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  1. A/C Keeps Breaking: AC, heating, phone, loading - House
  2. Soundproofing mancave from kids rooms...: floors, ceiling, installing, bonus room - House
  3. Vertical crack on brick wall: floors, roof, foundation, townhouse
  4. garage door opener recommendation?: Lowes, installing, plumber, light - House
  5. Have you ever asked somebody who has bought a house, for of their fixtures?: hardwood floors, vinyl
  6. Sliding Glass Door Roller: vinyl, Lowes, windows, insulated - House
  7. Going Rate for Leaf Collection: how much, costs, worth, company - House
  8. Sidewalk Repair: phone, cost, code, square foot - House
  9. New Behr Paints: hardwood, Home Depot, color, sink - House
  10. Beautiful Mosaic Stiarcase: building, tile, stairs, weather - House
  11. Control maple tree roots? Growing at house: cost, cold, removing
  12. Centipedes are creeping me out!: washer, heater, kitchen, carpet - House
  13. Pivacy fence issue: vinyl, windows, install, code - House
  14. Household Pests...No, Not Family Members: fleas, lights, basement, outside
  15. Sears Kenmore water out but when I go to start it no water comes in..Feedback on problem..: appliance, repair - House
  16. Home Addition Project - Tips?: floor, washer, windows, water heater - House
  17. painted gas tank?: tanks, colors, light, outside - House
  18. Triming trees - the cost?: phone, light, damaged, best - House
  19. Attack of the Fruit Flies! Help!: jacuzzi, drains, bathtub, bathroom - House
  20. Shed Selection: floor, roof, vinyl, heating - House
  21. Sewer/septic: Lowes, tank, drain, installation - House
  22. Laminate Cabinets: vinyl, paint, installation, kitchens - House
  23. Good wireless exterior home security cameras?: alarm, system - House
  24. Where did I go wrong with Spackling?: curtain, painting, kitchen - House
  25. Fixing a leaking toilet: tank, cleaning, repair, best - House
  26. Need help picking out a thermostat for electic heat pump system: electric heat, warm - House
  27. Blinds - where to get them?: Home Depot, Lowes, window, installation - House
  28. Automatic Thermostat: window, AC, heating, color - House
  29. hotel type blanket: phone, mattress, best, ducts - House
  30. When the window blind slats are stuck .....: blinds, cleaning, repair - House
  31. News, You have a party with 100 people in an apartment rated to hold 11. What could possibly go wrong?: floor, codes - House
  32. Wooden Fence Maintenance?: color, installed, cleaning, stain - House
  33. Replacing tiles?: flooring, color, ceramic, install - House
  34. Stove heating element sparking: insulating, appliance, installed, cleaning - House
  35. New Home - Need a New Entry Door but Need Help Choosing!: Home Depot, color - House
  36. recommendations for a Large Capacity Front Loading Washer and Dryer?: washers, front loader - House
  37. Privacy Fence for Townhouse Decks?: vinyl, Lowes, railing, installing
  38. Primer for Linen Closet: floor, vinyl, washer, laminate - House
  39. What heating system would you choose?: floor, alternatives, washer, furnace - House
  40. Looking to make Los Angeles home exterior more fresh and modern. Need help with choosing exterior paint or stucco?: roof, windows - House
  41. gas boiler flipping on and off quickly: furnace, hurricane, basement - House
  42. bed bugs!!!!!!!: bathtub, smell, apartments, fix - House
  43. A tip for cleaning a copper range hood: dishwasher, cleaner, build - House
  44. How to do compensation estimation on damage of house?: washer, ceiling, kitchen
  45. Granite/Quartz Composite Kitchen Sinks: Home Depot, heat, installing, stains - House
  46. Your Favorite Household Tip?: sink, bathroom, stain, carpet
  47. Smell of smoke: furnace, heating, vacuum, smells - House
  48. outside tap broken: how much, pool, installed, plumber - House
  49. Remodeling in MBath: sinks, bathroom, shower, plumber - House
  50. Crawl Space Vs. Raised Sub Floor?: foundation, versus, slab, concrete - House
  51. Ceiling Cable Heat: heating, room, electric, average - House
  52. What's the name of this sink's part?: using - House
  53. Sub-pumps, pooling water and natural springs - oh my! Help!: how much, pools - House
  54. use for old wood siding/insulation?: paint, stained, building - House
  55. Magic Tape repair for plumbing: drain, colors, sink, installing - House
  56. stucco repair....peskey corners?????: vinyl, building, concrete, better - House
  57. CFL turning red?: heater, light, plastic, fixture - House
  58. Major electrical problem?: heaters, install, bedrooms, detector - House
  59. Generator Install Costs and Brand Experience: how much, installing, natural gas, electric - House
  60. Doorbell/buzzer to intercom conversion: phone, convert, installing, insulation - House
  61. Stair noses with engineered hardwood flooring: laminate, heating, plank, installation - House
  62. Heating a north east home that has no one in it all winter..: how much, heater - House
  63. News Video, Couple Getting Jolted By Leaking Voltage In Home.: electric, company - House
  64. Satellite to other rooms: installation, family room, cost, basement - House
  65. Whole House air filters: how much, furnace, grille, air conditioning
  66. Outside/Exterior Paint & Skylights on a Rental: how much, roof, windows - House
  67. Energy Star qualified storage tank gas water heaters - why almost as expensive as tankless?: stoves, plumbing - House
  68. AC compressor noise: how much, cost, versus, building - House
  69. need ideas for fireplace smell: windows, heat, smells, convert - House
  70. What kind of bait is this?: Lowes, sink, kitchen, pipe - House
  71. Cleaning / Maintaining Tiled Bathrooms: floors, sink, cleaner, ceiling - House
  72. Masonry/Pavement advice: What do I do about this? (Pics): Home Depot, pools - House
  73. waste managment baggster: how much, cost, load, garage - House
  74. One French Drain or multiple?: drains, installing, pipe, area - House
  75. ventilation: floor, heat, appliance, bathroom - House
  76. Bath/Toilet Floor Stain: flooring, vinyl, pools, Lowes - House
  77. I wonder who the previous home owners were: kitchen, walls, covers - House
  78. Gaps in laminate floor: subfloor, vacuum, plank, installing - House
  79. camel crickets in shed - how to get rid of them?: fleas, cost - House
  80. smoke leaking from the first alarm system: window, phone, sinks - House
  81. Well-water Neutralizer: How to Identify?: tank, tanks, plastic, softener - House
  82. Yellow stains on SS gas stove top: heat, cleaner, cleaning - House
  83. Favorite brand(s) of residential plumbing fixtures: drains, bathtub, bathroom - House
  84. Black streaks on roof: roofing, vinyl, washer, cleaner - House
  85. Mold in this common household cleaner: window, pump, rated, buy
  86. Mobile Home Lot Preparation: phone, install, apartment, cost - House
  87. Bifold door installation: how much, paint, living room, kitchen - House
  88. What do you call the piece of hardware.....: colors, installing, plumbing - House
  89. In line Humidifier: cleaner, building, cold weather, best - House
  90. Weather King sheds; good enough for a small house?: windows, ceiling, insulation
  91. remove castrol oil: sofa, vac, color, couch - House
  92. Light fixture uses G9 halogen, max 25W bulb...way too dim!: Home Depot, heating - House
  93. Buying a house: Cracks: floor, how much, foundation, colors
  94. basement walls turning pink: floor, foundation, drains, color - House
  95. Exterior Paint Color Help?: roof, installed, lighting, warm - House
  96. Repairing basement wall crack - how should I proceed: foundation, Home Depot, window - House
  97. HVAC experts efficiency: roof, alternatives, fireplace - House
  98. Generator hook up concerns: install, lights, pipes, electric - House
  99. old house smell: wood floors, furnace, window, heating
  100. PIPE DOPE coming from faucet: water heater, drains, smell, cleaner - House
  101. Boiler Furnace - Is there a way to turn it on when electricity is out?: windows, AC - House
  102. Used Hot Tub: springs, pool, heater, insulating - House
  103. Marble Countertop Alternatives?: floor, granite, colors, stone - House
  104. Furnace not lighting?: dishwasher, furnaces, air conditioning, heating - House
  105. Would it be worth it to refinish my basement?: subfloor, ejector, foundation - House
  106. Thanks, Sandy, now to find WHERE that window is leaking: floor, pool - House
  107. Toilet Plumbing / Dilemma: floor, shingles, air conditioning, water tank - House
  108. Things in your tool box not normally of: subfloor, color, cleaner - House
  109. What temperature do you set your heat at?: AC, heaters, stove - House
  110. Oil-fired water heaters - why not very common?: how much, furnaces, tank - House
  111. My dishwasher is getting bad, I need help: drains, sink, warm - House
  112. Snowblower Recommendations: light, vs, electric, weather - House
  113. use a Simplicity riding mower?: Home Depot, Lowes, gas, cost - House
  114. Wood burning stove: hardwood, how much, fireplaces, furnaces - House
  115. Smitten by an old house: roof, fireplace, ceilings, kitchen
  116. Truss repair - serious enough to back out of sale? (see pics) help!: floor, how much - House
  117. Plastic toilet seats?: paint, bathroom, cleaning, build - House
  118. Options for garage heat: floor, dehumidifier, furnace, pool - House
  119. Help with a neighbor dispute trees: roof, chimney, lights - House
  120. Front Loader Washers: smells, appliance, mold, stainless steel appliances - House
  121. home water closure when away for 3-4 months: dishwasher, furnace, water tank - House
  122. Stairs-Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood. 2 quotes. Which would you choose?: townhouse, vacuum, refinishing
  123. Company re-enforces slab on clay soil with house: foundation, cleaning, steel
  124. Am I the only one who stalls a DIY project at the end?: hardwood, granite - House
  125. What kind of outlet is this?: phones, convert, kitchen, gas - House
  126. Kitchen sinks / dish racks: dishwasher, drain, room, cleaning - House
  127. Wood Stove installation: roof, heater, stoves, ceiling - House
  128. Talk to me about vinyl tile!: tiling, subfloor, foundation, Home Depot - House
  129. Fire Door?: window, insulated, installing, room - House
  130. houses with no basements: springs, install, cost, pipes
  131. News, 6 Unconventional Uses for your Dishwasher.: smell, cleaning, kitchen, washing - House
  132. home emergency kit: opener, pool, sofa, heater - House
  133. Central vacuum benefits: hardwood, installing, room, cleaning - House
  134. Help! Crown molding separating from ceiling. Worried about structure: roof, foundation, heat - House
  135. Painting Bathroom - What kind of Paint to Use?: insulated, sink, ceilings - House
  136. Build a new house or buy an existing house: flooring, foundation, window
  137. Surveillance Camera Placement: roof, townhome, pool, windows - House
  138. HVAC air conditioner wouldn't turn off: how much, heating, room, apartment - House
  139. What Color Should We Choose For Our Kitchen Appliances?: countertops, dishwasher, microwave - House
  140. Free standing radiant heaters: floor, humidifier, Home Depot, furnace - House
  141. Study finds nearly 50% of retail firewood infested with insects: heating, gas, warm - House
  142. It's Cold and I don't know how to turn on my furnance :(: furnaces, heater - House
  143. Space Heater versus Central Heat: how much, furnace, double pane windows, heaters - House
  144. ideas to block view into my window: heat, curtains, installed - House
  145. Retrofitting Electric Baseboards: floor, how much, AC, heaters - House
  146. in slab ducting, collapsed?: floor, washer, heat, vacuum - House
  147. Window Taping Tool?: windows, painting, cleaner, room - House
  148. Help With Mysterious Kitchen Floor Problem: subfloor, engineered, vinyl, dehumidifier - House
  149. Attic Ventilator Fan: roof, townhouse, AC, heat
  150. How soon can we move in after install hand scraped hardwood floor?: refinish, color - House
  151. House and shed same color?: windows, vs, building, iron
  152. Furnace: floors, how much, furnaces, heat - House
  153. Baking soda on wooden floor: hardwood floor, how much, refinish, cleaner - House
  154. Wall Furnaces and Window Air - Dinosaurs?: floor, Air Conditioners, heaters - House
  155. New Kitchen Layout - Range by the wall?: flooring, countertops, stove - House
  156. Range exhaust fan not working: how much, roof, window, microwave - House
  157. usual warranty for new roof?: roofing, paint, installing - House
  158. ROI for different insulation types: floors, how much, Lowes, vacuum - House
  159. Structural issues: floor, how much, foundation, fireplace - House
  160. Oil furnaces - advantages and disadvantages: AC, tank, stoves, smell - House
  161. Flip up countertop Ideas?: windows, sink, installing, kitchen - House
  162. Steam Heat: windows, air conditioning, hot water baseboard, drain - House
  163. How to remove Great Stuff construction foam?!: paint, cleaner, stain - House
  164. Houses with more than two above-ground floors: roof, foundation, Lowes
  165. HVAC system and External Venting/ Fresh air intake: grille, windows, AC - House
  166. Do people really keep the old carpet when they buy a used house?: floor, refinish
  167. What to do when going away for a few days/weeks: how much, washer - House
  168. If you could have a fireplace or swimming pool....: fireplaces, pools, stove - House
  169. Have Much Have You Spent to Prep and Sell a House?: tiling, hardwood floors
  170. Are front load washers worth the extra money?: floor, front loader, smell - House
  171. Dryer exhaust vent: roof, washers, window, appliance - House
  172. chainsaw: how much, hurricane, electric, brands - House
  173. Back doors lead to 10+ foot drop?: furnace, railing, installed, kitchen - House
  174. Security, or consideration for neighbor?: windows, color, installing, bedrooms - House
  175. CO Detector in Beeping mode: AC, ceiling, light, electrical - House
  176. Need Opinion on Pocket Doors: floor, how much, window, railing - House
  177. Need to calculate the load capacity for a drop ceiling frame.: floor, engineered - House
  178. recommendations for a DIY alarm system?: how much, roof, window - House
  179. Can you use household bleach instead of expensive chlorine for pool?: pools, cleaning
  180. Need new siding...lots of questions: vinyl, foundation, Lowes, laminate - House
  181. Electrical check up in the co-op rules - WTF?: painting, ceiling, room - House
  182. House siding repair?: window, insulated, color, plank
  183. Behr semi gloss paint for exterior: windows, color, cleaner, cleaning - House
  184. Smoking Room?: HEPA filter, flooring, vinyl, furnace - House
  185. House Spousal Disagreements: flooring, granite countertops, color, appliance
  186. review - Laundry chute design: floor, heat, sink, ceiling - House
  187. Septic problem: pool, tank, tanks, smell - House
  188. I say Solar, you say......?: how much, heat, natural gas - House
  189. Double Pane Windows in Cold Areas: springs, furnaces, water heaters, vacuum - House
  190. Need help with the finish on fiberglass doors: heat, refinish, color - House
  191. Gutter guard suggestions: roof, installed, cleaning, cost - House
  192. Internet controlled power switch? heard of something like this?: how much, hot water heater - House
  193. Hardwood Floors over carpeting: vinyl, granite, fleas, laminate - House
  194. What would you do to the outside of this house?: windows, railing
  195. Electric panel replacement: how much, AC, insulated, installation - House
  196. R-value vs. K=factor Hearth pads: hardwood floor, Home Depot, heat, stove - House
  197. Switching a Kitchen/Dining Room: flooring, how much, countertops, stove - House
  198. Brand New Moisture Barrier and Dehumidifier fired off.: Lowes, heater, install - House
  199. Video, 'World's Thinnest House' Unveiled in Warsaw.: installation, apartment, between
  200. Sealing a driveway? Tire marks: vent, worth, replace, material - House