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  1. Strange thermostat problem: floor, heating, installed, cold - House
  2. Have a about mobile home/manufacutured home: flooring, how much, Air Conditioner - House
  3. How long before i walk on my kitchen ceramic tile area: tiling, floor - House
  4. Help with Home design / Reno Ideas: insulate, dining room, kitchen, cabinets - House
  5. High Humidity Inside My House: flooring, dehumidifier, furnace, Lowes
  6. Vinyl Floor Cleaning: flooring, cleaner, kitchens, toilet - House
  7. Dishwasher: Water won't drain??: appliance, install, cleaning, cabinet - House
  8. Anti-vibration mat for washer: how much, washers, front loader, Home Depot - House
  9. repainting a refigerator door: how much, Home Depot, laminate, refinish - House
  10. Bamboo Flooring Help: installed, living room, glue, light - House
  11. removing a frozen screw inside shower faucet: Lowes, new, old - House
  12. Lamp/Light Timer: Lowes, vs, outside, better - House
  13. A nice cushion for a computer seat: kitchen, washing, pressure - House
  14. Reasonable priced linens for adjustable beds?: mattress, foam, sheets, flat - House
  15. Black mold on bathroom floor (tiles): Home Depot, Lowes, window, ceiling - House
  16. Sliding glass doors - clamp, hook, or mortise lock?: paint, installed, steel - House
  17. Burning mastic remover..: windows, stove, smell, asbestos - House
  18. New fireplace.....: heat, natural gas, glass, cost - House
  19. Extra holes in my new metal roof?: installing, steel, building - House
  20. Garage door remote is dead, suggest a replacement: opener, buy, systems - House
  21. bathroom shower install help: floor, how much, Lowes, installation - House
  22. Hardwood floors buckle from slow water damage: how much, engineered, dehumidifier - House
  23. crawl space vents?: hardwood floors, foundation, sink, ceiling - House
  24. Main sewer/Major plumbing issues: how much, dishwasher, tank, drain - House
  25. vertical foundation crack - how to fix it?: sink, building, basement - House
  26. Slide gate openers made from garage door openers?: convert, warm, weather - House
  27. Unswelling a Window?: dehumidifier, windows, heat, phone - House
  28. Cabinet door hinge snapping noise: installed, kitchen, cabinets, cost - House
  29. Craftsman garage door blinks 10 times while closing: steel, wall - House
  30. Moving air handler ... Seeking expert advice: roof, AC, water heaters, install - House
  31. cleaning after renovation: HEPA filter, wood floors, furnace, AC - House
  32. Difference Between Sanitize on the Washer and Dryer: front loader, heat, loading - House
  33. To New Home Buyers! MBA Research!: how much, apartment, condo - House
  34. Foundation Crack: floor, glass, build, tile - House
  35. Informative forum for buying house: best, material, new, plans
  36. Home Maintenance to Avoid a Flood/Insurance Claim/Inconvenience: washer, Lowes - House
  37. Shut water main off, but cold water continues to flow. How water stops.: water tank, drain - House
  38. Remove sateen finish from sheets???: price, washing, buy, material - House
  39. How expensive is shelving?: flooring, vinyl, washer, heat - House
  40. polish for woodwork in the home.: roof, window, color, stain - House
  41. Do I need to worry there's a bad leak?: tank, ceiling, bathroom - House
  42. Is this quote on the high side: flooring, installation, bedroom - House
  43. Water heater in apt, bath consumption: how much, tank, tanks, insulation - House
  44. Thanksgiving appliance deals are great, but house is not ready: how much, washer
  45. Heat Pump Dirty Sock Syndrome ??: paint, smell, cleaning - House
  46. Water is hot but shower is cold?: floor, heat, insulated - House
  47. Kitchen tap (cold water) drips as it gets colder: how much, washers, Home Depot - House
  48. Security Alarm keeps going off: table, system, old, small - House
  49. curved shower bar - non standard shower: curtain, installation, bathrooms - House
  50. Toilet Water Inlet Holes: tank, bathroom, plumbing, toilets - House
  51. curious hot water: roof, water tank, installed, shower - House
  52. aware of a program where u put a pic of your house in and they suggest renovations for u....: interior, outside
  53. Is this a tree house or a house tree?: heating, outside, weather
  54. outdoor outlets - safety concerns?: insulate, installation, rooms, kitchen - House
  55. All Multiresidential Buildings Should Have a Website to Maintain the Building: phone, condo - House
  56. Smelly Duraflame log ashes: fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, appliance - House
  57. Do you recommend using a digital freezer thermometer?: room, versus, refrigerator - House
  58. Dimmer decora switch with toggle making sizzle sound when switch is not flicked on fast enough?: how much, lights - House
  59. New Floors - strand bamboo vs maple: flooring, opener, color - House
  60. Living large in small houses: rooms, cost, sq ft, standard
  61. stucco experts???????????: paint, dining room, kitchen, remove - House
  62. Are the hot and cold valves mixed up?: washer, colors, faucet - House
  63. Snakes in the woodpile?: warm, outside, weather, fence - House
  64. Oven not working: heat, stove, smell, appliance - House
  65. Limestone Flooring?: stone, installation, bathroom, stains - House
  66. removing perfume smell: windows, couch, stain, carpeting - House
  67. Video, Massive Christmas light display draws crowds, annoys neighbors.: lights, code, California - House
  68. Stinky clothes if left in dryer: vacuum, smell, insulation, gas - House
  69. Only luke warm water from Delta Monitor Shower: pool, installation, kitchen - House
  70. Plumbing tip...there has to be a way..: how much, vinyl, shower - House
  71. cleaning bathroom exhaust fan: grille, vacuum, cleaner, build - House
  72. down stairs wet: foundation, pool, AC, smell - House
  73. Redoing Kitchen - Need Serious Help!: flooring, how much, roof shingles, vinyl - House
  74. Would you be reluctant to buy a house with a stupid street name?: how much, cost
  75. HELP NEEDED with static everywhere!!: wood floors, humidifier, conditioner, heat - House
  76. Patio pavers: stone, stain, mold, slate - House
  77. GFCI Issues: Home Depot, Lowes, sink, appliance - House
  78. Reducing size of brick fireplace.: floor, how much, roof, furnace - House
  79. Driveway for country home: flooring, engineered, granite, color - House
  80. HVAC Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp Burnout: roof, installation, bedroom, hurricane - House
  81. about closing vents in unused rooms: furnace, AC, heating - House
  82. basic a/c troubleshooting: window, Air Conditioner, heat, vacuum - House
  83. Best weeds killer: tank, cleaning, price, brands - House
  84. Are termites?: flea, outside, pictures, roaches - House
  85. PopCorn Ceiling - How to remove it: paint, ceilings, asbestos - House
  86. How often do you change FREON in A/C Unit?: furnace, window - House
  87. Dirty air filter: fireplaces, furnace, heating, vacuum - House
  88. Have textured wall how to make them flat: floor, Home Depot, colors - House
  89. When did appliances become disposable?: dishwasher, heat, microwave, stove - House
  90. How do you clean/shine Granite counter top in kitchen: color, cleaner - House
  91. Replace 63 year old Cast Iron drain lines or no?: how much, drains, paint - House
  92. pellet insert in fireplace -- how much heat? (PIC): floor, my fireplace, furnaces - House
  93. Texas homes with Heat Pumps?: furnaces, Air Conditioner, water heater, gas - House
  94. Home insurance - Should we take for Home value or property value?: roof, cost - House
  95. Average labor cost to install baseboard/trim?: how much, painting, room - House
  96. Best method to create privacy screen on low block wall?: pool, windows - House
  97. Heat pump not heating well: townhome, furnace, AC, tank - House
  98. When to take down Christmas lights?: windows, color, electric, outside - House
  99. toilet issue in new apartment: drain, sink, installed, bathroom - House
  100. HOA sued after neighbors clean up pigsty patio: how much, cleaning - House
  101. Oven cleaning---my product is not working, help!: floor, heat, cleaner - House
  102. Stylish White Kitchens - the Top 10 Houzz pinned kitchens: granite, colors, cabinets - House
  103. about recessed light wiring (AL/CU): installed, lighting, crawl space - House
  104. Going Rate for Snow Shoveling?: how much, roof, cost, electric - House
  105. Hose doesn't fit? And what is this thing?: washers, vacuum, insulating - House
  106. Cold water flow almost a trickle in Moen shower: pool, sink, install - House
  107. Putting down laminate floor: hardwood, vinyl, paint, installing - House
  108. Is a big backyard worth it?: how much, bedroom, slate, price - House
  109. organizing clothes: color, washing, load, between - House
  110. Insulation installation: floor, washer, furnace, water heater - House
  111. tips for cleaning thick calcium off a dishwasher heating element?: humidifier, window - House
  112. Help!! No water coming out of hot tap...: water tank, insulate, stove - House
  113. Questioning timer for electric hot water heater: opener, Lowes, tank - House
  114. Freezer issues: pool, heat, installed, light - House
  115. Cabinet maker screwed up cabinet stain badly... denies wrongdoing: overlay, how much, Lowes - House
  116. Painting advice: refinish, ceilings, install, rooms - House
  117. PVC vs Wooden Fence?: painting, install, cleaning, stain - House
  118. Huge local historic home for sale... would love to own, but so $ to restore: flooring, roof - House
  119. When is the slow season for plumbers?: roof, heat, drain - House
  120. adding a bathroom to a dressing area (WITH ROOM PLAN): floor, how much - House
  121. ideas on making the front of this house a little more attractive?: floor, vinyl
  122. Worth getting Soffits?: windows, railing, color, installing - House
  123. Water Stains on Ceiling of Basement: roof, foundation, drains, paint - House
  124. electric panel sparking? replace?: lights, electrical, worth, breaker - House
  125. Help! Finding the toilet I want has become a crappy job!: floor, Lowes - House
  126. Things for which America is left behind: how much, windows, Air Conditioners - House
  127. Homogenous expectation for houses: hardwood, vinyl, granite countertops, fireplace
  128. sliding door: Home Depot, installing, glass, vent - House
  129. DCS Appliances: countertop, dishwasher, pool, grills - House
  130. tips for cleaning window blinds?: washer, windows, vacuum, bathtub - House
  131. I hate this roof design: install, living room, insulation, glass - House
  132. Twist ties, zip ties - where to get what I need?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  133. Odd hydronic system?: floor, water heater, sink, install - House
  134. Your favorite bed sheets?: colors, bedroom, kitchen, apartment - House
  135. A carpet-free home, as last!: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, vacuum - House
  136. Help, outdoor light for heating a hummingbird feeder: floor, heaters, lights - House
  137. Natural Gas Generator: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, AC - House
  138. Celebrity Cookware Brands: kitchen, stainless steel, price, best - House
  139. Faulty Gas Valve in Furnance: furnaces, heat, appliance, installed - House
  140. New home - running data wires for network What do I need?: floor, window - House
  141. Weeds coming through rock covered weed barrier: heat, stove, warm - House
  142. Water softener help needed: sinks, cleaner, installation, showers - House
  143. need help with buying a new thermostat: how much, Lowes, AC - House
  144. Ground wire on wood stove: floor, air conditioning, paint, installing - House
  145. Basement waterproofing opinions?: floor, foundation, vacuum, drains - House
  146. crawlspace to basement convert and adding floors to home: roof, foundation, ceilings - House
  147. on Curing Wood Stove: roof, fireplace, heater, insulated - House
  148. Toilet shutoff valve issues: Lowes, heat, installing, bathroom - House
  149. Is it worth it to spend extra to add an attic level bedrrom w/full bath (new construction)?: floors, how much - House
  150. Vinyl flooring for master bathroom?: hardwood floor, Home Depot, laminate, ceramic - House
  151. Angled kitchen cabinets necessary?: Lowes, stove, sink, ceilings - House
  152. Are Load Bearing Walls? PICS inside: floors, microwave, smells - House
  153. Low house water pressure/outside spigot: tank, sinks, bathroom, shower
  154. Preventing toilet bowl rings: tank, smell, cleaner, stone - House
  155. Illegal Waste Disposal: heating oil, drains, smell, cleaner - House
  156. High Efficiency before you buy: front loader, pool, drains - House
  157. Wet wood in attic..: shingles, window, installed, chimney - House
  158. sewage stench in dishwasher: drain, sinks, smells, installed - House
  159. help me understand my forced-air oil furnace: floor, windows, tank - House
  160. old gas in snowblower?: tank, drain, cleaner, build - House
  161. Furnace two-stage operation: furnaces, grills, Air Conditioner, heater - House
  162. Cordless Drill/Driver: hardwood, how much, Home Depot, cost - House
  163. Laundry room dryer vents.: shingles, alternatives, fireplace, heat - House
  164. Home renovations and money return help!: hardwood floors, how much, opener, windows - House
  165. Contractor crossed the line a bit.: floors, Home Depot, phone, ceramic - House
  166. Remove layers of wallpaper or cover with 3/8 blue board?: alternatives, tank - House
  167. foam insulation in cathedral ceiling?: roof, heat, insulated, ceilings - House
  168. replace heating oil tank with fiberglass patch?: furnace, tanks, stove - House
  169. Water Damage Issues... who's responsible: roof, paint, ceiling, convert - House
  170. so, when can I start putiing it all away?: lighting, porch, door - House
  171. is it house floor or crazy woman that makes noise?: floors, cleaner
  172. Shocked at the cost to get spare house keys made.: Lowes, standard
  173. Location of the head of a bed? needed: feng shui, windows - House
  174. New doors for kitchen cabinets: floor, granite, Home Depot, laminate - House
  175. Burning wood in gas fireplace: heating, stove, appliance, ceiling - House
  176. Squeaky hardwood floor makes me want to scream!: engineered, ceramic, installation - House
  177. my trash stinks up my garage: smells, cleaner, warm, washing - House
  178. Hardwood Floors in New Homes: granite, alternatives, appliance, bedrooms - House
  179. They stole her driveway!!!: lien, cabinets, cost, building - House
  180. Swifter Mop or Conventional Mop?: hardwood floors, vinyl, Home Depot, laminate - House
  181. What is Elegance ?: windows, couch, ceilings, furniture - House
  182. Looking for Advice on Christmas Light Safety Precautions: insulate, installed, bathroom - House
  183. how many sq. feet do you need for a family of 4?: floor, how much - House
  184. Help! 11 1/4 rough-in toilet?: opener, Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  185. Where can I find chairs or similar?: cost, build, best - House
  186. Electric snow blower questions: pools, gas, electrical, vent - House
  187. Will Concrete Houses Ever Come To The U.S.?: roof, townhouses, insulated
  188. LG front loader shakes whole house!: floor, washer, pool, heat
  189. Family room vs. living room vs. great room: floor, pool - House
  190. Electrical - GFCI did not trip breaker: heating, appliance, lights - House
  191. Asbestos in popcorn ceiling?: paint, ceilings, interior, drywall - House
  192. Updating to 3 prong outlets throughout the house: window, insulated, install
  193. Laminate wood tiles air pockets: subfloor, vinyl, install, kitchen - House
  194. Clothes Dryer: dishwasher, pool, heat, stove - House
  195. Need top loader washer recommendation.: washers, Home Depot, pools, drains - House
  196. What Should I do with my home?: drain, stove, paint - House
  197. Mobile home dealers in Michigan: buy, good - House
  198. - House
  199. Furnace repair and plumbing replacement: furnaces, heaters, drain, smell - House
  200. shower tile renovation where to look: floor, how much, installation, plumbing - House