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  1. Problems with gas stove: floor, tank, stoves, smell - House
  2. Oil to high efficiency gas conversion - trying to keep costs down: fireplace, water tank - House
  3. Need help toilet wont flush, should I just purchase a new one?: tank, installing - House
  4. What are the advantages of lofts / living downtown: Home Depot, heating, ceilings - House
  5. Closet Companies vs DIY: Home Depot, colors, install, master bedroom - House
  6. Indoor Wireless Remote Control Issue: floors, heating, loading, kitchen - House
  7. Built in entertainment center: fireplace, painting, cabinets, gas - House
  8. Suggest cheap Vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floor: bathroom, kitchen, versus - House
  9. Septic tank for a weekend cottage?: tanks, install, bathrooms, light - House
  10. water puddles in bathtub: pool, drains, ceiling, bathroom - House
  11. Heat pump problem help: AC, light, codes, thermostat - House
  12. How to install this chandelier?: ceiling, installing, lighting, electrical - House
  13. best place to sell appliances?: buy, property, area, new - House
  14. Room above garage: floor plans, roof, engineered, foundation - House
  15. Neighborhood above ground power line voltages/amps?: roof, insulated, versus - House
  16. Help with smell in house....: hardwood floors, heating, vacuum, paint
  17. Dirt (lint?) left on clothes after washing them in Kenmore washer - why?: drain, cleaning - House
  18. Hardwood floor help: roof, refinishing, color, dining room - House
  19. News, The Strangest Homes of 2011: room, home, small - House
  20. Natural gas heat problem: heater, insulated, appliance, installed - House
  21. Humming whining refrigerator giving me a headache!: vacuum, curtain, cleaning - House
  22. Is it safe to use Lime-A-Way in my dishwasher?: drain, cleaner, appliance - House
  23. Fiskars Momentum Reel Push Lawn Mower: town house, Lowes, phone, drain
  24. Metal Garage roof, condensate problems: painting, insulation, glass, price - House
  25. Does any1 have idea how much it would cost to redo the interior of an entire apt?: hardwood, washer - House
  26. Fireproofing requirements if installing electrical jack above fireplace: fireplaces, painting, cabinets - House
  27. Chlordane: leaks, basement, vent, iron - House
  28. Deep cleaning a sofa: smell, cleaner, stains, carpeting - House
  29. News, Serial Garage Sales Prompt Local Crackdowns: furniture, mattresses, clothes - House
  30. Closet Organization System: floor, Lowes, colors, installing - House
  31. Brown hot water help!: jacuzzi, tank, drain, plumber - House
  32. replacing bathtub, DIY or hire a pro?: tiling, flooring, insulate - House
  33. Information on tub wall surrounds!!: installing, blue, good, direct - House
  34. Dishwasher brown coating peeling off heating element at bottom of dishwasher: cold, replace - House
  35. gas boiler is making a whining noise: showers, plumber, outside - House
  36. heat lamp light bulbs: Home Depot, heater, ceilings, bathroom - House
  37. comex container: loading, price, outside, worth - House
  38. basics of home heat & retention: floor, windows, insulated, ceilings - House
  39. Home Water Pressure: floor, townhome, installing, kitchen - House
  40. Toilet problem in a rental: plumber, apartment, toilets, cost - House
  41. How to use Multi-Layer Foil Insulation: best, buy - House
  42. toilet hole mystery: tank, cleaner, cleaning, pipe - House
  43. Cost to upgrade heating/cooling: floor, how much, furnaces, Air Conditioners - House
  44. Switching from propane to Natural Gas: furnace, hot water heater, insulated, stove - House
  45. Lights take a while to (warm up?) turn on?: ceiling, lighting, costs - House
  46. Dryer - amount of lint extracted: washers, front loader, loading, condo - House
  47. Problematic stove vent location: roof, microwave, ceiling, installation - House
  48. Is a Thermal Expansion Tank Necessary if there is no pressure regulator?: water tank, tanks - House
  49. Mosaic Tiles from Home Depot: OK?: flooring, paint, installation, shower - House
  50. Duct Work Sweat In Attic During Winter: heat, insulate, kitchen - House
  51. Adding Heat/Central Air zoning to a house?: air conditioning, convert, rooms
  52. Cuisinart warranty: insulated, appliance, kitchen, glass - House
  53. Covering attic vent?: roofing, dehumidifier, Lowes, heaters - House
  54. Is my oil tank leaking? And if so what to do?: pool, color - House
  55. Cat urine floorboard: floor, smell, cleaner, stains - House
  56. about heating in my house: floors, furnace, insulate, stone
  57. Master Shower - Showerhead Placement: drain, sink, plumber, pipe - House
  58. HVAC... can I pump down...: tank, vacuum, damaged, replace - House
  59. Installing flush mount llight fixture into drop ceiling: Lowes, refinish, paint - House
  60. is my electrical socket overloaded?: circuit, cold, better, breaker - House
  61. Fence building DIY pros and cons? Other questions...: drain, room, pipe - House
  62. Removing solid stain from deck?: color, light, siding, washing - House
  63. Plumbing/Shower/Drano: how much, Home Depot, drains, sink - House
  64. Getting rid of indentations in carpet: wood floors, furniture, kitchen, carpets - House
  65. Need your on door knob color: ceramic, sink, ceiling - House
  66. Drywall Patching/Repair: Home Depot, color, sinks, build - House
  67. Quartz heaters: floor, fireplace, washer, Lowes - House
  68. Septic tank alarm sounds but not the red light above: how much, washer - House
  69. Cost of Converting a Carport to a Garage?: conversion, insulation, light - House
  70. To CO or not to CO, that is the how much, heating - House
  71. Removing rust?: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, convert - House
  72. Repairing lathe and plaster walls: paint, glass, building, electric - House
  73. Sofa - Pull out bed - sagging?: sink, couch, compare - House
  74. Water intrusion in basement..: flooring, foundation, heater, drain - House
  75. Gas boiler problem?: windows, water heater, insulating, phone - House
  76. Will a metal roof have the same problem with leaves?: roofing, drain - House
  77. gas burner - service contracts?: heating, plumber, cost, repair - House
  78. Confused about LED: Home Depot, color, ceiling, kitchen - House
  79. heating: floor, townhouse, furnaces, AC
  80. How low do you let your propane tank get before getting it filled?: tanks, gas - House
  81. Poll - What brand of smoke detectors do you have at your house?: how much, Home Depot
  82. Get a sump pump?: foundation, Lowes, drainage pipe, leak - House
  83. High WAttage CFL: floor, ceiling, lights, cost - House
  84. Not sure where to put this...broken dryer and using the no heat setting: heating, vacuum - House
  85. Fuse related issue: home project, Home Depot, colors, appliance - House
  86. Help removing bathroom vent: pipe, cold, replacement, cement - House
  87. have expertise on fridges?: Home Depot, heater, vacuum cleaner, drain - House
  88. How can I repair an area of peeled-off enamel in the bath tub?: color, sink - House
  89. Garage door opener replacement ?: how much, Home Depot, installed, cost - House
  90. Qestion on undermount sink?: how much, countertop, kitchen, stainless steel - House
  91. table cloth measurement experts: color, kitchen, square, better - House
  92. $500 for repair of Dacor double over lights. Was I ripped off?: appliance, cost - House
  93. Dirt in Varnish on Bannister: heating, refinish, paint, cleaner - House
  94. enclosing off a space: roof, windows, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  95. Currently, gas radiator steam heat - switching to hot water heat: floors, how much - House
  96. A/C Condenser: furnace, heat, vacuum, paint - House
  97. Oh we have all leftover materials from our last job.: how much, paint - House
  98. Gas Boiler - Programmable Thermostat - how low during day?: floor, how much - House
  99. The secrets of a home burglar — and eight tips to keep him away: floor, windows - House
  100. Hardwood floor damaged . Help: AC, drain, refinishing, sink - House
  101. Recently purchased home, when do I ask my neighbor for an easement?: building codes, vent - House
  102. The New Asbestos?: flooring, how much, granite, laminate - House
  103. Beginner at refinishing hard wood floors...assistance: hardwood floors, roof, conditioner - House
  104. Low Voltage in Electrical Outlet in Garage: washer, installing, bathroom - House
  105. First time homebuyer looking at houses...weird pipe repair?: floor, foundation, drainage pipe
  106. How to get access to the back gate: price, fence, remove - House
  107. Can a swale be dug by close to a home's foundation?: roof, Lowes - House
  108. Best Home Automation Systems?: how much, opener, installation, lights - House
  109. Light switches in your home - toggle or rocker style?: lighting, cost - House
  110. would you live next door to a park?: vents, buy, backyard - House
  111. Cost to replace Bathroom countertops: granite, Lowes, laminate, color - House
  112. Ideas for how to handle a kitchen remodel...: how much, countertop, grill - House
  113. window sensors on security system: how much, windows, phone, installed - House
  114. New Years home resolutions: double pane windows, drain, cleaner, install - House
  115. simple tip to help guard against home invasions: homestead, window, smell - House
  116. Water Heater urban myths about quality: pool, Lowes, hot water heater, install - House
  117. Water Heater ?: installed, shower, plumber, pipes - House
  118. Did the plumber rip me off?: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, tanks - House
  119. Asset or liability: price, sq ft, better, mount - House
  120. Opinions on tankless water heaters: how much, roof, dishwasher, water tank - House
  121. Leaky Windows: how much, roof, vinyl, paint - House
  122. Water from one faucet tastes funky?: Home Depot, pool, sink, smells - House
  123. Poll - What brand of lock do you have at your home?: color, installed - House
  124. Jetted bath tub disgusting: dishwasher, pool, drain, bathtub - House
  125. cleaning a large 2nd floor window from the outside?: washers, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  126. Drywall finishing on inside corners: installed, kitchen, cabinets, cost - House
  127. Living room wallpaper ideas: how much, paint color, furniture, lighting - House
  128. Garage door openers: springs, paint, installation, prices - House
  129. Who do I call to install a bathroom fan?: floor, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  130. Outdated Intercom suggestions: phones, installing, family room, kitchen - House
  131. to do list is overwhelming: repair, cold, Austin, large - House
  132. snow blower maintenance: tank, drain, cleaner, plumbing - House
  133. Hard Wood Floor Installation Price.. gh?: hardwood, engineered, plank - House
  134. Termites in an antique chair - now what?: hardwood floor, engineered, heat - House
  135. Rannai tankless water system - 7.5 GPM or 9.4 GPM?: furnace, water tank, sink - House
  136. Need water to live: how much, sink, appliance, installing - House
  137. Our gas fireplace is so drafty it's like an open window: floor, roof - House
  138. When you bought your first home did it make you feel like an adult?: floor, granite - House
  139. My UGLY, SAD EXTERIOR! Help: vinyl, foundation, windows, railing - House
  140. a dumb but what is a slab leak ?: flooring, vinyl - House
  141. House smokey from fireplace problems...: roof, engineered, fireplaces, townhome
  142. Propane usage in winter.: how much, furnace, windows, tank - House
  143. Dryer Vent Maintenance: vacuum, cleaner, laundry room, cleaning - House
  144. help with bugs: wood floors, countertops, vacuum, paint - House
  145. How much do you spend in a year on home maintenance?: hardwood floors, roof - House
  146. need 7/8 in drywall.......: flooring, window, installation, room - House
  147. When do you take down your Christmas decorations?: lights, outside, cold - House
  148. Ceiling fans with remote control: Home Depot, ceilings, convert, family room - House
  149. 27 drawer metal case: washers, Home Depot, pool, heater - House
  150. speaking of toilets.....: Lowes, tank, sinks, showers - House
  151. Downsizing...Day Bed, Sofa Bed or Air mattress for 2nd Bedroom: countertop, furniture - House
  152. Poll - What type of carbon monoxide detector do you have?: fireplaces, Home Depot - House
  153. tips on safely lighting a gas water heater pilot light?: fireplace, furnace - House
  154. Saltillo tile: tiling, flooring, vinyl, phone - House
  155. What room is your elliptical/treadmill in?: heat, color, furniture - House
  156. Painting ceramic tiles for shower: tiling, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  157. Hardiplank: windows, stove, installing, siding - House
  158. Miter Saw: Home Depot, molding, cost, compare - House
  159. Carpet cleaning for spots?: flooring, Home Depot, laminate, water tank - House
  160. No outlet for dryer in newly purchased house: washer, stoves, appliance
  161. Heavy Duty 100lbs Drywall Anchors: painting, installing, basement, cold - House
  162. How much for carpeting?: flooring, vinyl, Lowes, furniture - House
  163. freezing pipes: wood floors, furnace, Lowes, heaters - House
  164. Boiler Issues: furnace, heaters, installation, radiators - House
  165. Need home addition estimate...: flooring, foundation, heater, appliance - House
  166. How to remove what's left of basketball pole: how much, installation, pipe - House
  167. Looking to save $$ on energy costs - suggestions?: fireplace, furnace, windows - House
  168. Electrical wire nut: dishwasher, water heater, insulated, appliance - House
  169. Fluorescent vs. Incadescent.: Lowes, converting, living room, kitchen - House
  170. Does have a mildew and or mold smell coming from their he front loader ?: washers, drain - House
  171. White on my dishes?: dishwasher, appliance, installed, cleaning - House
  172. House Instruction Manual: pool, Lowes, central heating, painting
  173. Appliance warranties: countertop, dishwasher, furnace, pool - House
  174. Toilet Vent--Into very small attic OK?: roof, Home Depot, window, ceiling - House
  175. Urban apartment dweller needs tips on holding a garage sale in my apartment: how much, phone - House
  176. Do you have a Junk Drawer in your home?: kitchens, cabinet, glass - House
  177. Mobile Home lifespan: subfloor, roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  178. Costs of owning a house: how much, roofing, granite, washer
  179. Would this floor plan appeal to you?: fireplace, furnace, windows - House
  180. Moving laundry upstairs..advice: flooring, washer, drain, ceiling - House
  181. locating septic system: how much, Home Depot, pool, tank - House
  182. Do you have surveillance? Property damage...: pool, phone, paint, cost - House
  183. New Year's resolution: to declutter and get organized!: painting, furniture, rooms - House
  184. Safe Room Planning: storm shelter, window, bathroom, cost - House
  185. Need advice on an issue with our hardwood floor refinisher...: vinyl, vacuum - House
  186. How did you pay for home renovations?: lien, pool, Lowes - House
  187. Weird discovery and it's really bothering me.: light, iron, driveway - House
  188. After a rough year plus making plans for new home... read: flooring, how much - House
  189. Home safe......: heat, room, cost, worth - House
  190. Steam heat radiator alternatives in small kitchen: floor, how much, tank - House
  191. Buying Appliances Online - Bad idea?: floor, Lowes, color, furniture - House
  192. Heating Help!: floor, windows, AC, hot water baseboard - House
  193. Need a new roof! Presidential or composite: how much, roofing, Lowes - House
  194. bubbling toilet: roof, tank, drains, sink - House
  195. Small Electric Dryer Suggestions: how much, washer, Home Depot, pool - House
  196. Deers in the backyard: electric, outside, fences, best - House
  197. Water Heater Purchase: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, installation - House
  198. dining table /furniture ?: vinyl, colors, dining room, kitchen - House
  199. Vinyl floor buckling in bathroom/kitchen & apt complex not really acknowledging: washer, painting - House
  200. Crystal Heat Drain Openers Safe for Pipes?: plumber, iron, older - House