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  1. Building a modular home .: how much, foundation, cost, pipes - House
  2. on condo floors: flooring, laminate, color, smell - House
  3. Frequent running Elger toilet: Lowes, water tank, drain, toilets - House
  4. CDC issues warning after study 13 deaths to use of chemical by bathtub refinishers: bathtubs, paint - House
  5. Mystery - Hot Water Heater - Recently purchased home: floor, townhome, sinks - House
  6. four season sunroom window replacement: windows, paint, costs, versus - House
  7. Cost of replacing electric stove w/ gas stove?: furnace, heating, stoves - House
  8. Something weird is going on: how much, bathroom, toilet, faucet - House
  9. Best Cleaner/Sealer for Granite Countertops?: stove, appliance, stone, installed - House
  10. Toilet Overflow/Water Damage: subfloor, heating, bathtub, bathroom - House
  11. Buying a house in the US: window, air conditioning, living room, mold
  12. Can wood or cork floors be installed on concrete?: hardwood, engineered, foundation - House
  13. Syrup Kettle alternative?: cost, electrical, buy, wood - House
  14. Bees (or hornets?) in basement: fireplace, ceiling, chimney, glass - House
  15. Frustration with Entry Door: Home Depot, installation, build, standard - House
  16. Need to close dead vents: shingles, installing, kitchen, insulation - House
  17. Replacing the Valve on a Hayward Pro Series Plus Filter: pool, install - House
  18. Epcon vs. Heartland Homes in Pennsylvania: build, better, energy, Pittsburgh - House
  19. News, Last FEMA trailer leaves New Orleans, home to more than 23,000 of the shelters after Katrina.: smell, hurricane - House
  20. GOODMAN FURNACE or another brand...... and looking for suggestions.....: Air Conditioner, heat - House
  21. a garage door opener replacement: code, cheaper, system, Craftsman - House
  22. Garage moisture and sewer cleanout: foundation, water heater, installing, plumber - House
  23. changing electric baseboard to electric radiant ceiling: hardwood, how much, heating - House
  24. how do I calculate how much to build partition walls?: hardwood, roof - House
  25. Kitchen flooring dilemma.: engineered, laminate, stove, color - House
  26. You are subscribed to this Finishing Drywall in Basement: painting, damaged - House
  27. Paint Ceramic Tile: floor, Home Depot, refinish, bathtub - House
  28. How much is it to replace a shower Pan?: flooring, installing, leaks - House
  29. Pivot Shower Door Installation/Fiberglass one piece shower: Home Depot, Lowes, AC - House
  30. What Style of Home do you think will be popular in the near future?: floor, windows - House
  31. Home Repair General Estimates: how much, roof, washer, furnace - House
  32. Land Deed on Seller Financing : Bad Idea?: homestead, price, worth - House
  33. Composite Deck Cleaner: stain, brands, washing, better - House
  34. New Homeowner Suddenly Fascinated by Molding (funny) - House
  35. bin warehouse alternative: floor, home project, cabinets, compare
  36. Replacing toilet water valve?: paint, room, plumber, leaking - House
  37. Advice on Constructing Garage Workbench: Lowes, paint, cleaning, cabinets - House
  38. Heavy soil amending ideas needed: floor, square foot, best, energy - House
  39. Idea for changing/improving front exterior of house: roof, foundation, windows
  40. Metal vs SIP vs manufactured...: building, vent, between, mobile - House
  41. Drywall Arch Collapse on One Side: color, bathroom, shower, toilet - House
  42. ..: Lowes, windows, heat, stove - House
  43. Sewage Issue: pools, tank, smell, plumber - House
  44. Formica Laminate Flooring +12mm Special Value: hardwood, installing, ducts, wood - House
  45. Builder Recommending Surge Trap / Noise filter When Vacuuming: installing, bedrooms, lighting - House
  46. Removing paint from wooden picture frame: heat, refinish, furniture, cleaning - House
  47. tips for closing off space in garage: floor, curtain, appliance - House
  48. in Northern Virginia work with Select Kitchen and Bath?: area - House
  49. Need to fix a leaking bathtub spout: Home Depot, Lowes, drain - House
  50. What to do about subfloor problem??: how much, installing, living room, molding - House
  51. bathroom subfloor problem: tiling, roof, fireplace, plank - House
  52. moving bulkhead stairs to basement: roof, foundation, install, family room - House
  53. New Apartment In New York City: furniture, carpets, lighting, better - House
  54. Blue-Green-White Granules clogging aerators: Home Depot, water heater, installed, vinegar - House
  55. Could we be allergic to our new house?: dehumidifier, phone, curtains
  56. keeping attic cool in summer: heat, insulation, vents, energy - House
  57. How to keep toilet bowl from refilling?: tank, phone, installed - House
  58. Can Styrofoam Covered Concrete Blocks be Painted?: basement, damage, plastic - House
  59. problem with my shower: heater, faucets, cold, remove - House
  60. Pink painted walls - not.: refinishing, color, furniture, bathroom - House
  61. Connecting both a fire pit and barbecue to one gas stub: appliance, install - House
  62. Best Flooring For Basements with Drainage System: hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl - House
  63. Under kitchen sink - Cabinet door towel bar: Home Depot, Lowes, glue - House
  64. Cost to remove portion of paved driveway: how much, company, yard - House
  65. Basement pic: Is this much effluorescent normal?: foundation, drain, color - House
  66. Sealing gap between fiberglass tub and tile: floor, pool, color - House
  67. Paslode Nail Gun price, where to buy?: Home Depot, Lowes, cost - House
  68. How do I replace a rotten subfloor in my closet?: ceiling, installing - House
  69. Shower Door Install - Easy to do?: floor, how much, ceramic - House
  70. drawer style microwave?: countertop, grill, heating, ceiling - House
  71. Comparison between CArrier HVAC and AMerican Standard HVAC: water heater, installation, cabinets - House
  72. Blanket/insulation around dishwasher before installation?: how much, pool, Lowes, heat - House
  73. Appliance Scratches, and swirl marks: windows, microwave, color, sink - House
  74. laying planks on in attic: floor, roof, engineered, mold - House
  75. Kitchen splashbacks ideas?: heat, color, glass, plastic - House
  76. Poll - Gas or electric water heater?: natural gas, costs, electricity - House
  77. Going from suburban to urban... with kids?: apartments, condo, costs - House
  78. Pond Resurfacing: pool, color, stone, stained - House
  79. Interior pivoting doors: floor, install, room, carpet - House
  80. Repairing small cracks in Asphalt Driveway ?: how much, vinyl, Home Depot, room - House
  81. Brick pointing and moving a stone retaining wall: how much, drain, room - House
  82. Residential solar water heating system: how much, water tank, drain, paint - House
  83. Front porch step sinking: ideas on repair?: granite, foundation, room - House
  84. Why does no one make a higher end compact microwave?: countertop, stove - House
  85. Cracked Ceramic Tile: subfloor, foundation, ceilings, installed - House
  86. Tips to install Ana Bath Drill Free Slide Bar Shower System.: ceramic, glue - House
  87. Househunting: cracks in hall, couple door frames: foundation, pools, heat
  88. Economy settings for the gas furnace: heating, insulation, cost, warm - House
  89. Simple Floor Tile Installation: tiling, hardwood, installing, room - House
  90. Light takes 45 seconds to come on: floors, ceiling, installed, lighting - House
  91. about a General Contractor: lien, Home Depot, painting, condo - House
  92. Will this look right?: how much, engineered, foundation, Lowes - House
  93. Your Home Owner Association: What does it do for you and what are your dues?: townhome, pools - House
  94. Problems if I rent it out: vs, building, worth, better - House
  95. Nightlight burns then blows off wall: vac, bedroom, glass, light - House
  96. Apartment with fire place.: how much, fireplaces, grill, install - House
  97. Code .. converting single sink to a double sink: roof, vacuum, drain - House
  98. arc breakers: heater, vacuum, installing, bedrooms - House
  99. roofing quote - help (PIC): how much, painting, installed, cleaning - House
  100. Changing lightbulbs that are WAY out of reach: floor, Home Depot, paint - House
  101. Am I Being Scammed by the Garage Door Guy?: how much, opener, springs - House
  102. Washing vinyl siding on garage- is hard water OK?: washers, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  103. Is pet-stained carpet ruined?: subfloor, smell, installed, cleaning - House
  104. Muddy Shoes - help!: floors, washer, grill, cleaner - House
  105. 1996 Mobile Home: alternatives, furnace, window, tank - House
  106. What to think about before buying an old house?: floors, how much, foundation
  107. Is it unattractive to add steel doors and bars to the windows?: installing, lights - House
  108. How to clean badly stained toilet bowl?: stone, stain, vinegar - House
  109. Street View used to plan home break-ins: how much, windows, phones - House
  110. Tricks to unlocking stuck PVC coupling.: Home Depot, pool, heat, phone - House
  111. Adding a bathroom: flooring, windows, drains, sink - House
  112. Builder Put a Sewer Drain on My Lot!: pool, plumber, pipe - House
  113. To paint the garage or not to paint the garage?: floors, window - House
  114. Outdoor surveillance camera: window, install, cost, electricity - House
  115. We bought it - now I have to fix it! Old waxed hardwood floors: Home Depot, refinishing - House
  116. help me choose a dishwasher!: pool, heat, loading, stove - House
  117. What toilet to buy?: tank, room, plumber, toilets - House
  118. The home you have vs. the home you want: flooring, fireplace, pool - House
  119. Renovating a Garage Into a Man Cave / Work Space. Need To Make Sure I Am Doing Things Right: floor, opener - House
  120. Advice / Average cost for a new deck?: railing, building, basement - House
  121. If you are changing your water heater, read this---: roof, furnace - House
  122. How does your home/property look in Satellite pictures.: roof, townhouse, condo
  123. Carbon monoxide detector Use only Energizer AA E91 batteries ??: brands, standard - House
  124. House w/masonite over blackboard: how much, vinyl, Home Depot
  125. What workers does your household / do your households employ?: pool, vacuum, room
  126. Attack of the...ladybugs?: floor, windows, colors, bedroom - House
  127. I Guess The Contractors Aren't Doing So Bad After All: cost, vent - House
  128. Have you lived in a home that is beautiful but not very functional?: hardwood, how much - House
  129. Help with chimney cover to prevent birds?: floors, roofing, fireplace - House
  130. ceiling fan works, light doesn't: Home Depot, installed, lights, electricity - House
  131. Big surprises at inspection today: floor, how much, foundation, furnace - House
  132. Wiring dilemma: ceiling, bathroom, insulation, light - House
  133. adding a front porch (PIC): flooring, how much, roofing, alternatives - House
  134. Hardwired smoke alarms with solid red LEDs?: AC, installed, family room - House
  135. Househunting - how bad is this oil tank?: furnace, tanks, drain
  136. Freaking out about asbestos...need answers.: flooring, how much, vinyl, color - House
  137. Missing wind turbines: roofing, AC, ceiling, installed - House
  138. Neighbors Complaining: heater, furniture, kitchen, plumbing - House
  139. Will the House Market go back up?: how much, phone, costs
  140. I only have 2 prong power outlets; need 3 prog for todays electronics: heater, color - House
  141. Slab problems - what could be wrong and how expensive to fix?: floor, how much - House
  142. No Formal Living Room House Plans: floor plans, fireplace, plank, furniture
  143. Bed Sheets Too Big: springs, standard, mattresses, better - House
  144. Going to change out the fuse box: paint, insulation, cost - House
  145. How much of your house do you actually use?: floor, windows, heater
  146. Clogged toilet - fix?: ejector, how much, drains, smell - House
  147. basement toilet: floor, tanks, drain, sink - House
  148. Replacing kitchen backsplash?: granite countertops, laminate, painting, ceramic - House
  149. what is this for? i have this in my master bathroom toilet: flooring, roof - House
  150. Oil vs. Propane vs. Electric: how much, granite, dishwasher, tank - House
  151. How did this happen to grout?: floor, color, bathroom, cleaning - House
  152. Best orientation for a house on a lot?: windows, curtains
  153. Our Flip House 2......A Weekly Story: stove, bedroom, kitchen, cabinets
  154. Have an AHS (American Home Shield) Home Warranty??: washer, furnace, Lowes - House
  155. Tumbled Marble: how much, countertop, color, stone - House
  156. can i put salmon skin down the disposal ?: drain, cold, worth - House
  157. Mircolam: floor, roof, laminate, ceiling - House
  158. Is this the norm for heating/ac duct work?: floors, foundations, stove - House
  159. Get rid of blockage in bath tub: floor, opener, Lowes - House
  160. How do I keep mold from coming back?: ceramic, sink, cleaner - House
  161. what are the legal issues of helping a friend pay rent?: how much, room - House
  162. Old Houses: floor, how much, fireplaces, heat
  163. Tiling Over Concrete: floor, roof, vinyl, heating - House
  164. Cheers, construction workers!: smell, apartments, building, concrete - House
  165. House w/ no sewer vent through roof: granite, furnace, grill
  166. Fedback on my kitchen re-do ideas: flooring, fireplace, windows, stove - House
  167. which space heater is cheaper to use?: furnace, heaters, ceramic - House
  168. Unoccupied house -- Questions....: flooring, roof, foundation, pool
  169. Snaked the sewer: sink, convert, bathroom, kitchen - House
  170. How much to furnish?: curtains, couch, plank, furniture - House
  171. What type of cooktop do you prefer?: heat, stoves, ceramic - House
  172. How much are you paying for oil heat?: floors, furnace, windows - House
  173. Remodeling my bathroom. A progress report with photos: floors, jacuzzi, water heater - House
  174. Got my stump what?: mold, glass, worth, best - House
  175. Replacing shingles: color, kitchen, cabinets, gas - House
  176. Kitchen Drawer Slides: cabinets, cost, worth, better - House
  177. for a HVAC person: Air Conditioner, heating, room, warm - House
  178. 80 people in 2000 sqft... doable?: paint, couches, dining room, code - House
  179. Dirt floor in basement: flooring, foundation, furnace, hot water heater - House
  180. Electrician costs - need help understanding: how much, Home Depot, installed, room - House
  181. House: upper story extends over lower (mid century ranch): fireplace, windows, dining room
  182. upgrading electric/increasing circuits: AC, stove, appliance, bathrooms - House
  183. for historic home owners: windows, painting, living room, blinds - House
  184. double cylinder locks: floor, window, paint, room - House
  185. Best flooring option for home with pets: hardwood, engineered, vinyl - House
  186. Do you have a Living room and a Family room?: floor, fireplace - House
  187. Small space furniture: sofa, couch, cleaner, living room - House
  188. Complete Kitchen Remodel - how much $$ am I looking at?: flooring, granite - House
  189. Oil burner - how are people controlling their hot water?: water tank, room - House
  190. Help me clean my soapstone countertop: countertops, dishwasher, color, sinks - House
  191. Old vs. New Construction - Myths & Facts: hardwood floor, roofing, engineered - House
  192. Ideas for replacing a wooden retaining wall: engineered, drains, loading - House
  193. Help! What kind of fence should we put in (pic)?: windows, color - House
  194. Small cork tile floor?: crack, material, sheets, grout - House
  195. Cleaning in an Old House: washer, ceiling, kitchen, vinegar
  196. Inspection Prior to Final Payment: flooring, countertop, paint, cabinets - House
  197. Home warranty experience: pool, appliance, repair, replace - House
  198. one with experience with Deltek homes?: home, good, check - House
  199. Need opinions- shopping for new electric smooth top stove: stoves, cleaning, warm - House
  200. Another HVAC ...: floors, insulated, ceiling, detector - House