: floor, roof, foundation, furniture - House
  57. DIY Mold Test Positive, No Visible Signs of what?: dehumidifier, fireplace - House
  58. Pre-pour inspection for new homes: foundation, building, slab, concrete - House
  59. Steam cleaner: heat, cleaning, carpets, washing - House
  60. Greatroom wall construction.: floor, roof, foundation, curtains - House
  61. Roll or slat fill insulating shutters?: windows, insulation, cold, wood - House
  62. Good brands of exterior house lighting: Home Depot, prices, compare, best
  63. Cost to replace part of a main staircase?: better, replacing, removing - House
  64. AC Unit Leak: drain, leaking, pipe, clog - House
  65. PUR water filter with reverse osmosis system?: plastic, systems, area - House
  66. hardiplank installation and maintenance opinions: engineered, vinyl, alternatives, Lowes - House
  67. Where are weep holes on a house made of stucco?: insulation, slab
  68. Repairing a dining room table: refinish, glue, worth, damage - House
  69. Where to find preformed shelves for shower?: ceramic, installed, marble - House
  70. sofa/couch cushion: slipcovers, sofas, pillow, remove - House
  71. Oven Long time to Heat: heating, appliance, gas, lights - House
  72. Trash Bags: how much, cost, compare, company - House
  73. Skylight help.. how do I open it?: opener, window, ceiling - House
  74. Suggest a table to use laptop while in bed: heating, colors, furniture - House
  75. Wood Door Brands: laminate, window, paint, installation - House
  76. Sound proofing: floor, ceiling, insulation, carpet - House
  77. How to build custom child pool safety fence?: install, code, brands - House
  78. Shower glass doors: color, stone, install, bathroom - House
  79. Window causing basement flooding: vinyl, Home Depot, windows, drains - House
  80. How to clean black stove iron grills?: foundation, dishwasher, stoves - House
  81. replacing rotted sill plate: shingles, plank, install, living room - House
  82. Gnats on the windows?: drains, light, washing, outside - House
  83. spilled algaecide on pool side walk (orange stain) Cleaning?: cleaner, concrete, best - House
  84. I had the cleaning/inspection done on the heating unit today...: furnaces, appliance - House
  85. teak furniture: pool, color, smell, cleaner - House
  86. Water leakage in the new construction home: hardwood floor, roof, installing - House
  87. Living in a duplex, how to close the stairway?: ceiling, room, build - House
  88. HVAC replacement cost: how much, roof, humidifier, furnace - House
  89. kitchen faucet- or low arc?????: sink, cleaning, replace, rated - House
  90. Replacing toilet: tank, plumber, apartment, leak - House
  91. wood burning stove surroundings?: floor, vacuum, colors, ceramic - House
  92. Advice on Replacement Windows - Ideal Windows, Bayonne NJ: floor, how much, vinyl - House
  93. Need to repair inside Bilco doors, concrete/frame...: insulation, basement, cracking - House
  94. Metal door advice: laminate, window, convert, installation - House
  95. Building a half wall: basement, dogs, best, scratches - House
  96. Color of the fireplace’s granite surround face - which is better: stone, family room - House
  97. Squirrels and Porches: Home Depot, paint, smell, ducts - House
  98. Bathroom Ideas: tiling, flooring, tank, shower - House
  99. Building a,: hardwood floors, pool, windows, vacuum
  100. Mouse in the House?: fireplace, Home Depot, plumbing, glass
  101. changing windows and doors: curtains, paint, blinds, glass - House
  102. I'm looking for company to professionally remove black mold from my basement: flooring, dehumidifier - House
  103. Cabinet quotes - which is better?: how much, granite countertops, dishwasher, Lowes - House
  104. French doors or Sliding patio doors?: window, install, living room, molding - House
  105. Pipe Wrap Difficulty: how much, Lowes, installed, plumber - House
  106. Toilet filling: Lowes, tank, install, plumber - House
  107. Crown molding problem: floor, foundation, window, paint - House
  108. Removing Cat Smell: hardwood floors, vinyl, smells, cleaner - House
  109. Need whole new HVAC....price estimate?: how much, furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  110. Router Table Suggestions: hardwood, Lowes, installed, bathrooms - House
  111. Should I remove this wall, or will it make the floor plan too open?: hardwood, sofa - House
  112. Could use s for removing thinset from brick: fireplace, paint, living room - House
  113. water damage: how much, roof, drain, cleaning - House
  114. A Deck Built to Fail: building, construction, builder, contractor - House
  115. boiler for steam radiators, boiler for hot water baseboard?: floor, how much, fireplaces - House
  116. Has purchased products from a home show/expo?: granite, pool, windows - House
  117. 1952 houses and hardwoods: hardwood floors, engineered, heater, refinish
  118. 3000Sq/ft Is Just Not Enough: fireplaces, jacuzzi, pool, heater - House
  119. Need advice on propane/electricity usage for a home: fireplace, pool - House
  120. I'm steamed, and my laundry isn't....: washer, Home Depot, grill, tank - House
  121. Top load vs front load washers: front loader, pool, water heater, loading - House
  122. Gutters or Gutterless?: roof, foundation, drains, installing - House
  123. Best household towels?: color, shower, buy, cheap
  124. Panicking about asbestos: subfloor, vinyl, washers, townhome - House
  125. Giant Hornet: Vespa crabro - getting rid of them?: light, dogs, cold - House
  126. Hardwood floor; Gloss or Semi-gloss?: refinish, couches, furniture, dogs - House
  127. Ideas on how to make staircase, and upstairs landing, safe.: floor, railing - House
  128. ever painted their own house? I need advice: floor, vinyl
  129. Tips or advice for upkeep of house, for first time home owners?: flooring, shingles
  130. Mini-split ductless A/C with heat: subfloor, roof, window, Air Conditioners - House
  131. Mobile home or manufactured house?: floor, foundation, cost, versus
  132. Sales person won't budge, need advice: room, cost, building, standard - House
  133. Sales tax on labor: paint, bathroom, kitchen, costs - House
  134. Window AC unit in winter?: windows, heat, insulated, sinks - House
  135. Paper wasps underneath soffit/siding: vinyl, ceiling, insulation, warm - House
  136. New construction very damp, ventilation advice needed: hardwood floors, roof, dehumidifier - House
  137. Garbage disposal: vac, sink, appliance, install - House
  138. Gravel Underneath Lawn: tank, drain, sink, installed - House
  139. How can I figure out what is behind a wall??: floor, paint - House
  140. Would you live in a townhouse like this?: colors, room, cabinet
  141. adding on an addition to house: floor, how much, foundation, heating
  142. Another dumb HVAC: furnaces, AC, heater, insulated - House
  143. Chamberlain vs Genie garage door openers: installing, code, brands, standard - House
  144. Ways to Reduce Electric Bill - Singlewide: roof, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  145. What to do when sump pump fails: Home Depot, pool, drain - House
  146. Sewer Odor In Washing Maching!: roof, washer, tank, drain - House
  147. Tile / Wood in kitchen: hardwood floors, engineered, dishwasher, laminate - House
  148. Water Heater Installation: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, drain - House
  149. How to disguise pass-through door in bedroom?: floor, window, curtains - House
  150. done a detached garage with upstairs living area?: flooring, engineered, foundation - House
  151. What would dissuade you from buying a house? Version 2.0 - the your suggestions version!: traffic noise, homestead
  152. Bad SEARS service: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  153. Radiant Barrier choices: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  154. Have you had a dead/diseased tree removed? At what cost?: how much, roof - House
  155. Centipedes!?!?!? (moved from Knoxville forum): floors, paint, couch, ceiling - House
  156. Lawn Troubles: heat, standard, vent, weather - House
  157. What order to do this work on house?: hardwood floors, heating, vacuum
  158. structural problem with house-: roof, engineered, foundation, price
  159. Opinions on Stihl weed trimmers/: Home Depot, Lowes, gas, price - House
  160. junk drawers: how much, bathroom, kitchen, basement - House
  161. What style house is this?: floor, shingles, convert, bedrooms
  162. Best Way to Pay for a Home Improvement with NO Equity in Home?: how much, furnace - House
  163. What would dissuade you from buying a house?: foundation, townhome, smell
  164. Are there good refrigerators?: floor, Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  165. Foundation Wall Crack: leak, cost, build, basement - House
  166. Forum for post-WW2 houses?: floor, laminate, window, bathtub
  167. Can I run central AC without return air filters in?: how much, townhome - House
  168. Lights and outlets out, no tripped circuit breakers: floor, vacuum, installed - House
  169. 80% to 90% of Contractors are Unethical: cost, best, estimate, material - House
  170. Neighbor and Lights: window, curtains, color, installation - House
  171. for contractors or who have experience with them: how much, phone - House
  172. Should I buy a 1950s Modernist House?: foundations, heat, appliance
  173. homade cleansers: Home Depot, Lowes, windows, smell - House
  174. News, Police: Man was butchering cow in driveway.: sink, smell, standard - House
  175. Keyhole Friction: springs, cleaner, installed, detector - House
  176. Toilet tank water is spewing UP and OUT: install, carpet, plumber - House
  177. Are Air Sofa/ Beds good ?: sofas, sink, furniture - House
  178. Elecric vs Propane hot water: how much, alternatives, furnaces, Lowes - House
  179. DIY'er looking for painting tips/ideas for COMBINED living and dining room.: floor, fireplace - House
  180. My house is batty!: how much, townhouse, insulation, cost
  181. oil rubbed bronze faucet: color, installed, cleaning, kitchen - House
  182. Home Paid For; Keep It?: roof, windows, heat, insulated - House
  183. Do you like old houses,but new inside?: hardwood, roof, granite tile
  184. Hot water everywhere master bath: tank, sink, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  185. bladder in pressure tank shot?: how much, Lowes, tanks, drain - House
  186. Angie's List?: how much, heating, carpet, plumber - House
  187. Who is responsible for the huge electric bill??: hardwood floors, humidifier, townhouses
  188. Who invented mini-blinds?!: washer, window, vacuum, bathtub - House
  189. What increases home Value (Outside): how much, roof, colors, installed - House
  190. I'm going crazy.... Chirping inside my house: how much, AC, living room
  191. Neighbor spraying herbicides in front of our house: Home Depot, building, iron
  192. When paid the contractor, check hasn't cleared, and you're very dissatisfied: how much, cleaning - House
  193. For New Homeowners: how much, color, ceiling, furniture - House
  194. Need advice from a plumber,: drain, paint, ceiling, install - House
  195. Townhouse vs Single-Family, Can't decide!: townhouses, dining room, apartment, price
  196. Contractors and Estimates: how much, installed, kitchens, plumber - House
  197. Mowed over a sprinkler head. Need to cap it temporarily: repair, cracked - House
  198. DIY pest control: drain, curtains, smell, furniture - House
  199. Help Price Gas Pak: how much, installed, worth, replace - House
  200. News, Clara City, Minn., house blows up; she's saved by fridge.: kitchen, refrigerator