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  1. Help fix draft from bathroom vent...: floor, roof, heat - House
  2. Lead paint and asbestos: window, heat, vacuum, painting - House
  3. Pacific Coast Pillows: sink, cost, worth, buy - House
  4. Strip curtains: Home Depot, Lowes, install, rooms - House
  5. Planning a Build? Check Spans: flooring, engineered, ceilings, plumber - House
  6. paver: foundation, installed, worth, best - House
  7. Sliding furniture on hard wood floor: hardwood floor, furnace, AC, installing - House
  8. Rugs All Bumpy: hardwood, heat, paint, cleaner - House
  9. Radon system and sump pump: phone, drains, installation, vent - House
  10. Sump pump drainage: pipe, code, basement, driveway - House
  11. staining: windows, color, stain, molding - House
  12. Termite proof siding?: vinyl, foundation, furnace, windows - House
  13. Do I need a Plumber????: laminate, install, bathrooms, showers - House
  14. Blind Chain Repair...DIY or Call someone?: floor, windows, ceiling - House
  15. Generator starting problem: tank, hurricane, best, replacement - House
  16. suspended ceiling tile recommndations sought: floor, insulating, paint, ceilings - House
  17. Garage door maint.: floor, opener, springs, installed - House
  18. Could 30yr FRM be a thing of the past?: Lowes, phone, stone - House
  19. Tile in front of fireplace with carpet - new addition: floor, how much - House
  20. Air Duct Cleaning- Does it Make a Difference?: how much, furnace, heat - House
  21. Issues with the basement: hardwood floor, how much, furnace, painting - House
  22. Drain Tile pipe clean out?: floor, foundation, cleaner, leaking - House
  23. for painting concrete step: flooring, color, ceramic, stains - House
  24. Air Conditioning: drain, sink, bathroom, glass - House
  25. Roofing: colors, leaking, price, square foot - House
  26. Toilet what to adjust for proper flushing?: bathroom, mold, standard - House
  27. Binding Concrete Pours Together: floor, foundation, drain, bathroom - House
  28. Rusting applicances in kitchen: floors, dishwasher, stove, paint - House
  29. Supplemental HVAC Requirements: floor, furnaces, AC, heaters - House
  30. motion sensor light keeps coming on: costs, circuit, yard, new - House
  31. Changing Out A Wall Electrical Switchplate: insulated, paint, kitchen, replacing - House
  32. Is there way to check for soundproof?: insulated, ceiling, furniture - House
  33. Garage Door Security Eye-Opener!: windows, light, vent, replace - House
  34. Electric Radiant Heaters vs Electric Central Heat: furnace, bedrooms, insulation - House
  35. Portable Countertop Dishwashers: how much, dishwasher, heating, loading - House
  36. Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration: muntins, vinyl, foundation, wooden windows - House
  37. Price negotiation for furniture: floor, ceiling, living room, cost - House
  38. Nail pops in the house: roof, foundation, ceiling, installed
  39. Mattress - where to buy?: prices, best, reviews, inexpensive - House
  40. Insulation...does brand matter?: floors, ceilings, bedrooms, sq ft - House
  41. Top Down Shades: Home Depot, Lowes, window, curtain - House
  42. Do you know of software...: overlay, install, landscaping, large - House
  43. Parts for my Gas Grill: appliance, remove, new, old - House
  44. convert an in ground spa to shrub/flower/tree planter?: pools, heater - House
  45. Toilet tank vacuum venting system mystery: sink, ceiling, installed, bathroom - House
  46. know what spider this is? Just found it in front of my house!: phone, better
  47. Appliances - stove with attached microwave?: installed, condo, cost, compare - House
  48. Tile: flooring, fleas, asbestos, basement - House
  49. Building an L-Shaped Workstation: bedroom, kitchen, cabinets, price - House
  50. Get Paint Off Cement Aggregate: how much, washer, furniture, stain - House
  51. Electronic Air Clean + Return Register Filter?: cleaner, converting, cleaning, basement - House
  52. Dried latex paint; cheap commercial carpet: washer, vacuum, color, cleaner - House
  53. Making your house more efficient.... (beyond major appliances): washer, Lowes, windows
  54. Creating archways inside home-- cost?: how much, windows, installed, living room - House
  55. What is going rate for an addition: roof, engineered, vinyl - House
  56. Has installed tile around a gas fireplace insert?: floor, my fireplace, furnace - House
  57. Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation Cathedral Ceiling: shingles, windows, heating, insulating - House
  58. Heavy Phone Cable: how much, roof, vinyl, ceiling - House
  59. Questions about Kitchen Remodeling Quote: countertops, dishwasher, phone, stove - House
  60. Help! Shower head sprays out the door: showers, plumbing, warm - House
  61. Gutter magic?: installation, room, kitchen, price - House
  62. Help with soundproofing: wood floors, how much, window, insulate - House
  63. Insulation ..: roof, insulate, ceiling, bedroom - House
  64. Water intrusion in concrete slab house: floor, foundation, Home Depot, pool
  65. mold in air exchange unit: AC, drain, smells, cleaner - House
  66. Lanai roof and leak: paint, repair, cold, worth - House
  67. Sliding glass patio door: Home Depot, Lowes, insulating, mold - House
  68. Have leak in house, need to patch exterior wall: wood floors, foundation, drains
  69. about refrigerator: how much, heater, drain, bathtub - House
  70. Interior wall backs to chimney-now mold on interior wall.: roofing, paint, leak - House
  71. Hardiplank Loose: floor, Home Depot, installation, stainless steel - House
  72. AC/Heat unit: window, heater, electric, outside - House
  73. Squeaky subfloor - who to call?: hardwood floors, laminate, refinish, insulation - House
  74. Window Heat Pumps: roof, furnace, Air Conditioner, heaters - House
  75. Renting shop tools?: Home Depot, table, Durham, difference - House
  76. Tile floor questions: subfloor, installation, kitchen, slab - House
  77. Electric stove problem: appliance, repair, wiring, oven - House
  78. Cost to paint the front exterior of a 2-story brick rowhouse?: townhome, window
  79. House vs. Tree: pool, kitchen, cost, outside
  80. buy/use a MAGIC MESH?: reviews, good - House
  81. Installation of Swimming Pool Heat Pump: heaters, installing, plumbing, natural gas - House
  82. bleach on wooden floors...: hardwood floor, refinish, color, light - House
  83. Help Fixing Leaky Shower Door: floor, washer, drain, bathtub - House
  84. Casement Window Operator: roof, basement, pillow, vents - House
  85. Help!! I have A Sink Hole next to My Basement Wall!!: leaking, pipe - House
  86. gasn fireplace trouble: heater, installed, cleaning, gas - House
  87. Reparing the cracks in Flagship concreate in backyard: heat, stone, repair - House
  88. Oxygen tubing protector: floor, electric, company, duct - House
  89. Recom. for glass cleaner: Home Depot, windows, stains, shower - House
  90. Can't figure out instructions for Lowe's PORTAGE STONE: build, concrete, better - House
  91. Central heating system or an electic heater?: floor, heaters, bathroom - House
  92. New washer/dryer hookup: hardwood, how much, drain, refinish - House
  93. wolfe , viking or other: grill, stove, colors, appliance - House
  94. too much clothing-packrat!!: hurricane, replacement, cement, clothes - House
  95. Field stone foundation.... what to expect?: paint, basement, concrete, moisture - House
  96. with Simpson Door Company?: hardwood, Home Depot, window, heat - House
  97. Foot Lok Stop Tub Drain: drains, plumber, outside, replacement - House
  98. Does know where I can get a pink printer?: paint, company - House
  99. City spraypaints for electrical lines?: washer, townhome, colors, cleaning - House
  100. have a Roomba?: HEPA filter, hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  101. Foundation issue?: floor, how much, engineered, drains - House
  102. Bad smell with HE washer: how much, washers, front loader, drain - House
  103. Should we install a retaining wall in our backyard?: engineered, foundation, pools - House
  104. Why are wood floors so popular?: hardwood floors, how much, granite, vacuum - House
  105. Picture wall in foyer advice: paint, ceiling, room, cabinet - House
  106. Irrigation System Blow Winterization: Lowes, insulated, drain, installation - House
  107. Fruit Flies going wild in my house!: floor, windows, drains
  108. Favorite brand of residential lock: floor, installing, upstairs, worth - House
  109. Plumbing/Toilet: floor, Home Depot, installed, bathrooms - House
  110. Impact Driver or Impact Drill, which one to buy?: Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling - House
  111. Can't remove toilet stains!: Home Depot, tank, cleaner, bathroom - House
  112. mail forwarding: worth, legal, door, new - House
  113. Attic Joist Pattern Visible On Popcorn Ceiling: floor, roofing, heating - House
  114. Kitchen cabinets: overlay, how much, Lowes, laminate - House
  115. Food Disposer(InSink Erator) - how to fix the leak?: dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  116. Bostitch vs. Porter Cable - Help: Home Depot, pool, Lowes - House
  117. Wallpaper Removal: Home Depot, painting, ceilings, bathrooms - House
  118. Should quarter round match walls/wainscotting or floor?: hardwood floor, engineered, laminate - House
  119. What things around the house have caused you a panic attack when they stopped working?: opener, furnace
  120. HE Washers - Top vs Front Loading Vibration: floor, front loader, pool - House
  121. new thermostat installed~new problems: furnace, air conditioning, heater, install - House
  122. Brand of new Fridge?: countertop, washer, Home Depot, pool - House
  123. Plastic separator tabs used under glass: cracked, rubber, metal, issues - House
  124. LED Icicle lights poll: lighting, warm, outside, better - House
  125. Why do they use smaller tiles in a shower?: floor, cleaner, ceilings - House
  126. Generator hook up: how much, pool, window, AC - House
  127. What would you do with this kitchen?: hardwood, engineered, vinyl - House
  128. McMansion Me Again(?): how much, heating, furniture, bedrooms - House
  129. Install AC--house has asbestos tile in Basement?: flooring, vinyl, furnace
  130. Fixing up the attic (storage): flooring, roof, AC, heating - House
  131. Living near a railroad - hate it or not bothered?: windows, room - House
  132. Removal of gas fireplace: my fireplace, tank, ceramic, cleaner - House
  133. How Install ceiling light - currently no fixture?: floor, paint, living room - House
  134. Pre-finished hardwood floors--did our installers ruin our new floors?: refinish, cleaner, installation - House
  135. Cracked Granite. They say normal. I say BS. What do you think.: stone, installation - House
  136. Outdoor lighting: fireplace, grill, installing, detector - House
  137. Touch Faucets - worth the extra $$?: Home Depot, paint, sinks, converting - House
  138. how long will builder fix home?: how much, pool, window, phone - House
  139. Something dead under my deck: smells, family room, kitchen, light - House
  140. Best Carpet Stain Removers?: floor, paint, cleaning, carpets - House
  141. Am I crazy?: hardwood, roof, foundation, fireplaces - House
  142. New house... What would you do as you move in.: hardwood floors, heaters
  143. High Efficiency Laundry Detergent?????: washers, front loader, loading, smell - House
  144. Living room advice: pool, convert, dining room, kitchens - House
  145. Is this a cockroach (pic)? If so, what do I do?: Home Depot, windows - House
  146. Garage floor opinions: flooring, vinyl, Home Depot, color - House
  147. Hello-I am new & an old Female..:(: washer, painting, plank - House
  148. What type of grass or what to plant in little sun area?: window, dining room - House
  149. Trying to Decide on Flood insurance: washer, furnace, heater, appliance - House
  150. Fireplace Suggestions: floor, roof, fireplaces, furnace - House
  151. Washer & dishwasher behaving badly. Worth a service call?: appliance, room, cleaning - House
  152. Is it abnormal/dangerous if you see a spark within your light switch when you click it/turn it off?: install, costs - House
  153. drainage problem: roof, washer, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  154. The Lovely Surprises of Remodeling - Challenges: subfloor, roof, vinyl - House
  155. Exorcise Nasty Ghost Loads!: how much, air conditioning, heater, insulate - House
  156. plumbers: floor, roof, foundation, townhouses
  157. Type of Foundation - full basement, slab, piers?: floor, heat, insulating - House
  158. Is your primary house/townhome/condo/shack in an HOA?: townhouses, window
  159. Turning on outside hose causes shower to start running?!: washer, installed, showerhead - House
  160. How to Finish a Basement: flooring, dehumidifier, foundation, heat - House
  161. The Perils of Vinyl Siding: shingles, washer, grill, colors - House
  162. Painting Countertops Faux Granite???: roof, laminate, window, bathrooms - House
  163. How long can you store incandescent light bulbs?: heat, vacuum, bathroom - House
  164. Did you ever have bad neighbors?: townhome, grill, colors, smell - House
  165. Mildew smell from water faucets: dishwasher, hot water heater, insulated, drains - House
  166. Foundation/wall/ceiling/floor not constructed level issue found for the new house: subfloor, how much
  167. Hanging Bed: floor, roof, stove, paint - House
  168. Wood siding: vinyl, windows, color, convert - House
  169. Trane vs. Lennox vs. Rudd - Which HVAC system should I choose?: humidifier, furnaces - House
  170. Hot water recirculating pump? Cost to operate?: floors, how much, foundation - House
  171. Best way to clean carpets at house: how much, water tank, tanks
  172. How to fix rotted cabinet bottom?: floor, how much, sink, install - House
  173. Kitchen Cabinets: Lowes, laminate, tank, curtain - House
  174. Need help identifying black drainage (?) pipe in back yard: roof, foundation, washer - House
  175. New dishwasher: pool, heating, drains, appliance - House
  176. good tricks for sealing older doors.: how much, vinyl, windows - House
  177. Wall Insulation in 1960's house?: flooring, how much, shingles, vinyl
  178. Door hardware....: Home Depot, Lowes, color, installation - House
  179. Circuit breaker: phones, detector, outlet, complaints - House
  180. Replacing chandelier - Entry is 2 stories tall: phone, painting, plank - House
  181. Stud in the way?: floor, how much, dishwasher, window - House
  182. Decorative Window Two-Story Foyer - How is it Replaced?: vinyl, townhome, grills - House
  183. Adding a utility sink in Laundry room...: floor, washer, drains - House
  184. Electric Heat Pump ?'s: furnaces, Air Conditioner, heater, smell - House
  185. Best cleaners for wood cabinets/stainless steel appliances!: granite, Lowes, window - House
  186. Something to kill rats, but not squirrels?: furniture, best, attic - House
  187. How hard is it to cap off a gas line for a dryer?: fireplace, furnace - House
  188. Just got my new house keys today and I need help!- Crying over spilled paint: Home Depot, curtain
  189. Getting rid of an old house: foundation, tanks, couch, hurricane
  190. Using a stand alone refrigerator under the counter: subfloor, heat, install - House
  191. replacing bathroom vent fan: kitchen, mold, light, prices - House
  192. Washer Machine, advice needed: floor, front loader, pool, loading - House
  193. fluorescent light fixtures: Home Depot, stove, paint, sink - House
  194. average amount of time a yard takes per week ??: how much, townhouse, pool
  195. Selling a Chain-Link Fence: how much, heat, cleaning, cost - House
  196. Plumbing/water systems for off-the grid living.: floors, roof, fireplaces - House
  197. Rates for cleaning a studio apartment. . .: living room, kitchen, best, California - House
  198. Opinions on Heattrak Snow-Melting Mats?: floor, heat, driveway, reviews - House
  199. Planning and scheduling Library finish.: subfloor, fireplace, refinish, installing - House
  200. News, On A Roll: A House Built for Skateboarding.: furniture, New York, door