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  1. Outside spigot: faucet, pipe, mount, to fix - House
  2. It worked for me! Dishwasher hard water/lime problem solved: loading, stove - House
  3. I need suggestoins for the best layout for my new patio?: pool, drain - House
  4. Concrete: Home Depot, Lowes, cost, build - House
  5. HVAC: hot water baseboard, warm, replace, baseboard - House
  6. Sewage backup got in airduct: hardwood floors, Lowes, heat, drain - House
  7. Front yard fence ideas: cost, dogs, better, salt - House
  8. Outdoor Motion Sensors?: roof, heat, install, bedroom - House
  9. Bulb is up 25 feet and has burned out: ceiling, glass, lighting - House
  10. Toilet Flapper: Home Depot, install, standard, existing - House
  11. New Window Cost: windows, paint, asbestos, installation - House
  12. How do you best deal with wasps?: roof, washer, between - House
  13. Basic about Mortar Repair: foundation, window, colors, light - House
  14. Electrical: Is condo main (trunk) line upgradable?: lighting, code, best - House
  15. Electrical: lighting, basement, circuit, replace - House
  16. How can I cool a cathdrral ceiling great room?: floor, how much, windows - House
  17. hooking up a washing machine?: washers, front loader, heat, sink - House
  18. Planting Natural Area/Flower Bed Against House & Bugs Concerns: average, good
  19. grout remeoval: glass, interior, tile, remove - House
  20. PVC fence: vinyl, install, glue, prices - House
  21. Probable furnace/boiler replacement: advice to share?: window, air conditioning, heat - House
  22. Air Conditioning options. Thinking about ductless: alternatives, furnace, Lowes, Air Conditioners - House
  23. Home/ex junk yard: asbestos, installed, leaks, prices - House
  24. Simple repair ..cabinet drawer replacement?: overlay, Home Depot, Lowes, sink - House
  25. Controlling Bees (yellow jackets): ceiling, stain, build, siding - House
  26. Dormers vs. Skylights: roofing, windows, heat, insulated - House
  27. new keypad locks for new house?: Home Depot, installation, bedroom
  28. Sealing Unfinished Storage Room to Get Rid of Spiders: floor, heating, rooms - House
  29. Looking for boiler vs furnace advice: floor, furnaces, air conditioning, heat - House
  30. Windows at my house will not fully shut: loading, build, weather
  31. tankless water heater - need vent?: tank, appliance, conversion, install - House
  32. 16-Gauge versus 18-Gauge Sinks: granite, worth, better, cheaper - House
  33. Built an addition: how much, bedroom, price, build - House
  34. Using a Masonry Wet Saw?: glass, build, concrete, crack - House
  35. Our New Mega Shelves: build, load, weather, labor - House
  36. In Sink Garbage disposer leaking: dishwasher, drains, cleaner, disposal - House
  37. Cockroaches in the dishwasher!: water heater, room, warm, electrical - House
  38. Loud Water Flowing Noise from the Tub Faucet: bathroom, shower, plumber - House
  39. towel bracket stuck in wall: painting, installed, bathroom, glue - House
  40. cleaning product for wall near pool: washer, painting, cleaner, stained - House
  41. How to vent free-standing stove?: floor, how much, alternatives, microwave - House
  42. getting spots off brass: paint, cleaner, cleaning, light - House
  43. Goodman AC wont start: electrical, outside, replacing, breaker - House
  44. Air Conditioners: American Standard vs Rheem: how much, furnace, Lowes, install - House
  45. Homeowner's Insurance Discrepancy?: how much, cost, worth, replacement - House
  46. Used Kinetico Mach 2025 softener: tank, plumbing, price, salt - House
  47. RTA kitchen cabinets - help: refinish, color, furniture, bathroom - House
  48. Super toilet can flush anything. A strangely funny video.: toilets, dogs, worth - House
  49. Wet foam board: insulation, glass, siding, vent - House
  50. Garage Door and Insurance: opener, Lowes, installed, cost - House
  51. time/cost to install hard-wired smoke detectors: floors, dining room, kitchen - House
  52. Is a chimney required?: floor, roof, foundation, alternatives - House
  53. AC Compressor Pad - Redoing it: sink, install, pipe, better - House
  54. RATS!!! EEEK! Poison vs. trap: smell, bathroom, price, outside - House
  55. aluminum condenser repair: best, to fix, good, check - House
  56. no clip install stainless steel kitchen sink: countertop, laminate, cabinet - House
  57. Do you have a problem with Big Black Ants?: roof, window, paint - House
  58. tub drain won't stay open: plumber, replace, removal, sealing - House
  59. Drywood termite detection: window, cleaning, basement, outside - House
  60. Impermeable mattress cover?: vent, remove, purchase, venting - House
  61. multiple a/c units same floor: window, heat, living room, kitchen - House
  62. Steam Mop 2012 Advice??: hardwood floor, laminate, tank, vacuum cleaner - House
  63. Build a carport: roofing, leak, cost, building codes - House
  64. Backpack Blower: price, standard, better, duct - House
  65. central AC fan keeps blowing, with system off: furnace, heat, vents - House
  66. Hot water heater.....Putting in new one... alternatives to this kind of system....: Home Depot, water tank - House
  67. Lumber Liquidators or home depot hardwood: engineered, Lowes, refinish, plank - House
  68. peeling drywall: floor, paint color, sink, ceiling - House
  69. What type of oven do you prefer?: dishwasher, heat, stove - House
  70. Cost of concrete patio? Deck (4ft above grade) or concrete?: how much, railing - House
  71. Kitchen Diningroom Redo: flooring, shingles, countertops, windows - House
  72. Quartz grout?: flooring, ceramic, installation, stain - House
  73. Can I use the leftover bricks?: pipes, build, sewer, backyard - House
  74. Leaky basement: floor, foundation, drains, paint - House
  75. Bathroom/Closet Slider Help!: Home Depot, paint, installing, stained - House
  76. Mice boxes: shingles, windows, siding, attic - House
  77. Upright rocking chair?: appliance, furniture, price, best - House
  78. Vinyl tile sealing: bathtub, bathroom, square, replace - House
  79. Elelectrolux bagless vacum?: vacuum, reviews, good, using - House
  80. mysterious water in the basement: floor, washer, furnace, hot water heater - House
  81. Diagnose my washing machine's problem?: floor, washer, appliance, install - House
  82. Repairing a vinyl floor seam: flooring, Lowes, bathroom, glue - House
  83. Whole house/attic fan: floor, roofing, windows, AC
  84. Suggestions needed to really clean unsealed wood floor: hardwood floor, AC, refinishing - House
  85. Backwater Valves and Sewer Flooding: installed, vent, flush, table - House
  86. Home Warranty Company for relatively new house: dishwasher, heat, stove
  87. Driveway - ADVICE: color, smells, installed, resale value - House
  88. s a real-world *inexpensive* kitchen refresh. With pics.: flooring, countertops, washer - House
  89. Glow in the dark photo at home: bedroom, light, green - House
  90. AC unit fan not working on its own?: furnace, installed, circuit - House
  91. Is this normal ? Slight brown out--: how much, air conditioning, heating, warm - House
  92. French drain Perimeter drain: foundation, drains, better, pumps - House
  93. Culligan Water Softener -: how much, tank, tanks, cleaning - House
  94. Need ideas for finishing a Garage Floor: flooring, alternatives, color - House
  95. College works - home painting?: prices, compare, company, mount - House
  96. Sump Pump for Basement home: ejector, foundation, indoor pool, vacuum - House
  97. How do you/Electric Window Candles: furniture, room, lights, outside - House
  98. what solutions, do you recommend for this carpet?: floor, foundation, Home Depot - House
  99. Best way to add another phone line: family room, kitchen, cabinets - House
  100. 2-story house - attic access needed for 2nd story changes?: flooring, window
  101. Sealed travertine in shower getting mold: cleaner, stone, bathroom, cleaning - House
  102. KraftMaid vs Welborn: colors, installed, bathroom, resale value - House
  103. bathroom smells: foundation, sink, plumbing, toilet - House
  104. Gas vs Electric water heater: tank, stove, install, natural gas - House
  105. Converting the floor of a deck-turned-Florida-room: subfloor, roof, foundation, fleas - House
  106. House on Well - water pressure shut off: how much, tank, drain
  107. Ductless multi split AC or Central AC: floor, roof, fireplaces - House
  108. Screen doors for French doors advice needed: Lowes, windows, installed - House
  109. 10 Free ways to be more energy efficient: floor, how much, washer - House
  110. Can a utility company bill me for an error in billing from five years ago?: phone, gas - House
  111. Daily Leaf Blower: shingles, phones, ceiling, rooms - House
  112. installing a cat door in a human door: window, heating - House
  113. Leaving garage door open: window, heat, cleaning, insulation - House
  114. painting a deck: washer, color, plank, cleaning - House
  115. Electrical Load: washer, water heater, appliance, installation - House
  116. To carpet or not to carpet: hardwood floor, engineered, vinyl, vacuum - House
  117. Open floor plan: floor plans, dishwasher, heating, phone - House
  118. CFL light bulbs: opener, Home Depot, colors, ceiling - House
  119. Deck - What should we do?: roof, pool, grill, heater - House
  120. Daily cleaning for granite countertops: Home Depot, cleaner, furniture, stone - House
  121. Does living in a house gain the chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion?: floor, windows
  122. Gas supply for pool heater: how much, furnace, phone, installation - House
  123. A/C leaking water??: window, Air Conditioner, tank, vac - House
  124. Paint formulas? Mistakes by the store?: floor, windows, paint color, installed - House
  125. Installing a new sewer pipe in the front yard.: floor, how much - House
  126. Gas dryer vs. Electric dryer- cost comparison: how much, washer, furnace - House
  127. Where do you take your meals?: window, loading, microwave, sink - House
  128. Open foyer vs extra bathroom: how much, sinks, bonus room, cleaning - House
  129. Wireless Security Cameras - System Advice Needed: phone, prices, electrical - House
  130. Installing our own fence...easy enough?: Home Depot, pricing, building, repairing - House
  131. Are today's dishwashers better than years ago?: how much, dishwasher, pool - House
  132. Angry Bird Attacking my window: color, outside, Boston, area - House
  133. A/C issue, using window unit through wall ?: roof, installation, vents - House
  134. help me determine if this wall is load bearing: roof, engineered - House
  135. I need to put an AC unit into my Garage.. with No Windows.. HELP!: washer, air conditioning - House
  136. Epoxy Grout Misery: tiling, floors, paint, stone - House
  137. Noise Compliants: apartments, siding, outside, mount - House
  138. How do you get a Squirrel out of a house attic?: floors, roof
  139. what caused this noise?: roof, foundation, window, sofa - House
  140. Shatter proof glass film: how much, windows, room, hurricane - House
  141. Help - what kind of bug is this?: window, smell, outside - House
  142. Issue with damp soil and high water table under the house: floor, how much
  143. Paint Prices/Brands & Quality - differences?: Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  144. Kitchen remodel - about kitchen sink: how much, granite, sinks - House
  145. Garage Door Recommendations: opener, Home Depot, Lowes, window - House
  146. A/C: floor, window, AC, vac - House
  147. What to do with an Old TV?: floor, how much, loading - House
  148. Messed up my deck!: floor, how much, Home Depot, heat - House
  149. Replacing Outside Central Air/Heating Unit Cost?: Lowes, heater, installation - House
  150. Wood fence options: paint, installing, stained, building - House
  151. Making a bed with printed sheets: pillow, better, covers, difference - House
  152. Building A Customized Shed.. Step By Step With Pictures: pool, phone, sink - House
  153. Bonfire Pit: floor, fireplaces, heat, drains - House
  154. flip 'n' fold folding board for clean laundry?: room, comparison, iron - House
  155. Wireless Garage Door Opener (Keypad) - Are they Safe?: insulated, phones, installing - House
  156. Am I just a lazy bum?: tiling, how much, insulating, refinishing - House
  157. Taking the contractor who worked on my house to court.....: installation, kitchen
  158. Plumbing - switching plain sink to vanity (PICS): floor, engineered, vinyl - House
  159. car hit our house about how much to repair: hurricane, cost, code
  160. Downdraft Hood: countertop, dishwasher, grill, heat - House
  161. NO Filter or CLOGGED Filter?: HEPA filter, Home Depot, furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  162. What Is The Best Mattress to Buy for a Heavy Person?: springs, phone - House
  163. Deck or paved patio if backdoor is 4 feet above ground?: Lowes, room - House
  164. plaster walls new wiring: floors, dining room, lights, building codes - House
  165. Next Major project is in the planning stage: foundation, alternatives, pool - House
  166. Neighborhood with very few houses on Sale? Good or Bad? why/: prices, cold
  167. New Compressor = New Pad ??: floor, foundation, furnace, AC - House
  168. HELP! Red Gatoraid Stain on a beige carpet!: Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  169. Getting Rid of that Awful Smell from the Sink/Garbage Disposal: drains, cleaner - House
  170. best electric cooktop: countertop, heating, stove, appliance - House
  171. Bathroom Anywhere system? (link!): floors, Home Depot, bathtub, painting - House
  172. Filling in the cracks between the boards on a wood fence?: installed, outside - House
  173. Laminate vs Hardwood floors: engineered, countertops, heat, refinish - House
  174. Condo living about dirty parking area: floor, paint, concrete - House
  175. Would you pay a contractor on an hourly basis to build your home?: price, construction - House
  176. shutting off water at house while on vacation: window, hot water heater, drain
  177. When Ordinary Just Won't Do...: flooring, engineered, fireplace, windows - House
  178. Cheap and Good Looking Blinds?: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  179. Moldy smell in wool hat...: washer, smells, cleaner, cleaning - House
  180. How long do solar panels last?: roof, electric heat, ceilings, installed - House
  181. What are worms???: warm, concrete, construction, cement - House
  182. Cleaning Products Mom used to use: vinyl, washer, Home Depot, windows - House
  183. Destroying old lawn and starting over: versus, square feet, concrete, cracks - House
  184. Deck Help: Trex vs ChoiceDek: Lowes, colors, installed, stain - House
  185. A/C Repair Cost: tanks, vacuum, installing, leak - House
  186. Bushes for fence: Home Depot, pool, cold, best - House
  187. What do you wish you had known before you bought your house?: floors, roof
  188. News, Towns outlawing extreme garage sales: how much, flea, painting, ceramic - House
  189. cost to move water heater off ground for VA loan inspection: floor, how much - House
  190. hard-wired smoke detectors: floor, furnace, heating, installing - House
  191. Carpenter bees are destroying my house: floor, railing, warm
  192. Is this pillar indicative of structural issues?: floor, roof, room - House
  193. Receomendation for home surveillance system: install, cost, electricity, best - House
  194. Mattress buying/selling games: floor, how much, foundation, furniture - House
  195. rented a carpet cleaner from a local grocery store?: hardwood, how much - House
  196. Painting ceilings: Your tips for getting this job done: floor, Home Depot, furniture - House
  197. Best HVAC Filter(s) for house: HEPA filter, furnace, heating, install
  198. Counter offer for deck proposal?: how much, Lowes, room, cost - House
  199. Cleaning rug with really long fibers: cleaner, carpet, setting - House
  200. new well pump in 2008, just now billed- a lot. (MI): installed, company - House