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  1. Outdoor Mosquito Service: Home Depot, drains, cost, vents - House
  2. Purging my small kitchen appliances: countertop, opener, grill, room - House
  3. Most effective ways to finish/seal marble?: color, stone, stains - House
  4. Laying New Porcelain Tiles Over Old: subfloor, plank, cabinets, building - House
  5. How do I unload an old Plasma TV?: apartment, best, replace - House
  6. Recommendations for cleaning products...: floor, granite, stove, ceramic - House
  7. French Door Retractable Screens?: windows, installed, living room, replace - House
  8. about Toilet Flowing: washers, tank, cleaner, leaking - House
  9. Video, OHEA Smart Bed: The Bed That Makes Itself.: furniture, cost, cheaper - House
  10. Ants dont mind the traps: Home Depot, Lowes, kitchen, vent - House
  11. Cleaning up Paint from Hardwood Floors: heat, painting, cleaner, appliance - House
  12. Condo bedbugs flooring sealant: hardwood floor, paint, sinks, room - House
  13. 18 Dishwasher with Food Disposer?: pool, sink, apartment, build - House
  14. about insurance claim...: bathroom, cost, repair, outside - House
  15. Produce Saver Green Bags: condensation, using - House
  16. Granite Sealers: granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic - House
  17. Buying/using diamond saw blades: granite, stone, glass, cost - House
  18. News, Arizona man's heirs get cash found hidden in walls.: how much, washer - House
  19. Deck permit: floor, railing, building codes, repair - House
  20. Noisy air vent: living room, circuit, vents, duct - House
  21. Rainhandler Gutter Alternative: how much, shingles, window, install - House
  22. Kitchen Sinks...go with the one the stone place will include, or shop for one?: granite, installed - House
  23. Steam Trap problem?: heating, appliance, plumbing, leaking - House
  24. Home Renovation/Construction Estimates?: roof, Lowes, cost, compare - House
  25. Garage Door Crosshead piece is loose: paint, plank, mold, construction - House
  26. How to properly 2ft x 3ft blue flagstone: how much, granite, stone - House
  27. Flooring for a Home Gym: Lowes, room, tiles, duct - House
  28. What style or type of house is this: remove, landscaping, ranch
  29. fleas in garage: floor, opener, water heater, vacuum - House
  30. What are the advantages to building separate cabinet toe-kicks?: floor, kitchen, cabinets - House
  31. Vanilla extract stain on the carpet - help: smell, cleaner, living room - House
  32. Does this mold look problematic?: floor, ceramic, furniture, room - House
  33. Adding new access: bathroom, kitchens, plumber, basements - House
  34. Choice for childrem's room: color, furniture, install, rooms - House
  35. Sump Pump Options: installed, plumber, gas, basement - House
  36. small hole in new concrete: installation, gas, cost, code - House
  37. electric: hot water heater, ceiling, installed, living room - House
  38. Oil Burner Help: water tank, drain, installed, electric - House
  39. Silly On Dehumidifier: AC, drain, mold, pipe - House
  40. Furance & A/C: furnace, cost, compare, standard - House
  41. Ductwork that absorbs outside noise?: window, insulated, phones, room - House
  42. Icemaker is dripping: leaking, repair, replace, plastic - House
  43. Battery sizes for generator - House
  44. noisy shower: Lowes, air conditioning, tank, drain - House
  45. help with drainage and settlement: how much, roof, foundation, drainage pipe - House
  46. Mahogany Deck: shingles, furniture, installed, room - House
  47. Cleaning an acrylic tub: smell, cleaner, bathroom, shower - House
  48. Electrical device only works on one specific outlet: extension, charge, connect - House
  49. can I properly give my deck a glossy look?: color, stain, mold - House
  50. Deconstruction vs Demolition?: flooring, foundation, windows, paint - House
  51. basement pluming: floor, sink, plumber, dryer - House
  52. Stone Distributor in NY: kitchen - House
  53. Sliding Screen Door Repair?: smell, installing, bathroom, kitchen - House
  54. Exterior painting in heat & sun: best, contractor, direct, temperature - House
  55. Exterior painting in heat & sun: seam - House
  56. Can Mortar be used for post base material?: building, concrete, best - House
  57. Counter tile questions: floor, granite tile, Home Depot, laminate - House
  58. Removed wood paneling and need to put up drywall: heating, insulated, paint - House
  59. Low-Voltage Landscaping Lights: lighting, cost, electric, circuit - House
  60. sewage smell coming from ???: floor, roof, washer, furnace - House
  61. Need help for bathroom: window, heaters, curtain, painting - House
  62. Recessed Light Bulb Equivalancies - R30: drain, ceiling, installing, lights - House
  63. Pinhole leak in basment wall: foundation, window, paint, leaking - House
  64. Is it to re-stain painted cedar siding?: replace, bricks, money - House
  65. Backyard pool: pools, build, worth, best - House
  66. Toilet Problem: roof, alternatives, tank, vac - House
  67. Interesting Drain Problem: bathtubs, sinks, smell, bathroom - House
  68. Can sewage back up cause health problems?: tank, smell, insulation - House
  69. How often do you get your septic pumped?: how much, tank, bedroom - House
  70. Can I wire a humidistat to my thermostat to turn on/off A/C for controling humidity?: dehumidifier, furnace - House
  71. Toilet Leak?: how much, tank, leaking, cost - House
  72. Does this actually exhist?: bathroom, detector, shower, light - House
  73. Resurfacing countertops: granite, kitchen, glue, replacing - House
  74. Dock: Lowes, plank, stain, price - House
  75. Aura Paint - Touch Ups and Sheen?: color, room, warm - House
  76. Upright freezer issues: vacuum, room, leak, costs - House
  77. Need Help with Fireplace Odor: hardwood, fireplaces, furnaces, AC - House
  78. Looming Material Shortages?: Home Depot, Lowes, install, insulation - House
  79. Where to buy outdoor motion lights?: Home Depot, install, electricity, new - House
  80. How to deal with ground bees (mining or digger bees): window, ceiling - House
  81. Tips for Fan Repair: Lowes, ceiling, install, plumber - House
  82. Is cream city brick durable enough to be used for a patio: installing, light - House
  83. The New Energy Star Home V-3: floor, roof, fireplaces, windows - House
  84. deck staining...cleaners, or pressure wash?: hardwood, how much, refinish, paint - House
  85. Video, Woman Breaks Into House & Cleans It Up!: cleaning, kitchen, light
  86. Deodorize cabinet: smell, better, wooden, candle - House
  87. How long to wait on a quote to do work on our house?: granite, Home Depot
  88. Cost of chimney sweep / sweeping: floor, fireplace, furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  89. Imagine the future: The comfortable single family home in 2112...: floor, roof, phones - House
  90. Exterior Ceiling fan - installing a light kit (different manu.): Lowes, color - House
  91. Evil Flesh Flies - Advice?: window, smell, kitchen, apartment - House
  92. Is there a way to find out which paint is on my wall?: roof, color - House
  93. Exterior door - not front door: Home Depot, Lowes, glass, light - House
  94. Soapstone Countertops: granite, alternatives, pool, sinks - House
  95. base molding/door molding first or floor first?: hardwood, engineered, laminate - House
  96. Your opinion on a crazy bathroom idea...: sink, smell, kitchen - House
  97. 100 Reasons to buy a new home: flooring, Home Depot, AC, heat - House
  98. Benjamin Moore - Regal vs Aura...really a difference?: Home Depot, painting, smell - House
  99. Central AC making a hissing noise: converting, installed, gas, condo - House
  100. Spider control in finished basement?: vacuum, cleaner, kitchen, carpet - House
  101. really bad deck staining job: paint, stain, vent, weather - House
  102. HVAC contractors -I need advice on evaluating new furnace/ac proposals: how much, roof - House
  103. Central AC, Outdoor Unit, Cost to Repair Thermostat Wire?: how much, furnace - House
  104. kitchen sink garbage disposal won't run, help needed.: how much, Home Depot, drain - House
  105. Grimy, sticky wood floors - how to clean: flooring, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  106. Heat pump in the Northern states: furnace, Air Conditioner, electric heat, conversion - House
  107. Is bigger really better?: vinyl, foundations, fireplace, windows - House
  108. Water Leak under tub: floor, drain, bathtubs, installation - House
  109. Bathroom vanity / how many sinks?: countertops, drains, colors, smell - House
  110. Quote for shower work: Rip off or realistic?: floor, granite, Home Depot - House
  111. I think there may be toxic mold in my house? help.: roof, window
  112. Can someone help with Central Air issue: heating, insulated, appliance - House
  113. Scentsy, perfumes, and other smell emitters - how do they affect you?: smells, cleaner - House
  114. First Time Home Buyer - How Much Maintenance on 30+ Year Old House?: roof, washer
  115. Average time window A/C runs out of feon?: how much, air conditioning, heating - House
  116. Why is my central air inefficient ?: grille, Air Conditioner, heating, insulated - House
  117. Swimming Pools 101: What to think about if you’re a pool.: how much, installing - House
  118. Need stand-up freezer recommendation: appliance, cost, refrigerator, standard - House
  119. Do soffit vents and a ridge vent really work?: roofing, mold, insulation - House
  120. Need help with water heater: jacuzzi, furnace, tank, tanks - House
  121. How to attach Tyvek/housewrap to Foam Covered Concrete Foundation?: vinyl, insulated
  122. Garage foundation leaks water every rainfall: roof, installed, plumbing, apartment - House
  123. HVAC HELP! Unit has no power and Fan, Heat and AC are all inoperable.: furnaces, AC - House
  124. finished basements - have a nice one?: subfloor, dehumidifier, fireplace - House
  125. Posting a Burglar alert in neighborhood: windows, phone, glass, light - House
  126. What amenities are found in your bathrooms?: flooring, granite, fireplace - House
  127. The longest time of your bed: springs, master bedroom, pillow, mattresses - House
  128. So you have to plug your Air Conditioner into a wall outlet?: window, Air Conditioners - House
  129. Roofing - New Asphalt Shingles Buckling: heat, ceiling, installation, cost - House
  130. materials vehicle?: Home Depot, Lowes, loading, appliance - House
  131. We bought a house with an old Subzero fridge: how much, pool, appliance
  132. Buy a House Where a Murder Took Place: townhome, springs, bedroom
  133. how to remove built-in shoe racks from closets (PIC): floors, heating, paint - House
  134. Cork on top of drywall for sound insulation?: floor, roofing, townhouse
  135. I hate my backyard!: fleas, cost, warm, outside - House
  136. Can I run a swamp cooler AND a window A/C unit?: windows, Air Conditioners - House
  137. Appliance Pet Peeves: washers, heating, microwave, stoves - House
  138. hotpoint oven won't open: heat, stove, cleaning, light - House
  139. Front door unlocked but won't open.: opener, window, heat, phone - House
  140. HOA banning sidewalk chalk: springs, colors, living room, weather - House
  141. Need on a built-in bed: how much, window, couch, bedroom - House
  142. constant sucking sound: AC, heating, drains, bathtub - House
  143. Buying Paint on Craigslist: Lowes, color, gas, cost - House
  144. Draining Pool Advice: drains, pipes, cold, worth - House
  145. Curious, how many turns to your house?: furniture, yard, landscaping
  146. clean milk on ceremic stove: window, ceramic, cleaner, cleaning - House
  147. Knob on door at bottom of stairs: install, bedroom, electric - House
  148. A full front Porch vs No Porch: ceiling, master bedroom, insulation - House
  149. Sliding glass door replacement-DIY?: windows, installing, building, square - House
  150. home warranty problem-- who do I sue?: how much, ceiling, light - House
  151. Moving Into New Home - Changing the Locks: Lowes, installing, glass - House
  152. New Exterior Paint Recommendations: color, stain, price, codes - House
  153. If you lose power to the house: fireplaces, furnace, hot water heater
  154. Need Furnace recommendation: roof, humidifier, my fireplace, furnaces - House
  155. questions about ceiling fans - where, how, how much,: floor, roof - House
  156. propane generator for power outages: washer, furnace, pool, AC - House
  157. Why all of the white vinyl windows?: how much, laminate, heat - House
  158. Hot bonus room above garage: floors, roof, furnace, Lowes - House
  159. Who has a professional Cooktop in their home??: washer, grill, stoves - House
  160. Replacing kitchen faucet, bolts are stuck-tips?: drain, sinks, installing, room - House
  161. New fence and issue with neighbor's sprinkler system: how much, pool, installed - House
  162. Garage door opener interference: installation, codes, electrical, outside - House
  163. Moving to a house, best way to remove the former owner's house smell?: hardwood floors, window
  164. Laundry detergents- Fresh smelling: smells, dryer, light, price - House
  165. Utilities in Yard: paint, convert, resale value, kitchen - House
  166. Skunk smell in house: windows, basement, sq ft, crawl space
  167. wood filler on cracked decking?: floor, vinyl, paint, carpet - House
  168. What do you keep on your kitchen counters?: how much, countertop, vacuum - House
  169. Hiring Trades People: curtain, paint, ceiling, installing - House
  170. 31 year old A/C unit - that still works! - service it or don't touch?: how much, furnace - House
  171. central vac opinions: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, install - House
  172. Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner: tank, drain, bathroom, cleaning - House
  173. Induction and gas combo - the ultimate cooktop?: heating, ceramic, appliance - House
  174. getting organized in a new house (PICS): floor, opener, furnace
  175. Bumpout for a Bathroom: subfloor, roof, foundation, windows - House
  176. windowless portable air conditioner: floor, window, Air Conditioners, heat - House
  177. Neighbor has outdoor surveillance camera watching me: roof, windows, light - House
  178. Propane or Heat Pump: fireplaces, furnace, grills, air conditioning - House
  179. Gated communities: bedroom, apartments, condo, steel - House
  180. Why do people like new houses?: floor plans, granite, foundations, furnace
  181. Foundation crack and trains correlation?: floor, building codes, slab, repair - House
  182. Do it yourself roach, flea, bedbug, spider and pest control: wood floors, fleas - House
  183. Can a non-washable rug be washed?: washer, Home Depot, tanks, vacuum - House
  184. Need advice sound barrier between upstairs and downstairs: subfloor, heating - House
  185. Privacy Fence using Evergreens?: Home Depot, installation, weather, damage - House
  186. Found a cockroach in my house: flea, heater, vacuum, kitchen
  187. Air conditioning help needed: floor, window, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  188. Should I put Ethernet in?: Lowes, loading, paint, installing - House
  189. Who do I hire?: roofing, Home Depot, furnace, windows - House
  190. Closing an open-concept house?: floor plans, sofa, microwave, stove
  191. Roaches: floor, vacuum, phone, appliance - House
  192. Recommendation for whole house dehumidifier: how much, foundation, furnace, windows
  193. Humidity percentage with central air running: floor, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  194. Whats a good gas weedeater/trimmer.: Home Depot, Lowes, convert, price - House
  195. Edger left white hazy/cloud after sanding floors: stone, staining, light - House
  196. News, Company Uses Hemp To Help Build Homes, Despite Costly Regulations.: Prescott, Minnesota - House
  197. Granite fabricator at Fort Collins area: color, install, kitchen, cost - House
  198. World's Largest Treehouse
  199. Need help for the floor: flooring, cracking, estimated, attic - House
  200. Ductless air conditioning questions: rooms, better, efficient, cheaper - House